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Theorists, have you ever wanted to TASTE what you see on screen like you were in the Willy Wonka movie? It would be amazing to watch something like the Food Network and be able to get a taste of all the delicious looking food we see. What if I told you that you CAN do that? Or rather, you will be able to do that SOON? Science is getting close and I, for one, CANNOT WAIT! When, where, and HOW will this happen? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Wonkavision #WillyWonka #Taste #FoodScience #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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6. feb. 2021

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Jake Bradley
Jake Bradley Pred 4 urami
Note: taste is a small part of food - smell is much more significant and hard to simulate. Just ask anyone who's accidentally chewed on a bay leaf. 🤭
Mackenzie Fleetwood
Mackenzie Fleetwood Pred 7 urami
This is not WonkaVision. It’s the replicator from Start Trek. Still entertaining though.
Yasir Nazir
Yasir Nazir Pred 8 urami
I actually almost licked the screen when I saw the food.
nico Pred 12 urami
i will say: snozberries taste an awful lot like my fingers...
Nick Pred 17 urami
"Did the fly work on you?" I'd be pretty darn worried I was just WonkaVision'd to Australia if I'd noticed it.
Jeremie BP
Jeremie BP Pred 18 urami
7:03 Colors represented with hexadecimal code are not case sensitive.
Bi Al
Bi Al Pred 19 urami
Finally the "Taste" option from Space Quest will come to fruition.
drake shadowraven
drake shadowraven Pred dnevom
Wonka made sense. The candy is transported like a em wave, so the candy was converted into energy and sent to the tv. Entropy would affect the process, a chunk of initial energy lost, so the bar would be smaller. Would it not? Maybe it's particle/antiparticle interactions. The wonka bar is hit with antibaryons and annihilates to produce photons. The reaction can also go the other way, for example 2 gamma photons annihilate and produce an electron/positron pair. So I'd think photons from baryon/antibaryon reaction should operate the same way to reconstruct the candy, but then you have to reassemble the molecules and it seems very Star Trek, and VERY energy intensive for a $2 bar of candy
Paloma Valoy
Paloma Valoy Pred dnevom
I like the second wonka
Danae Gregoric
Danae Gregoric Pred dnevom
He used wanna vision as an example and not cloud with a chance of meatballs
Cressidia The Slytherin Tuber
84593 is a purple reserved for certain killers
Crisfilms Pred 2 dnevi
Allessandra Peirce
Allessandra Peirce Pred 2 dnevi
calories aren't bad.
Melissa Pred 2 dnevi
Man, that flash of Magic Eye just gave me nostalgic headaches.
Top hat productions
Top hat productions Pred 2 dnevi
Shozberry tastes like glass
Michael Hereora
Michael Hereora Pred 4 dnevi
Mat pat you have done something wrong. In the intro on the phone g he as an AirPod icon. But you don have AirPods while you were talking to McDonald’s while I have AirPods in my ear NOW!!! How did you KNOW!!??
Yesenia Muniz
Yesenia Muniz Pred 4 dnevi
Did anyone else try to see the magic eye picture when it came up
Hydro Aegis
Hydro Aegis Pred 4 dnevi
Most of taste is actually scent so no...
Gabriel Tercheria
Gabriel Tercheria Pred 5 dnevi
Oh hey linus tech tips just did a video on a 3D printer that prints using chocolate
Sahidable1996 Pred 6 dnevi
Plankton from Spongebob *HEAVY BREATHING*
Sophia Pascua
Sophia Pascua Pred 6 dnevi
this would actually be really helpful if there were to be a shortage of food in the future
Halloween Queen
Halloween Queen Pred 6 dnevi
So this is what they were doing in wall-e
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson Pred 6 dnevi
Huh. Apparently a snozberry tastes like warm glass.
Milky Pred 6 dnevi
everyone might be skinny since theres gonna be perfect tastes ai that makes you the best taste you could want according to what you do youll only eat when you need to the food market will collapse
KaraSise Pred 6 dnevi
Hey l hope is do not become like rick roll. Nobody doesn't want to taste poop...
ultra apple
ultra apple Pred 6 dnevi
Oh no... Ad is my horor now.
hanzhen playz
hanzhen playz Pred 7 dnevi
me" licks my phone*😂
Mark Pred 7 dnevi
NO! Do NOT find out what a snozzberry taste like! ...Unless you are into that sort of thing. Roald Dahl himself tells us what snozzberries are in his "My Uncle Oswald" book.
Slavica Mihajlovic
Slavica Mihajlovic Pred 7 dnevi
ew the sub botton tast like a bhich
We6ley Pred 8 dnevi
i’m so fycjing driynk
Chumbleham Pred 8 dnevi
What fly thing
Gavin Barnwell
Gavin Barnwell Pred 8 dnevi
I saw the dolphins they were on the screen
Coconut Gamer
Coconut Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
imagine the mukbangs
・The Messed Up Trio・
My dumb brain actually licked the screen
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis Pred 8 dnevi
Tumaini Tiger
Tumaini Tiger Pred 9 dnevi
1:20 its a 3d bullseye if anyone is curious, not dolphins he lied lol
Jon Edwards
Jon Edwards Pred 9 dnevi
Theo is a fnaf restaurant
Rocket Shanholtzer
Rocket Shanholtzer Pred 9 dnevi
Food therory idea how long can a human survive with out meat
Кортошкин Вова
_- Clover -_ Leaf wing
him : did you like the fly trick :> me: where did that come from?
David Riecke
David Riecke Pred 9 dnevi
A realistic version of a StarTrek replicator.
ZttackFrmBhind Pred 9 dnevi
For anybody who hasn't conscidered it... A snozzberry is a berry from a snozz... What is a snozz you ask? It's sitting on your face... between your eyes... above your mouth... Yup, that's a snozzberry ;)
Buer Pred 9 dnevi
I'm an everlasting gobstopper and I approve this message
Hdirbrbrb ANduehbrtbbt
Oh boy! Artafical food that isnt even food? So like no more real farms anymore?? Am I just jumping to conclusions???? I just feel like I just would like a real steak sorry... Also, if these machines will print food for us, wont that hurt farmers, and groxery grocery stores? Wont these printers be expensive? What about the people qho cant adfors these machines? Because, we all know these machines are gonna be SUPER expensive, and we all know the government wont give them away for free. So, what about the people who canr afford a 3D food printer? Will the government, and economy focus more on the rich being able to print their food? Will the less fourtunate of the world have to go hungry?(like starving people in China, and Mozambique are being fed anyways)? What does printing artifical chemicals as food mean for people who are farmers, or butchers and depend on their harvest for food? Idk, it just all seems inefficient to me.
Betran Gustama
Betran Gustama Pred 10 dnevi
I wonder how anime girl thighs taste like
J Torres-Lewis
J Torres-Lewis Pred 10 dnevi
This in video games might not be great, Mmmmmmm 100 year old dungeon loot bread somebody best me some cheese and salami
Mary Barnett
Mary Barnett Pred 10 dnevi
You forgot about the importance of scent, which is much more complex
The Gekco
The Gekco Pred 10 dnevi
fun fact: snoz berries do not taste good.
FTW Astrodynamics Headquarters
Nah the bug thing didnt work for me i use an ipad and it just looks a bit too big
Conall Strangman
Conall Strangman Pred 10 dnevi
You can 3D print food like he said which is amazing :D
Roman Griffith
Roman Griffith Pred 10 dnevi
Did i tell ypu about my rar power of this vidio (i just have to saliva on my mouth a bit) and my power to feal color (its dyign out)
Adair Lopez
Adair Lopez Pred 10 dnevi
Why dont make any theorys of the newist charly and the choclate
SpeedRider Pred 10 dnevi
Image eating something that you like but it just as healthy as veggies dinner.
little missy
little missy Pred 11 dnevi
Wonka vison wonka wonka vison
Sap Licker
Sap Licker Pred 11 dnevi
But there's a lot more to flavour than the 5 basic tastes. What we perceive as "flavour" is a combination of taste and smell - it's smell that allows us to better identity and differentiate between different foods and beverages. We can detect millions of volatile molecules that exist within food and drink that are released in our mouth and travel up into the back of our nose, then travelling through our nose to give us a much more complex flavour profile. That's why things taste different and generally had less flavour when you have a blocked nose! And is also what allows us to differentiate between foods which would otherwise have very similar profiles using only the 5 basic tastes, for example a lime and a grapefruit or a coffee bean and a cocoa bean. So while it's super interesting all the work going into being able to taste a screen, being able to properly recreate any flavour profile on a screen still seems pretty far away if at all possible. You'd need to invent smellavision as well for that!
Kaylee Pred 11 dnevi
Uh I licked my phone
Eriquano Pred 9 dnevi
rengoku mukbang
GanonGhidorah Pred 11 dnevi
This disturbs me.
Sanjay Sa
Sanjay Sa Pred 11 dnevi
A snozbarry taste like glass
Golden Destroyer
Golden Destroyer Pred 11 dnevi
I can just think of a taste or smell and... taste or smell it.
Liam Warner
Liam Warner Pred 12 dnevi
And then Wonka sued them for copyright infringment. Reminds me of Shadowrun I can easily see budget printers that basically do Tofu and deluxe models capable of reproducing wagyu steak.
War Noob
War Noob Pred 12 dnevi
my t-shirt is a #000000 with some fraces of #FFFFFF
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson Pred 12 dnevi
The ability to taste something without actually having to absorb the nutrients could absolutely change health as we know it
_ Pred 12 dnevi
I licked my screen and noting happen
maplestory mule
maplestory mule Pred 12 dnevi
One of these happened to me for Doritos when I started to eat the bag of Doritos until I realized I am eating the bag
Addie Shultz
Addie Shultz Pred 12 dnevi
Ok so if you had at LEAST 40 Mil we would have this.
Alex Pred 12 dnevi
When this gets released I’m buying it idc how much it costs lmao
Alex Pred 12 dnevi
2:48 I smacked my screen-
Slushies Btw
Slushies Btw Pred 12 dnevi
Ah the future when Vr has all 5 senses including weight Does weight count as a sense? Probs not. If so I guess 6 senses? Imagine. Sight, we have Hearing, we have Touch, Half Smell, no Taste, no When all of these exist we have accomplished the power to make our own universe. POWER!!
PhantomChaser09 Pred 12 dnevi
And then we learnt that 80% of "taste" is aroma so this is not very effective
Sem van Hout
Sem van Hout Pred 12 dnevi
No lol im eating pizza i only can taste pizza
Fedora Kirbo
Fedora Kirbo Pred 12 dnevi
I ate the screen doesn't have taste *Let me speak to your manager*
Zara de schepper
Zara de schepper Pred 12 dnevi
Perfect for people on a diet 😂
Mr Shark
Mr Shark Pred 13 dnevi
I don't think such thing as wonkavision where you can literally grab food out of the screen will ever work because in the universe " you can neither create nor destroy matter "
OzPlayz Pred 13 dnevi
I licked the screen when i saw the title
MJ M Pred 13 dnevi
But... it wouldn't be covid-friendly
Kidzzdom Imagination
Kidzzdom Imagination Pred 13 dnevi
Where is this SOLD
Big Gains
Big Gains Pred 13 dnevi
alexiarosalia Pred 13 dnevi
brutalx xghost
brutalx xghost Pred 13 dnevi
😂 the chief having problems with the printer
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet Pred 13 dnevi
It would be awesome for figuring out your taste in food,trying lots of different dishes without actually having to actually eat them
McKayla Pred 13 dnevi
You can make your own magic eye pictures. It was just a bullseye, would have been hilarious if it had said "Hello Internet" or something for the people who can actually do the magic eye things.
Animeforever2 Pred 13 dnevi
soupysketches Pred 14 dnevi
Related to printing food. Where I live there’s a chocolate factory and you can do a tour of it and 3D print your own chocolate bar! It’s pretty neat.
Cooper Grieve
Cooper Grieve Pred 14 dnevi
Me:makes human meet for my curiosity and don't become a xannable
SteffanisWorld Pred 14 dnevi
Anyone else disappointed that the magic eye image wasn’t actually dolphins?
sus apple
sus apple Pred 14 dnevi
I feel stupid for licking my monitor
Demogorgon Reap
Demogorgon Reap Pred 14 dnevi
I wonder how long till this technology will be added to of Smart phones and well be able to taste by liking our smart phone screen before ordering it over lets say Postmates, Uber Eats, or Door Dash. If there still around or replaced. It will almost like getting a sample taste like they do in some ice cream places before ordering what you want. But over your phone screen.
whatever. Pred 15 dnevi
0:00 he has audio turned on headphones but use phone anyway xd
CormacCormac Pred 15 dnevi
You clickbaited me I touched this my tung
QuietWyatt Pred 15 dnevi
thanos just needs the fifth taste and he will be able to wipe out half of all senses
My Little Parody
My Little Parody Pred 15 dnevi
Unless you can turn energy into matter, you won't be able to achieve Wonkavision. Only "Synthesize on demand" (using cartridges of whatever). Monitor works because our sight respond to light. And a monitor converts energy to light. Speakers works because our earing respond to air compression. And a speaker converts energy to sound waves. Rumble and vibrations kinda exite touch sense using energy using motors. But it's not as fine as sight and earing (but some gaming suits have multiple vibrators and motors to make for a more convincing experience). As for smell and taste, some experiments have been done with electrodes gently zapping your sensors to create sensations. But it's far from perfect. Also, sharing image or sound is easy, the information is diffused in air. Sharing touch smell and taste won't be possible like that (maybe with ultrasound for touch?). So, yeah, best for now is indirect synthesis using cartridges of primary smells or taste. Lastly, RGB is really garage when it comes to describe colors. A large variaty of other way to represent color are more accurate (like HSV, or CMJK for printing) most of it don't store transparency and none of them take in account "brillance" or other parameters. That's why shaders descrybe more precisly images, the computer calculate the missing roughtness or brillance of the image mathematicaly or use other files to add the missing data (bump map, specular, etc.) Taste will be the same. Being able to synthesize the 5 primary tastes will be awesome. But it won't make you a gourmet tasting experience (I mean, the very first thing to add would be temperature and "lastiness" of the taste). Sorry for the wall of text, do tell me what you think about it = )
Icantdraw Pred 15 dnevi
Finally I can download my pizza
Vron Pred 15 dnevi
uhhh will this work with P-hub
sonic player
sonic player Pred 15 dnevi
I tasted the lollipop XD AND IT DIDN'T WORK XDDDDD
Andrea Solano
Andrea Solano Pred 15 dnevi
Please put subtitulos in spanish I like your videos
Bendy YouTube
Bendy YouTube Pred 16 dnevi
I slapped my screen
Shoomay Pred 16 dnevi
I am interested, but also i am getting dizzy out of a sudden
Logan French
Logan French Pred 16 dnevi
Sounds like Star Trek’s Replicators may be a real thing soon
Red Nightmare
Red Nightmare Pred 16 dnevi
Johnny Hostulter
Johnny Hostulter Pred 16 dnevi
But it won't have nutrients and protein you need to survive
Food Theory: I QUIT Diet Coke!
Why Won't our Planter Work?!
CAKE OR REAL?! *satisfying*
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