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Today we use the most OP impostor MOD vs SUPER MEDIC mod in Among us!
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14. mar. 2021

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Komentarjev 99   
James Brinkley
James Brinkley Pred 2 urami
16.9 mil. You deserve it
Fwuit Gummy
Fwuit Gummy Pred 5 urami
love dees vgids
ssundee ssundee
ssundee ssundee Pred 8 urami
What's wrong ssundee
Yahayra GutierrezLopez
Bako Haseeb
Bako Haseeb Pred 9 urami
Lol. Blue
Binh Minh Nguyen Tran
Binh Minh Nguyen Tran Pred 12 urami
anyone listen to this video carefully at 5:00 and 0.25 speed EARAPE
Brody McDonald
Brody McDonald Pred 18 urami
love it
Roy Mustang Gaming
Roy Mustang Gaming Pred 23 urami
The like button turned black so I have never won as a imposter (I never get the imposter role)
A T Pred dnevom
Jairee Dayap
Jairee Dayap Pred dnevom
Make a superduper strong inposter vid
Jairee Dayap
Jairee Dayap Pred dnevom
I like this vid
Monir Momo
Monir Momo Pred dnevom
the funniest deaths in ssundee among us moments was Garetbox death when ssundee use the astronauts on him and he was stuck outside the map and he says (HEEEEEEEEELP!!!) And then he got REKT by (BOOOOOM!!!) In time 6:16
the scared red team engi
I clicked the like button and it turned white :(
Preston Cerniglia
Preston Cerniglia Pred dnevom
me looking at the code on the bottom realizing its LOAFX Y hmmmm.
Conan Carling
Conan Carling Pred dnevom
Can you make more pokemon mods
Robby Gomez
Robby Gomez Pred dnevom
Earthquake role: you are an imposter and you can summon an earthquake and one part of the map will collapse and if you are in the collapse area while its collapsing you die and also you can pick where you want it to collapse
Andrea Verdone
Andrea Verdone Pred dnevom
Sun dee: “SOMEBODY PRESS THE BUTTON!” *Gary presses the button* Sun dee: “GARY WHY DID YOU PRESS THE BOTTON!’’ Me: LOL
CowGoesMoo Pred 19 urami
Says lol and your face is literally 😶😐😶😶😐😐😐
Franklin da turtle Channel
2:39 I love how when SSundee silently laughs he looks like he's gonna explode
Zombie Panther
Zombie Panther Pred dnevom
New mod idea: super imposter vs super medic vs super crew mate
L.K.M Pred dnevom
Imagine lying to your fans about the like button
Paige Dudman
Paige Dudman Pred dnevom
Dnzisnjand xjbshsld Djdid ddkmsdhs sjdbd Fnddbdid djdnks dsnbsjsb dnsdhsbsns Sjxosbsjkdbsjddjdhdkdd djbdjdhdjdhshss Dmdoshsjdbskssjs Dusseldorf I will dbxjbsld
Thrasher 121
Thrasher 121 Pred 2 dnevi
This is the greatest mod ever!!! I love all of the abilities the Super Imposter and Super Medic have! They're extremely OP! Keep making these videos SSundee!
Mistik EXE
Mistik EXE Pred 2 dnevi
6:06 omg Garry are u ok Nooo u could have one if Garry's was not stuck :(
PlayerYT Gaming
PlayerYT Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
New Impostor idea: Thor. He can summon a lightning ⛈ cloud. He can also fly.He also chop people with storm breaker.He can throw mjolnir anywhere in the map and kill people.He can also electrocute crewmates and their body disappears
Jordon Reynolds
Jordon Reynolds Pred 2 dnevi
Or do a shark role, the shark can fill the place with water then can change out, it can bite as attack, and draw someone underwater to drown them, the shark can also ( make when the place is flooded make things that they can stand on like the lava monster one you did) The shark should also can dive like dolphins and take people off the land/something than can stand on when the place is flooded. Please do it🥺 make the shark can jump scare
Darcy Fraser
Darcy Fraser Pred 2 dnevi
Sandra Quintanilla
Sandra Quintanilla Pred 2 dnevi
Sandra Quintanilla
Sandra Quintanilla Pred 2 dnevi
Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic Medic
bạn có nghiêm túc chỉ dịch cái này không
I don’t know how Ian always wins, I mean he is always imposter 2nd round I don’t know how people don’t realise that
Coco Chan
Coco Chan Pred 2 dnevi
I love this vid
Mr. Rafah Klongchun
Mr. Rafah Klongchun Pred 2 dnevi
But my like button turn black
Marie Aguirre
Marie Aguirre Pred 2 dnevi
Mine to
Fixiemiggy Larrydarry
Ft Gcuvugvuvggu
Ft Gcuvugvuvggu Pred 2 dnevi
Cccxx i
RR The Chubster
RR The Chubster Pred 2 dnevi
That medic is brokennnn
John Nguyen
John Nguyen Pred 2 dnevi
It turn black
Deyzi bayliss
Deyzi bayliss Pred 2 dnevi
How do you make the mods
The dragon king
The dragon king Pred 2 dnevi
It could be me...but did sigils say "Oh right",when Ian said the super medic has two votes....it might be just me but if I caught that,, that would be a concrete confirmation even if I didn't see him heal
MasterChordPiano Pred 2 dnevi
This is one of Ssundee's best among us videos! So Entertaining. Rip Henwy.
Kallahan Oswald
Kallahan Oswald Pred 3 dnevi
i love ur videos
Corrinne Clay
Corrinne Clay Pred 3 dnevi
What ever nerd
Kathleen Gearing
Kathleen Gearing Pred 3 dnevi
I've been to Hogwarts yesterday
Katty Serrano
Katty Serrano Pred 3 dnevi
Katty Serrano
Katty Serrano Pred 3 dnevi
Xuejia Ni
Xuejia Ni Pred 3 dnevi
"Oh no, I'm dead dead, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" -Sigils that made me laugh so hard
Conan Carling
Conan Carling Pred dnevom
WK Nipa Akther
WK Nipa Akther Pred dnevom
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 Pred 2 dnevi
فاضل احمد
فاضل احمد Pred 3 dnevi
WOW ats was an awesome video 😄😄
Hyzakhu Pred 3 dnevi
Is if Bipel or Biffel???
Mohammad Shami
Mohammad Shami Pred 3 dnevi
ssundee do a another kids video
Melanie Maheu
Melanie Maheu Pred 3 dnevi
Prince Zuko
Prince Zuko Pred 3 dnevi
Did anyone notice that the code is LOFExy
John Lynch
John Lynch Pred 3 dnevi
when you were super medic why didnt you call amergenncy and ban kate
Ponnee Manesh
Ponnee Manesh Pred 3 dnevi
For me the like button turned black
Jacob McKenzie
Jacob McKenzie Pred 4 dnevi
I love the thumbnail
Recon Pred 4 dnevi
No won has a super medic or super imposter
sausage dog sqaud
sausage dog sqaud Pred 4 dnevi
What about ben ten 8t will be op
Fiona L.
Fiona L. Pred 4 dnevi
13:57 This is how it should be for every single mod. 😂😂😂😂😂
wayne paul
wayne paul Pred 4 dnevi
how do you not be invisabl
Melissa Cummins
Melissa Cummins Pred 4 dnevi
Pog Man Right?
paul gera
paul gera Pred 4 dnevi
Super medic and super imposter is op and soooo broken
Mayson and Zayden
Mayson and Zayden Pred 4 dnevi
Mu'adh Oladipupo Elegbede
I have no mods
Rakesh Shukla
Rakesh Shukla Pred 4 dnevi
The Ian knows Ian knows is so good. Its so memey I love it poor Biffy
Paige Lewis
Paige Lewis Pred 4 dnevi
Gamer Archie Vloger Archie
Ye mine like button turns white is it Brocken
FieryBlank - Roblox
FieryBlank - Roblox Pred 4 dnevi
The like button turned black, I think I lied Jk I never play among us
Anthony Browne
Anthony Browne Pred 4 dnevi
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Lucas Potaka
Lucas Potaka Pred 5 dnevi
The Casteaus
The Casteaus Pred 5 dnevi
i like it
Kels Shirah
Kels Shirah Pred 5 dnevi
Heatwave Pred 5 dnevi
My like button turned white
Eli Carrillo shorts
Eli Carrillo shorts Pred 5 dnevi
I really hate it when people unlike his videos
Eli Carrillo shorts
Eli Carrillo shorts Pred 5 dnevi
So whoever unliked the video get lost and never come back to youtube
Tonie Hill
Tonie Hill Pred 5 dnevi
The clap claps me up
Kaleb Butler
Kaleb Butler Pred 5 dnevi
My like button isn't white or blue... it's black
olga stepanova
olga stepanova Pred 5 dnevi
I'm lying bc the like button turned black :(
M Råberg
M Råberg Pred 2 dnevi
Me too :(
Marcela Nava
Marcela Nava Pred 5 dnevi
Sheeee eeeeeesh
Elmira Ramadanovic
Elmira Ramadanovic Pred 5 dnevi
Super imposer Is good
PePlays Pred 5 dnevi
I was lying and it still turned blue
Emerson Klem
Emerson Klem Pred 5 dnevi
Ey ssunde mace a bome mode ANEY BOME.
G Wilcox
G Wilcox Pred 5 dnevi
Why is my like always black?
M Råberg
M Råberg Pred 2 dnevi
Kaydence Fuqua
Kaydence Fuqua Pred 6 dnevi
Kate was mind control
us2009bd Pred 6 dnevi
I got a super cool one it’s the venom role he can mind control crew mates form his hands into axe super jump jump scare venom rush and finally venom battle
hey hi ok hibye
hey hi ok hibye Pred 6 dnevi
but i sub
hey hi ok hibye
hey hi ok hibye Pred 6 dnevi
i meant like
hey hi ok hibye
hey hi ok hibye Pred 6 dnevi
i din't so i din't sub
Rhonda Welsh
Rhonda Welsh Pred 6 dnevi
All abourd the s s undee!
lavontae penry
lavontae penry Pred 6 dnevi
Super imposter cool
Cha Vang
Cha Vang Pred 6 dnevi
SSundee:*listening to sigils* Sigils:oh no I’m dead dead NOOOOO!!! DEAD DEAD HE GOT ME NOOOOO!!!
Joseph Hamma
Joseph Hamma Pred 6 dnevi
It's amazing👍 but the best thing I've had to get was the most part I would like to get back
Maria ME
Maria ME Pred 6 dnevi
I’ve never played the super imposter round I just liked
Worried_Offixal Pred 6 dnevi
When you hit the like button: It turned black---
Yerasimos Dimovasilis
πωσ τα κάνεις αυτα τα απίθανα πράγματα?
Marites Camoro
Marites Camoro Pred 6 dnevi
My sus is in biffle all time
NoraNora Ramadan
NoraNora Ramadan Pred 7 dnevi
I love shyguy 027
NoraNora Ramadan
NoraNora Ramadan Pred 7 dnevi
I love shyguy 207
Allen Nguyen
Allen Nguyen Pred 7 dnevi
This is my favorite
Crocs Pred 7 dnevi
"Omg this is my favourite part of the movie" Mine too ngl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Perry-The-platypus Pred 3 dnevi
Me too It my fave It's when he know somethin
Deepika Dwivedi
Deepika Dwivedi Pred 7 dnevi
Prudence Kiocho
Prudence Kiocho Pred 7 dnevi
Brexton Nilan
Brexton Nilan Pred 8 dnevi
I just got a new headset it’s pretty good I’m wearing it right now
Brexton Nilan
Brexton Nilan Pred 8 dnevi
Why did you make this mod looks fun how do you get mods pad
PENNYWISE Mod in Among Us
FAT IMPOSTER Mod in Among Us