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#Behzinga #Sidemen #Transformation
Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.



22. nov. 2018

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KkYT2 Pred mesecem
Flamasaurus Pred 7 meseci
I thought he got a play button or something
Archie Walter
Archie Walter Pred 9 meseci
hes actually big
Craig Gordon
Craig Gordon Pred letom
Did u guys know that gymshark have a blackout sale on atm
Robim !
Robim ! Pred letom
whaaha the intro
Tr1gger Pred letom
More fitness videos please mate !!
Adam Handforth
Adam Handforth Pred letom
shiven401 Pred letom
Love these videos❤️
Seth Carl
Seth Carl Pred letom
Your thicccc😍😍😍🥰😘😘
X X Pred letom
Is it just me or when logan paul and jj train everyone train
JessRyePlayz Pred letom
For every like I will do a push-up
Herman Wikner
Herman Wikner Pred 2 leti
Song? 4:27
Tavaughan Plummer
Tavaughan Plummer Pred 2 leti
More videos like this plz
Mouse Pred 2 leti
Just started dieting, so this videos been pretty great to see :)
noobtraymaster E
noobtraymaster E Pred 2 leti
I reckon in like 4 months you will have no tidies
fuck you
fuck you Pred 2 leti
Bro what are you doing We all know you gotta start max weights
SeeJay Pred 2 leti
My mans, you look like you can pick someone up and throw them across a field XD
Quik Silva
Quik Silva Pred 2 leti
Just imagine, in a year, your gonna be an absolute beast
Noah Adams
Noah Adams Pred 2 leti
Omfg imagine not watching for a while and just seeing you like this 💀💀
Orrin Day
Orrin Day Pred 2 leti
More of this
TJCheese Pred 2 leti
What do you eat? like what meals do you eat to stay fit?
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Pred 2 leti
you ar so skiny now
Dan Stapleton
Dan Stapleton Pred 2 leti
Sick transformation, any chance of a week diet plan?
Matthew B
Matthew B Pred 2 leti
Ldp Pred 2 leti
Do a video of a full day of eating and training
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney Pred 2 leti
If you want to isolate side delts don’t go to high on the way up
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney Pred 2 leti
My workout today: 5 minute intervals jog sprint on treadmill 3 sets of 10 cable flies to prime chest Dumbbell chest press 44 kg 6 reps x2 34 kg 8 reps x2 26 kg 10 reps x2 Incline dumbbell press 34kg 6-8reps x4 Machine flies 62kg 10 reps x 5 Dips 8 reps x 5 100 pushups (accumulative not in one go no time limit) Chest will be fucked
Your Average Joe
Your Average Joe Pred 2 leti
My guy!! Puregym 🙌
Booper Pred 2 leti
Not gonna lie, you should post some videos with your girl. I feel like we haven't seen one in a bit.
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 7 meseci
He and her broke up
MeowPow Pred 2 leti
Even your face looks muscular
Philipp Simonides
Philipp Simonides Pred 2 leti
Please more Videos of your Training
T Man
T Man Pred 2 leti
Unbelieve transformation and progress
Dzone Pred 2 leti
Your "audience" cheering was adorable 😂
Fortnite Big boys
Fortnite Big boys Pred 2 leti
Well done with your transformation behz
Olly Birkbeck
Olly Birkbeck Pred 2 leti
What are you wearing bro. I know you're proud of your physique but god damn.
bigpollett n
bigpollett n Pred 2 leti
I'm currently in a kind of race with you since I started my change around the same time you started yours and I've lost 7 stone in 9 months and our lifts are neck and neck atm lol
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein Pred 2 leti
pay attention to your wrists while bench pressing
Aaron Jervis
Aaron Jervis Pred 2 leti
Now he needs a tan
Franky Casas
Franky Casas Pred 2 leti
U look creepy being skinny like a stalker
reign of glass 124
reign of glass 124 Pred 2 leti
Upload videos like this more often
Sarah Pred 2 leti
Sweet Pred 2 leti
Your probably stronger than ksi no joke
s o f t i e
s o f t i e Pred 2 leti
s t r o n g b o y
s o f t i e
s o f t i e Pred 2 leti
s t r o n g b o u
Habeebah K
Habeebah K Pred 2 leti
the transitions between outfits is so smooth
Brigid Guerra
Brigid Guerra Pred 2 leti
I Liike you
Nomadic Spirit
Nomadic Spirit Pred 2 leti
This was so cringy 😭😂 I loved it.
m mm
m mm Pred 2 leti
The gym/fitness is the only hobby/profession where people, beginners usually, go for a couple months and suddenly start offering advice as though they know what they're talking about.
Callum Emmerson
Callum Emmerson Pred 2 leti
Gym Shark: A brand for dorks trying not to be dorks
T Pred 2 leti
I would love a whole week routine man! It would help me heaps, as I’m a similar build to yourself
TheKingSkittle Pred 2 leti
I fucking love the new you
Oliver Bird
Oliver Bird Pred 2 leti
well done on your transformation (no offence put i thought you wouldn’t change) but you proved me wrong
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Pred 2 leti
I wanna see legs my guy
Rendra Youngace
Rendra Youngace Pred 2 leti
trottski16 Pred 2 leti
We go to the same gym :)
Matthew Beeby
Matthew Beeby Pred 2 leti
deffo wanna see more I need a transformation like yours and these are helping a lot
A P Pred 2 leti
3:40 weird flex, but 🅾️k
L4M C Pred 2 leti
he looks so old
Hjalti Samuelsen
Hjalti Samuelsen Pred 2 leti
Don’t stop mate
Natalia S
Natalia S Pred 2 leti
You are a big inspiration for me
PekzCS Pred 2 leti
big man at the wembly cup yeah
KaRysma Pred 2 leti
This guy be getting hella laid nowadays
Schuaid Steenkamp
Schuaid Steenkamp Pred 2 leti
😌👌killers but leave the 12 sets of 12 @athlenx
Shemdogga Pred 2 leti
Your legit so up yourself. You go to the gym for the first time in your life and get a little muscle, now all you do is capture your muscle 😂. Your not the only one with gains mate... get over yourself lol
Voltair Pred 2 leti
Name of the first song?
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Pred 2 leti
Why does he look like dermott from x factor
neelesh s.
neelesh s. Pred 2 leti
Don't turn into the next ksi (first man with tits)
Craig Hawes
Craig Hawes Pred 2 leti
Wtf last time I seen you was deji diss track now look at you, fair play mate what progress!
First'Z KingZ
First'Z KingZ Pred 2 leti
Why does he look like John Cena?
Luke Harris
Luke Harris Pred 2 leti
What ear phones does he have?
Dennis Waersegers
Dennis Waersegers Pred 2 leti
your so serious about this i really enjoy watching you man! keep it up!!
Bili šaman
Bili šaman Pred 2 leti
Is this Behzinga?
jenuiyne Pred 2 leti
U look like Dermot O'Leary
GottsTV Pred 2 leti
Really wanna see more of this bro defiantly!
KOBAIN Pred 2 leti
Pleas work on youre form mate :)
brogan evans
brogan evans Pred 2 leti
your on steriods
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 7 meseci
Az3xGOD Pred 2 leti
My guy has good genetics
Green Kick
Green Kick Pred 2 leti
HAHAHA, did you see Behzinga's hands, he tought he was wearing a hoodie on 1:05
Loot Crater
Loot Crater Pred 2 leti
Stop photoshopping your thumbnails.
ted nilervall
ted nilervall Pred 2 leti
great work mate
woohoo Pred 2 leti
Mate, you're truely something else. Keep going!
Potatoism Pred 2 leti
no joke those are my school socks. HAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!
Peter Pucek
Peter Pucek Pred 2 leti
Truely inspirational mate, please keep it up ☺️
Cameron Pred 2 leti
Anyone else notice that at 1:07, he tried to put his hands in his jacket pocket but realised he had none
ChickenKSI Pred 2 leti
Behzinga mate you're an inspiration, your transformation is amazing
Tts Pred 2 leti
u should work on less cardio and more on strength now so u become jacked
Mkayy Amyyy
Mkayy Amyyy Pred 2 leti
I honestly still cannot get over your transformation, I’m still shocked aha, it just shows that when you commit yourself to something you can succeed! Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you!
Jake Walker
Jake Walker Pred 2 leti
make a video of your whole workout routine for every muscle group you work on
Manvinder Jawanda
Manvinder Jawanda Pred 2 leti
Honestly, these videos are lit. Upload more of these type.
Jorge R Duque
Jorge R Duque Pred 2 leti
now i wanna workout with you
FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Teeqo Pred 2 leti
Freakin amazing my man!!! Going for it myself now too, best shape of my life by summer 2019! lets get a workout in by then? ;]
4our1ne Pred mesecem
@KkYT2 he’s not Logan Paul😂
KkYT2 Pred 4 meseci
Yo bez u left him hanging
Messionate V
Messionate V Pred letom
Johnnyplayz LMFAO 😂
MightyXHomes Pred 2 leti
40 grams protein in this bottle ? wtf
James Martindale
James Martindale Pred 2 leti
Well done behz you look amazing 👌🏻 Thanks to u I’ve also lost 30lbs since summer
amrfts Pred 2 leti
lol, dudes been lifting weights for 5 minutes and hes already bearing arms, put ya hoodie back on.
Isobelle Higgins
Isobelle Higgins Pred 2 leti
Haven't watched him on a while and he looks so much healthier
Stacey Orr
Stacey Orr Pred 2 leti
i haven't watched you in ages you transformed
rompe toto
rompe toto Pred 2 leti
this vid teaches us a wise lesson kids, never skip legday
fyz atzey
fyz atzey Pred 2 leti
He looked different
Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan Pred 2 leti
PSHHHH if i didnt fail No Nut November i would look as buff as him
Oddwine Pred 2 leti
Do you have loose skin?
Why my terrible diet works...