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5. apr. 2021

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Pred mesecem
Thank you for such an amazing season. The fam has grown and we’re so excited to take what we’ve learned from this season and come back twice as hard in May. We’re not taking any breaks from filming just from posting, currently typing this as we’re about to go film a new episode that’s going to be... Interesting 😅 see you in a few weeks!! 🤘
NannyPlumb_ Pred 7 dnevi
I’ve always wanted to leave my country, so watching your vids at least I can experience it through ur eyes
Anghyl Heggins
Anghyl Heggins Pred 9 dnevi
Hello Yes theory !! I loved your videos ! One day I would like to meet you guys !! Best friends ever !!
Synthie Pred 13 dnevi
So cute 💙
Fammy Tizon
Fammy Tizon Pred 14 dnevi
Looking for a friends like you guys,haha 😆😆
Ojan Fau
Ojan Fau Pred 17 dnevi
Laila A
Laila A Pred uro
not me coming back on the channel to see if they posted 😭 i miss their vids
neo malapane
neo malapane Pred 10 urami
Okay guys few weeks has passed can you please post 🙏🏾😭😭😭😭I no longer have the energy to handle the discomfort of this wait. Please guys up load.
Sumeya Mohammed
Sumeya Mohammed Pred 13 urami
Just realized that I'm grinning from ear to ear while watching your videos
S . M WASIF Pred 16 urami
Come to Bangladesh
Tharun Bala
Tharun Bala Pred dnevom
Do McKamey Manor haunted house
manley destine
manley destine Pred 2 dnevi
Wait you said your quitting youtube
Aman Kushwaha
Aman Kushwaha Pred 2 dnevi
please bring the Chernobyl series fast please
Luigi Dominic So
Luigi Dominic So Pred 2 dnevi
For real, since the pandemic dating someone becomes nearly impossible
David Hoyt
David Hoyt Pred 2 dnevi
YES THEORY PLEASE READ!!!! YOU PROMOTE PUSHING YOURSELF, EXPERIENCING NEW THINGS, AND SAYING YES!!! I WANT YALL TO DO A VIDEO AND TRY AND TACKLE “McKamey Manor.” Worlds Hardest Haunted House!!! If there is a SLtv Channel to do this it would be y’all!!! Like this message if you agree!
Edgematic Pred 2 dnevi
seeing someone this happy never made me this happy
Sharma Kishor Sharma
Why we visit Nepal 🇳🇵????? 1)Top 8 biggest mountain we can see in Nepal (Mount everest/sagarmatha is biggest mountain in the world) 2) Birth place of Buddha ( birth place of gautam buddha,Lumbani,Nepal) 3) So many national park -Chitwan national park -bardeya national park -suklaphata national park -khapad national park -lamtang national park and others so many national park are in Nepal 4)lakes and pounds -Rara Lake -Fewa lake -ghodaghodi lake And so many others 5)Hindu Temples and buddha stupa Are too much attractive 6) Forest and natural beauty 7) attractive and beautifull village life 8) beautifull cities 9) Attractive and beautiful Rivers 10) Organic food / agriculture 11)Mustang /kagbeni And others so many attractive things like a heaven Warm welcome 🙏 Note:-Nepal is too much cheapst country in the world 🌎 Less amount you can visit more and more places 😊
She A Fraud
She A Fraud Pred 3 dnevi
I really Hope this lasts :) Carly brings such good energy to Tommy and the group. Love you guys, god bless. Doing gods work
IshAk Sakic
IshAk Sakic Pred 3 dnevi
organise a soccer game with some professionals
enad alotaibi
enad alotaibi Pred 3 dnevi
She looks looks like Dina from Arrow
77 Gabrov
77 Gabrov Pred 3 dnevi
Tom hoy la pones
I miss matt
Tamir Yankevich
Tamir Yankevich Pred 4 dnevi
It cannot wait - Yeeee yee yeeeaaahh - I'm yoouuuurs 😂😂😂
Sameer kashif
Sameer kashif Pred 4 dnevi
Please come back matt
Sameer kashif
Sameer kashif Pred 4 dnevi
Go china and play no money challenges
Sameer kashif
Sameer kashif Pred 4 dnevi
Why you don't go china????
Sameer kashif
Sameer kashif Pred 4 dnevi
Why you do not go China?
Savin Souls
Savin Souls Pred 2 dnevi
For more proper grammar in English, here’s a tip Sameer. Instead of saying ‘why you do not go China?’ You should say this, “Why won’t you go to China?”
Joshua Tejano
Joshua Tejano Pred 4 dnevi
I need a friend who can put me on a billboard also!
John Lindsay
John Lindsay Pred 4 dnevi
I gotta know...where can I buy Tommy's jacket at 16:40 ?? It's amazing!!!
John Kenneth De Guzman
Please go to one of the best island in the world Palawan, or Boracay at the Philippines. How it tranforms from the past 5 years up to now.
Mr Sir
Mr Sir Pred 5 dnevi
*Yes Theory member gets married* ASKING A STRANGER TO BE MY BEST MAN/MAID OF HONOR
TAHA SALEH Pred 5 dnevi
Where is the new video 📹?
Leo Winter
Leo Winter Pred 5 dnevi
you guys should try and go to North Korea
pedro silva
pedro silva Pred 5 dnevi
What is this guitar rif in 18:58?
Iam Hippo
Iam Hippo Pred 5 dnevi
Living the dream 😭
Pratham Singh
Pratham Singh Pred 6 dnevi
oh ye ye yee..........old dude got me there
Francisca Oliveira
Francisca Oliveira Pred 6 dnevi
hey everyone, im making a trip with friends and we would love to have challenges to have more fun an to get out of our comfort zone, can you give me ideias?
Karongari Joyce
Karongari Joyce Pred 6 dnevi
I can't help but smile through the whole video
Monica Antony
Monica Antony Pred 6 dnevi
Love your content specially this one where Tommy and his date singing songs together which is cute also missing Matt after knowing he won't be seen in the video
Noah Blackwell
Noah Blackwell Pred 7 dnevi
So glad your back in the US I missed u love u guys make my day better every time I see y’all posted
Viiim Pred 7 dnevi
Who else wants to hear her songs??
fancy spaced XD
fancy spaced XD Pred 7 dnevi
Demski Pred 7 dnevi
The editor does a great job with music and sound choices
MYCAH LAIRD Pred 7 dnevi
you should do a video of small adventurous things everyone can do, for people who don’t have the resources to do something big
MAMA Mamak
MAMA Mamak Pred 7 dnevi
Let's go 10 Millions , you guys deserve it the most. New subscriber here
captainpatty Pred 7 dnevi
Who is dating who in yes theory?
Mrutyunjaya Sahoo
Mrutyunjaya Sahoo Pred 8 dnevi
Best content......bro....really enjoyed alot.....love from india ...bros....
A very old man
A very old man Pred 8 dnevi
When the sherpa hoodie comes back in stock ima buy it, I’m so hyped
Kashmir Sharpe
Kashmir Sharpe Pred 8 dnevi
Bro am so in love with cam's smile
yes sir
yes sir Pred 8 dnevi
she should be in more videos!!!!
Md aquib
Md aquib Pred 8 dnevi
You all good bro
Md aquib
Md aquib Pred 8 dnevi
Hi bro
Shifty Project
Shifty Project Pred 8 dnevi
Waiting yes theory go to Philippines🥺
Dayzz Renteria
Dayzz Renteria Pred 8 dnevi
Omg she is gorgeous but wth why would she wear that though smfh -,- it doesn't embrace her beautiful body, it looks old, faded and saggy on her. I wonder if she purposely wore that because she wasn't that into it 🤔 I'm not trying to be mean you guys it's just that she is so beautiful, she has an amazing body and she wears that of all things wtf 😭
Vanessa Fleig
Vanessa Fleig Pred 8 dnevi
This was the cutest date and she is so lovely ☺️ 💕
Vanessa Fleig
Vanessa Fleig Pred 8 dnevi
Oh man those cardboard cups ruined the entire taste of the wine 😩😩😩
Gabriella Maria
Gabriella Maria Pred 9 dnevi
you guys should go to a super random country without any eletronics (except ur cameras)
Una Petrovic
Una Petrovic Pred 9 dnevi
The part when they all sang was so touching :')
Bored Pred 9 dnevi
500 applicants???? I think I know how I will be dating from now on 😂
Anwin kp
Anwin kp Pred 9 dnevi
come to KERALA ,India bruh
Robert Farr
Robert Farr Pred 9 dnevi
Well done.
JoJo Pred 9 dnevi
Omg what happens next? I need to know!!
Sebast1an Pred 9 dnevi
Missed your beautiful stories. Good to have u back!
rian arfanza
rian arfanza Pred 10 dnevi
that's great, but will you visit indonesia and i'll show you how many wonderful places in indonesia
Danny H
Danny H Pred 10 dnevi
Hey you’s should go to Nassau the site of the House of Assembly and various judicial departments and was considered historically to be a stronghold of pirates. And take me with you plz lol.
KB Travels
KB Travels Pred 10 dnevi
Beautiful capture, we've been fortunate enough to be able to travel again and document it - so greatful for that
itsphoenix Pred 10 dnevi
I need friends like y’all...😭😭😂
Abdelali Adriouch
Abdelali Adriouch Pred 10 dnevi
Omg i wish i have friends like ammar and cam 🤩🤩that's coolest thing I've ever seen
Anagha suresh Kumar
Anagha suresh Kumar Pred 10 dnevi
Guys let the new experience be Kerala...Gods own country Do not miss your oppurtunity to see some wonders.Have the best tour guide and eat the best But if you have to enjoy let Corona pass for the time being But be sure to be there and be one to vision the beautiful... @yestheory
Anagha suresh Kumar
Anagha suresh Kumar Pred 10 dnevi
Jst have the fun,but be sure you have visited the wonders in Kerala before you leave...
Rebeca Farace
Rebeca Farace Pred 10 dnevi
I'm so happy you guys are working on season 2 of the yes theory podcast, the first one was by far the best thing I listened to/watched in 2020. Keep up the good work guys, thanks for making my day a little bit better every time I watch your content. :))
Shenghong Zhong
Shenghong Zhong Pred 10 dnevi
This video made me want to travel in the US...
Just Hobby
Just Hobby Pred 10 dnevi
Watched all your videos and I’m missing you guys.
Village Purna Vlogs
Village Purna Vlogs Pred 11 dnevi
Nice videos bro👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Village Purna Vlogs
Village Purna Vlogs Pred 11 dnevi
Hiiii broo
TriXJester Pred 11 dnevi
This makes me want to see Yes Theory plan a wedding, hardmode plan a wedding in 72 hours
Tyra Brown
Tyra Brown Pred 11 dnevi
❤️❤️❤️ i will try to register 😂🇵🇭 tom is cute and i love his smile
Nat Pred 11 dnevi
Carly seems so Great. I think these two knew each other before. Looked to good together.
Joel Pred 11 dnevi
I HAVE seen her in a yes theory video before the one where they crash the date. How is this possible
MARK JASON SO Pred 11 dnevi
Bruh the dude that keep saying yeyeye🤣🤣🤣🤣
Langpu Dadu's diary
Langpu Dadu's diary Pred 11 dnevi
They look so good together.
JENDEL ABARCA Pred 12 dnevi
what a billboard love
Hayatın Her Yerinden
Hayatın Her Yerinden Pred 12 dnevi
thank you, a nice presentation
Bruno Paniagua Antúnez
Ammar should do a base jump in SÓTANO DE LAS GOLONDRINAS or Cave of swallows in San Luis Potosí, México!!!
Zach Smith
Zach Smith Pred 12 dnevi
That guitar playing is dreadful
Natasha Selemani
Natasha Selemani Pred 12 dnevi
They're the cutest couple ever. Love them and wish them so much happiness and love
InstantCrush Pred 12 dnevi
14:14 They see me rollin', they hatin' 😂
Roman Imel
Roman Imel Pred 12 dnevi
If you guys ever come out to Utah I’d love to go sky diving i have never been and I’m so scared of heights it’s the one thing I’d never do but I wanna beat the fear
Mohd Zulfitri Ikmal Bin Zulkipli
Busking for dinner is one hell of creative ideas to enjoy a first date. I hope I also have bestfriends like Tommy and been set up for a blind date, but I have no friend I'm all alone, struggling to survive and making friends. Yes Theory is the only thing help me to stay happy. I hope I can meet all of you guys one day. Zulfitri Yes Fam from Malaysia
Abhishek Chauhan
Abhishek Chauhan Pred 13 dnevi
yam ck
yam ck Pred 13 dnevi
what if you meet with prince Mateen of Brunei
Filosofjanne Pred 14 dnevi
Ehm, yeah great outfit.. great colorful outfit :| ...
Juvys P&VBlogs
Juvys P&VBlogs Pred 14 dnevi
I like when this notification pops up on my SLtv 'Someone like your comment' and 'you have a new subscriber' Hoping😌
Fammy Tizon
Fammy Tizon Pred 14 dnevi
Looking for a friends like them, hahah 🤣
Roman Imel
Roman Imel Pred 14 dnevi
I’m about to go on my first adventure I’m and such a home body I never leave I never talk to people and in about 2 or 3 weeks me and my wife and kids are going to yellow stone for the first time and my goal is the 3 mile hike I’ve never hiked 3 miles super excited. Any advice to help get though for a first timer would be amazing thanks
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Pred 14 dnevi
Create a channel called “No Theory”
AndrexGamer Pred 14 dnevi
im sad, im out here single asf! i need a date too Hmu on my ig: andrexgallano :)
yaksh chauhan
yaksh chauhan Pred 14 dnevi
Roman Imel
Roman Imel Pred 14 dnevi
I can’t say it enough I love this channel and just you guys are amazing. I’m 23 I was at a point where I felt like there was no purpose for life for me anyway then I started watching your videos and I cry about 75% of them I just wanna say thank you for showing me life has so much more then just the failures and pain thank you am forever grateful for you guys
Michael Kikon
Michael Kikon Pred 15 dnevi
I now realise that all my friends are jerks 😁
Tim Logemann
Tim Logemann Pred 15 dnevi
Thomas you’re finally back! Love it 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 we missed you man
Michelle Angel
Michelle Angel Pred 15 dnevi
very sweet... nice video! :-)
Traxyz Pred 15 dnevi
NEXT VIDEO : Asking stranger for cooking in their kitchen for dinner. Please like so YES THEORY can read this
BBXTrik Pred 15 dnevi
You should put up a poster that says, "call this number for a good time" and then, give them the best day of their life.
Dr_Epig Pred 15 dnevi
I know my comment doesn’t really fit this video, but I‘m desperate enough to try something like this. Since the beginning of the pandemic, my two favourite activities have been taken away from me: Having adventures and meeting new people. I am more than dissatisfied with my current life situation and need to change something before I can no longer escape this downward spiral. What I‘m trying to say is, would anyone like to go on any kind of adventure with me?
Tstormer Pred 15 dnevi
Me whose never dated and it's 31 is be scared pissless
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