Stadium Creator Gameplay in MLB The Show 21 

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16. apr. 2021

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Daniel Marra
Daniel Marra Pred 4 urami
Is stadium creator only on PS5 ? Or can it be played on PS4 as well
Andre trick shots
Andre trick shots Pred 5 urami
Who else is not on a next gen console😭😭😭😭
Mike Sponz
Mike Sponz Pred 7 urami
That is bullshit that the ps4 and Xbox 1 cant do this
Aaron M
Aaron M Pred dnevom
I just got a PS5 should I buy the show again for this feature
ImNxTPlaying Pred dnevom
How can I play in those stadiums pls someone help me
Xau Trixx
Xau Trixx Pred 2 dnevi
Do they not have stadium create on ps4
R1pp3r Pred 2 dnevi
"cries in last gen"
Lawson Delcambre1
Lawson Delcambre1 Pred 2 dnevi
When I go on the little paint brush thingy I don't have the stadium creator
Blxze YT
Blxze YT Pred 3 dnevi
Why isn’t mine working
kingJr Lomelino
kingJr Lomelino Pred 4 dnevi
This option isn’t available for Xbox 1?
Hello There
Hello There Pred 4 dnevi
I have next gen and I can’t make a stadium
JCM YT Pred 4 dnevi
So you got to need a ps5 to have a custom stadium
Knox Tidwell
Knox Tidwell Pred 4 dnevi
That’s not fair I play on ps4
glehc Pred 4 dnevi
I have ps5 and I don’t see create stadium
Christian Kaler
Christian Kaler Pred 5 dnevi
So you can’t customize a stadium if you have it on Xbox one?
Kyrelian Pred 6 dnevi
Is the stadium creator not on Xbox series s? It’s not showing up for me
cyle Benner
cyle Benner Pred 7 dnevi
Why is this not on Xbox one s
kitt23NY Pred 8 dnevi
I heard you can’t do stadium creator on ps4 is this correct?
Red Skull Productions
I don't see it on my Xbox game
Amethyst Sapphire
Amethyst Sapphire Pred 8 dnevi
Since this was the first time they are capable of doing create a park...they went overboard lol dinosaurs what??? I'm with it...it actually makes creating a park much more fun!!
What is My username lol
Dude only on the next gen consoles this sucks
Ty A
Ty A Pred 9 dnevi
Bruh ong who wants to pay $1000 for a console lmao
SU Doggo
SU Doggo Pred 9 dnevi
It doesn’t show up for me
HB Realm
HB Realm Pred 10 dnevi
It’s dumb it’s only for ps5
rah bando!
rah bando! Pred 10 dnevi
Ofc it’s only for newer consoles 🤦🏾‍♂️ current gen can’t get no love?
Jackson McBurnett
Jackson McBurnett Pred 12 dnevi
Tmar it’s only for next gen me: Johnny get the gun
Ignite Sports Gaming
Ignite Sports Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
FIELD OF DREAMS BASEBALL FIELD!!!! One word - Brilliant !!! Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones perfect.
Tommy Williams
Tommy Williams Pred 12 dnevi
Fifa needs this!
Put U Smooth
Put U Smooth Pred 13 dnevi
So I just bought MLB 21 The Show on Xbox Series S and I don’t see stadium creator ...
Nathan Trujillo
Nathan Trujillo Pred 13 dnevi
Can't create stadium with ps4?
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
Only on next GEN
Narutofan1058 Pred 13 dnevi
It's messed up that this is not on current gen
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
I agree
JT_109 Pred 13 dnevi
i dont see it in the main lobby ?
JT_109 Pred 11 dnevi
@ZKGaming what does nex gen mean ?
JT_109 Pred 11 dnevi
@ZKGaming ok
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
Unfortunately it’s only on next GEN
Vanquish Pred 14 dnevi
That’s stupid that it’s only on ps5 I’m so 😤
Emmdotfrisk Pred 14 dnevi
You can spend too much time doing this. So cool!
Rob Pred 15 dnevi
Apparently my Xbox One isn't up to par for this feature. That really is disappointing.
Austin Rospond
Austin Rospond Pred 16 dnevi
Does it have to be on the ps5 disc because I have a ps5 and I bought the show 21 but the ps4 version because it came with a code that gave me the better graphics and the deluxe
Alex Maxwell
Alex Maxwell Pred 16 dnevi
Omg so cool
Sprite Berry
Sprite Berry Pred 17 dnevi
That’s pretty stupid how it’s only for next gen
Joel Painchaud
Joel Painchaud Pred 18 dnevi
That's probably close to the tool they use to make the parks, if not the exact tool they use hahaha!
Dylan Pred 18 dnevi
Is it on Xbox series s as well ?
Sam Schmidt
Sam Schmidt Pred 18 dnevi
Lost me on “only next gen consoles.”
A.O.T Chase
A.O.T Chase Pred 18 dnevi
Fr they act like everyone got the next gen counsel
Centurion Productions
Centurion Productions Pred 18 dnevi
well you obviously havent seen MOWAS2
Mrnoone338 Pred 18 dnevi
Can you do a series building requested stadiums?
geico Bundle home and auto
Is it on current gen
geico Bundle home and auto
@Raditude better then Pinkerton why tho 🥺
Raditude better then Pinkerton
No only on next gen
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester Pred 18 dnevi
This is a massive W. I can't wait to be able to play at 11pm tonight! I'll be waiting lol.
David Green
David Green Pred 18 dnevi
so this is not available for the ps4?
lucas barker
lucas barker Pred 18 dnevi
Is the stadium creator only on next gen?
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
_ EJR Pred 18 dnevi
Can you do stadium creator on current gen?
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
Unfortunately no
Levi Schreiner
Levi Schreiner Pred 18 dnevi
Can you do this on mlb the show 20
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
Devon Watt
Devon Watt Pred 19 dnevi
The game is on the original consoles as well, just not the premium versions of the game
James Espey
James Espey Pred 19 dnevi
You were laughing when you're adjusted left field fence was at 220 feet. In 1884, the National League Chicago White Stockings had a park where the left field fence was only 210 feet from home plate.
Daddy Gage
Daddy Gage Pred 19 dnevi
Who else watched this in 4k ?
Brittany_Playz Pred 19 dnevi
Omg I was early but didn’t comment
Sam Marx
Sam Marx Pred 19 dnevi
Is it possible to adjust the bullpen area and/or move it behind the outfield fence?
Blessed from day 1
Blessed from day 1 Pred 19 dnevi
They missed out on calling the cornfield stadium the field of dreams
tcbobb16 Pred 16 dnevi
Most likely could not call it field of dreams due to trademark issues
Joker Jax
Joker Jax Pred 19 dnevi
The cornfield one reminds me of field of dreams
David bliss
David bliss Pred 19 dnevi
I see that the Double Deck is Tiger Stadium. Of course this needs to be tweaked
W Wodey
W Wodey Pred 19 dnevi
E 0
E 0 Pred 19 dnevi
You should try to make a little league field
Baily Miller
Baily Miller Pred 19 dnevi
Damn i bought it on PS4 expecting to be able to do this but nooooooo. Cant even get a ps5
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
Nate McNew
Nate McNew Pred 19 dnevi
The cornfield reminds me of field of dreams 😂
Dee615 Pred 19 dnevi
Game kinda looks like poo if I'm being honest.
Army Pizza
Army Pizza Pred 19 dnevi
Use this for your road to the show
Ghost_ Chaser_GR
Ghost_ Chaser_GR Pred 19 dnevi
I’m so mad it’s only for the PS5 and x series. I was looking forward to this
ZKGaming Pred 12 dnevi
A1armed Don Gaming
A1armed Don Gaming Pred 19 dnevi
Stadium builder was in a college baseball game that they made 1000x better
Rusty G
Rusty G Pred 19 dnevi
If I knew that Stadium Creator was going to be on in next gen console feature only then I wouldn't have gotten this game.......sooooo pissed! Booooooo. Fuckin bs and not fair. So if I pay $80 for an Xbox One Edition and somebody else pays $80 for a PS5 Edition they actually have more content than me even though we paid the same price...HOW IS THAT FAIR?!?!?!?
Logan Colston
Logan Colston Pred 19 dnevi
Is that an ET craft in the thumbnail? Ancient astronaut theorists...say yes
Nicholas Normand
Nicholas Normand Pred 19 dnevi
Well I guess the devs made up their minds no stadium creator for me since I still have a ps4 and please no negative comments
BigMatt-66 Pred 20 dnevi
Of course it’s only next gen
Christian Cramblett
Christian Cramblett Pred 20 dnevi
Play outriders please!!!
Nigel Pred 20 dnevi
Strikes out and ends the video LMFAO
tyler steed
tyler steed Pred 20 dnevi
Why is it only on next gen ffs
Owen Wammes
Owen Wammes Pred 20 dnevi
Day 52 of Asking Trevor to play more Sea of Thieves
I’m_justJr Pred 20 dnevi
I’m so excited for this series 😂🤟🏾
iPhantomTv Pred 20 dnevi
Tmartns Temple? I recommended that one to you on twitter LOL
luciouse carter
luciouse carter Pred 20 dnevi
How do i upgrade to the ps5? Been tryna figure that out for the longest
HBAJ 777
HBAJ 777 Pred 20 dnevi
I like it cool good job man!!!
Teri Interdonato
Teri Interdonato Pred 20 dnevi
TmarTn2 MLB the show 21 is not just on the next gen consoles just to let you know
Kovhr Pred 20 dnevi
Cant wait till Monday
Cole Baker
Cole Baker Pred 20 dnevi
The ONLY thing this needs is to be able to edit the walls down the lines and put your bullpen in the outfield. Other than that it is AWESOME
Charlie Norton Vlogs
Charlie Norton Vlogs Pred 20 dnevi
Trevor in my second rtts hit I hit a bomb homerun
Ryan Kmiec
Ryan Kmiec Pred 20 dnevi
That fast outro at the end had me dead 💀
xANCEINT EVILx Pred 20 dnevi
Can you do more episodes of road to the show? More than last year?
Ares Pred 20 dnevi
Meanwhile me playing my ncaa baseball 07 creating my stadium
Michelle Quick
Michelle Quick Pred 20 dnevi
I love your videos 😁😁😁😁
Justin King
Justin King Pred 20 dnevi
Pretty sure trees wouldn’t grow on a volcano trev
Rocco Fava
Rocco Fava Pred 20 dnevi
will you ever be back to play fh4?
XxIron_PelicanxX Pred 20 dnevi
MLB episode was on fire. Many more to come
Jonah Varkul
Jonah Varkul Pred 20 dnevi
The alititude 2as at 89 not 81
Fiona Horne
Fiona Horne Pred 20 dnevi
Tmartn2 could you play more Pubg on the ps5
sub333 Pred 20 dnevi
Trev: What does this baseball stadium need? Also Trev: WALLPLANTS!
Ritesh Yeddu
Ritesh Yeddu Pred 20 dnevi
Idk a single thing about baseball other than the 3 strikes, but I'm going to watch and learn from this series as recommended by another viewer!
Alfie Benzie
Alfie Benzie Pred 20 dnevi
Trevor: "Not gonna get crazy" Trevor 10 Minutes Later: LaVa VoLCaNo
Bones Pred 20 dnevi
The only reason I bought my ps4 was to play mlb lol I'm so happy it's on xbox now!
Losy Pred 20 dnevi
Background song?
vengeance1701 Pred 20 dnevi
Uh. We have seen it before. You're a good guy, Trev, but.... yeah, MVP had a stadium creator back in 2005.
Kobe Vangenechten
Kobe Vangenechten Pred 20 dnevi
Hey you can also name your stadium DinoStadium becaus there's a vulcano and a dino
Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson Pred 20 dnevi
This looks absolutely STUPID!!!
TTV Panda
TTV Panda Pred 21 dnevom
Can you do it on Xbox
Tim Bhagrattee
Tim Bhagrattee Pred 21 dnevom
I will not buy next gen just for this feature I will not buy next gen just for this feature
Pat 1234
Pat 1234 Pred 21 dnevom
The ending 😂😂