Food Theory: Did Burger King JUST Break The Law? 

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Burger King just made a major move in the Twitch space - a potentially ILLEGAL move! Loyal Theorists, were you one of the lucky viewers to see Burger King hop onto your favorite Twitch stream and use the text to speech message to advertise their food? Well, they DID and many of those Twitch streamers are NOT happy! You see, Burger King used them as cheap advertising rather than actually sponsoring them, which potentially cheats them out of money. So, was this sneaky tactic a genius move by Burger King to sell their Whopper or did they just break the law?
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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24. sep. 2020

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Jamie Zero
Jamie Zero Pred 4 urami
I gotta tip the hat to burger king here. But it does break the rules in countries. But in the UK you couldn't even get a whopper meal with $5.
Erick Lestrange
Erick Lestrange Pred 11 urami
hahahaha legislators logging to hotmail haha so true
S V Pred 17 urami
What THE CHURCH OF YELLING AT PUPPIES who ever wants join that
NoMercy Pred dnevom
bro sponsorships pay thousands of dollars bk pays 5 bucks
Andrew Waters
Andrew Waters Pred dnevom
I love food theory and Burger King. But imma buy a whopper real quick
Aaron Mitton
Aaron Mitton Pred dnevom
BK didn't "sponsor" them, they purchased 30 seconds of air time. They bought a commercial... Take your $5 and move on
Kouga The Wolf Pokemon
Tbh This is actually genuinely genius by Burger King
Penguin Universe
Penguin Universe Pred dnevom
When i wach you you make me hungry when you talk about food and that’s all videos
Prebuiltroom901 Pred dnevom
That’s not fair that Burger King did that but Burger King is delicious
rubhoob Pred 2 dnevi
Tbh, what burger king did was a cheap move, I guess that's what is most unsettling about this issue
Phil Pred 2 dnevi
When I grow up i want to be just like you!
David Jones
David Jones Pred 2 dnevi
Sounds like a bunch of crybabies LOL good job BK
MK Pred 3 dnevi
Everyone in the comments complains about ads....but then you still go consume products? Stop buying things, simple solution to your whiny asses.
MK Pred 3 dnevi
Streamers are hands down the most entitled, whiny, self-centered excuses for humans on the planet. I hope corporations devour them, whole.
Phil Phil
Phil Phil Pred 3 dnevi
Yes he is
Spinozin Pred 3 dnevi
Advertisers have no morals
Foot fungus
Tren TR
Tren TR Pred 3 dnevi
BK in UK is pretty good but this wasnt right to do without speaking to the creator first It's about respect
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo Pred 3 dnevi
I'm not even a fan of the food from BK ( other than their Onion Rings atleast bc they are good lol) but this just makes me want a whopper lol
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo Pred 3 dnevi
BK was just smart I can't hate
Isha Chakraborty
Isha Chakraborty Pred 3 dnevi
Those twitch adds didn’t make me want Burger King at all, they just made me dislike it.
Usless Rubbish
Usless Rubbish Pred 3 dnevi
Till now i never noticed nugget from kindergarten
dudes channel Billy Apex
At 8:40 I got a burger king ad... -_-
This is one of the better episodes
Aspects Pred 4 dnevi
I seriously got a Burger King ad on this video 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jason Biercer
Jason Biercer Pred 2 dnevi
Ed Lawson
Ed Lawson Pred 4 dnevi
i am already 6 mins in and i already know hes on team streamer
tutacat Pred 4 dnevi
Guerrilla marketing.
YinYang Productions
YinYang Productions Pred 4 dnevi
15:10 I see "That Cybert Channel"
Cyclone Pred 4 dnevi
I can just see the faces of Team Marketings face unti l they realized it is illegal.
Timothy Geneston
Timothy Geneston Pred 5 dnevi
Raise your hand when you said "Flight Team Stand Up!" whenever MatPat said FTC
Kieran O'lafferty
Kieran O'lafferty Pred 5 dnevi
So its not illegal because the rules are outdated and redundant.....
Casy Chapin
Casy Chapin Pred 5 dnevi
what do you figure is a reasonable response to this as a consumer? something like for month i will avoid burger king or what?
Bobby29001_playz Pred 5 dnevi
I get a BK ad In the middle of this! 🤣😂🤣😂
Riley Hart
Riley Hart Pred 5 dnevi
Dude, I just had a double whopper today.
Islarf Pred 6 dnevi
Did *anything* even happen from this?
Theo Joaquin D. NICOLAS
they do it like they actually let customise your whopper
Milkshake Draws
Milkshake Draws Pred 6 dnevi
I noticed the impossible whopper is bigger than the regular whopper and I bet there’s probably a five hour lore explanation as to why.
ashleyofoz Pred 6 dnevi
Ross is an absolute mad lad and we love him for it.
mrigank sutariya
mrigank sutariya Pred 6 dnevi
Try spending your precious couple hours of your finite life reading the terms and conditions and then You:🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Mac Cheezy
Mac Cheezy Pred 6 dnevi
s.k. r.c.x.d
s.k. r.c.x.d Pred 7 dnevi
Watching this 7 months later and honestly I'm still getting that chicken Jr and $1.50 10pc nuggets?!?! Better then McDonald's anyways so...
Alsaice Pred 7 dnevi
This concept is new to me, and I work in a role that could be considered marketing. What I will say, from my perspective of hearing about this for the first time, is that the idea is *interesting*, but as someone who also watches streams, it feels gross to think about. You're watching your favorite streamer and suddenly, a blatant ad is read out with text-to-speech. Sound is half of the experience with a stream, arguably even more, and I don't know... hearing something like that is uncomfortable. It doesn't match up with the mood of what's happening. Ads on a stream are bad enough as it is, but they're outside of the stream. This is like... airing the ads in a sacred space where they don't belong.... like an intrusive pop-up ad, but in the middle of a movie you're enjoying. I don't think it's right, and even if it was a creative way to spread information, it's definitely too much. It's crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed, and people have every right to feel uncomfortable or angry about it.
Itanno Pred 7 dnevi
Streaming software should just allow streamers to skip certain tts donations if its something like this, or filter out keywords. Its unfortunate, but I dont believe anything will happen to stop it otherwise. Multi billion dollar companies are, have been, and always will be a plague of greed.
Santi Rivas
Santi Rivas Pred 7 dnevi
Love the babish cameo
Louis Rockefeller
Louis Rockefeller Pred 7 dnevi
I’m going to buy 4 whoppers this month just because of this. Absolutely love it. If they could do it on onlyfans I’d buy one a day.
Keenan Sisson
Keenan Sisson Pred 7 dnevi
I just got a Burger King ad right when you were talking about not being able to choose your ads. 😂😂😂
Aiden Hitt
Aiden Hitt Pred 7 dnevi
2:41 where
Aiden Hitt
Aiden Hitt Pred 7 dnevi
spiral spark
spiral spark Pred 8 dnevi
what burger king did was wrong, but everyone complaining is just salty no one sponsers them
donut_is_cool Pred 8 dnevi
I’m a streamer so I’m with team streamer
Calvin Poole
Calvin Poole Pred 8 dnevi
I mean. It was a good idea.
TheLoafBread Pred 8 dnevi
There was a Burger King ad on this video
Anthony Bunker
Anthony Bunker Pred 8 dnevi
If youtube doesent work out u should become a lawyer
Mr.Chucken Pred 8 dnevi
They did pull a ninja
jackie brown
jackie brown Pred 8 dnevi
like it or not,BK marketing team is genius
Jesse Slayton
Jesse Slayton Pred 9 dnevi
I’ve gotta keep it all the way real, who cares? We get bombarded by ads from every direction every single day wether it be driving down the road, sitting at a bus stop, riding a train, mail we don’t ask for. If you ask me it just seems like a bunch of people upset that Burger King didn’t give them some insane amount of money for less than 30 seconds of air time. If that were the case then any account that these fast food restaurants retweet should get handsomely compensated but they don’t because that’s ridiculous to expect.
The Playful Shipper
The Playful Shipper Pred 9 dnevi
The sad part is i just got a burgur king add just now. The agrivating part is they closed in my city -_- mf want me to get food from them, then be in my city. -`^´-
NPC_ games
NPC_ games Pred 9 dnevi
You could say that burger King did a little this called a *Security Breach* **laughs in bad fnaf pun/refrence** Don't worry, I know where the door is
William Leavitt
William Leavitt Pred 9 dnevi
Woah my trecky brain tripped over TOS for a second there
Sea of Blood Red Roses
Yes, this is profoundly different from Twitch ads, as all streamers agree to those ads by continuing to use the service. BK violated the TOS, meaning Twitch streamers had no warning and gave no consent at all. Let's compare this to something a bit more material in nature. You own an outdoor theatre. People are watching your movies when some would-be King drives up and puts on their own projector and speaker on top of yours and blares them. Is that illegal? Well, no. It'll get you kicked out and is incredibly unethical, but I don't think it's illegal. But in this case, they also signed a little agreement saying that they wouldn't do any soliciting while on your property. And to tell the streamers, "if you don't like it, disable the feature," but only AFTER hitting them with it? I don't know much about law, but it seems to me that the three possibilities to discuss here are blackmail (what BK did to the streamers - let us do this or shut down a revenue channel), violation of contract (not sure how much TOS could be compared to NDAs, for instance - can legal action be pursued?), and advertising on a platform - someone's virtual property (whether that's Twitch or the streamer's doesn't matter, since BK violated both), without their consent.
Hudson Host
Hudson Host Pred 9 dnevi
even before Mat pat talked about burger king I already thought burger king sucked
Pia Häußer
Pia Häußer Pred 9 dnevi
That's the thing that fascinates me about the difference in legal systems. Like you said, in the US this kind of advertisement probably will go unpunished because BK was the first to find that loophole. The US, beeing a common law country, evolves its law through cases. Since no one has done that kind of ads before, there are no cases for law to evolve from. Civil law countries on the other hand, have a more abstract legal system that changes with cases but is mosten times already aplyable to new situations as it is. At least in Germany theres a principle called analogy where you apply laws, that have the same intention, to cases that are not yet regulated because of unplanned legal loopholes. Thus the first one to find that loophole can mosten times still be held responsible for their actions. Which in turn creates a whole lot of grey areas and disputes among judges and professors. (I should probably not try to write about such a complex topic in a foreign language but alas here we are. So I'm sorry for any errors and caused confusion)
Garrett Family
Garrett Family Pred 9 dnevi
Hold up why is this food theory.... Oh wait Burger King
Buer Pred 9 dnevi
I'm a whopper and I approve this message
Mathew Cube
Mathew Cube Pred 9 dnevi
Only knowing logic, I think Twitch or Streamlabs or both could have a case to sue Burger King on the ground that they used the platform to make money without Twitch or Streamlab’s consent or credit. Something a lawyer could make a point of is that Burger King getting off Scott free would set an example for other companies, telling them they can advertise on twitch/streamlabs without their Twitch/Streamlabs’s consent. Another thing could be that the ad wasn’t beholden to traditional advertising regulations because it wasn’t a traditional ad, meaning they could have used any number of illegal advertising practices and gotten away with it.
Vivi PotatoMeme
Vivi PotatoMeme Pred 9 dnevi
Gabriel Vega
Gabriel Vega Pred 10 dnevi
i thought this was gonna be about the plane guy
Allthepainihaveingames Lol
5:15 when it starts
FreeSpark Pred 10 dnevi
"Is this a nothing burger, or a something burger?" It's a Hungry Burger Yu-Gi-Oh! card
yousif Narry
yousif Narry Pred 10 dnevi
when matt said that part where he said "I know that last one is going to be tough for all you Canadian streamers" (referring to being polite) it made be want to be in polite
Iron Dude
Iron Dude Pred 10 dnevi
I literally got a Burger King commercial right after the video 😂😂😂
Angelo morgos
Angelo morgos Pred 10 dnevi
I acctully use streamlabs so poggers
elektriko the electric
g A
g A Pred 10 dnevi
Somone gave u 5$ kids chill $ is king and if ur guna cry for getting $ u don't deserve a job or income be dam grateful
Nightmare Pred 10 dnevi
Can u put like 2-4 adds please bc when I watch a diffrent video they had like 6 adds :( I also like u bc there’s like no adds :3
cursed artifact
cursed artifact Pred 11 dnevi
Wow they're entitled. Streaming isn't a job.
Dmitry9000YT Pred 11 dnevi
"TTS donations are either just wholesome or for people to get attention." TTS donations: *Alexa, call 911*
SkyKingMC Pred 7 dnevi
110% of asian andy streams
Leung Hiu Ching Oriana
Well, actually 'TTS' is also used during live manga drawing session.
Cesar Linares
Cesar Linares Pred 11 dnevi
Ima go buy a whopper now for burger king being a 9000iQ company
Owen Campbell
Owen Campbell Pred 11 dnevi
Anyone else get a Burger King ad before the video?
Andrew Shih
Andrew Shih Pred 11 dnevi
Actually its kinda weird and a little creepy, imagine you're in middle of streaming and out of nowhere there is a burger king ad.
Zedant Pred 11 dnevi
Wait a second. America still hasnt made a government branch to deal whit the internet?
Misael Rubio
Misael Rubio Pred 11 dnevi
This theory sucked.... Still watched it tho
Mark Cagle
Mark Cagle Pred 11 dnevi
This is why corporate personhood should be revoked.
Nightfury 23 - Anime on Piano
Was that beginning sound legend of Zelda breathe of the wilds shrine monk
Maya Roberson
Maya Roberson Pred 11 dnevi
Two reasons someone may not like food theory: 1. You are dumb 2. When ever you watch the show you immediately want to order two burgers and large fries and 6 nuggets from McDonald’s with a large sweet tea and and an olive pepperoni and pepper New York pizza and my personal subway sandwich and a burrito and hard shell taco from Taco Bell and a Mac and cheese from chic fa lay and a son of a baconater meal from Wendy’s and hot wings from dominos along with a spaghetti and meatballs dish from Pucinella‘s but I can’t pay for it because I’m only 13 let me guess I just made you hungry I’m not sorry ❤️🍔🍟🍕🍗🌯🍝🥤❤️
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen
Once Twitch inevitably makes TTS donations by corporations an option the streamers can select, I guarantee that 90+% of twitch streamers who use TTS donations will enable the option to allow corporate TTS donations. Everyone knows it. Let's just move on from this marxist distraction
Kumi Nanida
Kumi Nanida Pred 11 dnevi
I would say a different between the two are that subs don't have to bother with ads because they pay to see the content ad free. This by passed that
Melody Joy Dy
Melody Joy Dy Pred 12 dnevi
YT Gamer
YT Gamer Pred 12 dnevi
Their intro is so... beautiful 😲🤩
Venom Pred 12 dnevi
My god those streamers are acting ridiculous, so upset over BK giving them $5 to quickly say "Buy a whopper" or "Buy our nuggets!" Like okay, just ignore it and go on with your stream, no need to stop and talk about it for the next 5 minutes then complain for days.
John Derwin Deleon
John Derwin Deleon Pred 12 dnevi
Rey`d Shadow Legendes
Paper Products
Paper Products Pred 12 dnevi
all this tells me is that people on the internet will get offended by literally anything whatsoever. But we already knew that.
Ad1th CPASR Pred 12 dnevi
Not, I would have been like BK gives u poison or something if they puta an ad in the middle like this.
Venom Pred 12 dnevi
I'm pretty sure that's illegal
Rqmi _XD
Rqmi _XD Pred 12 dnevi
Dead_Weight45 Pred 12 dnevi
I'm Team Streamer, and the fact that Keemstar is Team Marketing is only confirming that Team Streamer is in the right on this one. Thanks for always showing us who's in the wrong by supporting that side, you sociopathic gnome
Anthony Carrión Castillo
fuke burger king.
Mark Cubero
Mark Cubero Pred 13 dnevi
Lmao I just realized Ludwig did the same thing
Vaporizer YT
Vaporizer YT Pred 13 dnevi
Next it’s subway doing this
Vaporizer YT
Vaporizer YT Pred 13 dnevi
MarshMelo Pred 13 dnevi
Geoffrey Cook
Geoffrey Cook Pred 13 dnevi
I work in marketing. I have come across these kinds of ideas before. Frankly speaking, this is why people hate ads, as the success here wasn't 'how do we support streamers and turn that into sales' but rather 'how do we highjack a donation system to disproportionally profit'
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