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24. dec. 2018

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919 Mooney
919 Mooney Pred letom
Who’s watching this in 2020 coz they miss side mates
Jack Simmons
Jack Simmons Pred 2 leti
This has to be one of the most underrated series currently on youtube!!
Kurt Buschtire
Kurt Buschtire Pred 2 leti
Behz West ham won 1-2 against Southampton AWAY!!😁 Edit:It was today
noobtraymaster E
noobtraymaster E Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas Behz 🎅🎅🎅
Clueless Cookie
Clueless Cookie Pred 2 leti
6/10 threat ?!?!?!?!
Mokilous Pred 2 leti
Dear Ethan, I'm releasing a diss track in a week or so,so can you reply with the sidemen and diss me cause I got 2 almost ready. from Uganda knuckles!
Euann AC
Euann AC Pred 2 leti
Tom Harland
Tom Harland Pred 2 leti
Sidemates Vs sidemen 6 a side video
Q17 M24
Q17 M24 Pred 2 leti
When did glander start playing for hashtag🤨
YoungManJosh Pred 2 leti
ur face look like if its getting old
Akeil John
Akeil John Pred 2 leti
Behz when you're interviewing your teammates yeah..give them a chance to talk will ya😂😂
Ben Longacre
Ben Longacre Pred 2 leti
FIFA 19 play through gonna happen ever?
Jessica Elle
Jessica Elle Pred 2 leti
Yay season 3!
Triscia C
Triscia C Pred 2 leti
Happy Holidays AFC Sidemates and everyone!
Blu Brin
Blu Brin Pred 2 leti
I like ben.you should make him eat the chips everytime he didn't score in a game.just a nibble
alex kirby
alex kirby Pred 2 leti
Play Palmers FC
El-Kadur Acosta
El-Kadur Acosta Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas from the Dominican Republic. Question: What kind of cam do you use to record all the action?
Mahaair Ahmed
Mahaair Ahmed Pred 2 leti
77-91-10 64894763 Mr Mahaair Ahmed Feel free to send me money 💰
Danilo Sarić
Danilo Sarić Pred 2 leti
3:58 guy in the back is neymar
QazxedQ Pred 2 leti
I got a SDMN hoodie for Christmas, thank you
Visal San
Visal San Pred 2 leti
worse than Brazil vs Germany, LOL!!!
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis Pred 2 leti
Behz with the spooderman memes! Damn! What a way to end Christmas on.
Reece Raeburn
Reece Raeburn Pred 2 leti
I love coming home from school on Mondays so I can watch sidemates
Runa Fox
Runa Fox Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas especially to Alfie!
KimJun Posibl
KimJun Posibl Pred 2 leti
That alfie guy is pretty good!🤔
KimJun Posibl
KimJun Posibl Pred 2 leti
Dope video😂
Why is alfie so good
Harri Worthing
Harri Worthing Pred 2 leti
Need to make 2 divisions !!!
Shey Patel
Shey Patel Pred 2 leti
The game doesn't start till 9 mins in👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
J J Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas
Toby H
Toby H Pred 2 leti
Put the nandos in the videos!
kartel forrester
kartel forrester Pred 2 leti
merry Christmas
BALON Plus Pred 2 leti
We have to organize a friendly against Sidemen and BalziBlu FC...Cheers fromt Italy, come to find our Sunday League series too...
Graham Webb
Graham Webb Pred 2 leti
merry christmas behz and sidemates :)
jose quinonez
jose quinonez Pred 2 leti
How tf does this league start again so soon lol
Michel Dagenais
Michel Dagenais Pred 2 leti
The start of each video should be called: "What ya reckon?"
Ellie Oconnor
Ellie Oconnor Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas Behz
temoc anguiano
temoc anguiano Pred 2 leti
I know this is just Five a side but man alfie should try for some club teams he is a sick player
Dylan Mountain
Dylan Mountain Pred 2 leti
"lets keep it the same as what we was doing" but changes it up completely, if the mans on a hattrick dont bring him off keep him going
Jackwestonplays 123
You should ask the right boot guy to join your team
sophie bingham
sophie bingham Pred 2 leti
Please film as much as possible even nandos x
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Pred 2 leti
Benz Congrats on 3M Merry Christmas enjoy your present from all of us 3M
shelim6 Pred 2 leti
Alfie is a beast, I actually predicted him getting 4 before the game started!!! BOOOOM!!
Carter Reilly
Carter Reilly Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas all 🎄 Have a great time!
Conor Sinclair
Conor Sinclair Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas sidemates here’s to 3 seasons in a row
Paul T
Paul T Pred 2 leti
Right boot here. I’ve handed in a transfer request
SoldierDemps Pred 2 leti
Why when i watch these guys play do i feel like my team would fucking rip them apart but at the same time i get the feeling if we actually played sidemates team we’d get destroyed.. they have me so confused 😂
Your_Dad_Gay_LOL ?
Your_Dad_Gay_LOL ? Pred 2 leti
Is it just me or does Glander look like Timo Werner
Dylan Hughes
Dylan Hughes Pred 2 leti
Who else can't sleep....lol
Fabulous Florian
Fabulous Florian Pred 2 leti
Behz is injured more than Andy Carroll 😂
Born 2 Game
Born 2 Game Pred 2 leti
With results like that you guys are gonna be piling on the weight and making some teams leave the league! Get in the AFCSidemates. Merry Christmas lads :D
Harry Pred 2 leti
Easy win :)
Ibrahim Pred 2 leti
the guy who does the team talks looks like Timo Werner like if you agree
Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor Pred 2 leti
Is Glander Ollie whites brother
Gael Alejo
Gael Alejo Pred 2 leti
Kathy Saville
Kathy Saville Pred 2 leti
Alfie looks so young and shy
Justin Miller
Justin Miller Pred 2 leti
I know I'm not the only one that heard bez say cumm on the boys
Jamie Manning
Jamie Manning Pred 2 leti
7:20 he packed 84 davinson sanchez hes 30k thats so good
Jamie Manning
Jamie Manning Pred 2 leti
Watch the 2 kids in the background when hes talking to ben before the game 😂😂 btw merry xmas 🎄🎄🎄
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 leti
10:40 that pass was MAAAADDDD 6-0? First half? Wicked. 12:55 OOOOOOOO 14:04 loving this sportsmanship
joseph waldock
joseph waldock Pred 2 leti
Does Glander own an iron
Adsennapati Satya
Adsennapati Satya Pred 2 leti
When is Ethan gonna play?
SP TRIVEDI Pred 2 leti
hi, just wanted to wish everyone a merry xmas and happy holidays 😁 oh and im also gonna start uploading new videos from next month so it would be awesome if you could subscribe to my channel. thanks 😊
Will Warren
Will Warren Pred 2 leti
You're getting gassed when you're playing against beer bellies
Alex Buchanan
Alex Buchanan Pred 2 leti
Let’s win this season BOYS!!!!
RedBurnZa Pred 2 leti
Jordan used to work in IT at my secondary school🤣legend
Louie Smith
Louie Smith Pred 2 leti
i swear the season just finished?
charlie howe
charlie howe Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas
Ziok Pred 2 leti
Come on u ions ❤️
No Pred 2 leti
Film Nando’s more
Andre Yael
Andre Yael Pred 2 leti
like- if Behzinga is going to have a six pack😎
Howitbe Pred 2 leti
How many days a week do most of your players play/train football
Andre Yael
Andre Yael Pred 2 leti
Hey lads
Joe Calver
Joe Calver Pred 2 leti
Woah who's that peng kid behind Ben Louis absolutely mug off that weird kid
Parth Shah
Parth Shah Pred 2 leti
Merry xmas from Australia
Mistaa Ali
Mistaa Ali Pred 2 leti
AFC side mates need to vs Arsenal fan tv FC 😂😂😂
Grace Woolven
Grace Woolven Pred 2 leti
3:44 look in the background GO ON HARVEY Skills much 💙❤️💙
Balázs Magyar
Balázs Magyar Pred 2 leti
Merry Cristmas Sidemates!
Luke Hornett
Luke Hornett Pred 2 leti
When the fuck does Ethan play is he injured
BEATTIE Pred 2 leti
C’mon you Sidmates!!!!!!!!
sam holmes
sam holmes Pred 2 leti
The other team were definitely on the piss last night
Spitzy Pred 2 leti
My Christmas lads and ladetts in the comments, I'm a miserable bastard but even if u don't celebrate Christmas be thankful for the family and friends you're surrounded by 💙
Rupture Zone
Rupture Zone Pred 2 leti
Luppo Pred 2 leti
Is this the same pitch SV2's team play at??
Ffion Sheppard
Ffion Sheppard Pred 2 leti
Jonathan Nolan-caffrey
Merry Christmas everyone
jens heidar
jens heidar Pred 2 leti
Love it
Rosie Johnson
Rosie Johnson Pred 2 leti
Merry Crimbo my AFC Sidewatchers🥰🤨
Benjamin Amissah
Benjamin Amissah Pred 2 leti
Can't wait till Ethan plays again
McSorley FC
McSorley FC Pred 2 leti
At the start I thought this was going to be a ‘best of afc sidemates 2018’ vid but I’m happy it’s not tbh
Rob Hart
Rob Hart Pred 2 leti
Nothing could have made my Christmas Eve better
excuse my fortnite pfp
Game starts 9:06 thank me later
DSV Pred 2 leti
Intro was almost 9 minutes long !!!!
Ayoub Pred 2 leti
When talking to your team as a leader look them in the eye glander that'll give them courage and steong belief in you
Carl Mcconville
Carl Mcconville Pred 2 leti
Should try get nandos to sponcer you
Abdulla Abu Odeh
Abdulla Abu Odeh Pred 2 leti
Okay please tell me im not the only guy who thinks alfie is shit at football but has the finishing of a god
Juliana Hilliard
Juliana Hilliard Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas and great start to a new season boys
h4rrison Ll0yd
h4rrison Ll0yd Pred 2 leti
Rhys Loxton
Rhys Loxton Pred 2 leti
Merry Christmas Behz and everyone reading this
Rylee mw
Rylee mw Pred 2 leti
Alfie needs scouted hahah quality player
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