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30. maj. 2018

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Behzinga Pred 2 leti
RE: Camera colours etc, we filmed on better camera's/better shooting setting in which colour is captured in RAW & I had to colour grade the footage myself, this was the first time I've ever done so and I'm still trying to get better, sorry team. Hope you guys enjoy the football challenges & make sure to grab tickets to the match or support the great causes!
riyaz vhora
riyaz vhora Pred 2 leti
Behzinga I
Chiko was here
Chiko was here Pred 2 leti
Behzinga Looks vintage at least
c0rsair •
c0rsair • Pred 2 leti
Is it still going to be live streamed on SLtv like the other ones before have been
umartin Pred 2 leti
Behzinga Ok, so there is Sidemen vs YT Allstar charity match coming up this week, and therefore I’ve decided to play some old-style football challenges and donate some money to the charity. If you’ve got any spare time, please feel free to Check me out and let me know how can I improve. Cheers fam
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Pred 2 leti
Behzinga I
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper Pred 2 leti
Who had no clue who anyone was and now love all the guys from the sidemates
Cael Pred 2 leti
Is glander an alternate behz
BOLTcodmonYT Pred 2 leti
Love u bezhhingq
Dan Klim
Dan Klim Pred 2 leti
plus size training
SuperAdamska64 Pred 2 leti
Alaa Habbas
Alaa Habbas Pred 2 leti
great camera quality 100%
janus Pred 2 leti
Behz reminds me of Adele. They even have a similar laugh.
Talk Siick
Talk Siick Pred 2 leti
I think you will need surgery to remove left over skin
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Pred 2 leti
Them balls sound like fly aways from primary school
Luke Simpson
Luke Simpson Pred 2 leti
Donald is a white vik
Unstoppable Pred 2 leti
I’ve always knew man buns are weird!
Unstoppable Pred 2 leti
I’ve always knew manbuns are weird!
Tania Larik
Tania Larik Pred 2 leti
Loris Karius in goal😂😂😂
OBIOHA BOY Pred 2 leti
Why didn't they blur out Charlie's butt.
Badr Pred 2 leti
Is that Eric Dier ?? 4:18
Jidé Kuti
Jidé Kuti Pred 2 leti
Eyyy Brunel Represent!
Jack Ward
Jack Ward Pred 2 leti
I'm from gainsborough
Niall lennon
Niall lennon Pred 2 leti
Is the keeper karius 😂😂😂😂
AnticMan07 Pred 2 leti
Anybody know when the charity match is is Australian time?
A2acumz Scumz
A2acumz Scumz Pred 2 leti
I’ve missed ur videos pls upload more and play some fornite
BGRoyal Pred 2 leti
1:02 that big bulge though
bailer 100
bailer 100 Pred 2 leti
You have to bring Charlie into more of your vids!! He’s too funny🤣😂
Fifa15/18 Gamer and other stuff
Why did we see his ass
sam gretton
sam gretton Pred 2 leti
Hide the children
Jamie Hardy
Jamie Hardy Pred 2 leti
Oi nah I think I’ve seen that guy from Gainsborough, I thought I recognised him in the lineup but honestly I’m not sure 😂😂
6H4STLY Pred 2 leti
My 3 year old down syndrome cousin can get closer to top bins than all of u special people in your mid-twenties
King Bunj
King Bunj Pred 2 leti
Bobby Smith early twenties actually, smh
Bound By Blood
Bound By Blood Pred 2 leti
Okay, hold on. Are we not going to address how Charlie just saved an absolute cannon of a shot at 12:31 ? That would be a nightmare to even be around. That would leave bruising for days....Jesus
Roxburgh Pred 2 leti
mate, I still can't fully open my arm hahah
Eduardo João
Eduardo João Pred 2 leti
Behz looking like a snack.... Charlie looking like my dead grandpa.
Finley Williams
Finley Williams Pred 2 leti
SteveFouteux Pred 2 leti
Epic intro!
Chloe Rye
Chloe Rye Pred 2 leti
I support millwall if u want to hate just think about your life choices and how u f*cked up
mustaffa azirul
mustaffa azirul Pred 2 leti
he look like eric dier tho
Emil Holmström
Emil Holmström Pred 2 leti
W2s suddenly a hypebeast
Mangolicious Pred 2 leti
All thes guys r bent
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Pred 2 leti
behz has lost sooo much weight🖒🖒
Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed Pred 2 leti
Lol he said worser not a word
jan Gelderblom
jan Gelderblom Pred 2 leti
That Guy with the pony tail is crazy fam
Jenna Rogers
Jenna Rogers Pred 2 leti
i loved this vid. Not even pretending to be good at football like ChrisMD does haha.
Francesco Antonuccio
Is that Karius in goal? Nah, this guy managed to save a shot.
Francesco Antonuccio
nvm, should've watched more of the video...
Ty Pred 2 leti
What song at 0:59??
Evan Davies
Evan Davies Pred 2 leti
Was that "bye bye" sound effect from Raft Wars???
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell Pred 2 leti
why is it shot in a log profile?
Bawden Pred 2 leti
16:42 - His legs look like Squashies
T Pred 2 leti
Why is the millwall guy the father of the murdered son in Broadchurch (Andrew Buchnan)?
I'm Here
I'm Here Pred 2 leti
The goalie looks like Karius 😂 and plays like one too
Jack O'Toole
Jack O'Toole Pred 2 leti
Behz if your gunna click bait us like that at least use the ali-a intro please
nathen purdie
nathen purdie Pred 2 leti
BracK3LL Pred 2 leti
Nathen Purdie
Nathan Riley
Nathan Riley Pred 2 leti
Sunday league for ya 😂
Mihai Ionut Razvan
Mihai Ionut Razvan Pred 2 leti
2015 called they want their basic ass tumbnail back
Anusha Sorbon
Anusha Sorbon Pred 2 leti
Anusha Sorbon
Anusha Sorbon Pred 2 leti
7 39 charlies but
Matthew Toribio
Matthew Toribio Pred 2 leti
Yes a football vid
mema hawk
mema hawk Pred 2 leti
Geez looking decent behz
Owen Willis
Owen Willis Pred 2 leti
You should do a fifa World Cup pack opening
donstrapzytv Pred 2 leti
Rory Dornan
Rory Dornan Pred 2 leti
Benn Louis
Benn Louis Pred 2 leti
Adam Lidaj
Adam Lidaj Pred 2 leti
This mám on 2:50 looks like Milan Škriniar in face
Byron Unsworth
Byron Unsworth Pred 2 leti
behz look skinner
Γιαννης Μπηλιος
Song at 0:57??
LG Pred 2 leti
ThEsE aRenT thE SideMeN
Uzair Nagdi
Uzair Nagdi Pred 2 leti
Karius plays sunday league?
o o o. Oo o o
o o o. Oo o o Pred 2 leti
Now I see why u need Simon
Kookies Pred 2 leti
Kekekekek the harry promo
-_-_-__-_-_- Pred 2 leti
0:17 Karius relegated all the way to Sidemates FC.
Os Pred 2 leti
Man like King Bunj 🙏
King Bunj
King Bunj Pred 2 leti
Blackiestani ❤️
Yuvraj Pred 2 leti
long time no see
out3nicy Pred 2 leti
Sidemates vs sidemen
Air Spike
Air Spike Pred 2 leti
MIchael SAlvestro
MIchael SAlvestro Pred 2 leti
How come every one in your team has elephant legs accept Charlie oh sorry I mean karius
Khush Patel
Khush Patel Pred 2 leti
Charlie looks like karius
post Malone Crocs
post Malone Crocs Pred 2 leti
My mans got that fit bod *clap* *clap*
the grim reapers
the grim reapers Pred 2 leti
can someone tell me the music at 1:15
Paddy Guest
Paddy Guest Pred 2 leti
you're dreadful
suckysucky69lol Pred 2 leti
Nice intro harry!
MorpheusMatt Pred 2 leti
Why would you do a football video with people we dont know?
_ YaBoiiAlex
_ YaBoiiAlex Pred 2 leti
Sidemen, sidemates whats next? Side chicks
Tejas Venkateswaran
Never knew Karius was your 'sidemate'.
crocman2cool Pred 2 leti
discount karius
Jackson Benjamin
Jackson Benjamin Pred 2 leti
@Behzinga looks a lot slimmer good for him
diamondback sampler
Karius found a new job
Chubby gamer Plays
Chubby gamer Plays Pred 2 leti
Big up bez
Chino XD
Chino XD Pred 2 leti
Sidemates the btec version of sidemen
brayden waldrop
brayden waldrop Pred 2 leti
Damn it looks like you lost 30 pounds
kyle green
kyle green Pred 2 leti
Why is karius in goal?
Zachary G
Zachary G Pred 2 leti
Side mates= thickest group ever😂
Toasty Louis
Toasty Louis Pred 2 leti
Love how he didn’t even bother blurring our the butt lmao
BroGaming Central
BroGaming Central Pred 2 leti
What behzs Sunday league team called
King Bunj
King Bunj Pred 2 leti
BroGaming Central Thames Ironworks
T- Dizzle
T- Dizzle Pred 2 leti
Behz mate awesome progress with your health and fitness, it's so inspirational. Last time I saw you wearing that sidemen kit it was a very tight fit. Now it actually looks to big for you. My guy keep it up
Ben Pred 2 leti
My shoes cost more than your outfit yeezy yeezy yeezy
Jacob Hartley
Jacob Hartley Pred 2 leti
Noah Muskett
Noah Muskett Pred 2 leti
Ben #craigfam
Mr RedDevil
Mr RedDevil Pred 2 leti
Keeper looks like Karius
Voracixus Pred 2 leti
anyone else think the goalkeeper looks like a knock-off karius
Billy 786
Billy 786 Pred 2 leti
Behz u don u look mad keep hitting the gym get ripped
Benzy Pred 2 leti
200 k views hasn't even been aged restricted and the ones guys ass wasn't blurredb
MiddleDill Pred 2 leti
Charlie is so much different from West Ham vlogs
Sq1ndUp Pred 2 leti
Omg is that Karius, I nearly missed noticing him like him missing the saves
Sq1ndUp Pred 2 leti
Omg I said that when I started watching the vid and I didn’t realise he called him that half way through
S&L GAMING Pred 2 leti
No offence Benz but the vid with jack u we're big now u have showed everyone what training can do great positivity u showed what people can do
G. Rigz
G. Rigz Pred 2 leti
The workouts are paying off 👌🏽
Abdelkader Dabbit
Abdelkader Dabbit Pred 2 leti
thats why u always need to film with the sidemen 😂😂😂
whatthecharles Pred 2 leti
is this a was video with the intro
Azzam Rey
Azzam Rey Pred 2 leti
4 ads, I'm happy for you
Anisa - Qyqek (prod by Rzon)
Anisa - Qyqek (prod by Rzon)