The Fall 

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8. apr. 2021

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Topaz Hex
Topaz Hex Pred 7 urami
Part 2?!
Eilish Camilleri
Eilish Camilleri Pred 9 urami
Doesn’t matter what game he plays SLtv will always say it’s freddys
Virginia Feidler
Virginia Feidler Pred 16 urami
Lixian making Mark disappear when he was talking about integrated camouflage actually made me choke on my Cheez-Its😂😂
Alberto Lameira
Alberto Lameira Pred 22 urami
Luna love14
Luna love14 Pred 23 urami
I saw the title and 100% thought this was going to be a video entirely about how you broke your foot, no kidding I was prepared for you to milk that
Magic6534 Pred dnevom
sickkla Pred dnevom
I am manifesting this becoming a series
connbrat shadow
connbrat shadow Pred dnevom
We need mooooaaaaar!
Payton The Piger
Payton The Piger Pred dnevom
crash 147
crash 147 Pred dnevom
Arid best waifu
bamboo Pred dnevom
i loved this! i really hope it becomes a series
RomanBlock 605
RomanBlock 605 Pred dnevom
Bro we need MORE
Regitze Bohnstedt
Regitze Bohnstedt Pred dnevom
Make it a series
Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson Pred dnevom
You made this video on my birthday
Satan Pred dnevom
look, if i was playing, im trusting the administrator and i dont care if it kills me because he sounds like someone id be great friends with
NavigationByAtlas Pred 2 dnevi
Not me rewatching this video again bc I want another episode so badly
Vince Sparacello
Vince Sparacello Pred 2 dnevi
love seeing a Sponsored Mark so happy for him now
SabrinaDragneel Pred 2 dnevi
this is so good pls make more :3
Meef's Beef
Meef's Beef Pred 2 dnevi
1:48 *Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot*
Farbod May
Farbod May Pred 2 dnevi
This is SO COOL!
Z Pred 3 dnevi
When is he going to continue this?..
Shanice P
Shanice P Pred 3 dnevi
Maisy Gracey
Maisy Gracey Pred 3 dnevi
I recommend you play “the aquatic adventures of the last human” should be on the switch dunno if its on pc. Despite your fear of the ocean you do like to play scary aquatic games its also kinda like carrion but your not the monster.
Egor Pred 3 dnevi
Game looks pretty good, it'll be pleasure to see full playthrough. Also, there is a game named Escaped Chasm, it's from the same developer who made Undertale, I wonder why Mark didn't play that one
Doctor Goodson
Doctor Goodson Pred 3 dnevi
It is not by the same developer. It's made by Temmie Chang, who worked on animations and illustrations for Undertale.
Katie Pred 3 dnevi
This game is so cool! Can't wait for your next video!
Prince Ryan
Prince Ryan Pred 3 dnevi
47:22 hhaahahahaha num num num
John Hyatt
John Hyatt Pred 4 dnevi
ConnorCampbell2699 Pred 4 dnevi
This needs to be a damn series ASAP
GaminRaptor Pred 4 dnevi
you need to finish this game.
Anonymous ART
Anonymous ART Pred 5 dnevi
Jannell Ojeda
Jannell Ojeda Pred 5 dnevi
Yes pleaseeeeee continue the game !! If you are able to. No pressure
Maddox Blakey
Maddox Blakey Pred 5 dnevi
Protocol 3 protect the pilot
Steam Queen
Steam Queen Pred 5 dnevi
Can we get a series of this?
3DSMech Pred 5 dnevi
Please play this game, and its sequel. Both are amazing.
The Wind Waking Hero
Ok so this is THIS (hopefully to be) series
ToothyBoi Pred 5 dnevi
i want to see moreeeeee
BassetteHound Pred 5 dnevi
I hope he does a full play through
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger Pred 5 dnevi
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger Pred 5 dnevi
41:00 This "Daaaad!" tho 😂
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe it will have an interesting story but god, the choice of words... it's a bit too hard to understand 😅
yee haw
yee haw Pred 6 dnevi
Saver for myself 31:09
Max iEM
Max iEM Pred 6 dnevi
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki Pred 6 dnevi
Please make this game a series
Legolasfanboy Pred 6 dnevi
Where's part 2???
mighty jessa
mighty jessa Pred 6 dnevi
More of thisssssss
Christian Prinzo
Christian Prinzo Pred 6 dnevi
Please make more of this!
Normal David
Normal David Pred 6 dnevi
Num Num Num
Deepayan Hansda
Deepayan Hansda Pred 6 dnevi
Yea this is Five Nights at Freddy's
Zelith Fang
Zelith Fang Pred 6 dnevi
Mark: hmmm, am I the suit that has a person inside that isn't doing so good? That's what I'm picking up here. Me: Mark, the game literally told you the situation when it started.
Loaflie Pred 6 dnevi
Game: The Fall SLtv: *This is clearly Five Nights at Freddy's*
Grayson Geiger
Grayson Geiger Pred 6 dnevi
SeeroftheNight Pred 6 dnevi
I played this game a few years ago, it's pretty cool. I'd love to see you continue your playthrough!
Jarod David
Jarod David Pred 6 dnevi
MARKIMOO this is probably one of the best games you can play right now since your quarantined
Jubal Ogden
Jubal Ogden Pred 6 dnevi
Please, please, PLEASE make a series out of this!
Joan Adegbiji
Joan Adegbiji Pred 6 dnevi
This game is RIVETING please don’t deprive us
Foxy- 101
Foxy- 101 Pred 6 dnevi
I literally just watched this after watching starcat fail to make a birdhouse in vr.
Krysii Somah
Krysii Somah Pred 6 dnevi
The admin droid sounds like the host guy from Captive Audience
TheOddDiabetic Pred 6 dnevi
Still waiting for more of this!
k9qtea Pred 6 dnevi
this better be a series, so help me youtube gods
EarlyCeckOut Pred 6 dnevi
This is interesting :0
Lynkhart Pred 6 dnevi
Oooh, I love this so far! Robots gaining sentience is absolutely my jam. I hope Mark continues with it!
Targor 96
Targor 96 Pred 16 urami
Yes, absolutely. And it's so wonderfully refreshing that the robots are not just suddenly synthetic humans who talk like humans and act like humans and cry like humans (Detroit anybody). The Fall series shows how artificial intelligence could really act, and that makes it so great. The second game is even better in my opinion.
Lonewolf13277 Pred 6 dnevi
Make it a series please
Ivory D. Lagia
Ivory D. Lagia Pred 6 dnevi
Scored Health
Scored Health Pred 6 dnevi
Ok, im just gunna say this, mark is a dumbass and we love for it, but god does it screw him over in some playthroughss
gotoheat Pred 6 dnevi
Floofy._.Cosplayer Pred 6 dnevi
24:01 Me after I've been called on in class
Supernova Born
Supernova Born Pred 6 dnevi
At the start when it was talking about the pilot it just gave me vibes of Titanfall 2
Supernova Born
Supernova Born Pred 6 dnevi
SLtv thinks that this is five nights at Freddy's
Y’all kno Lena
Y’all kno Lena Pred 6 dnevi
PART 2????? 😭❤️
Joey Jenkins
Joey Jenkins Pred 6 dnevi
I was watching and then it started getting spooky and a thought very quietly entered my mind..."Maybe I shouldn't play with a sharp knife while I watch horror games"
LePezzy66 Pred 22 urami
Preferably never play with any knifes
TheUnkownBandit Pred 7 dnevi
Honestly in real life If we are building so many robots/ai shouldn’t we just destroy them and quit building them accept for like computers and stuff like thst
Phoenix Borealis
Phoenix Borealis Pred 7 dnevi
Getting some major Oddworld vibes from this one.
proelium Incarnatus
proelium Incarnatus Pred 7 dnevi
num num num human head 🤣 I'm dying 😂
K V Pred 7 dnevi
Yes yes yes, more robot space glam. Let's make this a series! Don't deny the people!
Ikaika :/
Ikaika :/ Pred 7 dnevi
id love to see him continue this
Ashoken Pred 8 dnevi
Yes, hello! I’m going to ask politely for more of this.... pretty please with skyline chili on top?
MoonGangster Pred 8 dnevi
10,110th comment
GamingBud Pred 8 dnevi
Brayden Drenning
Brayden Drenning Pred 8 dnevi
I need mark to play the rest of this game it's so cool.
Raven __ Black
Raven __ Black Pred 8 dnevi
Does anyone know when Mark will make another vid of this Bc honestly it seems like a really good game and I want to watch him play threw the whole game like seriously it’s so good and the amount of jokes he could make with this I could only imagine
Matthew Hayost
Matthew Hayost Pred 8 dnevi
Part 2 is what I think
Jhona S
Jhona S Pred 8 dnevi
I really want to see more of this game! the concept is so cool!
0Dexter00 Pred 8 dnevi
Why are you suppoting the epic games store again? Next thing we know, you're gonna partner with E.A.
BeauthebroYT 2
BeauthebroYT 2 Pred 8 dnevi
I remember playing limbo on my tablet years ago and I beat it
OctoStomp SplatoonSimp
“Good we were actually falling.” Me: What the flip?
Punkboyleech Pred 9 dnevi
I know it's possibly just the effect they used to make Hanks voice sound like it's coming from a speaker... but for the life of me I would have said Hank was being voiced by one of the Red Vs Blue guys... Donut would probably be the closest sounding...
etherraichu Pred 9 dnevi
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ gib part 2
Haemoglobin Pred 9 dnevi
'Working together today for a better tomorrow' idk man, sounds alot like horizon zero dawn to me
Zachary Nuevolo
Zachary Nuevolo Pred 9 dnevi
do more of this!
Part 2 pls
Infinite Pred 10 dnevi
Please, make a series of this, I would be really pissed off if you don't, and this deserves a series
mustafu Pred 10 dnevi
DUDEEEEE THIS IS SO COOL A AAAAAAAAA please please pleaaaaseee please make this into a series ( T v T )
KuroRyuShiro Pred 10 dnevi
So.....is ARID the true malfunction, or those security droids?
Seth foster foster
Seth foster foster Pred 10 dnevi
I swear mark has played this before
Justin Morrison
Justin Morrison Pred 10 dnevi
i was getting Out of This World vibes as well.
adoseoframen Pred 10 dnevi
So I played this game forever ago, forgot about it, and then kept having dreams that Mark played this game. So in my quest to figure out what the name was called, I searched through his ENTIRE channel, video by video. It was only after going through my games on Steam that I realized *I* was the one that had played it. So now I feel like this whole debacle is coming full circle.
lone survivor
lone survivor Pred 10 dnevi
When’s part 2 gonna be done ??????????
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Pred 10 dnevi
Chat up *password_cra4ck* on Instagram he is really good in all kinds of hack and recovery
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Pred 10 dnevi
Chat up *password_cra4ck* on Instagram he is really good in all kinds of hack and recovery
Rachel Pred 10 dnevi
PLEASE finish Hunie Pop!