Minecraft, But You Can Craft Armor From Any Block... 

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Minecraft, But You Can Craft Armor From Any Block...
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In todays Minecraft Challenge... You can craft any armor, from any block. This includes, enchantment table armor, bedrock armor, obsidian armor, tnt armor, pumpkin armor, and more! Any block you use, you can craft armor from! Can we beat Minecraft with the custom block armor? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!
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14. apr. 2021

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Bionic Pred 23 dnevi
which armor was your favorite? :O
Anducht Pred 2 dnevi
Roblox Player
Roblox Player Pred 17 dnevi
Nathan I'm boomer
Nathan I'm boomer Pred 23 dnevi
Pp armor :)
R4LX_YX3L Pred 23 dnevi
anju sngh
anju sngh Pred 23 dnevi
Like armor
Janniel josh Gonzaga
0:01 the armor is armour hahahahah
plainplayer64 Pred 2 urami
pls tell me the seed you epic bru
Dirt boy
Dirt boy Pred 2 urami
Bed rock der
Dirt boy
Dirt boy Pred 2 urami
Love you can I be in one of your vids pls
Crimson Inferno
Crimson Inferno Pred 3 urami
Am I the only one who wanted dragon egg armour
Maddox Anderson
Maddox Anderson Pred 4 urami
Wakingfinn Pred 7 urami
BED ARMOR netherite farming with tnt armor
nadro_ Gaming2898
nadro_ Gaming2898 Pred 10 urami
Op video 💖💖💖💖💖😃😃😃😃
mousek CZ
mousek CZ Pred 13 urami
Rhonin DeBurca
Rhonin DeBurca Pred 21 uro
him ill make emerald armour also him : OMG BEDROCK ARMOUR
웅스TV Pred dnevom
5:12 He’s now ‘snow’man
xXChippyXx Pred dnevom
69k likes My Brain: Nice
Yazmin Pedroza
Yazmin Pedroza Pred dnevom
What about the dragon egg armer?
nicholas runstedler
imagine making armour out of leather
Abhimanyu Pred dnevom
make a video "Minecraft, But you dont spawn near a STRUCTURE...
Sem Abel
Sem Abel Pred dnevom
14:01 uses hacks
Nick Mav
Nick Mav Pred dnevom
Bed armor... Ţô çųŗşęď!!!
Marvel byan alavaro - game 2
I thing i know why you hate birch log 1.birch is harder to destroy than oak
niño lacreoh
niño lacreoh Pred dnevom
It's so cool
Hypixelplayz Pred 2 dnevi
I love your vids and you're my favourite youtuber.
Linh Le
Linh Le Pred 2 dnevi
Yes 👍
Vanessa Lucas
Vanessa Lucas Pred 2 dnevi
This is the most staged Minecraft video in the world
Benjie Arañador
Benjie Arañador Pred 2 dnevi
*B E D A R M O R*
Zeus Jorge
Zeus Jorge Pred 2 dnevi
Jobert Rebucas
Jobert Rebucas Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao XD i laugh wen you make bed rock hahaha i know that was a mod or an addon
TheOlimel Pred 2 dnevi
You stupid you can make cactie armor
Malto Hzian
Malto Hzian Pred 2 dnevi
Did somebody heard the One Piece theme
Anducht Pred 2 dnevi
Naruto *run* ,Naruto *run* to *area 51* too fast!
Aoi Denim
Aoi Denim Pred 3 dnevi
Not an insult in minecraft: Your drip isn't trash. It's dirt. It do be dirty doe.
Gabi Peters
Gabi Peters Pred 3 dnevi
Bed rock
PBJ mom
PBJ mom Pred 3 dnevi
I just subscribe😀😀
Mia P
Mia P Pred 3 dnevi
Whats the mod? I really want to do a survival with it
The Ultimatum
The Ultimatum Pred 3 dnevi
10:24 He got dat drip doe
L G Pred 3 dnevi
L G Pred 3 dnevi
Glass armour
Trash Tube
Trash Tube Pred 3 dnevi
what mod are u using for this i really want the mod
alexandru cristian
alexandru cristian Pred 3 dnevi
i rate the bedrock armor 1000000000000000000000 autof 10
Oltyi Gamer
Oltyi Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
Only if it was 69k
ChuChu GaBz
ChuChu GaBz Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah You made me laugh About that Bed And a Rock
Joci Groover
Joci Groover Pred 4 dnevi
After he reaches the end you should go in exploring and get an a Litro for ofor
AMIR DAVIDSON Pred 4 dnevi
Holy smokes
Jaymes Lawson
Jaymes Lawson Pred 5 dnevi
Sad he didn’t even pick up the pig step 😭
f4stkey Pred 5 dnevi
*’Insert eleytra armour’*
T9 Tune
T9 Tune Pred 5 dnevi
i sub :D
Ena Huang
Ena Huang Pred 5 dnevi
Ena Huang
Ena Huang Pred 5 dnevi
Ena Huang
Ena Huang Pred 5 dnevi
Ena Huang
Ena Huang Pred 5 dnevi
Ena Huang
Ena Huang Pred 5 dnevi
Mico Garcia
Mico Garcia Pred 5 dnevi
Bedrock 100000000000000000/40000
myat paing soe
myat paing soe Pred 5 dnevi
Please boinc make glass armor :)
Andrew Vidz
Andrew Vidz Pred 5 dnevi
Bionic has 2 brain cells but I feel like he has 0 brain cells just saying
Qwer Ty
Qwer Ty Pred 5 dnevi
Nathan Playz
Nathan Playz Pred 5 dnevi
You Know Why Bed + Rock = Bedrock? Because Bed Is Bed Cobblestone Is Rock See?
Jacey James Advincula
he do be drippin tho
Eminarrr Korel
Eminarrr Korel Pred 6 dnevi
מיכל קאשי
מיכל קאשי Pred 6 dnevi
Alex_playz 13
Alex_playz 13 Pred 6 dnevi
Edvin Modaresi
Edvin Modaresi Pred 6 dnevi
Alfonso Blogs
Alfonso Blogs Pred 6 dnevi
“We have defeated the Ender dArGoN” 😂😂😂 I laughed right there
Justin briggs Carr
Justin briggs Carr Pred 6 dnevi
Snow armer
Skymaster Playz
Skymaster Playz Pred 7 dnevi
i never thought he would say that
Skymaster Playz
Skymaster Playz Pred 7 dnevi
ive never heard him say piss off
VenomXGaming 12
VenomXGaming 12 Pred 7 dnevi
i love how he turns to the village right away lol
VixMonPro Pred 7 dnevi
Dababy dimension
evwit Pred 7 dnevi
noob: best = gold OG that uses a version before ancient debris: best = diamond Average: best = netherite People early in the video: best = obsidian Bonc: Best = b e d r o c k Gods: Bonc, he done it! He learned!
ttstreamer2012 Pred 7 dnevi
umm sugar cane##
Nida Fatima
Nida Fatima Pred 7 dnevi
Bad rock 100000000
Spandys camelTM
Spandys camelTM Pred 7 dnevi
I will only choose this armor which protects me from lava and helps to kill 100,0000 herobrine much faster and most wither storm and if protects from all mobs specially creeper I have lost my favorite diamonds I miss them and 3 one is protected from iron golem
# Thanos
# Thanos Pred 7 dnevi
Bionic: let’s just bully the balled man... also bionic: let’s save dis dalfin
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson Pred 7 dnevi
This is wisps idea
Kk Sagar
Kk Sagar Pred 7 dnevi
You missed ancient debris I also use this mod this armor has undying
andrewakle Pred 7 dnevi
bed + rock =(╬☉д⊙)⊰⊹ฺ
Jones Alvarado
Jones Alvarado Pred 7 dnevi
Well sand chesplate what da fck well you are going to fall with sand😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i forgot sand chesplate 😂😂😂😂😂
Arlindi Zeka
Arlindi Zeka Pred 8 dnevi
Thre drip is 10000000000000000
Listen to My Hands
Listen to My Hands Pred 8 dnevi
It is TNT and if I’m you I do make home and put some this that you have
Blurly Pred 8 dnevi
He just found a pig step
Silas Marcial
Silas Marcial Pred 8 dnevi
WitherStormGamer463 Pred 8 dnevi
[my rates of the armor] Dirt armor 0/10 Wood armor 4/10 Cobblestone armor 6/10 Obsidian Armor 9/10 Diamond armor 10/10 Bedrock armor 1,000000/10 Tnt armor 1,000/10
Christian Dave Javier
You put seed 999
kayden vares
kayden vares Pred 8 dnevi
Bionic you so scared in the nether you ran away while attacking the pigeons
doggo woof
doggo woof Pred 8 dnevi
Bionic luck: netherite world and near village
jamer stars
jamer stars Pred 8 dnevi
pliz link mods
LeMuR667 Pred 8 dnevi
What if you craft armour with diamond block”epic”
LeMuR667 Pred 8 dnevi
What if you craft with the diamond ore”super epic
Anna Skvortsova
Anna Skvortsova Pred 8 dnevi
wisp did this first
Stoner stonel
Stoner stonel Pred 8 dnevi
Wtf you are TNT (・o・)
Angely Lee
Angely Lee Pred 8 dnevi
Yay bionic hit 3m
Stoner stonel
Stoner stonel Pred 8 dnevi
l want join
Stoner stonel
Stoner stonel Pred 8 dnevi
Every time you found new mod!!!
Arshiyan Rais
Arshiyan Rais Pred 8 dnevi
Challenge you want to do a challenge in Minecraft
Kid Explorer
Kid Explorer Pred 8 dnevi
What’s the Mod link or mod name?
Toxicro Army
Toxicro Army Pred 8 dnevi
Bionic:9 pieces of tnt not so Munch Me:asif you can get 21 pieces of tnt out of a desert piramide
Yuan Maderazo
Yuan Maderazo Pred 8 dnevi
TAN XYUAN BIN Moe Pred 8 dnevi
COOL !!!!!!!!
Kristin Shuder
Kristin Shuder Pred 8 dnevi
Kelp armor
The Fantastic Green Boy
You forgot dragon egg armour!
Devil FF Videos
Devil FF Videos Pred 8 dnevi
Oak gang atack
Kristoffer kappa
Kristoffer kappa Pred 8 dnevi
the fav one of me is **ULTIMATE DRIP**
Nayeli Rihaana Rodrigues
Bionic : makes snow armor Me : LET IT GOO LET IT GOOOOOO