IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 || Men's and women's semi-finals 

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Boulder is back! The first IFSC Boulder World Cup in almost two years will take place at the Haslital Climbing Center in Meiringen, Switzerland, from 16 to 17 April 2021. Almost 200 athletes will compete in the inaugural competition of the Olympic season.
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17. apr. 2021

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TheHumanGerm Pred dnevom
I wonder if climbers can get chalk posioing especially indoor boulder's
Sen Sille
Sen Sille Pred 2 dnevi
As bouldering competition footage is so rare these days, it would be great if you could provide one recording per boulder, so we can watch each boulder separately. Watching this stream feels like missing out on nearly everything.
will savoie
will savoie Pred 7 dnevi
what's the point of cleaning the brush if you don't clean the wall and holds. Oh please let it be
Ant Pred 9 dnevi
Sofia is the best
0MrUnbekannt0 Pred 10 dnevi
the sound quali is very bad.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred 12 dnevi
Japanese, even though the two Japanese Olympic athletes (Tomoa Narasaki and Kai Harada) didn't even enter the comp!
Redshift Pred 12 dnevi
Wish they had split this up into 4 streams on youtube so we can see everyone try each boulder. Frustrating not to be able to see some athletes try some of the boulders.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Pred 13 dnevi
Mano vocês são muito vacilão com os Brazuca, namoral deixar indisponível é mó ideia errada, não é todo cria que tem VPN porra
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 14 dnevi
Jakob and Sofya are doing a really good job commentating!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Pred 12 dnevi
Switching camera to another bolder in the middle of a move is super annoying!
Nick Martinelli
Nick Martinelli Pred 14 dnevi
the filming is horrible
Jordan Haliday
Jordan Haliday Pred 14 dnevi
"And off screen we can see Yoshiyuki getting another top" Not again!!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Pred 13 dnevi
Jakob - "For the men we've seen a top on every single boulder" Me - "No we flipping haven't"
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 14 dnevi
janja garnbret 1:46:16 1:56:40 2:06:13 2:15:54
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 14 dnevi
Mixing up of the climbers names is cringy. Matt mispronounces names of French, Slovenian, Russian climbers even when he talks about them for the 100th time. This isn’t c
Juls Rivera
Juls Rivera Pred 14 dnevi
Adam Ondra 1:42:40 1:50:57 2:03:47 2:20:53 Alexander Megos 1:09:50 1:16:50 1:28:19 1:37:05
aola wili
aola wili Pred 14 dnevi
Impressive showing from Natalia Grossman and Nathaniel Coleman.
ChocolatTherapy Pred 15 dnevi
"on most rocks you dont have as much crack climbing" lmao. legendary comment.
Andrew Dudley
Andrew Dudley Pred 15 dnevi
Could you imagine watching basketball and the commentator being like, "So for our viewers who are new to this game, explain what a ball is." And then having a similarly absurd comment to make every 4 minutes.
Andulas is
Andulas is Pred 15 dnevi
The women problems look insane. especially number 3 and 4
Martin Manscher
Martin Manscher Pred 15 dnevi
Absolutely horrible editing/production, what are they thinking?
Jesse Heckman
Jesse Heckman Pred 15 dnevi
Lol @ matt groom sandbagging the second to last hold at M3.
Brothers of Baal
Brothers of Baal Pred 15 dnevi
Just shocking camera coverage!! Even with Ondra's last climb and just one other competitor out, you still only see him for a second on the top out, whilst we watch a person chalk up staring at a wall.... just piss poor, really am fed up with this crap !!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Pred 15 dnevi
the split screen view should always be on
Vince W
Vince W Pred 16 dnevi
Wide Boyz IFSC masterclass needed????
Eddy Mofardin
Eddy Mofardin Pred 16 dnevi
Great to see the comp but yet again, the IFSC seems unable or unwilling to find a director who is either not asleep or has a clue. Nothing more frustrating.
Michael Brändel
Michael Brändel Pred 16 dnevi
Switching camera to another bolder in the middle of a move is super annoying!
Ildiko Peter
Ildiko Peter Pred 16 dnevi
Where's Charlie, the previous Ifsc commentator? Not working for ifsc anymore? He's greatly missed!
Niall O'Reilly
Niall O'Reilly Pred 16 dnevi
Jakob - "For the men we've seen a top on every single boulder" Me - "No we flipping haven't"
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred 17 dnevi
Watched the final, during the commentary they said you have to watch Adam flash the crack boulder in the semi. So I watched the semi aaand the camera doesn't even show
Emilia Jarochowska
Emilia Jarochowska Pred 17 dnevi
Mixing up of the climbers names is cringy. Matt mispronounces names of French, Slovenian, Russian climbers even when he talks about them for the 100th time. This isn’t cute, just unprofessional. “All Japanese climbers are machines” or “the Russian woman”. Also not all Russian women are called Katya. Please stop this racist commentary. Learn their names.
Too Tall
Too Tall Pred 17 dnevi
the camera work was just sad
Dalladrion Pred 17 dnevi
People are complaining about camerawork, but I don't think it's their fault. It's the terrible organization of the event. Having 3 people climb at the same time? How is the cameraman, or the guy in the studio switching between the cameras, supposed to know when to watch which climber? And if both of the climbers are getting to the top at the same time, which one should get priority for the screen time? I get that they do this, to get multiple birds with 1 stone, but it's still a shit idea.
woutkoopman Pred 17 dnevi
I agree with everyone who said the camera with us aggravating. I am here to watch people climb, not stand still and chalk their hands. There are obviously enough cameras, why not just film the climbers climbing?
PeterLE2 Pred 17 dnevi
I don't know who is responsible for IT and social media at the IFSC but they suck at their job. There is bearly any information in the description of the videos here (there aren't even links to the IFSC homepage), the homepage is a mess, the app of the IFSC they talk is almost impossible to find and the directing in the videos is usually awful. When they want to be considered as being professionals they should start to behave that way.
Josh Lake
Josh Lake Pred 18 dnevi
1:39:30 excuse me?
François Thomas
François Thomas Pred 18 dnevi
Most of the 20 men getting nowhere on M4 and we don't even get to see how Adam does the crack problem? Come onnn just put a split screen when there are only two climbers left on the mat. Also I would tend to agree with Jacob Schubert, crack problems are kinda overrated in boulder comps, only Adam and the Wide Boyz can do it the intended way !
pihi42 Pred 18 dnevi
You should really save videos of Janja Garnbret on all boulders, all the time. They will be studied for years to come. We really don't understand what we are watching right now. 13/13 Tops in 16 attempts??
Random Person
Random Person Pred 18 dnevi
Jakob and Sofya are doing a really good job commentating!
Nicole G
Nicole G Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone got the time stamps for all USA?
Violeta Veliz
Violeta Veliz Pred 18 dnevi
Where is Fanny? and Sol?
David Murray
David Murray Pred 18 dnevi
I watched the entire semi-final presentation right up until the last second to make sure I didn't miss anything. I have a few points: 1) I really appreciate the IFSC putting on and showing these events for everyone to see. The production value of the problems, live-stream, commentary, etc., gets better and better every year. I can understand why it would be frustrating for someone to miss seeing his/her favourite climber top a semi-finals boulder because of a camera angle change. I used to find it disappointing when only one move of Sean McColl's entire semi-final run was shown. However, I was still incredibly grateful that an organization spent tens of thousands of dollars (or more) purchasing equipment, setting up the equipment, hiring editors/AV tech crew, working out livestreaming rights in foreign countries, etc., yet at the same time not charging me anything for the privilege of watching my favourite climbers in real time on the other side of the world. I still am grateful. I also am a true fan of sports in general, this sport and all IFSC events. I have watched all of the IFSC livestreams (replays). I understand that when a local TV company is filming the event in HD, it is not the IFSC that directly controls the camera angles or who is shown on the screen. It's also not necessarily the "camera work" that you are upset with, since there are multiple camera angles from which to choose, and at least some of those are providing the angle you want. More than likely, it's actually the TV company's director deciding when to switch angles and to which camera that's making you upset. Complaining in the comments here will not change anything. You need to talk to the TV company responsible for the production or else you might look like a bit of a fool complaining about the wrong thing in the wrong forum. 2) I agree with the comments about Janja being incredible. I always knew she was great, and have been a long time fan since her first ever Open IFSC competition. Without some of the other top female competitors (resting/peaking for the Olympics, presumably), the gap in skill/power between Janja and almost everyone else in the division is really shocking. At least Akiyo (who blows me away with her longevity) has the decency to use all of her limbs to climb the hard problems... Janja just campuses up volumes and stops dead on paddle dynos. It's pretty disrespectful of the the route setters :P Ha! 3) While I am amazed at how easily Adam Ondra makes the Meiringen crack look every year. It's not fair to say it's easy (I think I heard/read someone refer to the 2019 crack as a "5.10 crack"). After the 2019 debacle, the entire Japanese team practiced crack climbing a lot. Also, it's not like these climbers only climb in the gym. Most of them climb well in to 5.14 grade (or 8c+ at least). You would think that they could at least make some progress if it were that actually easy. My real point is that I'm surprised that more people don't complain about this. I personally enjoy seeing it (the Meiringen crack) and think it's pretty creative, although I wouldn't want to have to climb it in competition. I also really enjoy seeing a flying triple-paddle coordination dyno. I really like seeing Adam Ondra struggle to have to learn how to speed climb, or watching Tomoa Narasaki invent new beta that has been adopted by the other pure speed climbers. That said, literally hundreds of negative comments were made about the dynos when they started showing up more and more, and about the speed climbing being included in the Olympics when it was first announced. However, only a few questions here and there about the "fairness" of the crack ever pop up on this channel. Seems odd...
Yung Diogenes
Yung Diogenes Pred 18 dnevi
Lol if you wanna have your hold brushed then go on and brush it.
Chris M
Chris M Pred 18 dnevi
Loved having a comp again but what the hell was the director thinking. Terrible timing on cutovers. Poor replays and stupid split screens.
Matej Hajnal
Matej Hajnal Pred 18 dnevi
51:53 really who did the cutting? I am so annoyed.
Matej Hajnal
Matej Hajnal Pred 18 dnevi
I feel like I was watching more of climbers staring at the wall than them actually climbing
Wurzl ANG
Wurzl ANG Pred 18 dnevi
the only solution to this camera problem is by far buying more cams and let the viewer choose wich boulder wants to be seen. its very interactiv .
Chris Vale
Chris Vale Pred 18 dnevi
whoever is responsible for the direction/camera selection, terrible job. watching a climber chalk up for half a minute, and the moment she is about to touch the wall, you switch to another climber chalking up. even a random selection would have been better
Tommy Vänskä
Tommy Vänskä Pred 19 dnevi
I'll have to chime in on the poor directing of the live stream. Whoever is in charge of this should have a much better feel for what the audience wants to see. Typical examples are first completions of previously undone problems, key moves, different methods for important passages and so on. Perhaps the worst violation of these guidelines was with Adam Ondra on M4. I'd assume most viewers, upon first seeing the crack, thought: "I can't wait to see Ondra on this one". Besides opting to show an inconsequential attempt on W4 live instead of Ondra, we never got to see him climb the crack properly despite two (!) replays. Unforgivable in my opinion.
Tim Gibson
Tim Gibson Pred 19 dnevi
Camera work = poor.
johnny kachur
johnny kachur Pred 19 dnevi
Wipe the brushes down but not the holds that’s definitely gonna stop corona lol not
2fingerpocket dot com
2fingerpocket dot com Pred 19 dnevi
Workout idea - do a pull-up every time Jacob says "I mean". I think only a few people in the world can finish this workout.
Mark Ireland
Mark Ireland Pred 19 dnevi
So good to be back!!!
Alexandre Vaysse
Alexandre Vaysse Pred 19 dnevi
Camera work is pathetic.
Dong-Ho Lee
Dong-Ho Lee Pred 19 dnevi
아키호는 길이. 얀야는 압도적인 힘.
mumia76 Pred 19 dnevi
I hate these parallel competitions, why can't you record it seperately and post individual videos? This cutting between one climber and another means missing all the action.
Vivian Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen Pred 16 dnevi
@mumia76 I completely understand where you're coming from and can relate but unfortunately passion doesn't generate revenue. The federation needs to budget for a lot i.e. Boulder holds, setters, mats, cameras, staff, metals, commentary, etc. It's a lot of account for and if they were to invest more on recording individual cuts in the semis, then we would be losing out else where whether it be in finals or even on the Boulder routes. You can see that the federation is passionate about the sport based on the setting, Boulder holds and even just the fact that this event was able to be held amidst covid.
mumia76 Pred 16 dnevi
@Vivian Nguyen Why? Because you are passionate about the sport. If the federation itself isn't passionate then what can we expect? But I shouldn't be too hard on them as most other sport federations refuse to show even this much. Or anything at all. It pisses me off to no end. And when I want to videograph the event myself they tell me its not allowed. FFS.
Vivian Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen Pred 16 dnevi
I hate parallel views too but it makes the most sense. This is the live stream so to record separate videos in addition to the live stream recording means more staff, more cameras, more time, and more money. And why would you spend all of these resources on just semis
KK Pred 20 dnevi
Climbing starts at 11:08
Blessed Intl
Blessed Intl Pred 20 dnevi
Janja is a beast!!
Joshua Ballensky
Joshua Ballensky Pred 20 dnevi
The person in charge of the camera work needs to step their game up, this was terrible to watch.
Harry Zumwalt
Harry Zumwalt Pred 20 dnevi
Probably the worst camera work I've ever witnessed. Edit: I just reached the end. Dear god... It's worse than I could have imagined. They need to stop using trained animals to run the cameras and try to find some willing humans.
Michael Brändel
Michael Brändel Pred 16 dnevi
I guess animals could do better
David Duncombe
David Duncombe Pred 20 dnevi
Watched the final, during the commentary they said you have to watch Adam flash the crack boulder in the semi. So I watched the semi aaand the camera doesn't even show it.
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 20 dnevi
janja is a beast
SIKI Pred 20 dnevi
The worst camera i have ever seen... I was so tilted for a whole video..
MaximusFood Pred 20 dnevi
No Adam in the crack -- the world's most famous climber. Awful stuff from the IFSC.
Claudio D'Amore
Claudio D'Amore Pred 20 dnevi
So bad camera work. amazing and so frustrating
Melchor Guzman Madueño
At the very end there is a rep of adams doing the last problem. Anyway, frustating camera work... Split screeen pls
Skip Baney
Skip Baney Pred 20 dnevi
Everyone complaining about the stream clearly hasn’t been watching World Cups for very long. Go back and watch some of the replays from the mid-teens and then talk to me about camera work 😉. It’s semis w/ 8 people on the wall - it’s not going to perfect. I’m grateful that it’s live, free, and high quality. I’d rather watch it here like this than on TV w/ ads every 5m.
David Murray
David Murray Pred 20 dnevi
Great comment. I couldn't agree more. When I was starting out climbing I had to wait an hour or more for my 56k modem to download 40 seconds of some colourful square pixels moving around all herky jerky. If I was lucky I had some music in the background. Search videos from early 2000s climbing competitions. These grainy 4:3 ratio films were unbelievable to me at the time, considering what I used to have. Here I am now watching a live video from the other side of the world with an Olympian giving me helpful commentary. Other times I'm able to see live video from inside China. Amazing! No matter how clear the video, or how good the intros or commentary are though, spoiled children these days will still complain about the commentary every year. It's baffling to me.
Harry Zumwalt
Harry Zumwalt Pred 20 dnevi
I think we are all expecting less than perfect technical work from the IFSC. This was beyond miserable though.
Roman Schilling
Roman Schilling Pred 20 dnevi
damn shitty camera work!! 2 hours of talking about how Ondra would stick the jam move and u dont show it AT ALL. there were only 2 climbers out, both flashed, 2:30min time to show a complete replay. nope.
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 20 dnevi
I missed these!
Wide Boyz
Wide Boyz Pred 20 dnevi
fantastic to see the cracks making an appearance again. O-dog is the man, what an absolute boss on the crack! YES ADAM! good to see its not a perfect splitter this time but has some flare on it. Get that cupped crayfish jam out folks and you'll be well away :)
ChocolatTherapy Pred 15 dnevi
would love to see y'all's try on that crack boulder!
Wide Boyz
Wide Boyz Pred 20 dnevi
@John they show a replay of him halfway through the crack near the end of the video.
John Pred 20 dnevi
But you had to use your imagination about how he actually did it, because they didn't show it.
Kevin Li
Kevin Li Pred 20 dnevi
Looking forward to seeing you boys represent the UK once the comp climbs start featuring more cracks 👀
bob8fred Pred 20 dnevi
the camera watched Janja walk off longer than watching her climb, loved the super zoomed-in shots so I couldn't see any other climbers or even see the climb the athlete is on
Jagknorr Pred 20 dnevi
Janja is from another planet. Also Matt does great comp commentary! I always liked his voice. Good accent :)
Stepan Ru
Stepan Ru Pred 20 dnevi
The videography is the worst. You managed to miss ALL completions of the crack section btw the only ok part is on 48:03
yourshitsweakx100 Pred 20 dnevi
Camera sucks What the frick
jerry shine
jerry shine Pred 20 dnevi
Yellow cream and onion breath -- gotta love the closed captioning!
Michael Schmid
Michael Schmid Pred 20 dnevi
Who in the name of... is doing your editing?? If it is the interns, then let them go asap. Horrible performance
Cyphrix Pred 20 dnevi
It wouldn't be an IFSC competition without terrible camera work. Missed most of Adam on M4. Lots of time spent focusing on a climber chalking up and staring at holds while other climbers are topping/flashing their problems.
shmalts1 Pred 20 dnevi
i love matt but damn after Alex Johnsons narration of the usa trials it would be so sick to have her!
jm bro
jm bro Pred 20 dnevi
Akiyo, 31 years old, sill making finals. Impressive !
MythAvatar Pred 19 dnevi
It was sad to see her off form tbh. She's one of my favourites.
Uli Pred 20 dnevi
I think a pronunciation database for all the competitors names would be super helpful.
jmachadok Pred 20 dnevi
All 9 boulders in qualis and semis topped with 8 flashes........ Challengers? Lol, keep dreaming - just look at how Janja did boulder number 4 - bloody insane!!
Rory Macdonald
Rory Macdonald Pred 20 dnevi
Please have split screen or dont show people chalking up and walking in or out of each boulder
Ian McNulty
Ian McNulty Pred 20 dnevi
Great commentary Matt, Sofya & Jakob!!
Rory Macdonald
Rory Macdonald Pred 20 dnevi
Really bad camera work. Wow
ru Pred 20 dnevi
well done Matt in the hot seat! this was a great first go and you did a lovely job playing off of your guest commentators. the camera work unfortunately took quite a bit away from these comps - I honestly feel as though I know more about chalking preferences than I do about some climbers' styles. thankfully this is something that can be fixed with better angles, more conscientious focus choices, etc! using a split screen when there are so many climbers on the wall would be helpful, and rethinking some of the visual overlay (a transparent score sidebar rather than a solid one) could help focus the performance on the climbers themselves. at the very least, when key sections of major problems are solved, it would be nice to see consistent/complete replays rather than just trailing shots at the tail end of things! sad to miss out on what sounded like some really good action in this comp - and looking forward to the ways it can improve!
Željko Tičić
Željko Tičić Pred 20 dnevi
4 BOULDERS 4 TOPS 5 ATEMPTS LoL The one and The only Janja
Željko Tičić
Željko Tičić Pred 20 dnevi
@blackmarlin same thing was thinking whatching the finals Natalie and Akiya are great too, but Janja is so far ahead bet she would be better than many guys there :)
blackmarlin Pred 20 dnevi
Wanna see her do the mens course
Gopi R
Gopi R Pred 20 dnevi
Impressive showing from Natalia Grossman and Nathaniel Coleman.
Evan Loyd
Evan Loyd Pred 20 dnevi
Great video of climbers chalking while others are flashing in background.
aola wili
aola wili Pred 14 dnevi
janja garnbret 1:46:16 1:56:40 2:06:13 2:15:54
Jessica Grace
Jessica Grace Pred 20 dnevi
GAHHHH I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS COMP!!! I've been so freaking desperate to climb since covid started - comp reruns and old climbing videos have been an obsession of mine for the past year. Woohoo!!!!!!! Happy to see you commentating, Matt!! Stay safe and be well, everyone! Much love from Canada.
David Koch
David Koch Pred 20 dnevi
yeah, the camera work is really frustrating to watch...
CapitaltoursKiev com
CapitaltoursKiev com Pred 20 dnevi
Stop saying "tschkofitz"!! domen TSkofiTCH! Just cant keep hearin it
UrbanKiddO Pred 20 dnevi
It's actually fitz... It doesn't end with č
Armandas Jarušauskas
Armandas Jarušauskas Pred 20 dnevi
Couldn't see the climbs of any of the competitors I wanted to see. IFSC, how about a compilation of all the tops to make up for the lost scenes in the stream?
Joshua Sim
Joshua Sim Pred 10 dnevi
@Armandas Jarušauskas yeah probably taken by the respective national team coaches or officials
Armandas Jarušauskas
Armandas Jarušauskas Pred 20 dnevi
@Joshua Sim I was hoping there is secondary footage. For example, you can see Yoshiyuki's full attempt on his Instagram.
Joshua Sim
Joshua Sim Pred 20 dnevi
Not entirely sure, but I think they missed some full length footage of tops. The replay of ogata on men's two only started with him controlling the zone.
M Username
M Username Pred 20 dnevi
So where was the replay of Adam doing the crack? Not the best camerawork
CM Pred 18 dnevi
@Alex F They're still missing the start of the boulder and the movement to get into the crack. Plus they show the replay after the comp once everyone has definitely already tuned out
Alex F
Alex F Pred 19 dnevi
The replay is at 2:20:50
John Pred 20 dnevi
Two and a half minutes they had to show the replay, and they show the last quarter of his climb. Nice work.
Alex Busch
Alex Busch Pred 20 dnevi
the split screen view should always be on
ryan bell
ryan bell Pred 20 dnevi
Hell yeaaaaaaaaah the whole gang is there !!!!
Bruno Axhausen
Bruno Axhausen Pred 20 dnevi
enjoying the commentary, great job! Camera work is beyond frustrating, though.
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred 17 dnevi
the split screen view should always be on
Vic Hangover
Vic Hangover Pred 20 dnevi
Could you please replay Adam’s final climb? I would like to see how he tackled the handjam section. Thx!
Roman Schilling
Roman Schilling Pred 20 dnevi
2:21:00 they replay it again, but still only half of it ..
Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller Pred 20 dnevi
camera work is just awful and frustrating. Better give me four streams for each problem to choose from than this uncoordinated shitshow
Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller Pred 12 dnevi
@mikea hiooi was just talking about the picture. Commentators did a good job no doubt
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 14 dnevi
Jakob and Sofya are doing a really good job commentating!
Matin .Jamei
Matin .Jamei Pred 20 dnevi
Terrible videography!!! The worst camera work in all of the IFSC competitions! So frustrating to watch!
Joshua Krois
Joshua Krois Pred 20 dnevi
1:46:52 Domen Skofic!! 👌
bg dm
bg dm Pred 20 dnevi
Željko Tičić
Željko Tičić Pred 20 dnevi
StuartX666 Pred 20 dnevi
Adam Ondra 1:42:40 1:50:57 2:03:47 2:20:53 Alexander Megos 1:09:50 1:16:50 1:28:19 1:37:05
Benedikt Bayer
Benedikt Bayer Pred 20 dnevi
Sorry to say that, but the camera work indeed was very bad. I also wouldn't be happy if you would focus only on Adam or Janja, but you should at least show one or two boulders of them in full length. Especially if you show some other climber chalking up instead.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Pred 15 dnevi
Jakob and Sofya are doing a really good job commentating!
TSTokyo Pred 20 dnevi
1. Poor camerawork. Missed plenty of tops while showing idle scenes. Even the replays mostly showed only the very last few seconds of the topped route. 2. Matt sounds to be a nice chap, but completely lack of professionalism. Hardly provided any insight nor background information on the climbers. His continuous excitement and tone felt unnatural. I wish him the best though, commentating such an event for the first time may not be easy.
Anne R
Anne R Pred 20 dnevi
@William Daniels yes, I think Matt did a good job. always time to improve, lets not forget this is one of his first commentaries
Anne R
Anne R Pred 20 dnevi
lack of professionalism also from Jakob Schubert (?) in the commentary. "the russian woman", " the slovinian girl" - cmon, so much disrespect. at least get to know the athletes names if you are invited in the booth. you probably even have a list in front of you
TSTokyo Pred 20 dnevi
@William Daniels I cannot agree with that, just lets mention Mike Langley. In this case to be more specific, I was truly missing any explanation on the missing participants such as Shauna Coxsey, Tomoa Narasaki, Sean McColl, Jongwon Chon, etc. It is like commentating a Juventus - Barcelona soccer match, where Ronaldo and Messi are not present and not even mentioning them at all. Also it was frustrating to see that seemingly he had no idea about Shouta Amagasa and other new faces, even though many of them had remarkable achievements during the past year. Even for well known stars such as Adam Ondra he did not provide any information on their recent training routines, injuries, interesting stories, etc. I believe if he does his homework he can improve a lot as a commentator.
William Daniels
William Daniels Pred 20 dnevi
I think everyone will agree with you in regards to the camera work. Your comment about Matt however is a bit harsh. Matt is arguably the second best Ifsc commentator we've had, after Charlie Boscoe obviously. Hard shoes to fill but Matt is doing a much better than many of the previous commentators.
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