Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season 

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14. apr. 2021

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights Pred 23 dnevi
Luka Doncic’s best pregame magic! sltv.info/label/d9qpm5rPpp6Hnog/video
Josh Elnar
Josh Elnar Pred 20 dnevi
If the mavs sign Daniel thiez that would be strong team good rebounder depender not likes of Powell and Melli
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Pred 21 dnevom
Honestly I’m fed up with porzingis. He no longer has that alpha mentality like he did in New York. Dude thinks he needs more shots, yet when he gets the ball, he always gives the ball immediately to someone else, and then expects them to pass to him again. Like dude, if u think u are an all star, earn the point yourself😠😠
SonnetiGR Pred 21 dnevom
-Here's Luka.. Gets it awayyy..it's GOOD..A Doncic's daggeeer! -BUT WAS IT A THREE? -As he was stumbling, he somehow got it to gooo! -WAS IT A THREE THOUGH? Jeesh man, yes it was a three.. BUT..BUT.. ARE YOU SURE IT WAS THREE?
Europe belongs to Europeans
That was sick!!
Germany Afghanistan
Germany Afghanistan Pred 21 dnevom
Luca Doncic is unbelievable good. Michael Jordan an Luca Doncic are the reason why I watch basketball. He's young, from Europe and dominates the league. There's one word for this. MVP MVP
Johnny Lumino
Johnny Lumino Pred 21 dnevom
Best player in the league
Vincent Jemhia
Vincent Jemhia Pred 21 dnevom
I think Ja won’t forget what Luka did to him personally and his team in this game😬
Mike Mcgaskey
Mike Mcgaskey Pred 22 dnevi
Iintro the announcer says Dillan Brooks guards the other team best defender?
Piki The Entertainer
Piki The Entertainer Pred 22 dnevi
Luka make the NBA look easy for him #Lukamagic
bigboy worldstar
bigboy worldstar Pred 22 dnevi
What a game ?
Engineer Sagad Guevarra TV
Luka magic
Joder Trico Ma
Joder Trico Ma Pred 22 dnevi
Luka the goat!
Joder Trico Ma
Joder Trico Ma Pred 22 dnevi
Luka es un orgullo para los seguidores del Madrid.. Crack!! El mejor jugador europeo desde Drazen P.
Bisetsa Eric
Bisetsa Eric Pred 22 dnevi
Ja got blocked and all i said was damn 🥃
Rush Klan
Rush Klan Pred 22 dnevi
You are watching the future face of the NBA Luka is something special.
Blair B
Blair B Pred 22 dnevi
9:18 Upper right Corner of screen... damn security almost choked on his bubblegum, dat boy couldnt believe what he just saw. he was like 😧"no ..no... no way mang, aye!.. somebody come look at this!(kevin hart voice)"😂.... Damn Luka put it on em.
jan brix 30 Dizon
jan brix 30 Dizon Pred 22 dnevi
Gary Shan
Gary Shan Pred 22 dnevi
Circus buzzer beater
Zacchaeus Page
Zacchaeus Page Pred 22 dnevi
That boy Luka Vandross got too much sauce 🥶🥶
運こ室 強市
運こ室 強市 Pred 22 dnevi
hetituA Pred 22 dnevi
Bruno Asoka
Bruno Asoka Pred 22 dnevi
Pure Class by Luka!! Incredible!
SC Pred 22 dnevi
GA lost that game ..circus shot at the end is just karma
Jonny B
Jonny B Pred 22 dnevi
Carlisle need to work on the out of bound plays smh..
Nyamurangwa Alexandre
Nyamurangwa Alexandre Pred 22 dnevi
he did again
Primož Podobnik
Primož Podobnik Pred 22 dnevi
What a shitty game and then he scores the winner out of nowhere 💪💪💪
Fleirs_RP Pred 22 dnevi
Doncic is a legend !!!!
Arcteek Pred 22 dnevi
Whaaaaaaat ??
Mackenzie Skyler
Mackenzie Skyler Pred 22 dnevi
I thought Grayson Allen & Dillon Brooks did a good job defensively against Luka for the most part of the game but he still managed to drop 29 points & the game winner? 😬 Boy is really something special.
jkjk Pred 22 dnevi
Lucky shot
NATE DOGG Pred 22 dnevi
6:16 ja morant bye bye , luka magic mvp
Blu Retro
Blu Retro Pred 22 dnevi
What did I just see.. pure class, grizzlies gotta be disappointed but you just cannot guard that
SaiyanSpirit Pred 22 dnevi
that was not skill its just luck they deserved a loss there
Kk 23
Kk 23 Pred 22 dnevi
Luka magic 🎩
J. Pedro MM
J. Pedro MM Pred 22 dnevi
In this highlights I´ve been noticing that Porzings doesn´t celebrate Luka´s baskets or plays...is it just me? I only watch highlights (because of the spanish time zone) and maybe i´m getting the wrong idea. What do Mavs fans think? Do you notice this as well? If this is true is a shame because i think those 2 complement each other very well...
Robert Paul
Robert Paul Pred 22 dnevi
You got it right. KP was the only one not to run and hug Luka after the buzzer beater. Dallas people must know something more about them but i don't think it's a big deal. Relationship will improve with time, and teamwork to as they play together. Both are amazing and very important to their organization!
Matjaz Pred 22 dnevi
Porzingis is jealous and its becoming more and more clear that KP is a diva.
gcd nwl
gcd nwl Pred 22 dnevi
He is white ,can beat in black
سلينو [fm]
سلينو [fm] Pred 22 dnevi
What a beautiful match to watch, even more beautiful when you got tips from @jbrothers_tips and they are hitting it easyyy . PS - Drank 6 beers during the game ahahahha
Venom Dz
Venom Dz Pred 22 dnevi
I don't like how they play... But I like how @jbrothers_tips hit their predictions on this match, so I earn a lot of $ with their picks 😃
derin gölge
derin gölge Pred 22 dnevi
Nice match to watch, I even more enjoyed because of JBROTHERS_TIPS on INSTAGRAM, they made me a lot of money tonight, it will be a secret how much🤩
Ven Ize
Ven Ize Pred 22 dnevi
I really liked this match, it was difficult match for both teams, but it wasn't difficult for @jbrothers_tips to predict number of goals on this match. I earned 300$ 😏
Maria Michael S
Maria Michael S Pred 22 dnevi
these guys from @jbrothers_tips are crazy haha, i wouldn't say this will finish like this, but they predicted very good. i will drive a lambo because of them soon hahahahahah
J3FF AMV's Pred 22 dnevi
easy goalssssss, just made cash with tip from @jbrothers_tips . rocking it.
ahmet saglam
ahmet saglam Pred 22 dnevi
easy money with @JBROTHERS_TIPS ! good match by the way! 🤑🤑🤑
Ne Bileen Ben
Ne Bileen Ben Pred 22 dnevi
What a match, so interesting! My brothers from @JBROTHERS_TIPS were so smooooth with this prediction, easy 🤩 🤩 🤩
GAMİNG ROOM Pred 22 dnevi
I only bet with @jbrothers_tips, these guys are amazing, just made a money on this match. Let's rob all of bookepers! 😋
DESCONHECIDO Pred 22 dnevi
Luka Magic espetacular o cara joga d++++
André Beza
André Beza Pred 22 dnevi
Damn Doncic cooked Morant on this game😳
Michael Pred 22 dnevi
5:20 took like an hour to wind up
Michael Pred 22 dnevi
JJ Redick needs to get more game time and more involved his 3 ball is looking great
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas Pred 22 dnevi
Luka > Harry Potter
LEBRON IS THE GOAT Pred 22 dnevi
That’s insane
ILMAN RIF Pred 22 dnevi
I think that's the first 3 point floater buzzer beater i ever see 🤔🤔
TheMighty Ram
TheMighty Ram Pred 22 dnevi
I bet on luka to make three 3's and Dallas to win. Luka really came through for the kid 😭😭
Jamo Pred 22 dnevi
like the shot but love that Allen missed two FTs to make it possible. all around great game
Masterpiece Pred 22 dnevi
Luka for MVP, all day every day!!!!
timux mess
timux mess Pred 22 dnevi
Luka is just the new G.O.A.T of this generation
SpoilerAlert Pred 22 dnevi
Smooth floater from downtown... I'd have to imagine this guy would hit the top of the Eiffel tower with a paper plane.
Kralj Marko
Kralj Marko Pred 22 dnevi
is 4:00 a travel?
Marios Paparizos
Marios Paparizos Pred 22 dnevi
So, Grayson Allen lost the game
Banana Phone
Banana Phone Pred 22 dnevi
Damn, im a Grizz fan, but not even mad. GG
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas Pred 22 dnevi
6:18... Sorcery
Raj R
Raj R Pred 22 dnevi
"Was it a three?" Open your eyes!
Benoit Botteau
Benoit Botteau Pred 22 dnevi
Thanks but.... You Spoiled us the end with Luka on the thumbnail...
Diego Sánchez
Diego Sánchez Pred 22 dnevi
luka qlo con suerte
Yvzcn Club
Yvzcn Club Pred 22 dnevi
Lukaaaa magiccc
Isaa' spirit
Isaa' spirit Pred 22 dnevi
Okay he maybe will be the next LeBron. It's like seeing white version of Cleveland LeBron . IQ passes , physical , 3 points shooting . But let's be honest this guy will just win 1 championship
Niwesh Lekhak
Niwesh Lekhak Pred 22 dnevi
Not if he demands a trade.
no u
no u Pred 22 dnevi
In the box score as a 3 point floater, nice
Dyingbreed Pred 22 dnevi
What happen to morant. His game decreases even since he got injured lol
Alberto Ng
Alberto Ng Pred 22 dnevi
Que desgracia... felicitaciones a Lucas... pero que mal para morant la próxima lo logramos...
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas Pred 22 dnevi
Ja morant punching the air Rn🤣
mifili64 Pred 22 dnevi
Sick shot!
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez Pred 22 dnevi
Playoff intensity is high in this game Luka Magic strikes again!
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton Pred 22 dnevi
Luka great 3 pointer 2 win the game :) 🙃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 shame 2 grizzles they played well
mulholland Pred 23 dnevi
Doncic MVP!!!!
joshyboii Pred 23 dnevi
Is it kind of sad that I'm excited the grizzlies will get some national attention now
KinG Geji
KinG Geji Pred 23 dnevi
6:17 the sauce on this vs 2 is too much
Domen Pred 23 dnevi
Luka 🇸🇮👍🙏
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald Pred 23 dnevi
Wdf the game is never over no matter wat time is left grizzlies had dis
Gamer Maroto - Joga Tudo
Luka will overtake Mj and Lebron
Matjaz Pred 22 dnevi
Only with hard work. If he will feel like he doesn't need it, he will regress. Hard work, only that will bring him success.
Rajeev Clarkson
Rajeev Clarkson Pred 23 dnevi
Samuel García
Samuel García Pred 23 dnevi
a lil bit unfair result, but Luka is insane
Antonio M
Antonio M Pred 23 dnevi
Doncic MVP
Mr Cobbs
Mr Cobbs Pred 23 dnevi
It maybe still blasphemous to compare him to the late great Kobe, but like the Black Mamba, He too can't be rushed. Opponents mistakenly thought of him being slow... Big Mistake
Im brozy
Im brozy Pred 23 dnevi
How is he still number 7-8 in MVP run??
Ismail Assalih
Ismail Assalih Pred 23 dnevi
Donzic the Dagger 🗡 🤯🔥
Peke Cellphone
Peke Cellphone Pred 23 dnevi
damn thats luka magic 6:16
Cpt Miro
Cpt Miro Pred 23 dnevi
Luka Skywalker
You're Breaking My Balls
I'm speechless bro
CiCLoDoL Pred 23 dnevi
No one is talking about the fact that Josh Richardson has already started to learn Chinese.
WWIAWTC Pred 21 dnevom
Waemoh Pred 23 dnevi
3-point floater buzzer beter. That's Luka Magic for you
Wilson Leung
Wilson Leung Pred 23 dnevi
JA is overrate !
GAMISIARXHS Pred 23 dnevi
Grizzlies played an excellent game. Go Dalllas
KSTARR3 Pred 23 dnevi
East texas checking in
James Hull
James Hull Pred 23 dnevi
What a prick dam I hate Luka hahaha
nanotech2080 Pred 23 dnevi
Man, Lukas defence sometimes looks horrible. Doesn't even put his hands up (5:39). And 5:06, what was that?
Johan COrtes
Johan COrtes Pred 23 dnevi
lucky shot though
Matjaz Pred 22 dnevi
Luka does not make lucky shots! YOu should've figured it out by now, its magic ;)
Grass 11
Grass 11 Pred 23 dnevi
Luka next game winner,damn
Alan Rodriguez
Alan Rodriguez Pred 23 dnevi
Grayson Allen was such a pain for us 🤦🏻‍♂️
muhSabri Yunus
muhSabri Yunus Pred 23 dnevi
definition of crazy
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