Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video) 

Billie Eilish
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Directed by Billie Eilish

Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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Regina Guadalupe Mondragón Peralta
I love you
Regina Guadalupe Mondragón Peralta
I loved
Brinque ya para afuera saludos del matro billie ;
Andrew Farr
Andrew Farr Pred uro
“Im not gay but my fans might like it if I was so im gay.”
Sandra Jee
Sandra Jee Pred uro
“What’s your beauty standard?” Billie Eilish 😍
Marwa Queen
Marwa Queen Pred uro
I like u sooooo Do u like ☪️☪️☪️☪️?
LUCIFER ` Pred uro
Son tiempos raros.👎
Geoffrey Gonzales
watch it at 0.50x speed
Alexander reyes
I am really unique person to say people like this shittty song.
Houda Elbzioui
WOW... just WOW i lOOOve this song .. I wouldn't want to be the person she's singing about haha lost cause
Smokeyy Arianator
Thanks for calling us embarrassing :)
H.Z MEHDİ Pred uro
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Robert the king 2007
Allison Figueroa
alguien mas quito el video de billie y se cambio de pestaña por respeto a ella
Canden Shinn
Canden Shinn Pred uro
i knew another hit was coming care about women and what they do for us men
ga ga
ga ga Pred uro
yeah no not in pride month
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia Pred uro
Idk ppl are saying that she’s queer baiting, but it to me it just looks like a normal slumber party to me
choi san
choi san Pred uro
what is queer baiting?
Zyurxi Pred uro
Those milkies though.
Laken Maddox
Laken Maddox Pred uro
More reasons why I hate straight people
ga ga
ga ga Pred uro
Very smooooooooooth❤️
Jonghos Thighs
The vid doesn’t match the song. But the song’s ok (my opinion)
Must be nice
Lucia Ordoñez
Por que las del.fondo son todas negras tiene miedo de que la confundan? Jajaja
ZEZKO Prey Day
Davi oracio
Davi oracio Pred uro
my god is too heavy
Milla Witt
Milla Witt Pred uro
❤️Haven’t we all been here -Loving a Lost Cause❤️
4bangt4n Pred uro
she’s literally queerbating 😐😐😐😐
berryyoongi Pred 57 minutami
How? 💀 this is literally a normal sleepover 💀
ga ga
ga ga Pred uro
Drk CappZ
Drk CappZ Pred uro
4bangt4n Pred uro
@cherry boomb and?? she shouldn’t be doing this shit wtf? 😐😐 go cry or sm wtff
cherry boomb
cherry boomb Pred uro
And?? lol
art deco
art deco Pred uro
this song is so good omg
Alyx Lee
Alyx Lee Pred uro
Really, queerbaiting? Not in pride month 😐
ga ga
ga ga Pred uro
Gamze Yılmaz
Gamze Yılmaz Pred uro
I love u
Jhon Ortiz
Jhon Ortiz Pred uro
Am sorry to say this but Billie is gonna at august 18 2021
Dark Angel Tea
Gonna what?
Ariel Williams
This video is so fun. I literally wanna be there!
Noor Lena Hussein
Lyrics: Something's in the- Something's in the air right now Like I'm losing track of time Like I don't really care right now, but maybe that's fine You weren't even there that day I was waitin' on you I wondered if you aware that day was the last straw for me and I know I sent you flowers Did you even care? You ran the shower and left them by the stairs Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh Ay-ay-ay-ay, ay, ay Thought you had your shit together, but damn, I was wrong You ain't nothin' but a lost cause And this ain't nothin' like it once was I know you think you're such an outlaw But you got no job You ain't nothin' but a lost cause And this ain't nothin' like it oncе was I know you think you're such an outlaw But you got no job I used to think you were shy But maybe you just had nothing on your mind Maybe you were thinkin' 'bout yourself all the time I used to wish you were mine But that was way before I realized Someone like you would always be so easy to find So easy (so easy) He-hee, mm-mm-mm, mm Gave me no flowers Wish I didn't care You'd been gone for hours Could be anywhere Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Thought you would've grown eventually, but you proved me wrong You ain't nothing but a lost cause And this ain't nothing like it once was I know you think you're such an outlaw (yeah) But you got no job You ain't nothing but a lost cause And this ain't nothing like it once was I know you think you're such an outlaw (think you're such an outlaw) But you got no job What did I tell you? Don't get complacent It's time to face it now, na-na, na-na, na-na What did I tell you? Don't get complacent It's time to face it now, na-na-na Hope that helped :D
Kg Mikey
Kg Mikey Pred uro
I beat to this
Darryl Lambert
This reminds me of another we can’t stop by Miley Cyrus
Paulina Lipiec
Paulina Lipiec Pred 2 urami
i like the song and i like the music video. just not together
Rose Pred 2 urami
Blonde looks awful on her
Bae Kun
Bae Kun Pred 2 urami
I love this but I really hope that this isn’t a couple minutes of queer baiting because I’ve loved Billie since 2019 and I would hate for her to be a bad person
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Pred 56 minutami
@Thanos I'm pan, if she's straight this seems like queer baiting dude
Thanos Pred 59 minutami
@Ga Bi i’m bi. This ain’t queer baiting
Ga Bi
Ga Bi Pred uro
@Katlyn Connor and Billie has said multiple times that she was straight
Ga Bi
Ga Bi Pred uro
@Katlyn Connor if you’re straight you don’t have the right to have an opinion on what is and what’s not queer baiting.
jadajj15 Pred uro
@Katlyn Connor yeah plus she has said she is straight multiple times sooo…
Winter Midnight
Winter Midnight Pred 2 urami
I just want to say for the people who don't like this switch in Billie a real fan would respect and support her decisions and choices.
Youssef Mansour
Youssef Mansour Pred 2 urami
Like bro ❤️🙏
gaming Fortnite
gaming Fortnite Pred 2 urami
She is gay now
Dark Angel Tea
If she is there’s nothing wrong with that
محمد فاروق
محمد فاروق Pred 2 urami
wow i love you pillie eilish
rocio diaz
rocio diaz Pred 2 urami
stan woman
Brianna Lopez Lino
Brianna Lopez Lino Pred 2 urami
OMG cool
z baker
z baker Pred 2 urami
Shake em honey
xXxjxXx 1999
xXxjxXx 1999 Pred 2 urami
I went into this expecting it to he bad because of Twitter and let me tell you yall have no taste😐this song is SO GOOD! why were people almost protesting over how bad it is?
Yan Wana
Yan Wana Pred 2 urami
Gostei da música de fundo desse vídeo de yuri
nataliawierz Pred 2 urami
But you got no job.. the shade
drista Pred 2 urami
drista Pred 2 urami
Alex Muessle
Alex Muessle Pred 2 urami
I miss your green hair a bit.... but you are beautiful in blond too ;)
RESonatION NATION Pred 2 urami
Should phone the lost and found department to see if they found any causes laying about the place!!! HaHaHaha
agt_vlogs Pred 2 urami
Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting Queer baiting
Dark Angel Tea
Lol lol lol lol lol Let her live let her live let her live
Erozin ࿐
Erozin ࿐ Pred 2 urami
I loved it, but I already miss Billie Dark kkkk
Olenka alexandra Sotomayor
I love her songs, they are fantastic, nobody can compare them to this goddess
Hacker Dude1010
Hacker Dude1010 Pred 2 urami
I don't care what these people say about demons everyone in my house think i'm crazy and trying to put me in a crazy house if I don't take pills
Seán Pred 2 urami
She switched up her style sm
a. !
a. ! Pred 2 urami
Just came to dislike
Rookiedwin Channel
Rookiedwin Channel Pred 2 urami
What make this song so good is the bass effect🔥
Adolfo Orzuza
Adolfo Orzuza Pred 2 urami
*la respeta*
Blaise Ricci
Blaise Ricci Pred 2 urami
So beautiful !
Danny Hernandez
Danny Hernandez Pred 2 urami
She looks so comfortable with herself im so happy 😚🌹
Christine J.M
Christine J.M Pred 2 urami
Btw pls change your hair to black and green again :
Christine J.M
Christine J.M Pred 2 urami
I herd if you say the creators name 3 times you get pinned Billie Eilish Billie Eilish Billie Eilish Love ur new song
Spiceplays gaming
Spiceplays gaming Pred 2 urami
I love Billie but this song is boring af Pls no hate
HG Pred 2 urami
I’m worried for this new album 😬
Aleksejs Kruks
Aleksejs Kruks Pred 2 urami
❤️I love the positivity that spread❤️ *Trio Mandili* ❤️.
Sabrina Fahlstrom
Sabrina Fahlstrom Pred 2 urami
I'm going through a break up right now and this gives me the vibes I needed
Robson Duarte
Robson Duarte Pred 2 urami
Passada , impactada 😊
Baran Dogan
Baran Dogan Pred 2 urami
Jennifer Arroyo
Jennifer Arroyo Pred 2 urami
could someone please explain how this is queer baiting? ive watched like 5 times already and as a GAY WOMAN ive found nothing wrong with it. a straight man could write a song about wanting to suck his best friends private and it not be queer baiting, so really. wtf is the problem
Jennifer Arroyo
Jennifer Arroyo Pred 2 urami
@Kimberly Le even if she tells us that she’s still straight after this, how would it be queer baiting?
Kimberly Le
Kimberly Le Pred 2 urami
billie labeled herself as straight a couple years ago, this video might be her coming out but people aren't sure. if she's queer bating then she'll announce that she's still straight after this, so it's just another straight person profiting off of the LGBTQ+ community. the thing is, she hasn't said anything so it's not really queer baiting if she hasn't given us a clear answer.
akayuti Pred 2 urami
fr, i am bisexual and i dont understand
she used wlw for views smh
ga ga
ga ga Pred uro
@akayuti she QUEERBAITED
akayuti Pred 2 urami
how is this wlw?
Drivers Destiny
Drivers Destiny Pred 2 urami
I'm disappointed to find out that she plays Xbox and not PlayStation
Noveltyy Pred 2 urami
Billie so goddam fine
Joao Pedro
Joao Pedro Pred 2 urami
Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que vcs procuram 😏
Lune. Pred 2 urami
O queerbaiting... Sério, decepcionada. Pra quê usar casais wlw pra views? Vai se fuder.
t._.a2 Pred 2 urami
Do you really become anomra 🏳️‍🌈؟
Gucci tea 🧋🍵☕️✨
Me: #bestiegoals 😚
Mohamed🌀🎶 Pred 2 urami
💋💋💖Love you 💖💋💋
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 2 urami
I was once the shy one with nothing in my mind, and I realized I wasn't actually into her, when I am with the right one my mind brings it all into play itself.
Ezel Whelan
Ezel Whelan Pred 2 urami
Why do people sexualize wlw for clout
Ezel Whelan
Ezel Whelan Pred 59 minutami
@Lydia C. I may not be a lesbian but it’s very obvious that what she doing is not right and just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she has the right to do this.
Lydia C.
Lydia C. Pred uro
Literally no one is talking about this... as a lesbian I am so disappointed.
José Kuster
José Kuster Pred 3 urami
Que Mulher Manoww, além de linda, a voz chega relaxar
•Hisoka🥵• Pred 3 urami
Been here for 4 years and I don't regret it
COCO DASHI Pred 3 urami
biilli eilish a engordado un poco
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 2 urami
Just tatalooooo Fuak every singer
XxDevil KenziexX
XxDevil KenziexX Pred 3 urami
I have lost all respect for her.
Lune. Pred 2 urami
Bridget SpookyJim
Bridget SpookyJim Pred 3 urami
Y’all tripping. Clearly this is about expressing femininity, her appreciation for women and her bond with women, as a women. If you sexual women bonding by calling it queer bating you’re part of the problem 🤷‍♀️
beidou best girl
beidou best girl Pred 2 urami
@akayuti its most likely considering straight people love to stick their nose into lgbtq+ issues
akayuti Pred 2 urami
@beidou best girl straight validation just because i’m agreeing with a straight person? we are not even sure that she is straight
akayuti Pred 2 urami
@beidou best girl i dont know, it just dosent seem queerbaiting for me
beidou best girl
beidou best girl Pred 2 urami
@akayuti you want straight validation? anyone with a brain (including lgbtq+) would know this is queer baiting.
akayuti Pred 2 urami
@beidou best girl i am bisexual and i agree with her
STANLEYGHEE Pred 3 urami
Horacio Plotino
Horacio Plotino Pred 3 urami
in case you don't know, to keep it repeating, press the right button of the mouse over the video and then click play it on loop
ستوريات المشاهير
EmiEmiTheGreat Pred 3 urami
The song doesn't match with the music video at all lmao
nutrileche Pred 3 urami
i love the vibes the music video has its P O W E R F U L , i love billie's new style it's really cool
ستوريات المشاهير
lekan Michael
lekan Michael Pred 3 urami
I saw Adele in her, you are going places dear
Rachel Stopka
Rachel Stopka Pred 3 urami
Nobody Me 0:33 orange soda
HG Pred 2 urami
It looks good af ngl
Gisele Souza da Silva
Meriam Akziz
Meriam Akziz Pred 3 urami
Too bad
Gisele Souza da Silva
Javier De Mauro
Javier De Mauro Pred 3 urami
Altaf Nasimi
Altaf Nasimi Pred 3 urami
Altaf Nasimi
Altaf Nasimi Pred 3 urami
Just tatalooooo Fuak every singer
Joe Joenoes
Joe Joenoes Pred 3 urami
Doesn't this bear a resemblance to Agnez Mo ‘Damn i love you ?
katy khair
katy khair Pred 3 urami