Luka Doncic PUNISHING Opponents in One-on-One 

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27. feb. 2021

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Aljun Bnt
Aljun Bnt Pred 4 dnevi
Future of NBA
King Of Everything
King Of Everything Pred 5 dnevi
GOAT of skills and IQ and simply GOAT when it's all set and done. Haven't seen a player like Luka dawg.
DJ DePaula
DJ DePaula Pred 5 dnevi
Me, Luca and god
Oreo Olusol
Oreo Olusol Pred 8 dnevi
Give life to Jesus Jesus
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
I swear that dude looks slow but he is killing guys. Reminds me of watching BIRD Zion the 80’s.
Zig Wil
Zig Wil Pred 10 dnevi
The no call and-1's in this video are infuriatingly obvious... it's the refs F U. Refs like to make it about them.
Mohammed Farid
Mohammed Farid Pred 15 dnevi
I could watch luka all day.
brian eversole
brian eversole Pred 18 dnevi
This was like watching a career highlights film of some all star veteran. But Luka did all this in a couple seasons. He’s legit. Maybe be the goat someday.
Neo Mojela
Neo Mojela Pred 18 dnevi
are we not gonna talk about this ? 😆hahahahahaaaaa 9:07 .
Tyree Mcleod
Tyree Mcleod Pred 20 dnevi
Diego Pred 21 dnevom
Plays for the Mavericks and nobody nicknamed him Top Gun yet?
n.1 c
n.1 c Pred 23 dnevi
Luka is a legend
Macc Abraham
Macc Abraham Pred 26 dnevi
I hate how easy he makes it seem
Mr private
Mr private Pred 27 dnevi
That dude can play basketball....when he shoots the ball has eyes
Alif Waly
Alif Waly Pred 29 dnevi
9:06 thats it
Vanlal peka
Vanlal peka Pred mesecem
If he's a black man,People's will go crazy will all his talent...but at the moment we rarely see him in highlight pages too..they just try to degraded him😠
Danny Dunks
Danny Dunks Pred mesecem
The juicy sneeze notably unpack because kettle arguably squash among a hateful handle. romantic, teeny-tiny letter
HOE 1968
HOE 1968 Pred mesecem
I remember Hakeem Olajuwon in his footworks.
Caloy Barcela
Caloy Barcela Pred mesecem
No one can’t beat luka magic 🔥🔥🔥
DJ DePaula
DJ DePaula Pred 5 dnevi
Flash Light
Flash Light Pred mesecem
what the ... :'D :'D :'D .. look at the guy in green on bottom right corner at 7:27 :'D
icas80 Pred mesecem
I don't even like basketball.... But this dude cold AF
Domen Pred mesecem
Luka has best highlights , top of the top.
King Traut
King Traut Pred mesecem
Is a traveling a thing lmao
태인 Pred mesecem
vesna Pred mesecem
JOOT X Pred mesecem
I swear everytime i see Luka killing it, i remember all the morons doubting him during drafting season. 'Murricans.
No name
No name Pred mesecem
You can add the PG13 one from yesterdat to the collection. This video is getting old really fast.
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred mesecem
#LukaMagic he's like the result of my create a player in 2k. Seriously my favorite player in the NBA.
manko cat
manko cat Pred mesecem
Luka be like:take the athleticism Id take the IQ
Merc Mer
Merc Mer Pred mesecem
Luka 🏆
Dejan C
Dejan C Pred mesecem
@8:10 - Straight up foul.
Stephen Ticsay
Stephen Ticsay Pred mesecem
Very first clip is a travel
Clamps 2k19
Clamps 2k19 Pred 9 dnevi
@Stephen Ticsay his other foot did not touch the ground before he shot he is allowed to jump and do a layup towards the hoop
Caloy Barcela
Caloy Barcela Pred mesecem
You don’t know basketball haha 😂
Stephen Ticsay
Stephen Ticsay Pred mesecem
@Bayek picks up his right foot and makes a small step right before going up to the basket.
Bayek Pred mesecem
Huh? That's not a travel. He didn't even move his pivot foot.
Karanbir Singh
Karanbir Singh Pred mesecem
Too Big Too Strong Too Skilled for a PG...
Lo Paz
Lo Paz Pred mesecem
Man, that spin move is reminiscent of Hakeem Olajuwon!
Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan
Best player in the league by far the league is racist
Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan
Never seen LeBron make moves like this LeBron is not better than Luka
Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan
Of course he's punishing opponents he's better more skilled unfortunately the league likes to draft players with long wingspans but that does not mean that they are great defensive players they need to draft real defensive players from college the ones they left behind for people with long wingspans go figure
Trias Lencel
Trias Lencel Pred mesecem
All the way from Manila I thing they need a banger. Like. Dwight Howard
The Best Ka
The Best Ka Pred mesecem
Skip: 0/13 on potential game winner under last 1min of regular game.... Luka: I'll keep shooting the Balll Marv Albert:Bang,,,bang,,,bang
Moonroof Pred mesecem
Luka Magic
Angel A
Angel A Pred mesecem
9:06 WOW
good vibe
good vibe Pred mesecem
Koji kralj 💪💪
Trollius Godum
Trollius Godum Pred mesecem
Don't show this video to Way off P, you gonna trigger his PTSD rhyming accidentally
Trollius Godum
Trollius Godum Pred mesecem
"Bad shot compilation"
B Noble
B Noble Pred mesecem
For people who think old skool ballers can't match up today well Luka is an old skool baller.
Mandela Winfrey
Mandela Winfrey Pred 16 dnevi
I feel Luka woulda dominated old school NBA more than now becuz of the way he plays against the stronger and faster opponents of this nba.
Great comment. You said a solid analogy.
Aaron Labate
Aaron Labate Pred mesecem
You know, Bernard King loves this...
Almantas Glinskas
Almantas Glinskas Pred mesecem
And the clowns told that he cant play in the nba, euroleague mvp at 18, soon to be nba mvp
Jon Mack
Jon Mack Pred mesecem
Rarely do I see a white dude with that much sauce. His feel for the game is out of this world
harry mcmillan
harry mcmillan Pred 26 dnevi
You barely get white dudes who are this good but when you do they are always so saucy. Luka, bird, Williams, Nash, maravich, Jokic etc
Trias Lencel
Trias Lencel Pred mesecem
Agree #smooth
lew mack
lew mack Pred mesecem
man seeing crowds made me nostalgic
Karl Stone
Karl Stone Pred mesecem
Why're there so many Korean comments? Not hating but I don't see them talk on vids like these often lol.
Pacific Coconut
Pacific Coconut Pred 2 meseci
Luka is so clutch, you can count him during crucial moment.
Kan Cho
Kan Cho Pred 2 meseci
Just based on this video, actually he just varied from 2 to 3 similar foot works... I'm pleased of his accuracy rather then foot works...
jaymtl79 Pred 2 meseci
Luka is showing how behind Americans really are when it comes to ACTUALLY knowing how to ball. Not just being super athletes. Luka does it all.
Hyp3r Pred dnevom
@T J another SLtv bot wanting attention 😂worst take I’ve ever heard
T J Pred 2 dnevi
@Hyp3r he’s never been a top 5 player I can easily name 5 better .. maybe top 10
Hyp3r Pred 28 dnevi
@20dieux idiots just be saying shit out their ass on here
20dieux Pred 28 dnevi
Yeah, same thing with Jokic
Hyp3r Pred mesecem
@J'Hue Casey bro are you ok? He doesn’t play the same and that’s what’s made him a top 5/3 player in the league now at the age of 22
김정현 Pred 2 meseci
gorgeous step
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Pred 2 meseci
They need a 1 on 1 contest in all star weekend
Caloy Barcela
Caloy Barcela Pred mesecem
@Verigan Gaming nope haha 😂
Verigan Gaming
Verigan Gaming Pred mesecem
@PlasticFan nah kd would win
PlasticFan Pred mesecem
Kyrie will win it lol
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks Pred 2 meseci
I just hope the Mavs figure out how to get another playmaker/scorer next to him.
John Carolina
John Carolina Pred 15 dnevi
@Vanlal peka He should have 2 (officiating in 2006) even with the lack of help they gave him. If they kept Nash when the league changed to more offensive ball instead of wasting the money on Dampier, he could have 3 or 4 and be equal to Duncan or greater. Mavericks management will always make the wrong decision on free agents, and we can't attract anyone over another big market. We have been trying and failing to get free agents since Michael Redd. Lol
Vanlal peka
Vanlal peka Pred 16 dnevi
@John Carolina but only get one ring.....a elite level like him should get more than 1....he is one of the greatest but retired with 1 ring...he deserve more than that...but yet,just like luka..no help...
John Carolina
John Carolina Pred 16 dnevi
As a Maverick fan for 20 years........we won't. Look at what we gave Dirk. No star of his level played with less elite talent
Hawk Nomi
Hawk Nomi Pred 22 dnevi
Vanlal peka
Vanlal peka Pred 25 dnevi
@Dustin Johnson kp will injure again in critical moment....and he doesn't play much in the paint...need a rim protector and a great rebounder
VeduVids Pred 2 meseci
Biggest talent in last 15 years
Jure Klemenčič
Jure Klemenčič Pred mesecem
@PlasticFan last player to make all nba first team in their second year was Tim Duncan 👀
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@VeduVids well said, thats exactly what i think
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@PlasticFan i think luka actually is the biggest talent because one, he played with much older competition repetitively and dominated each time. Second, he is the full package amongst basketball players very much like the King. Rebounding, passing, driving, 3 point shot, he has everything. All due respects to steph, the beard and kd tho
VeduVids Pred mesecem
@PlasticFan of course they are bigger now lol. But he is undeniably a bigger talent than they were (comparing after 3 years of playing). His 3rd year and he plays the game so beautifully. His iq is just over the rooftop.
PlasticFan Pred mesecem
I’m a Mavs fan but I still think Curry, Harden, KD, amongst other greats are still up there. Luka is headed for greatness but I don’t want to hype him up as the biggest talent when those players are still bigger than him. I still think Luka can be one of the GOAT.
C V Pred 2 meseci
If Doncic and Jokic had a baby it would be Larry Bird.
Ryan Stricklin
Ryan Stricklin Pred 2 meseci
Traveling just ain't called anymore
Clamps 2k19
Clamps 2k19 Pred 9 dnevi
Both of the holy Jame's had that rule taken away if you can't push off of someone and step back 3 times how could you score 40 a game and if you can't take 6 steps from the three to take a dunk how else would you be the "GOAT" players like luka how beats the defensive with brains and skill shouldn't be able to take 2-3 steps like them?
Caloy Barcela
Caloy Barcela Pred mesecem
You don’t know basketball haha 😂
Mangel Pred mesecem
Wtf? He played in Europe, he doesnt travel as "americans"
bcafed Pred mesecem
Lebron got rid of the traveling rule.
Josue Perry
Josue Perry Pred 2 meseci
I love how he likes contact, he be bumping fools like “move around bich” lol 😆
DJ DePaula
DJ DePaula Pred 5 dnevi
Bitch my ass
DJ DePaula
DJ DePaula Pred 5 dnevi
A coward hides
jaymtl79 Pred 2 meseci
He's been playing against grown men since he's 15. These young yankee wanna be thugs aren't fazing Luka.
Pizaha Romero
Pizaha Romero Pred 2 meseci
Slowly becoming the goat, if he gets the rings tho...
Powered by Pen
Powered by Pen Pred 2 meseci
underrated strength. He is athletic that's not the same with what we normally see.
Aaron Wigo
Aaron Wigo Pred 15 dnevi
He's crazy strong. He's moving around other strong ass dudes like nothing. Every step is with purpose and power. Luka's footwork is unmatched by anyone in the league imo.
Luca Chang
Luca Chang Pred 2 meseci
he makes it look easy
Ignoto Uno
Ignoto Uno Pred 2 meseci
The best 7/11 employee in the league.
Elvis Božič
Elvis Božič Pred 2 meseci
Our south-Slavic genetics is amazing.
Elvis Božič
Elvis Božič Pred mesecem
@Anatolij86 There is something about genetics but as you mentioned here in my country Slovenija everybody is practicing some kind of sport.
Anatolij86 Pred mesecem
@Elvis Božič Oh yeah I know Yugoslavia was great, they had great sports programmes back then too. Then for a while Slav countries stopped doing so well, but lately certain countries, especially Slovenia, have been phenomenal. My point is probably the sports programmes have improved (again), and I would not put it down to genetics and more to sports culture and programmes - like, I wouldn't say Italians are genetically good at football, it's more in the context. Although maybe you meant it as an innocent proud comment, in which case sorry for being pedantic.
Andy Gossard
Andy Gossard Pred 2 meseci
@Elvis Božič I just thought all yugoslavs were volatile or violent like luka
Elvis Božič
Elvis Božič Pred 2 meseci
@Anatolij86 What do you mean ? Yugoslavia was excellent in every team sport. I remember us beating US waterpolo team in L.A. olympics back on 1984. Beating USSR basket team many times. Not to mention other sports. I didn't get your point my friend.
Anatolij86 Pred 2 meseci
@Elvis Božič it's only happened in the last 10 or so years. Sounds like sports programmes have improved.
Devon Crowell
Devon Crowell Pred 2 meseci
To make Bam look the way he just looked in that first clip 😳
shemar pierre
shemar pierre Pred 2 meseci
Remember God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so that we can have everlasting life please repent and trust in him 🙏✔️ no matter what your going through or what you did he is here to change your life
Christian G
Christian G Pred 2 meseci
genre mags
genre mags Pred 2 meseci
And he's a psychopath who doesn't do anything to save so many people suffering in the world.
BryTunes Pred 2 meseci
sick athleticism!
amakakeru007 Pred 2 meseci
the most intelligent player in the NBA
E D Pred 2 meseci
Other players need to learn from the way Ben Simmons guards Luka.
E D Pred mesecem
@Mangel you must be the kind of person who judges a player based on stats. if you watch the full game you would see his impact.
Mangel Pred mesecem
Simmons is trash man
gunsmotleyqueen Pred 2 meseci
Not everyone has the size and athleticism of simmons
Klemzius Klm
Klemzius Klm Pred 2 meseci
Oh yeah... , no ...
random person
random person Pred 2 meseci
And the thing is Lukas movement is slow so you can probably see most of it coming but the way he does just makes so much harder to defend
1sternburg Pred 13 dnevi
BurningMarmite Pred 2 meseci
i'd take him one-on-one
Bradley Carroll
Bradley Carroll Pred 2 meseci
My boy Luka is nasty wit it #GoMavs
Glenn Timmons
Glenn Timmons Pred 2 meseci
That's nice that he used Kobe's move score that first bucket student of the game
Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan
No luka been this good
Derek Grizzly!
Derek Grizzly! Pred 2 meseci
His IQ is gonna be crazy at 30 yearsold
RightNow Pred mesecem
@Miles Amara Yea some people exponentially improve. But that happens at a certain skill level (usually people in high school, college, pros who are not one of the best in the league). If you are already one of the top in the best pro league, it is impossible to improve exponentially since you are already so good. There is a limit to perfection, and the closer your skill level to perfection, the harder for you to improve your skills. As Derek said about the people in your local park, they are not even close to perfecting their skills of basketball. That is why older players tend to be a lot smarter than the young ones.
Miles Amara
Miles Amara Pred mesecem
@RightNow also thats just my opinion, feel free to disagree. Im in no way educated on the matter and its just my own observation put into words, enjoy your day fam💯
Miles Amara
Miles Amara Pred mesecem
@RightNow to add to what Derek was trying to convey, there are certain situations where older players will have an easier path to success within a game/play because they already lived through certain scenarios whereas most young players are a product of the environment that they grow up/been in up to that point. For example ncaa players are most likely going to struggle against euroleague players, because their style of play is significantly different. Now i have to add that to actually grow you need to assess both positive and negative aspects of your game and improve both accordingly. But in theory the potential a player has always grows exponentially if he‘s able to do so.
Foreskin Tim
Foreskin Tim Pred mesecem
@Derek Grizzly! yeah come on man, you didn't put your points across well at all. I know plenty of older dudes at my local ball area that are dumb players compared to the kids.
RightNow Pred mesecem
@Derek Grizzly! Are you really comparing NBA players to people in the local park?
Chase Madison
Chase Madison Pred 2 meseci
Simmons has his measure... and has since he entered the league 😉
Mark Steven Labiaga
Mark Steven Labiaga Pred 25 dnevi
idk but luka still better though
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Pred mesecem
We will see. He will end up a simple Simmons later. You may clip this dude but he will still end up with double digits.
cp3isBetterThanDrose Pred 2 meseci
It’s crazy to me that Luka is a pg and bam is a center; and there’s only like a one inch difference in their height.
sWho?shing Pred 4 dnevi
@J'Hue Casey Less skills? So bb is the only sport that hasent evolved compared to the 80s or 90s?🤔 Great players would be able to play in any era, but the “average Joes” of todays era are WAAAY more skilled and prepared then the “average Joes” from the 80s or 90s. And that’s the main difference.
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit Pred mesecem
@J'Hue Casey Yea, cuz standing around and watching a big isolate in the post was soooo entertaining. I love yall oldheads.
@J'Hue Casey I would argue that in today’s league, guys just have a deeper bag of offensive moves. And you know the saying, good defense
J'Hue Casey
J'Hue Casey Pred 2 meseci
@cp3isBetterThanDrose There's actually arguably less skill required to play in the league today. Defenses are hog tied in a lot of ways making it easier to score from just about everywhere on the court. The drastic increase in 3 point attempts that came about as a result is a sign that the game is actually becoming more 1-dimensional than before. Less game planning and less diverse skill sets are required to get good good shots these days. There's also less diversity in ways teams can win meaning less of a strategic chess match on the court, especially in regard to slow-it-down defensive teams vs run-and-gun offensive teams. It's all basically run and gun now because defenses can't really do much to corral anybody and slow the game down.
cp3isBetterThanDrose Pred 2 meseci
@Iordanis Perdikidis because guys play to their skills instead of their height? lol
박지훈 Pred 2 meseci
크폴이나 돈치치보면 스피드가 무조건 빨라야하는건 아니라는게 느껴진다.
이런놈 Pred mesecem
미안한데 크폴 동포지션 탑급 운동능력에 스피드 가지고있다;;나이먹고 부상당해서 많이 줄어든거지
이형운 Pred mesecem
드리블칠때 스텝칠때 수비수한테 엇박으로 순간 뺏어내는 페이크 리듬감이 아주 좋음
허걱 Pred 2 meseci
KP 이 새기가 안 아프고 잘해야 루카도 mvp 타고 할텐데
유호진 Pred 2 meseci
와 이런 영상이 있는 유튜브가 있는줄 몰랐네요ㅠ바로 구독!!!
l l
l l Pred 2 meseci
아이버슨 해주세여
Luka Jokić
Luka Jokić Pred 2 meseci
조단 코비 르브론 돈치치
Hoops Highlights PH
Hoops Highlights PH Pred 2 meseci
hope guys u like my videos check my channel :)
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
갠적으로 르브론을 잇는 다음 세대의 리그 아이콘이 될 듯
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@이도원 푸흡이라뇨 비웃으실거면 갈 길 가시죠 ㅋㅋ
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@이도원 네에~
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@이도원 결국 페인트존에서만 군림한다는건데 그 유형의 샤킬오닐도 아이콘이 되진 못했죠..
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@이도원 덩크만으로 아이콘이 되는 건 아니죠, 그렇다면 데존주나 애런 고든이 아이콘이 됐겠죠. 아이콘이라면 마이클 조던, 르브론 제임스 같이 다재다능함이 있어야 하는데 다재다능함이라고 하면 제일 먼저 생각나는게 루카 아닐까요
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
근데 자이언 농구도 탄력은 있지만 몸 붙이고 올려놓는 것밖에 없어서 루카 농구가 더 볼거리가 갠적으로 많은 듯요
어빙 Pred 2 meseci
형님 요즘 영 폼 좋은데 한번 해주시면 감사하겠습니다
Young Udai
Young Udai Pred 2 meseci
Not against 1 Benjamin Simmons...Luka didn't do shit..Ben had him on 🔐...lol....
Mark Steven Labiaga
Mark Steven Labiaga Pred 25 dnevi
still better than ben
Young Udai
Young Udai Pred mesecem
@Nello.A Check Lukas numbers against Ben period..its not 1 game..its period...Luka always has the worst games of his career against Ben & the Sixers y'all dumb ass casual ass fake ass so called fans...
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Pred mesecem
@Young Udai stupid, in the NBA, you are already more than average if you score above 10. Moron again...
Young Udai
Young Udai Pred mesecem
@Joseph Velasco Bro are you stupid..Luka came into the game averaging 30 plus dickhead...
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Pred mesecem
@Young Udai Are you stupid? Luka end up with double digits and you are saying Simmons did great? Moron of all morons...you.
77팝콘 Pred 2 meseci
돈치치는 진짜 농구천재다..
문은주 Pred 2 meseci
레지밀러도 한 번 해주세요
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 2 meseci
Luka is artistic the way he moves play
Pei Pred 2 meseci
one punch foul, one point man?
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 2 meseci
This idol is a Hybrid of Small Forward and Point Guard.. 👌🍺👌🍺👌
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
Just like lbj is now
Hoops Highlights PH
Hoops Highlights PH Pred 2 meseci
hope guys u like my videos check my channel :)
디발라파올로 Pred 2 meseci
솔직히 돈치치도 운동능력 별로 좋은 편은 아닌데 농구 지능이 nba 탑이어서 개잘하는듯
이도원 Pred 2 meseci
ㅇㅈ 운동능력이 뛰어나다라고 할순 없는데 감속하는 능력이 개좋음
박민영 Pred 2 meseci
스피드만 심하게 느리지 운동능력이 나쁜 수준은 아닌듯
YS S Pred 2 meseci
점프력 탄력은 딸리는데 힘이 장사인듯해서... 운동능력도 나쁘다고하긴 애매
조슈아 Pred 2 meseci
하든 쓰레기 스탭백 보다가 이거 보니까 진짜 깔끔하다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
시바견 Pred 2 meseci
언젠가 꼭 우승이랑 MVP까지 거머쥐길...
StEvEn KiM
StEvEn KiM Pred 2 meseci
돈치치 보니깐 버드가 농구 쉽게 쉽게 잘했을게 상상이 되네 거기다가 역대급 슈터니....
이형운 Pred mesecem
심지어 사이즈도 크고 슛터치쩔고 패스 코트비젼 쩔고 ㅋㅋㅋ
wl qk
wl qk Pred 2 meseci
심지어 수비도 잘했음
the simulation
the simulation Pred 2 meseci
young goat
andrewf0784 Pred 2 meseci
The Larry Bird of the modern era
Gminor7 Pred 3 dnevi
I'd say Larry + Magic = Luka
MarMax Gaming
MarMax Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
@snatch muk lol no, that’s a lazy interpretation. They both have crafty, deceptive, all around scoring ability even through contact and even unorthodox ways of finishing plays, without being blazingly fast or jumping out of the gym. Hall of famers and analysts have compared the two as well, noting their court vision and IQ, plus their confidence to keep pulling the trigger and hot shooters. Plus both big enough to go hard inside, but sneaky and strong enough to get past guards. At this rate, as long as nothing happens to him... Luka could easily become the better of the two, I mean his skill level is already right there. Everybody knows that and the comparison makes even more sense when you compare how unique their styles are.
Eren Aydın
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Luka way better than larry
Caloy Barcela
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@Andy Gossard precisely
Caloy Barcela
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@Quatro Bajeena luka is better than your Larry bird 😂
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Popular opinion: Lebron is not a top 20 player (I got this from my friend who’s a nugget fan)
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan well your judgement insults a player who is the 2nd greatest of all time. Clown opinions dont have the right to be respected. And your opinion right there was clown af
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
@Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan im a fan of luka and fan of lbj but just gtfoh clown. Nobody is better than lbj except mj. Its a fact and everybody knows that except a clown like you.
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@Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan so basket Is not One of the most phisical sport on earth right?? Sure, if luka go at Gym he rech LeBron body... Sure bro why not??
Nello.A Pred mesecem
@Edwards Built like big O plays like jordan whell i dont tink Luka can ever reach LeBron phisical Power so Is useless to compare. Differenti players
Nello.A Pred mesecem
A clown opinion. And more important gtfo from a Luka video
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댓글을 안 달 수가 없네요...
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형이 왜 여기서 나와..?
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ㅗㅜㅑ 찐이시네
배그알려주는남자 졸통
the future of NBA
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The future of NBA