Awkward Interview vs Elz The Witch 

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12. dec. 2020

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Alhan Gencay
Alhan Gencay Pred dnevom
The amount of people i bangged out in the shower
asap abz
asap abz Pred 2 dnevi
behz on the shagnum. big up
Funny Odd Bro
Funny Odd Bro Pred 5 dnevi
7:23 I can feel his pain saying this, knowing that he's in the friendzone
Gabriel Pred 6 dnevi
6:33 loool 😂😂😂
Gabriel Pred 6 dnevi
This interview is so awkward it’s great 😂😂
Drew Pred 7 dnevi
my girl does the notes thing too, pulls her phone out mid argument & just goes ham LMAO I stand no chance lads
Supreme Pokhrel
Supreme Pokhrel Pred 8 dnevi
Now they're datin
Valon Velija
Valon Velija Pred 11 dnevi
I really want them to be together
cameron dewar
cameron dewar Pred 12 dnevi
couple goals
Ferne Welby
Ferne Welby Pred 12 dnevi
is it just me or bez and elz are gonna be a thing
Yung Tamz
Yung Tamz Pred 14 dnevi
behz was holding a magnum bro wtf lolololololololololol
c Pred 14 dnevi
4:23- Captions ON ~ "so i sort of r*ped myself"
georgia willows
georgia willows Pred 15 dnevi
Has anybody clocked Ethans lazy eye
simona sykova
simona sykova Pred 15 dnevi
desperate,stupid questions from desperate,stupid people . P.S loners
Huh Huh
Huh Huh Pred 16 dnevi
Alternative title : *Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend QnA*
Skiperoni Pred 17 dnevi
Speaking outloud to yourself is actually normal and healthy, alot, ALOT of people do that
Jordan Milnes
Jordan Milnes Pred 18 dnevi
If Westham won the league I’m knee sliding with you #coyi
Dylan Forsyth
Dylan Forsyth Pred 18 dnevi
Behzinga drinking magnum... hmmmmmm kinda sus
Alex Bougas
Alex Bougas Pred 20 dnevi
9:50 someone got frustrated and had a LOT of eye contact
jen macmiller
jen macmiller Pred 21 dnevom
u need to dye ur hair brown
Alfie Morris
Alfie Morris Pred 21 dnevom
12:48 that voice crack😂😂
Indi Singh
Indi Singh Pred 22 dnevi
You are nice as well as beautiful, really beautiful woman, but clear that I would say bullshit, it is obvious that you are beautiful every time to look at, but really, your great sympathy strikes me, cheerfulness, there is not a moment when you don't make me smile. So thank you very much and keep it up, you are beautiful, very good and very kind. I hug you virtually.
Keagan Rayne Kirsten
Keagan Rayne Kirsten Pred 22 dnevi
He's never gonna toss that salad, is he?
Flopster2632 Pred 22 dnevi
What’s the craziest thing you have done alone “I talk to myself” We all do that (I mean why do you thoughts have a voice and who’s voice is it, yeah can’t answer that one can ya) we all truly know it’s stick a finger up ya bum
xo_sky_blue_xo Pred 22 dnevi
Behz is deffo more attractive than AJ
Melody Milton
Melody Milton Pred 24 dnevi
I’ve had the pause the video HALLELUJAH someone else narrates their day I always thought it was me being a weirdo
Jasman singh
Jasman singh Pred 24 dnevi
You can see the awkwardness In behz's face on lauren alexis questions 🤨 she always on his mind
Dreet45 Pred 25 dnevi
They r perfect for each other
Tara Hughes
Tara Hughes Pred 25 dnevi
Mummy behz....asking the question we all wanted to know!
Sterl Soli
Sterl Soli Pred 25 dnevi
I would have liked it if one of the questions were about elz fr and the fish and Behz slowly yanked them off and the camera. Its then we just head noises
Tom Holt
Tom Holt Pred 26 dnevi
He wants to pork
iam deku
iam deku Pred 26 dnevi
my manz was sweating!!!!!!!! look at that shiny forehead lol
Lacey Yasmin
Lacey Yasmin Pred 26 dnevi
The argument in the shower is so true
Lacey Yasmin
Lacey Yasmin Pred 26 dnevi
Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins Pred 26 dnevi
Behz loves AJ
Paulo Gerard Pulumbarit
The “fantastic save” bit! For the win!
lakai madourie
lakai madourie Pred 27 dnevi
Behz feeling dangerous in this vid
Maki Tesovic
Maki Tesovic Pred 28 dnevi
down atrocious
K1TV Pred 28 dnevi
Momma behz
K1TV Pred 28 dnevi
In the express vpn clip berzinga looks like a hooligan
Niyaz Ahmed
Niyaz Ahmed Pred 28 dnevi
I can't be the only one that got startled by the loud af DING near the beginning of the video... or maybe it was the angle of my speakers idk
khaled aldoraee
khaled aldoraee Pred 28 dnevi
Tommy Garrett-Hammond
Tommy Garrett-Hammond Pred 28 dnevi
8:02 😂😂😂
Valentin Azmi
Valentin Azmi Pred 28 dnevi
6:09 That is a fantastic save! XD
Liam Haasnoot
Liam Haasnoot Pred 28 dnevi
6:34 had me dying
Reeces channel
Reeces channel Pred 28 dnevi
Benz new gf ??
50% OFF
50% OFF Pred 29 dnevi
Shes alright u know I mean the kfc top is an eh but still she rocking it well
Kieran 12038
Kieran 12038 Pred 29 dnevi
4:30 i do the exact same thing. i narrate my day if no one is around, i know im mental but i do it anyway
Krishna Mahale
Krishna Mahale Pred mesecem
Cats can make a man do crazy things.
Magnus Ehlers Schleimann
dialog aka subscribe to her onlyfans
Magnus Ehlers Schleimann
that is a fantastic save hahahhahahahaha
OnlyJustGaming Pred mesecem
elz or lauren tho?
Nicholas Goodey
Nicholas Goodey Pred mesecem
Man is drinking a magnum...damn Behz is going in
A A Pred mesecem
Is no one gunna mention him having a magnum 😂
Josh Maguire
Josh Maguire Pred mesecem
The AJ thing had me dead 😂💀
Tom O'Leary
Tom O'Leary Pred mesecem
Everyone acts out arguments and conversations
ZARAR SHAH Pred mesecem
5:44 he went from ice to ssssun
8DAudio&More Pred mesecem
the fact he turned so quick when she said lauren alexis
UnknXwn_Prospect Pred mesecem
5:39 watch his face go from normal to red after the camera cuts to the next clip hahahahaha
jodie blackmore
jodie blackmore Pred mesecem
I hadn't noticed it haha
Master of everything
The argument thing that elz said, I used to do that but like ages after the argument I would come up with the comeback of the year and obviously not get to say it
Hasnain Vlogs
Hasnain Vlogs Pred mesecem
West Ham is 4th bez what’s gonna happen now
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll Pred mesecem
Alls im sayin is ethans sippin a maggy there🤷‍♂️things may of lifted😂😂
Andrew Howe
Andrew Howe Pred mesecem
we saying nothing ab him drinking magnum?
Aesha Fazli
Aesha Fazli Pred mesecem
yes the shower thing is real!
Alex Pred mesecem
This needed background music😂
Hudson Delaney
Hudson Delaney Pred mesecem
If papa behz doesn’t pork I am going to be disappointed
Revan Pred mesecem
I'm watching this for the fifth time and still so hilarious
Jonathan Atanasov
Jonathan Atanasov Pred mesecem
mhhhhh...... Behz really needs to get laid
jims0udis Pred mesecem
Els didn't like Adama are you serious?
That Honest Lad
That Honest Lad Pred mesecem
Bonnie n Clyde right here.
H Pred mesecem
Ethan's acting a little different around her. That definitely means something 😍🤣
AR Pred mesecem
I’m gunna be real Elz the witch looks beautiful
Daniel Bacon
Daniel Bacon Pred mesecem
Bez mate.ask her out lad.she would say yes gezza
shannonc97 Pred mesecem
I think she likes him, her body language says it all 🤭
Me_Williston Pred mesecem
that is a fantastic save 6:33 hahahha
Geekdout_Gaming Pred mesecem
Rate that behz has a magnum
Tom Ragnarson
Tom Ragnarson Pred mesecem
Why you got a Maggie in your hand eh behz, getting that tonic wine in for the porkin 😂
Joe Whittle
Joe Whittle Pred mesecem
Brother go the magnum to get him hyped up
The Batman
The Batman Pred mesecem
If anyone can read body language. Do a video on this please
The Batman
The Batman Pred mesecem
Ah,the boyfriend test is what's happening here.
Richie Gibson
Richie Gibson Pred mesecem
Guys bhez had the magnum, if you know you know!
Yvng K1
Yvng K1 Pred mesecem
Chheeeezz man back the maggy on deck 🚶🏾‍♂️😭😭😭😭
Marius Nerkvern
Marius Nerkvern Pred mesecem
Elz be thinking I think you are more attractive than AJ 😭 I swear man
Christian Cook
Christian Cook Pred mesecem
Sippin on a magnum😂😂
Hishaam Ahmad
Hishaam Ahmad Pred mesecem
Ethan’s such a lad he saved my dog from drowning in the sea
Hello There
Hello There Pred mesecem
can confirm, was the sand
Karthik Saravanan
Karthik Saravanan Pred mesecem
can confirm I was the sea
Rez1k Pred mesecem
Can confirm I was the dog
PlayStation EU
PlayStation EU Pred mesecem
Why’s he flexing that magnum haha 🇯🇲
John Pred mesecem
Elz and Behz : The Witch and The Wizard
Baran Erdogan
Baran Erdogan Pred mesecem
Y'all be fuckin, huh?
Jake Lee Taylor
Jake Lee Taylor Pred mesecem
Won a like from me when he said he’d pork Lauren alexis
ItsJustMonique Pred mesecem
Ehehe why's she keep fiddling 😏😏😏
George Judge
George Judge Pred mesecem
even ethans mum is tryna help him shoot his shot ffs
George Judge
George Judge Pred mesecem
more chemistry than bogs 195 fut draft
Captain Cymshot
Captain Cymshot Pred mesecem
moma behz comes in clutch
Blast Pred mesecem
That look elz and behz gave was madd at the very start of the video, just watch it back
hen Pred mesecem
oh yes he's got the magnum, thats why he's the best sideman. Sat next to a mini fridge full of the fuckers rn, love bro💕
aoife ward
aoife ward Pred mesecem
i ship them
Matty G
Matty G Pred mesecem
It hurts how much they like each other
Diesle Boutkaska
Diesle Boutkaska Pred mesecem
Just gotta go for her brother
Ahmet Tempz
Ahmet Tempz Pred mesecem
pree behz with the maggy 😅👀 #dirtydog 😂
Aaron Nerella
Aaron Nerella Pred mesecem
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is this what i think it is
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