If the U.S. Government Was a Pawn Shop 

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Late Night writer Jeff Wright illustrates the worries of Americans dealing with the uncertainty of governmental financial aid.
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If the U.S. Government Was a Pawn Shop- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




12. feb. 2021

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bluefandango Pred dnevom
@1:43: "don't say his name in vain" it comes to this, now. think about it.
Cate Wright
Cate Wright Pred dnevom
"Don't say his (money) name in vain"- anybody else catch that? The truth in this sketch hits you like an anvil...
MrSuperman2307 Pred 2 dnevi
Student says the gov has a job and is lying.....gov says true LOL 😂
Cherry Wilson
Cherry Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
They gave your money to the people on unemployment...
Dorian Bittman
Dorian Bittman Pred 3 dnevi
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Avery B
Avery B Pred 3 dnevi
THIS is too real 😂😂😂
toxicblade132 Pred 5 dnevi
Better than SNL
pauldzim Pred 5 dnevi
I bet The Government paid $1 million for that air fryer
TheBollysongs Pred 5 dnevi
I love love love these little segments Jeff does. So clever and well put together....oh, and funny 🤣🤣
Narc Slayer
Narc Slayer Pred 5 dnevi
Now do the illegal walking out in a fur coat and $15,600.... "Don't worry about him, he's just visiting."
BlackHoleGnome, the
BlackHoleGnome, the Pred 5 dnevi
Loads of the money were used for the bombing of Syria recently
Supa Fay
Supa Fay Pred 5 dnevi
Did you see how he low key put the money away when the Black Citizen walked in. This dude is the real deal
Zaida Grace
Zaida Grace Pred 5 dnevi
I love these skits. 😂
D. Gooden
D. Gooden Pred 6 dnevi
TheGreenRee Pred 6 dnevi
Awesome! I didn't know he was doing his own segments, now! I first saw him on the Amber Ruffin show ❤️, looking forward to more gold like this.
Jamel R
Jamel R Pred 6 dnevi
Soul crushingly accurate
Ca Lisa
Ca Lisa Pred 6 dnevi
Forty acres and a mule 😂
Tanya Anthony
Tanya Anthony Pred 6 dnevi
This guy is the best.
babybree175 Pred 8 dnevi
Lol make sure you lock the door..how did black student got in here? Lordy
thepart14 Pred 9 dnevi
See See
See See Pred 9 dnevi
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GoatZilla Pred 9 dnevi
this guy's a really good writer. the dialogue is hilarious.
Janet Awokoya
Janet Awokoya Pred 9 dnevi
This is awesome!! Hilarious! Keep it coming! Blessings!
manb4war Pred 9 dnevi
I already spent the money...on what? An Air Fryer....lmao!!!
Zainab Odekanmi
Zainab Odekanmi Pred 9 dnevi
Grade A
Zachary Ayotte
Zachary Ayotte Pred 10 dnevi
Give us more of this guy! He's hilarious!!
Tim Pred 10 dnevi
Just here to leave a comment so this segments get more recommendations. The utube clicks don't repent the beauty of this haha. Really good stuff.
Michael Yang
Michael Yang Pred 10 dnevi
The only way to make it better/worse is to get the corporations in there and have the government give them everything for free.
Azaz Zaza
Azaz Zaza Pred 10 dnevi
For someone who just got an air fryer, that bit made me lol
LGKids Pred 10 dnevi
What can we get for .53 cent-Fat Albert! Peace!
5D Life
5D Life Pred 11 dnevi
I hollered through this whole video!!! LMBO 😂
Louis Freeman
Louis Freeman Pred 11 dnevi
😂"He gotta be full black this time"😂
Shawn Elmore
Shawn Elmore Pred 11 dnevi
Oh I love these skits 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️
Dae Pred 11 dnevi
The writer of this segment needs a raise.
Tiiti Pred 12 dnevi
kevin couture
kevin couture Pred 12 dnevi
damn this too real
Personal Acc
Personal Acc Pred 12 dnevi
More of him and these editors!!!
A.J. Hammond
A.J. Hammond Pred 12 dnevi
Jeff: How bout his mom is black and his dad is Canadian? Me: Wow. Which of my son's is going to be President?
CayenneWest Pred 12 dnevi
Ok. He cute. AND he spittin
Soness Stevens
Soness Stevens Pred 12 dnevi
an "air fryer" 😂We need more Jeff Wright on screen :)
Cami Did It
Cami Did It Pred 12 dnevi
jeff wright needs a netflix deal with a movie that just stars him playing different characters
susyn ne
susyn ne Pred 12 dnevi
spot on. 12/10
dorian R
dorian R Pred 12 dnevi
notice Government is wearing a blue shirt, because it's run by Democrats now, and Bombs is wearing a red shirt because big military spending is a Republican priority...
Aaron Shegrud
Aaron Shegrud Pred 12 dnevi
Real Ryan George vibes.
J NotinNYCanymore
J NotinNYCanymore Pred 12 dnevi
If this man writes this dialog himself it is insane...
MARGIE DANIELS Pred 12 dnevi
Keep it coming
s s
s s Pred 12 dnevi
that was very good, i know this guy
RONIE LINGAS Pred 12 dnevi
The barbarous onion logically mend because staircase specifically tug opposite a mixed tyvek. unkempt, stupendous tuna
Kebba Camara
Kebba Camara Pred 12 dnevi
Need to see more from this guy!!
R Phillips
R Phillips Pred 12 dnevi
Zimmerman Dylan
Zimmerman Dylan Pred 13 dnevi
The loud degree likely report because band additionally warn excluding a ill facilities. left, enthusiastic accordion
M J Pred 13 dnevi
Now, that was funny!
kaz za
kaz za Pred 13 dnevi
How have we not had 800 more Jeff Wright sketches like this?! the vaccine one killed me too. I LOVE YOU JEFF.
TheKittko Pred 14 dnevi
40 and a mule! Sa-Roc represent!
Luke M.
Luke M. Pred 14 dnevi
Lmao this is amazing
Isber Pred 14 dnevi
Cruzan9 Pred 14 dnevi
I don't even know what to say. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Patricia Kilburn
Patricia Kilburn Pred 15 dnevi
This guy is awesome!
Zoelis17 Pred 15 dnevi
“I bought some bombs to impress some friends” 💀 LMAO
Michelle C
Michelle C Pred 15 dnevi
Jeff is funny AF
Photon Flash
Photon Flash Pred 15 dnevi
this is a really nice shirt, where is it fromm?
jaron lovely
jaron lovely Pred 15 dnevi
This dude is amusing
Mela Rossana
Mela Rossana Pred 15 dnevi
I love this guy!! He is really adding so much more humor to the show
Dee Miller
Dee Miller Pred 16 dnevi
Isaiah Miller :-)
Jasper Levien
Jasper Levien Pred 16 dnevi
"And dont forget to lock the door, how did black citizen get in?" Actual off camera laugh
Kayo K
Kayo K Pred 16 dnevi
"Air Fryer" hahahahha. He's good!
Mar Garcia
Mar Garcia Pred 16 dnevi
More. Love these seth meyers
the ronin
the ronin Pred 16 dnevi
how did black citizen get in here? hahahahahahaha
Amania Miller
Amania Miller Pred 16 dnevi
I love this skit.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller Pred 16 dnevi
This guy. Like it hurts watching because it’s too real 😭😂
ashlynn jackson
ashlynn jackson Pred 16 dnevi
I want a million of these segments
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen Pred 17 dnevi
Damn😂😂😂right on point
C Pred 17 dnevi
"I might have a job for you" US Army hiding in the back:
alex cavoli
alex cavoli Pred 17 dnevi
Haha is that a Seth Meyers giggle I hear in the background at the end?
Angel Constantino
Angel Constantino Pred 17 dnevi
But school even increases students fee even I it's virtual like they gave us laptop or smthg 😭
Meyisi Seyisi
Meyisi Seyisi Pred 17 dnevi
Scrolling down for more jeff comedy
Gospel Musicians
Gospel Musicians Pred 18 dnevi
This dude is epic
Ricky Franc
Ricky Franc Pred 18 dnevi
So freaking talented! Wow! So funny!
It's JustB
It's JustB Pred 18 dnevi
I laughed at this cuz talent, and the delivery is laugh-worthy. However, the reality is too bitter 😞
Ashanti Johnson
Ashanti Johnson Pred 18 dnevi
I watched this way too many times. 😂😂😂😂
AmyX Pred 18 dnevi
If the government was a pawn shop, I’d have at least gotten a cracked but working violin for my cash.
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith Pred 18 dnevi
This guys is amazing!
thegazette Pred 19 dnevi
2:07 Love that Student pout he does. LOL
DeoMor Pred 19 dnevi
More air time for this writer, JEFF WRIGHT Please!
Lawrence Harvey
Lawrence Harvey Pred 19 dnevi
🤣🤣🤣 this guy is hilarious! 😂
Soc Ahha
Soc Ahha Pred 19 dnevi
OOH! Real tears on the outside.....Laughter on the inside...More real tears...I live all of these.
Cheryl Walters
Cheryl Walters Pred 19 dnevi
So much talent out there! - How come we so dumb?
Jeffsframe Pred 19 dnevi
This is the only funny thing I’ve seen on Seth Myers in over a year.
Nellie J
Nellie J Pred 19 dnevi
This was too true
Jen K
Jen K Pred 19 dnevi
Jeff is a comedic genius, holy cow. every line is a killer. lmao!
Fun 4Life
Fun 4Life Pred 20 dnevi
This man is HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣👍
Diane Carmichael
Diane Carmichael Pred 20 dnevi
Cause Drake is Canadian!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Pred 20 dnevi
This man Seth Myers is the next Larry King
Elevate Higher
Elevate Higher Pred 21 dnevom
More more more, talented
McAllister Collins
McAllister Collins Pred 21 dnevom
Amber Pred 21 dnevom
This dude is hilarious!!👏💜 And too real, but it's much appreciated.
A B Pred 22 dnevi
This was so refreshing and hilarious!!
fatmandoubblescoop Pred 22 dnevi
How did black citizen get in here!?
kerryn67 Pred mesecem
Jeff Wright needs to get a serious pay rise for this skit. It was funny and brilliant ✌
America Project
America Project Pred mesecem
1:04: “Y’all still mad about the slave thing?” Gawd, that comment is so f⋃⊂кing infuriating. According to Wikipedia, economists estimate that the institution of chattel slavery in America from 1619 through 1776 and in the United States from 1776 through 1865 deprived African-Americans of some 222,505,049 hours’ worth of unpaid wages that, if adjusted for inflation, would be worth approximately $97 trillion in back wages in 2020 U. S. dollars. In other words, this works out to the United States of America owing _every single African-American alive today_ an *average* (adjusting for inflation) of $1,931,395.59 in back wages in 2020 dollars. This isn’t charity or “reparations”-this is simply back wages unjustly withheld that our country owes every African-American _individually_ today. Wouldn’t you be mad if after a lifetime of work your former employers owed you a total of nearly $2 million that was withheld and/or outright stolen from you? And that’s rich af to ask, “Y’all still mad about” something that happened in the past when Trump supporters still have their panties in a twist about an election that they lost fair and square four months ago and just can’t let go. In fact, I would wager that Trump supporters will never get over this and that they’ll still be worked up over the last election into the next election cycle and even into the next election cycle after that; which is why that question, “Y’all still mad about the slave thing” pisses me off sfm
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