Cutting The KD10 Shoe in Half With What's Inside? / KD YouTube Live LA 

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Get to find out 'What's Inside' the K10 with the guys from What's Inside and special guest Leo Chang, who's been designing my Nike shoes with me for 10 years. Live from SLtv LA in VR180.
Subscribe to my channel for more: bit.ly/2tXIGi7
Check out more from What's Inside, including their trip to Nike HQ to see all my shoes:
What's Inside: sltv.info



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Tony Brougham
Tony Brougham Pred letom
Why is it so dark
Judah Hall
Judah Hall Pred letom
You on the nets
Gogo Juju
Gogo Juju Pred letom
You know KD pissed when that kid scored on him
I like this how you can move it
Goat KD7
Goat KD7 Pred letom
The successor
Louis Freudenburg
no close up of the shoe cut open?
perkzie Pred letom
Who else is here after Lincoln’s voice is different?
Noah Reinsch
Noah Reinsch Pred 2 leti
Bro ur my favorite basketball 🏀 player I watch your games all the time I’m your biggest fan
A4MIR GAMING Pred 2 leti
Hello durant are you real youtuber or its just a face picture
AviaRalph Pred 2 leti
Got the kd trey five v
Jason Malveda
Jason Malveda Pred 2 leti
The only thing that i appreciate on KD right now, is he really support the youtube and the creators!
Duong dinh
Duong dinh Pred 2 leti
I know it's not feel right saying this ,and he just a kid and stuff, but i wanna slap Lincoln in the face
Aaron Gross
Aaron Gross Pred 2 leti
Kd be in another movie please
Zee Voila
Zee Voila Pred 3 leti
Are you gonna give him a new one
Ghian Plays
Ghian Plays Pred 3 leti
Kd make kd11 whats inside edition
Cole Willie G
Cole Willie G Pred 3 leti
Was that swoozie at the beginning?
Jae'Von Pred 3 leti
4:42 pause
Prince Zuko
Prince Zuko Pred 3 leti
2018 all stars game LeBron MVP no hate but u still worriers MVP but not as good as LeBron James keep up the good work
mdub1303 Pred 3 leti
Aaron Lister
Aaron Lister Pred 3 leti
Thanks for being a good sport KD low key they were a lil disrespectful but good sport hahaha
The Goat
The Goat Pred 3 leti
Poor KD feeling awkward
M Is the name
M Is the name Pred 3 leti
Next to this guy kd looks huuuuuge !! 😳
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark Pred 3 leti
kD should have blocked Lincoln's dumbass
Resonant Gaming
Resonant Gaming Pred 3 leti
kid is so anoyying
Rishav Pred 3 leti
Kd can u like this comment
Stephen Densmore
Stephen Densmore Pred 3 leti
That Rob Zombie t-shirt is badass!
nblade66 Pred 3 leti
all those years of looking at stereoscopic images for fun are finally paying off! lol
Courtney Van
Courtney Van Pred 3 leti
im quite disappointed bc i live oklahoma and he left thunder which makes me a bit sad
Noah_Seaman12 Pred 3 leti
Be PF for the Cavs
#Lan Sign
#Lan Sign Pred 3 leti
quite nice. but how come the shoe always hates KD.
Kenneth Pred 3 leti
kd is a basketball player, youtuber, rapper, actor. what's next? haha dont you have a girlfriend
Raffy Lacuesta
Raffy Lacuesta Pred 3 leti
I love. KD SHOES..
javier barchino
javier barchino Pred 3 leti
It hurts 😭
ItzKamilo Pred 3 leti
Honestly this kid is cringy
TTVdatboydj Pred 3 leti
I love your shoes you are the best
Jaden Schwarz
Jaden Schwarz Pred 3 leti
that kid is so cringe
Daniel Lanzas
Daniel Lanzas Pred 3 leti
KD was not trying in that challenge
Greek Freak Matt #ballislife
I eish I could come see u play one day
ImRazi Pred 3 leti
Kd is the best in the nba right now in my opinion 🔥🏀
Astrid_MXz Pred 3 leti
This was recorded on a nokia
FilmedByMeek Pred 3 leti
Cuuuuuuup cakkkkkkke
FilmedByMeek Pred 3 leti
PiePie Gamer
PiePie Gamer Pred 3 leti
I subscribed to both channels
Alexis Pred 3 leti
like the hot ones video he’s just posting videos of the same content but low quality and 0 production value.
Vijaya Ram
Vijaya Ram Pred 3 leti
you are awsome. what is your phone number KD.please tell me.
CbFX Pred 3 leti
Kd is great
SBM Arden
SBM Arden Pred 3 leti
I luv you if 😍😍😍🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑🍑👅👅👅👅🔥
Neil Harbee Crucillo
That kid has a better chance to be a good baller than LNU
TurkeyMomma8321 Pred 3 leti
KD is a snack
Sofia Belmonte
Sofia Belmonte Pred 3 leti
Dont break it , just give to your real supporters
J Pred 3 leti
Is it just me or is the audio isn't synced with the video?
craigs brother
craigs brother Pred 3 leti
if i was kd i reckon Klay Thompson would be the hardest in a 1v1
Freddy Gonzalez
Freddy Gonzalez Pred 3 leti
keep them coming my man.
Yeet 🅱️
Yeet 🅱️ Pred 3 leti
Basil Rana
Basil Rana Pred 3 leti
that kid keeps on talking
BLAKE LIN Pred 3 leti
I wonder how KD feels
Ares Pred 3 leti
BLAKE LIN hope he feels guilty and joins a different team
Cade I
Cade I Pred 3 leti
KD is the GOAT
K Jah
K Jah Pred 3 leti
I like how KD colabs with other youtubers. You da best fam.
suburbfavorite Pred 3 leti
Cringe. Dont do this KD please
Ian Conner
Ian Conner Pred 3 leti
I live in Oklahoma
TheTripleTKA Pred 3 leti
1:11 yo get really went for it. But the kid owned him! Damn!!
Logan Mitchell
Logan Mitchell Pred 3 leti
I hope Lincoln goes to bed and doesn't wake up
John wall and Kevin Durant fan MAN
Logan Mitchell dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn
Allstar90 Csl
Allstar90 Csl Pred 3 leti
Who else is mad he is wasting shoes
Towelie The High Towel
I wish I got 2 meet KD
b 4
b 4 Pred 3 leti
Just because a player leaves a team u hate him? Basketball is competition to be the best team and dominate so kd made the right choice.the fact he won a ring he deserved it
TheyCallMe BigK
TheyCallMe BigK Pred 3 leti
love ya kd greetings from greece
Leonardo Fonnegra
Leonardo Fonnegra Pred 3 leti
Hey Kd you are my favorite player
Mark Munro
Mark Munro Pred 3 leti
Its my birthday kevin can u pin this??
Ares Pred 3 leti
M Scm he doesn’t read comments your wasting your time
Pamela Minter
Pamela Minter Pred 3 leti
What's crazy is the kid actually scored on u . Lol that was funny and never done b4 from every time he does that with kids . He always slaps the ball away
Vincent Pergrossi
Vincent Pergrossi Pred 3 leti
Why did this have to be VR only
Jt the great
Jt the great Pred 3 leti
seen you in la last sunday and you took pics with everyone but me and then you said i gotta go and jumped in your car
AR Productions
AR Productions Pred 3 leti
lol so cringe how the kid inteoduced himself and his dad. also the 1v1😬
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres Pred 3 leti
KD. I was wondering if there was a way to get in touch with your agent, rich? I'm a marketing major, and emphasizing on the sports aspect of the degree, and wanted to see if you guys had any internships available either for anyone "THREEFIVE" company, or working directly with you and Rich? I can honestly work for free, I just want the opportunity. I live here in San Francisco, and a huge fan of you as Ana they're and individual. If this message finds me, I can be contacted thru email. ietorres03@gmail.com thank you.
Anya Khan
Anya Khan Pred 3 leti
Tyler DuBose
Tyler DuBose Pred 3 leti
1:15 "First Time Anyone has scored on me" 😂
mon3303 Pred 3 leti
This what's inside channel is trash
Neil'sOkay AtThis
Neil'sOkay AtThis Pred 3 leti
Don't cut valuable shoes in half There are people in Africa
Ares Pred 3 leti
Neil'sOkay AtThis nah they can’t eat a snake’s shoes
LeBron James
LeBron James Pred 3 leti
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez Pred 3 leti
I hate you but the shoe is so nice I had to cop
Sequoyah Harrison
Sequoyah Harrison Pred 3 leti
💃💃💃We LOVE YOU KD💃💃💃
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Pred 3 leti
You Aint gonna shout me out KD?
Dawaun Delaney
Dawaun Delaney Pred 3 leti
They going win there 2nd ring
Dawaun Delaney
Dawaun Delaney Pred 3 leti
I'm talking about with kd
The Jester of Running
I would have worn those
b 4
b 4 Pred 3 leti
I know duhhh he is mvp
The Jester of Running
Kids in Africa could have ate that shoe
Sin'Cere Jones
Sin'Cere Jones Pred 3 leti
Come to treasure High School in Churchland Virginia
D. Y
D. Y Pred 3 leti
Ahmet M
Ahmet M Pred 3 leti
KD England is my gender
Ahmet M
Ahmet M Pred 3 leti
KD england is my gender
Ahmet M
Ahmet M Pred 3 leti
KD england is my gender
Ahmet M
Ahmet M Pred 3 leti
KD england is my gender
Ahmet M
Ahmet M Pred 3 leti
KD england is my gender
Fugu Pred 3 leti
y'all film this with an Android
Declan Smith
Declan Smith Pred 3 leti
Sxpreme. nick
Sxpreme. nick Pred 3 leti
Waddy Maldonado
Waddy Maldonado Pred 3 leti
THE GOAT surrounded by Awkward and annoyning people
mdub1303 Pred 3 leti
Kd Goat yeah
Kd Goat
Kd Goat Pred 3 leti
Waddy Maldonado lmao the kid is so cringe
friendly_mexican_yoda ;]
The only subscribers KD has are Golden State bandwagons
Ares Pred 3 leti
Jose _ Herrera_1 exactly
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Pred 3 leti
Jose _ Herrera_1 ikr
Tomo720 __
Tomo720 __ Pred 3 leti
Jose _ Herrera_1 so your subscribed
friendly_mexican_yoda ;]
Cut it like you cut your loyalness.
karen7645 Pred 3 leti
yeh the dumbass meant loyalty
YungBoySway Pred 3 leti
karen7645 😂
karen7645 Pred 3 leti
loyalness isn"t even a word
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