Caruso Misses Game Tying Shot vs Heat! 2020-21 NBA Season 

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21. feb. 2021

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Cristino gaming
Cristino gaming Pred mesecem
Caruso gonna cry
yeller vermin
yeller vermin Pred mesecem
1:03 had an editing glitch it shows 4th quarter and then the next clip says 3rd
1TAP _IOS Pred mesecem
Kyle Kuzma is that 1 kid that every school have where he make a basket and he think he lebron
Christopher Stevens
Christopher Stevens Pred mesecem
What happened to CaruGOAT ?!?!?
Captain Eri
Captain Eri Pred mesecem
What made the finals a garbage milk👆
Pingisl_MTB Pred mesecem
Lebron pass the ball again 🤷🏻‍♂️ shoot it bron shoot it FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️
roto moto
roto moto Pred mesecem
Winners want the ball with the game on the line
emprrah Pred mesecem
The scapegoat... at it again
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred mesecem
💀Bruh somebody said: “John Paxton would never 💯”
Stan's MGE
Stan's MGE Pred mesecem
Lebron for the layup.....BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neeraj Sabu
Neeraj Sabu Pred mesecem
LeBron takes time at bench opposition scores
John Doe
John Doe Pred mesecem
Rdcworld making a video now
The Basketball G.O.A.T
Yet again, LeBron gives up the shot to a role player
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Pred mesecem
Caruso is trash
Rudelyn Baguio
Rudelyn Baguio Pred mesecem
lucky for the miami.the lakers isnot complete.
Kendall Fire
Kendall Fire Pred mesecem
Neither are the Heat
Random Strangers
Random Strangers Pred mesecem
BAM: Chase down LeBron Lebron: So that's how it feels...
JM Doza
JM Doza Pred mesecem
Wade always made LeBron how it feels. Before Bam.
einstein abwao
einstein abwao Pred mesecem
That was a bad choice for bron. And nobody mad at Caruso he thought bron was taking the shot for a second there. He will be ready
Lemickey James
Lemickey James Pred mesecem
I wont forget that adebayo
Lemickey James
Lemickey James Pred mesecem
I will trade caruso and kuzma
BJ Games
BJ Games Pred mesecem
0:57 Bam Adebayo got Iggy’s revenge for 2016
delstephen123 Pred mesecem
At least it's not the final s and it's just one game he still he more chances it fine Caruso!
Donald Melton
Donald Melton Pred mesecem
Me personally Lebron James was supposed to take the last shot
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball Pred mesecem
MK G Pred mesecem
Bye bye MVP
Vivian J
Vivian J Pred mesecem
If Danny Green shot that you guys would’ve pulled up to his house with a shot gun don’t even lie
Zorobabel Maderazo
Zorobabel Maderazo Pred mesecem
James did that to someone before.. Giving the ball for the winning or for a tie shot..not be blame I can tell you caruso you are out next season... Wahahahaha...
Aye Thts_mar
Aye Thts_mar Pred mesecem
Pack yo bags Caruso, your contract ova😹
Jimmy Doan
Jimmy Doan Pred mesecem
2:02 hello darkness my old friend.....
Josh Carpenter
Josh Carpenter Pred mesecem
He’s the goat but he’s not perfect alright
landstalker 1107
landstalker 1107 Pred mesecem
Hey not even the GOAT of GOATs will come through every single time no matter what it’s ok Caruso we forgive ya mate
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso Pred mesecem
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez Pred mesecem
Carushit 💩😂
Kobe Vasquez
Kobe Vasquez Pred mesecem
I can't wait to watch Skip and Shannon tomorrow
Mick Snetter
Mick Snetter Pred mesecem
KOBE “make or miss, I’m taking the last shot” JORDAN “make or miss, I’m taking the last shot”
LeBum James
LeBum James Pred mesecem
@Nathan HES A BUM
Nathan Pred mesecem
Lebron is not them he’s diffrent
J El Native
J El Native Pred mesecem
Pluto Pred mesecem
70% of lakers fans are bandwagons
mOgan Freeman
mOgan Freeman Pred mesecem
Still the GOAT.
Homeless to Greatness
If that was JR, he gonna run the clock out.
Pootasaur Pred mesecem
Why is Lebron not taking the big shot?
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui Pred mesecem
Caruso is still the GOAT regardless
Grant Edson
Grant Edson Pred mesecem
Wesley snipes fill-in Greens roll perfectly 😂
Terka Terka
Terka Terka Pred mesecem
Bam been able to shoot
Om Desai
Om Desai Pred mesecem
They did dirty on Caruso's face close up at the end of the game lmao
Whizzywiz Pred mesecem
LeBron " Imma put the blame on you " James
t t
t t Pred mesecem
I'm just going to ignore that
AsianVideoGamer Pred mesecem
There's a reason Lakers was looking at Norman powell
TyJamar Pred mesecem
Caruso pulled a Danny green.
Nate Roberge
Nate Roberge Pred mesecem
Caruso would look handsome if he went bald idk why he still rock that squirrel nest on his head
lakersfan2425 Pred mesecem
No reason lebron should have passed that to Caruso. Caruso struggles making three’s more open than that one
lakersfan2425 Pred mesecem
@thats alot of damage I would rather have LeBron shoot a three he was doubled on then Alex Caruso taking that shot
thats alot of damage
He was doubled and Caruso was a whole 2 secs late on the pass when lebron was actually open
Bknife Pred mesecem
Caruso our god and saviour
Jordan Bun
Jordan Bun Pred mesecem
Lebron: Are you on the Lakers? Caruso: Yes Lebron: Check again
JACOB T Pred mesecem
Heat fans remember Lakers in 6 yall trash
Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller Pred mesecem
Man. Smoove really said LeBron "dropped" 19. Smh. Embiid been dropping 30 a game.
Lemickey James
Lemickey James Pred mesecem
@Shaquilly o'nilly Thank you
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly Pred mesecem
Lebron James > Joel embiid
Tavon Watson
Tavon Watson Pred mesecem
Lebron is bad for basketball always letting the no names take the last shot🤦🏾
SacTownVet Pred mesecem
That close up at the end is gonna be a FAIL gif. 😂😂😂
lou J
lou J Pred mesecem
The Bubble Frauds back at it!!
TjR Pred mesecem
Lebron gotta take that shot doubled or not there's no way Caruso should have his hands on the ball late game
OUTWEST 290SHIT Pred mesecem
Akhil Bettadapura
Akhil Bettadapura Pred mesecem
Who else noticed that it went from the 4th quarter to the 3rd quarter.
Edwige Pierre
Edwige Pierre Pred mesecem
When you watched the game but you still watch the Chris smoove vid
Yoboi JuJu
Yoboi JuJu Pred mesecem
It’s gotta be the head band
jade agni
jade agni Pred mesecem
It's ok curuso , you're not the one to take that last shot though , it's not your fault it's him .
jason mbonu
jason mbonu Pred mesecem
If you look closely the shot would have only tied the game. Caruso had his feet on the line. But goats make mistakes sometimes
Cristian Pred mesecem
sikelela Mbatha
sikelela Mbatha Pred mesecem
lakers can't shoot to save their lives😂😂😂😂😂
Jeff Xors
Jeff Xors Pred mesecem
Summon the trade Raptor!
FishInA Bucket
FishInA Bucket Pred mesecem
Relax guys, Caruso is getting very old, the average lifespan of a goat is 15 years
Sir Beagle
Sir Beagle Pred mesecem
Caruso is very important to the Lakers.
Matt Champion
Matt Champion Pred mesecem
Abdul Lucas
Abdul Lucas Pred mesecem
You all need to leave Caruso be. Matthews had a much better opportunity moments prior. If Caruso starts over Matthews the Lakers dominate the game. #FREEKOSTAS!!! #FREECACOK!!! #BENCHGASOL!!! All problems solved.
Joshua Born Again
Joshua Born Again Pred mesecem
Caruso alert! How many game winners have Caruso have in his NBA portfolio? 🤔
Perfect Jelly1
Perfect Jelly1 Pred mesecem
Lebron is the absolute god of choking. Pathetic .
Perfect Jelly1
Perfect Jelly1 Pred mesecem
@Shaquilly o'nilly Kyrie and Davis were robbed and you know it
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly Pred mesecem
LeGoat has 4 finals mvps
Llama Pred mesecem
Well... Caruso's being traded
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade Pred mesecem
Clínica Lipoout
Clínica Lipoout Pred mesecem
LeGM is coming...
Carlos G
Carlos G Pred mesecem
Bam's block was 😷
Malachi Nicholson
Malachi Nicholson Pred mesecem
Reall question is why did Caruso have the ball a and even bigger question why is he still on the team
LeBron James
LeBron James Pred mesecem
Bruh why did he dribble up the court with 5 seconds? He could’ve passed to lebron but he didn’t even look lebron sway until he crossed half court and they started double teaming
Somto Kid
Somto Kid Pred mesecem
He should have faked and set before he shot it
Marselis Davis
Marselis Davis Pred mesecem
look at LeBron as soon at Caruso misses the bucket
eidan pagan
eidan pagan Pred mesecem
Caruso bout to cry because he knows he’s getting that lebron spanking in the locker room
Byrøn Andujar
Byrøn Andujar Pred mesecem
The goat really choked
Ybg Mo
Ybg Mo Pred mesecem
Lebron is already lookin at trade offers now
Wesley Preskenis
Wesley Preskenis Pred mesecem
Smoove went from the 4th quarter :59 to the 3rd 1:10😂
Bama Boy
Bama Boy Pred mesecem
It’s ok caruso... all the little kids will have your back saying your amazing.
Teriq Alleyne
Teriq Alleyne Pred mesecem
If Caruso passed the ball earlier to Lebron, Bron could’ve blown pass Kelly for an easy dunk cus the paint was open
Yzzuli Pred mesecem
Comments is funny, usually when someone misses a game winner we would clown them but not Caruso
Vinnii A
Vinnii A Pred mesecem
lebron is not a leader don’t @ me
Really Dillard
Really Dillard Pred mesecem
When Anthony Davis is out the Lakers might become the Los Angles Losers again
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane Pred mesecem
@Samuel lebackboard James got you on Suicide watch 😂😂😂
Samuel Pred mesecem
@Deezel Kane sure casual
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane Pred mesecem
@Samuel what is Lebron doing in the west that no other star can’t do ??? Curry can lead a team better than I’m, and it’s not up fo debate. Passes to Caruso, he stays doing that pathetic shyt
Samuel Pred mesecem
@Deezel Kane sure lol
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane Pred mesecem
@Samuel well then Lebron really isn’t anything special if that also applies to him. Thought he was the 🐐 🤣🤣🤣 can’t do shyt without his superstars next to him
MARUZ DUMADAC Pred mesecem
Poor baby carushow dont cry they will not trade you
Jxyshon -
Jxyshon - Pred mesecem
Caruso missed sorry buh the goat doesn’t miss 100% kuzma fault
Julio Daniel Insfran
I miss that “Oh my God”
Julio Daniel Insfran
Kuz been playing really well lately
Rod Gimpaya
Rod Gimpaya Pred mesecem
Its time for lebron hater 😂
Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz Pred mesecem
lakers need to start caruso
Shawn John
Shawn John Pred mesecem
Lebron passed it to carouso who was 0-4 all night with zero points. Let carouso be the hero 😝
Rosty Ramos
Rosty Ramos Pred mesecem
Iggy needs to be traded.. he almost cost us the game with that pass.. he has also been a defensive liability.. look at how LBJ blew past him @1:27.. he should have anticipated he is going to his strong side.. they are almost the same age btw..
Robotic Leonard
Robotic Leonard Pred mesecem
Guess what, he didn’t show a shot LeChoke took, he hit the side of the backboard, look it up I swear. Pandemic James
pendleton123 Pred mesecem
Gasol still sucks
Solo Mad productions
Did anyone esle notice the score 🤣🤣🤣
Smoke N Mirrors
Smoke N Mirrors Pred mesecem
What a great player 😂😂😂😂
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