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19. mar. 2019

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IGoldenStrike Pred mesecem
MY EARDRUMS BROOOO Skip 0:46 guys don't do the same mistake I did
Anises Pred mesecem
7:37 Moshpit Crep LMFAO
Natalie MacAskill
Natalie MacAskill Pred 3 meseci
real talk I want more of the guys x girlfriend content. that Simon and freya hug was too pure
Jasmin Akter
Jasmin Akter Pred 4 meseci
listen, ik a lot of yall are saying simons fit was bad (the one cal picked out) but i dont think its that bad, i just think that simons pink hair just ruins the vibe of it yk.
Your fave Asian
Your fave Asian Pred 4 meseci
£684 on drinks omg wow
ima nub
ima nub Pred 4 meseci
When cal came in, I thought I saw bad bunny for a min
LittleMissSkelling Pred 4 meseci
Love both the outfits 😂
Novae Rog
Novae Rog Pred 5 meseci
Thank you for not showing the concert Didn't feel like getting cancer today 👍
David Supnet
David Supnet Pred 6 meseci
I am the 501th comment
Carla Munden
Carla Munden Pred 6 meseci
The kid dancing in the nightclub looks like vik when he was young LMAO
Zack Pred 6 meseci
If he had a nice dress shirt and the classic balenci sweater
Pete R
Pete R Pred 7 meseci
Thought you would of had better seat's tbf
Zack Pred 6 meseci
Wym better seats those are the best it looks further away cuz of the camera but those are the best in the arena
Zakiyah Tasnim
Zakiyah Tasnim Pred 8 meseci
Simon hugging freya🥺❤️
Umar Ilyas
Umar Ilyas Pred 9 meseci
Coming back now and realising Vik's girlfriend was shown to us in this video
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn Pred 9 meseci
Actually love that outfit on Simon 😍😍😍😍
Joely Pred 10 meseci
I was so confused from the thumbnail
Jessa Martin
Jessa Martin Pred 10 meseci
13:27 the blonde girl in the back is Vik’s girlfriend
Jessa Martin
Jessa Martin Pred 10 meseci
wearing glasses
Drink Me
Drink Me Pred 10 meseci
My mum has those slippers the glittery ones in the shop 😂
ProFox Gaming
ProFox Gaming Pred 11 meseci
I saw vick girlfriendits the girl next to josh at 13.26 or the one next to her
milrckz Pred 11 meseci
What’s wrong with vans?
The Playground Kids
The Playground Kids Pred 11 meseci
If cal would put on some black skinny or slim fit then tucked them slapped on the air force 1s low that would have been a fit
Cara Ince
Cara Ince Pred 11 meseci
Every fangirl ever wishing they were Freya at the end when Simon hugged her lmao
Rishit Murarka
Rishit Murarka Pred 11 meseci
that ain't your car brother it's Harry's he gave it to you
Rishit Murarka
Rishit Murarka Pred 11 meseci
8:31 they're seeing post malones songs to remember the lyrics so they dont look like idiots
Rishit Murarka
Rishit Murarka Pred 11 meseci
roses are red violets are blue you clicked to the video cuz you were confused you know it too
Mateja Davidovic
Mateja Davidovic Pred 11 meseci
yo what's wrong with Simon and vans, vans are decent shoes
Tiff Wood
Tiff Wood Pred letom
cals outfit was way better than simons why was he so mad?
Should have got him an Arsenal too because he likes Leeds
Lou Payne
Lou Payne Pred letom
13:48 that was so cuteee, a full bear hug
James Vorster
James Vorster Pred letom
What’s wrong with vans?
Panto Pred letom
he was preparing for corona last march
Archie jay the frenchie
I thought lux was 38
claire lovatt
claire lovatt Pred letom
whats going on with callux trousers
SaNEGIAnT Pred letom
Simon wore this in the tinder video
Branpk Pred letom
mo_playz Pred letom
why is lux sagging
Erik Skog
Erik Skog Pred letom
So, now we know where Simon got his outfit from in the Real Life Tinder video
AGA UK Pred letom
Why doesn't cal have a bed? Just sleeps on a mattress
George Harwood
George Harwood Pred letom
Tbh I actualy kinda like cal’s outfit
Zak Quinlan
Zak Quinlan Pred letom
Imagine going to a post Malone concert in dungarees
Stab Pred letom
cal looked fire wdym
Giese Pred letom
1:21 fact is harry probably drank it all
A G Pred letom
That white hoodie that Simon has underneath is sick
Sean Schwingo
Sean Schwingo Pred letom
Can’t believe Simon has the nerve to slag off vans with the way he dresses
Jeremy Beihneitha
whats so bad about VANS that Simon hate it thattt much?? plus his body type fits with vans
Epifaniogaming Pred letom
anyone else cal looks like stewert little
ettazoid Pred letom
Cal looks 1000x better than Simon. Maybe that’s just me... I love his haircut with the glasses and the collared, striped shirt. That all looks gooooood together imo
Amirull Pred letom
Freya is so cute and nice
L A Pred letom
Cal looked like a baaabe in that outfit I thought!!
sydney2xx Pred letom
so we gone ignore the drip at 4:13 because simon cold asl with the dolce and gabbana
Nic Pred letom
“You look like you sell nos”
William Uppena
William Uppena Pred letom
The sherminator
CAMzp Pred letom
you look like you sell NOS
Hannah Pred letom
Cal acc looks good
Ultra Omen Murat
Ultra Omen Murat Pred letom
So this is where it came from for the Tinder Video
Kostantinos Veroulis
simon wore this on sidemen tinder
hussein abdalla
hussein abdalla Pred letom
This just popped in my recommendation after the real tinder 2 video And I realize Simon wears the same outfit 😂
Hejjj H
Hejjj H Pred letom
@DΞsiiigner he wore the dungarees
DΞsiiigner Pred letom
hussein abdalla no he don’t
Altair Marin
Altair Marin Pred letom
Cal looks like the guy from goofy movie
Francisco Vitale
Francisco Vitale Pred letom
5:34 random ninjas in the street
Bandolier Gaming
Bandolier Gaming Pred letom
Calfreezy looks like a mannequin
Mr Bulk
Mr Bulk Pred letom
Where’s their dog gone?
Alisha Corley
Alisha Corley Pred letom
Ooooo Simon looking fresh
Ali X
Ali X Pred letom
Cal actually looked good 😂
Sir Renegade
Sir Renegade Pred letom
are freezy and simon the same height
Flakkes Pred letom
How do you have a problem with vans when you wear socks disguised as shoes?
Ethan EFC
Ethan EFC Pred letom
Ur gonna get heavy drunk
TOXIC KI113R 45 Pred letom
Cal you looked like the guy from flushed away
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Pred letom
simon messed up by not getting the cat shows
sahra himal
sahra himal Pred letom
Simon is too beautiful
Azro Pred letom
Simon looks like a Skate 3 Character
daniel paiva
daniel paiva Pred letom
Chris Ceko
Chris Ceko Pred letom
But josh always wears vans shoes
Minik Pred letom
Oi both outfits look fire!!! What u mean
Quinn Nosbod
Quinn Nosbod Pred letom
Wow this did really badly
Qasim Khan
Qasim Khan Pred letom
I’d wear cals outfit to a festival
Stanley Minda
Stanley Minda Pred letom
Song at 3:49?
one six
one six Pred letom
Where are u
Ann-marie O'connor
What happened to fitness feb
bignonce Pred letom
Ifan Stoddart
Ifan Stoddart Pred letom
Who else came back to say that they saw Cal on an advert for Lynx
Shaquille Oatmeal
Freya was gassed but Talia was not having it🤣🤣
Dorijan Galovic
Dorijan Galovic Pred 2 leti
JP Latuch
JP Latuch Pred 2 leti
itsjoewiththeflow Pred 2 leti
Lol, I think you only get copyrighted when you play the actual song, not when you play it on the piano or video performance of it.
Abi Mc
Abi Mc Pred 2 leti
5:23 Is this what every boy does in a changing room?? 😂😂😂
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Pred 2 leti
Our dogs are literally twins
Tom Pred 2 leti
What hoodie is cal wearing?
Aditya Pred 2 leti
Zerkaa on, video off
OhshizitsTaylor Pred 2 leti
"You look like you sell nos" is all kinds of disre-damn-spectful LMAOO Cal's outfit really wasnt that bad at all he woulda actually been serving if he had the right glasses on & a fresh cut Thas that instagram men's style right der!!
Sophie Xox
Sophie Xox Pred 2 leti
Low-key love Simons outfit 😍 Cals don’t look too bad 😂
Bladebolt Pred 2 leti
What’s wrong with Vans tho
Cas Donker
Cas Donker Pred 2 leti
simon = mario?
Nathan Trott
Nathan Trott Pred 2 leti
Your taking the piss out of clothes that some people can only afford to buy nice one
Mike Chini
Mike Chini Pred 2 leti
I love vlogs like this where they aren't necessarily full of crazy stuff, but just getting to see the boys enjoying their day and living their life is solid content. Keep it up Cal you absolute giraffe
Ella Asmr
Ella Asmr Pred 2 leti
Why is the dress u bought my schools summer dress
Huge Pred 2 leti
don't get me wrong you've got 3.1m subs and that so you've clearly made it as a youtuber, but i hope you get a mad surge of success this year mate. Content is ace, need more in my life.
ZARGO Pred 2 leti
2:33 Thats hot
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice Pred 2 leti
What video did nightscape destroy the patio in?
Declan Cunliffe
Declan Cunliffe Pred 2 leti
YOOOO Cal looks like the Shermanator from American pie in that outfit hahahaa
Alex Esquerra
Alex Esquerra Pred 2 leti
Why does Simon hate vans so much
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