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7. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 100   
Jonnathan RSK
Jonnathan RSK Pred 8 urami
2stroke Pred 9 urami
SLtv is the only "social media" that I use and it's only a handful of times per week. But as far as instagram, twitter, facebook/etc., never had them and have no intention on signing up anytime soon.
Jonnathan RSK
Jonnathan RSK Pred 17 urami
This is a beautiful video.
Kirana Thepworawut
Kirana Thepworawut Pred 5 dnevi
Very inspiring video. Social media really makes us expose to to much information and can cause us to compare ourselves to what we see online. I remember my self one day I was scrolling my IG and started feeling that my life is so boring and ordinary. I never felt like that before and then realized it is because what I see on other people IG. Seeing them going out have activities to do everyday make me start to compare my life to them. We all have remind ourselves that what we see online is not always what it really be and people have different lifestyle. Having a normal lifestyle is not a wrong thing and having a adventurous lifestyle is not a wrong thing either. It’s all depends on what you prefer most.
Zarc Pred 6 dnevi
but what about ur streaks :(
MoonLight Blue
MoonLight Blue Pred 6 dnevi
230221 going to not check twitter and discord as much, also going to try not binge watch yt
jacob Gechtman
jacob Gechtman Pred 7 dnevi
Did you delete Facebook messenger as well?
4Dul Pred 8 dnevi
Day 1 : deleted Instagram, Can't rly delete youtube app since I have an android, Ive kept snapchat for the streaks and I never really used it. What's app is needed for my college messages. My Week average was 7h/day :/
4Dul Pred 8 dnevi
2:07 Bruh my average this week is 7hours and seeing you freaking out about 3h is making me freak out !!!!!!!
Channel JumpStart
Channel JumpStart Pred 11 dnevi
Such a great video - not just the message, but the honesty, storytelling, and editing!
Max Ksenich
Max Ksenich Pred 11 dnevi
Thank you so much! This will be life changing!
refa рэфа
refa рэфа Pred 14 dnevi
I've spent 9h 29 mins today and mostly on youtube since i deleted my instagram yesterday and log out from everything except whats app and gmail on my phone even tho i have no friends and still in lock down cause of current global pandemic.... i'll try my best ;')
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Pred 14 dnevi
Was expecting to be at like 8 hours but I'm at an 1hr and 58min😂
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Pred 14 dnevi
I haven't had social media. And haven't got a few years now. It's nice, and isn't hard at all.
Scout Jennings
Scout Jennings Pred 15 dnevi
Me watching this: Oh I should go for a run or a swim Also me: It’s 9 degrees and snowing 😑
DuckStyle Pred 17 dnevi
can't really do much during a lockdown tho... social media is the only thing I like to do atm, but after the pandemic I'm definitly gonna try this!
Andrew Luksik
Andrew Luksik Pred 19 dnevi
Are you still keeping up with deleting social media? I would love an update.
Great job, this was very high quality.
AleX G.
AleX G. Pred 22 dnevi
@Yes Theory I went 53 days without instagram this winter and I felt literally lazy to install it again, I reinstalled in the past weeks for 2 3 times and it feels so boring and pointless!! Extremely glad I ve got rid of it. I use youtube pretty much, but mainly for useful videos.
CLICKBAIT KING Pred 24 dnevi
10:20 Y so Awkward camera angles?
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Pred 25 dnevi
Good for you Thomas !! Loved the surfing content !
Civer Pred 26 dnevi
My main problem is YT and my phone doesn‘t even let me delete it
Abhinav Chaudhary
Abhinav Chaudhary Pred 26 dnevi
Thanks to this video I won’t be watching any more of your videos from now. Bye bye every social media app.
Arthur Harriman
Arthur Harriman Pred 27 dnevi
Me watching this video with an average of 9 hours a day: I blame the virus
Omar Salih
Omar Salih Pred 27 dnevi
The smiling cause willy fill because hawk diagnostically start afore a abstracted herring. friendly, flashy tanker
Ridgewerd Pred 29 dnevi
Im starting this challenge today january 31st 2021, I'm going to try and see if i feel any better after 28 days in February. I have a really good strong feeling i can complete this challenge :D will post back if i fail
Andre Sousa Gavin
Andre Sousa Gavin Pred 29 dnevi
SLtv is social media...?
JESSON LEE Pred mesecem
Sumarie Havinga
Sumarie Havinga Pred mesecem
This is kinda hard to do in quarantine because I have nothing else to do😂😂 but will definitely try it some time!
Gaby srn
Gaby srn Pred mesecem
I want to delete social media so bad and be disconnected of the world... but I have online school and believe it or not I actually need it
Deepanshu Kirola
Deepanshu Kirola Pred mesecem
first of all thankyou Carl , I was just thinking of doing this but I just can't get the motivation. But thanks to you now I am doing this.
James Pred mesecem
I ditched Face book years ago...glad I did. Never bought into following on insta, twitter or the others...I always have time for me...my family. Wake up everyone. ;)
Tsui Kit
Tsui Kit Pred mesecem
I’m reluctant to delete fb because it’s my news source
A Arjith
A Arjith Pred mesecem
So, you uploaded this video without social media?
ChinaMan Pred mesecem
If only you realised I spend 13 hrs a day.. I- pls help
Wouter van Teerling
Wouter van Teerling Pred mesecem
And im sitting here with 7hr/day ... wtffff
K11L3R CL0WNTv Pred mesecem
wait, but what about my memes...
Tiny Goat
Tiny Goat Pred mesecem
I deleted my social media... I’m not going back...
Nathaly Corporan
Nathaly Corporan Pred mesecem
My goal is not to completely get rid of Social media bc it is actually beneficial if you follow the right people/ content. However, I do want to minimize the time spent on it.
Nathaly Corporan
Nathaly Corporan Pred mesecem
I wish I could find a place like this were I live :(
milo Pred mesecem
I'm doing this with discord rn, it's hard asf!
Nick Molnar
Nick Molnar Pred mesecem
gonna stop you right there it was absolutely steve jobs' intention to make the iphone into something everyone relies on. Its always been every tech giant's goal.
Canaan Tolla
Canaan Tolla Pred mesecem
Damn I got 17 hours
Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag Pred mesecem
At 1st I tried this. I deleted tiktok for like 1 week and a few days, then one day I got bored and downloaded it again. I deleted it again yesterday and I'm hoping that I can stay away from it. I don't have Instagram (had it before, then deleted. Haven't used it in 6months). Slowly and surely I am stepping away from social media. I'm very proud of myself. I'm only 13 so yea
Park Mochii
Park Mochii Pred mesecem
Did I just saw markian?? 😳
Jenna Pred mesecem
i’ve come back to this video a year later to find that i’ve not made any changes. 😞 my screen time average is 7hr4min right now & i know that doing this challenge would make me happier, but i really am addicted. i don’t know that i would ever be able to go through with it. 🥺
I haven't used social media (apart from watching youtube videos) since 2015. My two cents are: you stop being interesting to people because for those who are addicted to social media if you aren't constantly posting what you're doing it's like you're not doing anything. People judge you by your digital footprint. Even close friends will do that. If you're a freelancer maybe it's not the best idea. But it certainly is liberating. Every time I'm doing something social or outdoor or anything I feel as if I'm in a black mirror episode, it's amazing how addicted people are to their phones. Nobody seems to realize this anymore, pretty orwellian stuff.
Matej Mikloš - Vegan For Life
Will Reed
Will Reed Pred mesecem
just deleted every social media. gonna try for 30 days lets see
Erik 420
Erik 420 Pred mesecem
3:22 longpapes?
NotFraud Pred mesecem
12:03 “Hm” 12:08 “Hm”
Mauro Pred mesecem
the best video they’ve ever made, so inspiring
Jeury Tavares
Jeury Tavares Pred mesecem
Deleting social media for 30 days starting on Feb 1st.
Leo B
Leo B Pred mesecem
I notice people who isn't addicted to social media are actually attractive..
Jhonatan Amaral
Jhonatan Amaral Pred mesecem
I deleting social media for six months! My sister deleted social media for 1 year, in 2020. So i'm trying also.
Alfred S. Sikula
Alfred S. Sikula Pred mesecem
Since I started to use social media, I feel some lack of creativity. My brain's lost ability create attractive ideas like what super interesting I am going to shoot today and where, which kind of experimental technique I am going to use, which different subject should I be focused on...I am just all days sitting at my PC browsing Amazon and eBay and looking for a new lens, action cam, accessories...and therefore more checking the agencies apps how many of my images they've sold then producing new ones
John Gremillion
John Gremillion Pred mesecem
I decided to do this in january before I even saw this video!! Such a good idea
Johnathan Gomez 99
Johnathan Gomez 99 Pred mesecem
Are we still allowed to play video games lol
Torney Carblos
Torney Carblos Pred mesecem
I wish I could do this challenge but online school is ruining my life
alexfx Pred mesecem
0:22 why only people with an iphone ? you know android has the same feature
alexfx Pred 26 dnevi
@Anonymous okay, how does that matter ?
Anonymous Pred 26 dnevi
iPhone was the first major smartphone
Sam Brawn
Sam Brawn Pred mesecem
I’m going to try this for 2 weeks
Akram Hussain
Akram Hussain Pred mesecem
Let's goooooo me too
Nicholas Dunzelman
Nicholas Dunzelman Pred mesecem
The fact that this video has 99K likes and 709 dislikes is insane. I've never seen a like-dislike gap like that.
Alen Bijuklic
Alen Bijuklic Pred mesecem
bravo :) we all need to do that and for longer than 30 days....
Elisa Andergassen
Elisa Andergassen Pred mesecem
Very inspiring and motivating!
lily lyons
lily lyons Pred mesecem
im not addicted to instagram or snapchat but very addicted to youtube
Bezinformacyjny Pred mesecem
Nice Video!!
TyLes5 Pred mesecem
Idk if I consider youtube as “social media"
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Moderation is key, BUT: The smartphone is made to be addictive. In my opinion it is not possible to use social media apps(which are also highly addictive) in moderation. It is better to delete all the social media apps off your phone and only use SM on the laptop. I can say it isnt that addicitve,because it is "harder" to get access to it. I am on my journey now...I wish you all the best.
Crazzy Flynn
Crazzy Flynn Pred mesecem
3 hrs per day..... WEAK
Happer Dapper
Happer Dapper Pred mesecem
Worst one was 15 hrs 😓😅
Meena k
Meena k Pred mesecem
Yay!! I love this, people need to do this a few times a year i think. SLtv is the only "platform" that I use for over 3 years now...
R8netic Pred mesecem
this is great
V C Pred mesecem
Where are the mask tho 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Henry cu Augustine
Henry cu Augustine Pred mesecem
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AlexRunsRed Pred mesecem
I got 6 hrs today with 4 hours on insta and twitter and i cant imagine not using it as ive put it in my routine
Ante Hanzek
Ante Hanzek Pred mesecem
Good for you. I been saying for so long that social media is so bad for mental health and the reason for so many of the mental issues people have today that weren’t so common 30 years ago was because of how often people use their phones. It’s crazy people get their kids phones and let them have social media at 11 years old and let them sit on their phones all day people need to stop that shit and pay attention to what’s in front of them again
sami hani
sami hani Pred mesecem
Challenge accepted. See you in 7 days 😁
sogbey daniel
sogbey daniel Pred mesecem
I am on a 60 days without WhatsApp journey😑😑. Today is day 53.🤯😁😁
Thirdy Tagulao
Thirdy Tagulao Pred mesecem
i did this 18 months ago And i realise how long the day goes by without using your phone
MoonZ Pred mesecem
Tbh , this video encouraged so much that I and my family decided to try out this challenge !
Maram Bonny
Maram Bonny Pred mesecem
I want to do it but nooo bute yeah I should but nooo what would I do in my free time?
SwissHumanity Stories
SwissHumanity Stories Pred 2 meseci
I'm in since today 30 day detox thanks so much
Myfloss 21
Myfloss 21 Pred 2 meseci
So your grounded for 30 days like your mom said
Kevin Sarrazin
Kevin Sarrazin Pred 2 meseci
I deleted those cancerous apps years ago
Lino Kopriva
Lino Kopriva Pred 2 meseci
5:35 - under the bed
ZephyrBuilds Pred 2 meseci
Starting tomorrow, while I’m on a school break and don’t need my phone for school, I’m doing this, just for a week, IM SO EXCITED!!
Christian Thomsen
Christian Thomsen Pred 2 meseci
I will maybe try to do it
longnhat12a4 tran
longnhat12a4 tran Pred 2 meseci
Before I watch this video, I have been deleting Facebook and Instagram for about 1 month, just remained the messenger for contact with my friends and family. And I found out I has had more time to think about the future, my career path and to plan a strategy for my studying. Importantly, I has had more spaces for ideas to come up with me.
Dank Daddy
Dank Daddy Pred 2 meseci
U HAVE GOOGLE HANGOUTS respect ✊🏿 my guy
SA GAMES Pred 2 meseci
me with 11 hours : 👁👄👁
C W Pred 2 meseci
Your very very very slight accent back in 2017 is now harder to detect if any at all. It is so interesting that you can speak so many languages so fluently and recall you went to international school which isn't something I am familiar with.
Leo Fleischmann
Leo Fleischmann Pred 2 meseci
Challenge accepted. Broke my 684 Days Snap Streak yesterday and deleted all Social Media except SLtv
Crafts in Quarantine
Crafts in Quarantine Pred 2 meseci
Alternate title: quitting my job for 30 days That was not intended to be rude I'm sorry if i offended anyone I love you Yes Theory!!
Jer Chung
Jer Chung Pred 2 meseci
Amazing message. We're all addicted and we can be doing productive things with our time, creating, living, and connecting with others around us.
:/ Pred 2 meseci
i just avg spend 4.5 hours a day only on instagram and 1-2 hour on youtube 😫
Z G.
Z G. Pred 2 meseci
LOL, MIN 8:55, Is that the girl from Dash & Lily. She is an actress who played Dash's ex girlfriend.
lostecho Pred 2 meseci
Toby Pred 2 meseci
He has 3 hrs a day, I have 18…
Samantha Torre
Samantha Torre Pred 2 meseci
1 year later.. How's your usage been?
Grace Rutherford
Grace Rutherford Pred 2 meseci
i see cards against humanity in the background 8:34
Mud Gaming
Mud Gaming Pred 2 meseci
I don’t see why you have to delete social media to do all of this though haha
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