Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL? 

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Cake decorating is an art. It takes HOURS for people to decorate a cake. I mean, I can't be the only person to sit down for one How To Cake It video only to look up and realise it has been 5 hours, right? Well, that's not what today's episode is about. It is actually about Miley Cyrus and that time she stole a cake design. No really. It got me wondering if, like art of other forms, you can copyright a cake design. Well Theorists, it's about to get LEGAL!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Schyler Martin, and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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28. nov. 2020

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Hzz !
Hzz ! Pred 51 minuto
I only clicked on this because my sisters cake was the exact unicorn cake in the thumbnail. I don't want to go to jail...
Dairy Pred 13 urami
her name is "the sweet feminist" what do you expect
Bigger Bruh
Bigger Bruh Pred 17 urami
i just want some cake man );
David Jones
David Jones Pred 17 urami
Poor cake being licked by Miley
lolly yolo
lolly yolo Pred 18 urami
I understand being upset at someone copying your stuff but seriously? it's such a plain cake! it's just a solid colour, sprinkles, and a message. whether 'thesweetfeminist' realises it or not, she's trying to copyright a message as explained in the video. so as a "self taught baker" with "passion" you'd expect her to take that into consideration as she's saying others cannot try and do their own thing mixing baking with messages and she's the only one allowed to do that so basically restricting a message and not allowing people to spread it, so glad that messages aren't copyright able and that this argument didn't go further cause that could've set a horrific dominoe effect restricting all sorts of free speech and messages.
Andrew Croft
Andrew Croft Pred dnevom
Leftist tactics are funny. They always announce something is a "human right" or "healthcare" but never actually explain how. Very disingenuous and cheap tactic of basically trying to portray anyone who is against you as inherently evil. Once someone can explain to me why killing babies is healthcare I'll listen.
BubsBeSnappin YT
BubsBeSnappin YT Pred dnevom
so murder is healthcare now? strange
Una Stephenson
Una Stephenson Pred 2 dnevi
Mr Dood
Mr Dood Pred 2 dnevi
so is the whole "in a story" thing why you have to sift through all that backstory stuff every time you find a recipe online? They're aggressively trying to copyright the recipes they share with the world?
Curtis Eisenbeis
Curtis Eisenbeis Pred 2 dnevi
LOL I copy right breathing.
Kieran O'lafferty
Kieran O'lafferty Pred 3 dnevi
By contrast, marks & Spencer is currently suing aldi for copying their 'Colin the caterpillar' by claiming that the cake is protected under copyright as Colin is a recognisable character, they're not trying to claim the type of cake as their own, only the similarity of the toppings etc
Simmone Davis
Simmone Davis Pred 3 dnevi
Trey Songz is not a rapper, he's a singer. But ok
tutacat Pred 3 dnevi
gene patents shouldnt even be allowed as patents HUMAN MILK IS PATENTED!!!
Jackson Quarles
Jackson Quarles Pred 4 dnevi
Matpat if you really want to make that shirt and sell it go to a con and do that it’s not legal if you seek a trademarked thing at a con
Keeper0fmyHEART Pred 4 dnevi
The cake maker also needs to pay the US Supreme Court for the use of the phrase as they used it in the Roe v Wade decision to justify the legality of abortions. So not only can she not copyright her cake but she didn't author the statement. Thats why nothing has been heard about it since the original posts.
Stampybot56 Pred 4 dnevi
10:43 what about the name Josh©
Milkshake Draws
Milkshake Draws Pred 4 dnevi
Yuuup, that’s a trademarked word.
Ultimate Noob
Ultimate Noob Pred 4 dnevi
Came here during the Colin vs Cuthbert UK catterpillar cake fiasco........ not filling me with confidence for the little guy here......
GWCinstitute Pred 4 dnevi
4:35, when he says "computer software," he shows a logo of Windows 10... as if Windows 10 really needed copyright because no one is going to bother copying that piece of crap. Lol. 😂
BWM96 Pred 5 dnevi
You know I might agree that Miley ripped off that cake if that cake was original. I've seen birthday cakes at stores that look exactly like that and someone getting upset over it is just ridiculous.
Kid Chaor
Kid Chaor Pred 5 dnevi
The cake is a lie
Woolytop Pred 5 dnevi
From the sound of things, I feel like... I'd buy it, if someone from the advertising team said, "I honest-to-god thought of the cake with the message myself and had no idea about the other one", and they decided to just credit thesweetfeminist because they figured it wouldn't be as bad a look as just telling her to go jump off a bridge; kind of like when a cashier just pushes a coupon or sale through on an item that it doesn't apply to because it's easier than fighting with the customer about it.
19 of 50 characters
19 of 50 characters Pred 5 dnevi
All these theories are just too interesting lol but to me the whole cake thing kinda petty tho with the compensation, it's not like the cake is unique in some way :/
OK Lemons
OK Lemons Pred 5 dnevi
Theory: Game Theory is the big brother that has gone pro, Film Theory is the middle child who doesn't get as much attention but deserves more, Food Theory is the new born who everyone is watching because they are new and awesome
weeb gamer1517
weeb gamer1517 Pred 6 dnevi
6:55 *Kakyoin has joined the chat*
ashleyofoz Pred 6 dnevi
To say that ‘obviously’ Miley’s team took inspiration from the sweet feminist is just...so dumb. There’s literally nothing unique or creative about the design that indicates it. Seen that exact cake with different words at a bunch of stores - which I know is the point of the video. But mat’s line implies that even tho the cake isn’t copyrightable, it was an obvious rip off of HER cake. Which I doubt. Because it’s the most basic of designs ever. There’s nothing unique about it.
Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins Pred 6 dnevi
Matpat: Can a cake be copyrighted? Me: No, the cake is not a work of art, and recipes can't be copyrighted. Matpat: So it's not a copyright violation, but could it be a trademark? Me: No, both are examples of political expression, not business. Matpat: So it can't be copyrighted either. Come on now, I took ONE class on business law. This should be common knowledge.
Julian Villicana
Julian Villicana Pred 6 dnevi
I am gonna eat my cake
Evolved Copper
Evolved Copper Pred 6 dnevi
I've never seen someone so unhappy about having their mesage agreed with and spread to a large audience 😐
Bee Keeping
Bee Keeping Pred 6 dnevi
Your channels dying.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
D Sanchack
D Sanchack Pred 6 dnevi
The cake is a lie!
jan tokarski
jan tokarski Pred 6 dnevi
im litteraly eating a cake right now when THIS popped up on my main youtube page.....
Kraxos sl
Kraxos sl Pred 7 dnevi
I'm convinced this entire channel is just an excuse for Matpat to get all the food puns in his brain out
illdreamer Pred 7 dnevi
ok... right... yeah matpat, im packing for the corporate holocaust right now. time to change em
DJDashie Pred 7 dnevi
Man I can’t even eat cake without politics being involved
froggy gun
froggy gun Pred 7 dnevi
Your pc is illegal. Has a keyboard. Desktop and a computer tower. Your copying everyone. Even your house is illegal. OR your bread toast.
ChaoticJexak Pred 7 dnevi
this needs a sequel going over colin and cuthbert
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison Pred 7 dnevi
That’s not exactly a creative cake. That’s a VERY basic design
Sophie Cox
Sophie Cox Pred 7 dnevi
what in the name of God have you done now REALLY not now not ever
Wyatt Nance
Wyatt Nance Pred 8 dnevi
I love how apolotical Matt is in his videos
Ariah Purdy
Ariah Purdy Pred 8 dnevi
If everything is made of cake except for the arguments does that mean that you're a talking moving cake? Conspiracy theories the reason why he doesn't show himself often and uses a picture of him moving is because he's actually cake.
toothgate Club
toothgate Club Pred 8 dnevi
You should do music theory or book theory
Shark Does Stuff
Shark Does Stuff Pred 8 dnevi
Anyone else just mad about what was on the cake
lazrpo Pred 8 dnevi
No - it's not the subject of the video anyway.
electric pug
electric pug Pred 8 dnevi
mochibunnyan Pred 8 dnevi
So that’s why Mr. Krabs was so protective over the Krabby Patty Secret formula
charlie GRP Dixon
charlie GRP Dixon Pred 9 dnevi
"can you copyright a cake" tell that to marks and Spencer who have taken Aldi/Lidl (can't remember which but they're basically the same) to court over a caterpillar cake
Crafty With Jacob
Crafty With Jacob Pred 9 dnevi
Colors, words, and now cake?! Nothing is safe from copyright now.
This is the greatest username of all time.
She should change her name to thesourkaren
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson Pred 9 dnevi
Copyright as an idea itself is bullshit. I don't care if miley copied someone else's cake. I'll copy her fucking music
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson Pred 9 dnevi
I refuse to acknowledge or respect ownership of ideas or patterns. You can not own ideas and patterns you can only own physical objects.
connor schooley
connor schooley Pred 9 dnevi
You should do a follow up with m and s and aulid here in the uk
MaxAttack38 Pred 9 dnevi
Why is everyone saying she wanted to sue? If you listen to what matpat says he says that its her FOLLOWERS who wanted her to sue.
Buer Pred 9 dnevi
I'm a coffee cake and I approve this message
Angelo morgos
Angelo morgos Pred 10 dnevi
It's getting rediculas
Metroid4ever Pred 10 dnevi
"Is your cake illegal?" No, but it might be a lie.
sara Pred 11 dnevi
that cake is so basic I doubt anyone thought twice about it being store-bought
Leung Hiu Ching Oriana
I miss Cake Boss. 08:32 It's easy to find one similar one in Asia.
Michael Pred 11 dnevi
8:50 Five years from now, that cake hedgehog is the main character of a popular children's cartoon. It gets interesting enough that we get a film theory on it. Two years later, the deep lore of the newly released video game spin-off merits a game theory, making this hedgehog the first character to feature on all three channels in the inverse order of their creation.
Constantine Ergius
Constantine Ergius Pred 11 dnevi
will never be safe for the child
Roman Griffith
Roman Griffith Pred 11 dnevi
Hot dogs are tacos
Alim Yiğit Saraç
Alim Yiğit Saraç Pred 11 dnevi
They Always Say; The Cake is a lie! The Cake is a lie! The Cake is a lie! 😅🙂😕😟🙄😳😳😳
Webasaurus Pred 12 dnevi
I love watching these video at 1am
Max Sawdust
Max Sawdust Pred 12 dnevi
Seeing this reminds me of the ‘Cuthbert vs Colin the caterpillar’ stuff going on in the UK right now. I’d love to see a video on this
hysterï Pred 12 dnevi
10:04 yes
hysterï Pred 12 dnevi
3:54 I don’t know if it’s because of me being sleep deprived, but that was beautiful.
Platinum ninja Gaming
Platinum ninja Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
Copyright is a really dumb thing sometimes I’m talking about the intro for yup and 20 percent of the human genome
Aayan's Creative Lab
Aayan's Creative Lab Pred 12 dnevi
I’m hungry for this
Aayan's Creative Lab
Aayan's Creative Lab Pred 12 dnevi
Loves this channel
Atmac Pred 13 dnevi
I 100% woke up this morning with intention of watching a video about cake law, I just didn’t know it.
Summer Hart
Summer Hart Pred 13 dnevi
Theory in the USA I love that so much
W Pred 13 dnevi
Hot take: (don't attack me) I agree with the cakes message
DisguisedNinjas Pred 13 dnevi
If a procedure or list of instructions isn't copyrightable, how is software copyrightable? It's a series of basic instructions for a processor. What makes software copyrightable but not recipes?
soupysketches Pred 14 dnevi
I mean. Yeah. It’s not very unbelievable. At all.
Paul Lavoie
Paul Lavoie Pred 14 dnevi
It's more then ridiculous.
Caffeinated Loser
Caffeinated Loser Pred 14 dnevi
Who’s here after Colin vs Cuthbert?
Jonah Schwandt
Jonah Schwandt Pred 15 dnevi
Abortion=not healthcare, life destroying. (Everyone has there own opinion, just putting it out there. I have no authority over anyone)
Vallahd Sacretor
Vallahd Sacretor Pred 15 dnevi
Oh no. A spiteful feminist decided to try to push for excessive punishment and got stopped by actual laws despite the media propping it up. Tragic, truly.
Secretly A Cat
Secretly A Cat Pred 15 dnevi
Suing over a cake would be f*cking dumb too
Donut Knight
Donut Knight Pred 15 dnevi
9:07 inedible you say, I accept your challenge.
darth_poges_vader Pred 15 dnevi
now we have "did disney steal nemo"
Ogkgt Pred 15 dnevi
This happens with nails (simplynailogical) fashion (dollskill forever21 etc) and fortnite as stated. as much as the internet has helped small artists express themselves and gain exposure it also gives way for things to get replicated. Like literally every.single.thing.🤔
UniCookie10 Cookie
UniCookie10 Cookie Pred 15 dnevi
Esha G
Esha G Pred 15 dnevi
Rea-Holloway was being idiotic here, it’s a very simple design and Miley GAVE her credit, she even apologized! It really ticks me off, trying to get money from Miley is pathetic, people probably did the same design thousands of times before Rea-Holloway did.
Fady Mehany
Fady Mehany Pred 16 dnevi
you have a beautiful voice ever thought of creating a song??
islizhere Pred 16 dnevi
0:55 Jokes on you Matpat, I woke up fifteen minutes ago
Alex Carpenter
Alex Carpenter Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Matpat, do I have permission to make a game theory subscribe to game theory cake? Please
Dis posable
Dis posable Pred 16 dnevi
*So apparently killing babies is healthcare...*
electric pug
electric pug Pred 8 dnevi
Aut Pred 11 dnevi
It is to people who listen to the MSM
Ronnetta Bell
Ronnetta Bell Pred 16 dnevi
All this deep diving, and he doesn’t know Trey Song is a singer not a rapper.
Bryan Curdi
Bryan Curdi Pred 16 dnevi
I love the show Nailed It
Isaac Lyons
Isaac Lyons Pred 16 dnevi
#Free Cuthbert™
Sir Hu
Sir Hu Pred 16 dnevi
Prisoner name: MatPat Reason for arrest: Consumption of copyrighted cake
USEDLIFE Pred 17 dnevi
Just another example of a nobody trying to get rich quick off of a famous person or company/franchise. America the land of opportunity and lawsuit culture, made worse ever since 2000... I do enjoy all the snowflakes that feel entitled, like they are special and the world owes them. Hey MAT there's your 4th channel Life theory!
Chelsea Pred 17 dnevi
sarah rodriguez
sarah rodriguez Pred 17 dnevi
All ready new the storage wars one 8tz my fav show
Eshan Ramteke
Eshan Ramteke Pred 17 dnevi
what would truly be the best color if you had to do the one color challenge your whole life
Cooper Tebay
Cooper Tebay Pred 17 dnevi
I voted for bieden me no leave
Bexie N
Bexie N Pred 17 dnevi
Ha I'm here during the "Collin vs Cuthbert debacle"
assassino pesce
assassino pesce Pred 17 dnevi
When he says it was copyright Me: *WHEZZ*
The NEPatriot Kid
The NEPatriot Kid Pred 18 dnevi
Abortion isn’t health care and planned parenthood kills babies.
GAVIN WILKINS Pred 18 dnevi
So I can’t have a cake or even eat it
Chris Giancaspro
Chris Giancaspro Pred 18 dnevi
the theory in the USA line makes me wanna make an actual song of that