FC Barcelona Youngsters | Promising Wonderkids at La Masia 2021 

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La Masia's reputation as one of the top talent producers in world football, Ilaix Moriba, Álex Collado and Ansu Fati are some of the most exciting youngsters in the Football world.
Here is a Compilation of FC Barcelona Academy players U19 & Barca B, A bright future is waiting for FC Barcelona.
Most Promising Barcelona youngsters to take over world football in 2021.
Spécial Thanks To FC Barcelona.
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Arnau Tenas
Hiroki Abe
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Ronald Araújo
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Rey Manaj
Lucas de Vega
Arnau Comas
Nico González
Iñaki Peña
Ansu Fati Skills 2021
Nico Gonzalez 2021
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Gerard Fernández Castellano
Carles Aleñá
Alejandro Baldé
Matheus Fernandes
Óscar Mingueza
Oriol Busquets
Ilias Akhomach
Pablo Páez Gavira
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Aleix Garrido
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Santiago Ramos Mingo
Gustavo Maia
alvaro sanz
Txus Alba
Zacarias Ghailán
Ángel Alarcón
Diego López
Fabián Luzzi
Sergino Dest




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toni cobretti
toni cobretti Pred 7 dnevi
The Belgian Guy
The Belgian Guy Pred 17 dnevi
Thiago Messi, Milan Pique?
Bryan Hernández
Bryan Hernández Pred 18 dnevi
Barca's got a CDM with great attacking mentally in Jandro.
Matías Santa Cruz
Matías Santa Cruz Pred 19 dnevi
Rikki Puig is fire
Pau Gutiérrez SD
Pau Gutiérrez SD Pred 20 dnevi
TOP 10 BARCELONA YOUNGSTERS: 1. Ansu Fati 2002 2. Pedri 2002 3. Àlex Collado 1999 4. Riqui Puig 1999 5. Araujo 1999 6. Ilaix 2003 7. Arnau Tenas 2001 8. Mingueza 1999 9. Alejandro Baldé 2003 10. Konrad Jr 2001 Honour: Nico González 2002 Jandro 2000
Mahesh Muthu
Mahesh Muthu Pred 22 dnevi
Guys where can we see Barcelona B's matches
Mr. Teckie
Mr. Teckie Pred 23 dnevi
Sell Trincao And Promote Collado💯
alexis mejia
alexis mejia Pred 29 dnevi
LM10 Pred mesecem
Araujo, Manaj and Abe are not from Masia.
실리콘밸리 Pred mesecem
9 ads ...wow
Ashik Suresh
Ashik Suresh Pred mesecem
0:01 - Alex Collado 1:40 - Ilaix Moriba 2:52 - Konrad de la fuente 4:13 - Riqui Puig 5:18 - Alejandro Orellana 6:37 - Ronald Araujo 7:38 - Ansu Fati 8:41 - Hiroki Abe 9:59 - Nico Gonzalez 11:02 - Rey Manaj 12:08 - Inaki Pena 13:22 - Gerard Fernandez 14:43 - Lucas De Vega Lima 15:38 - Arnau Comas 16:26 - Arnau Tenas Urena For the quick display of our talents from La Masia.❤️
hallo Pred 19 dnevi
Jesus loves you
Adib Juraev
Adib Juraev Pred mesecem
Колладо старой Месси
Adib Juraev
Adib Juraev Pred mesecem
Это старой месси
Notorious 26
Notorious 26 Pred mesecem
this guy alejandro is amazing!
luiz henrique alves
luiz henrique alves Pred mesecem
The future of fc barcelona La masia ♥️💙
O Pred mesecem
Good idea, bad clips. Why you showing a centreback goals?
dragon mz
dragon mz Pred mesecem
Among these talents, Puig and Fati are the best.
Martino Perez
Martino Perez Pred mesecem
alex colado is the best..junior leo messy😍😍✌🏾👍👍
Daniel Strickland
Daniel Strickland Pred mesecem
Manaj was never signed with an intention of being a first team player at any time, he’s similar to Roger Riera, a more experienced player to help the other B players.
Primo do Ville
Primo do Ville Pred mesecem
Gustavo Maia🇧🇷 Made in Cotia❤🤍🖤 também é muito bom.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay Pred mesecem
Gavi Páez coming 🌟
Contenido Hot
Contenido Hot Pred mesecem
Falto alejandro balde😎
Munam Raza Vlogs
Munam Raza Vlogs Pred mesecem
-Collado is my all time fav 💚
Raphael Harringer
Raphael Harringer Pred mesecem
Visca Barça💙❤️
ملك كاتلونيا
What make glad that Barca return to depend on La masia instead of wasting money on overrated players
Brice Folly
Brice Folly Pred mesecem
I hope they get given opportunity for their hard work
Patrik Fredriksson
Patrik Fredriksson Pred mesecem
And the Biggest talent of them all is not there, Gavi he’s a beast
FootBall City
FootBall City Pred mesecem
There are also a lot of players like Periera, mayya, busqets, reis, balde, cunca, moncco, javi, Tenas and Ruiz I think I wrote the names wrongly
Nkonye Duru
Nkonye Duru Pred mesecem
I've been tryna figure out which I of these players will be first team in 4 years but it's so hard
Henri M
Henri M Pred mesecem
La Masia es lo mejor !!!
Magdiel Luna
Magdiel Luna Pred mesecem
Oriol, Balde?
orlando georges
orlando georges Pred mesecem
It's the Best academy they are promissing
Aldonis Ambel
Aldonis Ambel Pred mesecem
Love too see more of abe in the first team a great player. He can bee the next son. Hope barca give him a good loan too come back too barca in future.
Collado, moriba and konrad in the first team...
@O.Martinsson I meant by my comment to be given a chance in the first team..
O.Martinsson Pred mesecem
Collado and Konrad doesnt play though
Omer Mammadli
Omer Mammadli Pred mesecem
I stan puig so hard dude
YC! Pred mesecem
16:13 Why is the referee Goalkeeping 😜
Bryson Tendwa
Bryson Tendwa Pred mesecem
Ale Balde!!!!!
Ryan Pred mesecem
Can’t wait for Ansu to return from injury and see players like collado get promotion 💙❤️
eduardo lozano cueva
Ansu es el mejor de todos,pero los otros también son espectaculares, Araujo,illaix,Nico González,Collado,Riqui..el Barca más pronto que nunca será el mejor del mundo!!!
alexander calderon calderon
se debe traer a xavi para la cantera.con el tiki taka joven con disciplina.habilidad .velocidady precision mas uns buena estrategia tendremos un barza campeon eterno.
Aphiwe Kava
Aphiwe Kava Pred mesecem
At 24 you qualify the for senior national team. So Manaj is not a kid or a promising wonderkid. And if you are 24 you shouldnt be playing for the academy. You supposed to be with the 1st team
Tonde Tandi
Tonde Tandi Pred mesecem
I didnt see Alejandro Balde he is the future of LB
Mohammad Mousavi
Mohammad Mousavi Pred mesecem
we want defender!!!!!!!
James Ndiwe
James Ndiwe Pred mesecem
The future looks bright for barca young talent
Araújo is not la masia graduate
Lwazi Mabizela
Lwazi Mabizela Pred mesecem
No Name
No Name Pred mesecem
Van Wilder
Van Wilder Pred mesecem
What about GAVI?
Daniru Nivain
Daniru Nivain Pred mesecem
Hiroki Abe 🇯🇵💙💜
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi Pred mesecem
You can see the clinical nature in Ansu is much more polished than Dembele's. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi Pred mesecem
@Aldonis Ambel Yeah, they are different players with different strengths and qualities.
Aldonis Ambel
Aldonis Ambel Pred mesecem
Ansu is a striker dembele is a complete player who can play everywhere. Dembele is a prodigy of footbal like messi. No much players can do everthing like them. Score asist run skils pass and him both legs his out of this world.
SparXs Pred mesecem
Collado is like messi dude wtf are those skills
Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti Pred mesecem
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas Pred mesecem
I feel for manaj mahn....he is 25 now...and still hasnt been promoted😢
Kate Fedrick
Kate Fedrick Pred 6 dnevi
Firstly, he's 24 secondly, he hasn't been promoted because he's not from La Masia - he was a signing for the B team for Albacete
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas Pred mesecem
@Andrew bruh no need to be cruel...we all know thats kind of the reason...
Andrew Pred mesecem
that means he's shit
armar Pred mesecem
He is not Barca level sadly but he deserves to be in a better team for sure
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas Pred mesecem
Collado should have been given his start way before in the first team....if we didnt go for so called " experienced" players....hope he will get his start soon
Reynaldo Castaneda
Reynaldo Castaneda Pred mesecem
My dream is Barca team composed of purely La Masia Grads and Messi before he retires! Visca el Barca! P. S. Even Barca's manager, a La Masia grad! Wow!
SD M Pred 4 dnevi
Yes 10 years ago that used to be our squad once..Im waiting for that moment again.
Conversation Classes
Koeman isn't a Masia graduate. He started in Groningen.
Darren Robson
Darren Robson Pred mesecem
In 5 years Barcelon are going to have a ridiculous squad.
IIT JEE Pred mesecem
@Darren Robson He's a hater. Leave him.
Darren Robson
Darren Robson Pred mesecem
@Hael Hachi what is the point of commenting that?
Hael Hachi
Hael Hachi Pred mesecem
And so ?
TheOnlyJosue Pred mesecem
Konrad !
brad jb
brad jb Pred mesecem
What's the first song?
رهف يوسف
رهف يوسف Pred mesecem
Who among these will play for Barcelona's first team next season
El Profesor
El Profesor Pred mesecem
@LM10 that's cool
LM10 Pred mesecem
@El Profesor Lol, Nico is 19 and he is ready to make a step up to the first team, Moriba too is even more than ready to be promoted, we will have a midfield of 7 players next season, Busquest, Frenkie, Pedri, Riqui, Jandro, Moriba & Nico
El Profesor
El Profesor Pred mesecem
@LM10 that is too many midfielders. nico is only like 18 and he needs to develop more, same with moriba. jandro is 21 so he HAS to be promoted but we have a talent like riqui puig he needs to play as well but hope this koeman won't be brainless as he always is with riqui.
LM10 Pred mesecem
@رهف يوسف ya Balde too
رهف يوسف
رهف يوسف Pred mesecem
@LM10 balde?
Dan Bridge
Dan Bridge Pred mesecem
Just play this lot with Messi ⚽️👍 And sell the rest to get the club out of debt 💵
Code Ethiopia
Code Ethiopia Pred mesecem
That’s also Messi idea
Joydeep Rana
Joydeep Rana Pred mesecem
Migueza & Balde?
Joydeep Rana
Joydeep Rana Pred mesecem
Araujo is worth much more than 20 million
riner GAMING
riner GAMING Pred mesecem
Creo que Alex Collado será un gran jugador.
iimx z
iimx z Pred mesecem
Barca has a great younger talented players and with Joan Barca will be back soon
Ishaq Channel
Ishaq Channel Pred mesecem
Nills Mortimer?
Jelwin G
Jelwin G Pred mesecem
But first, we need to thanks Ronald Koeman, who gave La Masia youngsters an opportunity.
Mark Anonymous
Mark Anonymous Pred 11 dnevi
@Luis David big joke bro
Mark Anonymous
Mark Anonymous Pred 11 dnevi
HMM Pred mesecem
@DAMAGE Theres another one from SLtv "Why is Antoine Griezmann struggling st Barcelona" These are just one of the few.
HMM Pred mesecem
@DAMAGE SLtv keeps deleting my links. So looked up the article in Google "Why Antoine Griezmann is struggling to adapt in at Barcelona" By Bleacher report
DAMAGE Pred mesecem
@HMM im asking you again, Which football experts 'agree' that he was forced to be a winger. You clearly mentioned in the earlier comment that experts said he's 'supposed' to be a winger. Dude i know you're stalling now that you realised you're caught off guard. Please answer who the experts were.
Montathar Hayder
Montathar Hayder Pred mesecem
Nice video bro
Oscar Makasa
Oscar Makasa Pred mesecem
Jeetu Rock
Jeetu Rock Pred mesecem
brother what is your Intro song name??
Ellwoodzz Pred mesecem
saurabh tiwari
saurabh tiwari Pred mesecem
Kudos to Garcia pimienta
saurabh tiwari
saurabh tiwari Pred mesecem
Just bring one number 9 and one more right back.... The team will tear everyone down.... And focus solely on la masia
LM10 Pred mesecem
@saurabh tiwari The 2 RB, Mateu Morey & Dani Morer deserve a chance in the first team too but you know,,, Bartomeu
saurabh tiwari
saurabh tiwari Pred mesecem
@Steven663 there's only two positions that la masia fail to produce world class players.... That's a striker and a right back.... So all other should be from the academy and the two positions we should buy the best young player in that position. Period. That's what should have been done but no worries.... Hope they do it now
Steven663 Pred mesecem
@DD KAY Emerson is AMAZING and for just 6 million that is a DEAL and a half . Also they do have a la masia named balde. But I think he needs more time to develop still young . Emerson is fast very good on the ball has amazing passing and touches and just has the barca DNA
DD KAY Pred mesecem
@Steven663 Is there any good righ back from Barça B or La Masia? If yes, then Emerson is not the priority
Steven663 Pred mesecem
@saurabh tiwari he is a amazing player. He already has 2 goals and 4 assists this season . Last 6 games he has had 1 goal and 4 assists . For a right back that is some insane stats . Also he is still young . Imagine him and Oscar behind him . Dest will have a healthy competition with him viaca barca
DOLLAVELLI SN Pred mesecem
Gavi is the best
Hugo Tilder
Hugo Tilder Pred mesecem
do man united academy next
Jesper J
Jesper J Pred mesecem
After going through recent years of hardship and struggle, I believe the coming five years will be so exciting! Are we in for a treat coming seasons? :O
Eusebio Massa Chaves
Balde and akomach?
Devis Matute
Devis Matute Pred mesecem
Dest is a crack too
Brandon Hook
Brandon Hook Pred mesecem
This video is literally an plays from the b team
Adame Osad
Adame Osad Pred mesecem
Where's Alejandro Balde
DimvL Pred mesecem
Riqui fati araujo and moriba have already proven themselves in the highest stage with barcelona
Adebowale Olajide
Adebowale Olajide Pred 13 dnevi
@slim shady every player got their bad days...have you forgotten the match pedri start and we were losing,immediately puiq came in everything changed and we scored and won the match
slim shady
slim shady Pred 24 dnevi
@ASAPH MARK yes, because he does.
ASAPH MARK Pred 24 dnevi
@El Profesor the problem is Koeman who is deliberately setting up Riqui Puig to fail and turn fans against him. If people are talking about playing those players together. But now it's all about trashing piug or so is better than so. We witnessed his potential under Setien.
ASAPH MARK Pred 24 dnevi
@slim shadydid you say illaix passes better than piug? 😂😂😂
El Profesor
El Profesor Pred mesecem
@slim shady bro sorry but I'll never be able to explain this to u cuz u don't seem to understand... Just cuz Moriba scored or assisted more doesn't mean he's better, let me remind u Iniestas stats when he was young... Don't tell me coach knows better cuz we all KNOW that Koeman has something personal with Puig which isn't ethic. Simple evidence is that Koeman literally smiled and cheered for Trincao and Moriba's debut goals and for Puig's debut goal he literally got pissed off. Puig HAS to quality bro, he honestly does and let's end this here. 👍
Devin Kansal
Devin Kansal Pred mesecem
Plus other players on loan Emerson(not of la masia) Juan Miranda monchu and others
Hasibul Hassan
Hasibul Hassan Pred mesecem
should be given second part
Alexis Montoya
Alexis Montoya Pred mesecem
Barcelona’s Academy is the best
Gaza nation White
Gaza nation White Pred mesecem
Talk about Spain team will be big
Mr .Joe
Mr .Joe Pred mesecem
Ajax has the highest academy graduates in the first team.
Wahyu Rajheswara
Wahyu Rajheswara Pred mesecem
Nah man, im a barca fans but i gotta admit that ajax academy is better than la masia.
Kamil duao dual
Kamil duao dual Pred mesecem
Abdirashiid Mohamed
Abdirashiid Mohamed Pred mesecem
@D3al3r Play's coz of there was bad management and bord leaders but now we are getting everything back. And the other reason is every team even ajay needs other plyrs singing from others teams.
Fatah Hidayat
Fatah Hidayat Pred mesecem
Academi Barcelona The King The Dream Team Foot Baal.
Ahmed Ismail
Ahmed Ismail Pred mesecem
Thanks 😊
Pedri and his Dad Pedro
Our Future Is Bright 🔥🔥
muhana hilal
muhana hilal Pred mesecem
thank god Bartomeu resigned
Funny Moments in Football