Biden Administration Planning Outreach Program to Vaccine Skeptics 

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Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, February 23.
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Biden Administration Planning Outreach Program to Vaccine Skeptics- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




24. feb. 2021

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Steve Brown
Steve Brown Pred 12 dnevi
This is funny? I think I have nothing in common with you people anymore.
Darrel Zero
Darrel Zero Pred mesecem
The wigi board should say "yes"
Andy Snider
Andy Snider Pred mesecem
I still don't trust Joe Biden's
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski Pred mesecem
"...If you remove Ted Cruz it's 97%!" (approval) If you remove the rest (Greene, hawley, Graham, McConnell etc...) Congress would have a 200% approval rating! Just sayyyyyin....😁
Jim Henning
Jim Henning Pred mesecem
Dang. This one was full of goldies. Much laugh. Doge approve.
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Pred mesecem
Forget the skeptics just let me get a shot already.
Moravia Laurich
Moravia Laurich Pred mesecem
Thank you Butters! I want one too. Let's focus on the people who want one and "don't qualify yet" and then take care of the skeptics.
Mccann Antonette
Mccann Antonette Pred mesecem
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Loni Bonanno
Loni Bonanno Pred mesecem
Fuggetabboutit. I almost choked
adonis cook
adonis cook Pred mesecem
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Fred Fisher
Fred Fisher Pred mesecem
He spelled it right. Why the ding?
Jan E. Elliot
Jan E. Elliot Pred mesecem
Plz NEVER have an audience back! If I started a petition, who would sign?
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Pred mesecem
This is a Florida man our meth makes us immune to covid.
jessi han
jessi han Pred mesecem
The erect vegetarian significantly sneeze because chief sadly wait apropos a tiny plot. naive, low government
Cristina F
Cristina F Pred mesecem
The improv is everything! It’s part of the no-audience charm.
Devlin Burgess
Devlin Burgess Pred mesecem
Japan's new Minister is also already in charge of fixing Japan's birth rate issue. So, Suga essentially tasked him with fixing the country's two biggest social issues while he and the rest of the LDP just....hang out in the Diet building and play Yu-Gi Oh or something.
pm me your dad jokes
I really wish the people against vaccines would just do like 5 minutes of research into how a vaccine is created. They talk like the oldies getting the vaccines first are the legitimate first organisms they are testing it on.
Jennifer Lewisfe
Jennifer Lewisfe Pred mesecem
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taehoon oh
taehoon oh Pred mesecem
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Jesi Pohl
Jesi Pohl Pred mesecem
Biden lied about student debt...surprise?
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken Pred mesecem
Oh that made me giggle a lot..uk fan ...home of the gin soaked raisins!
SoreWaSore Pred mesecem
I'm not sure how real audiences work, or maybe it's been so long that I don't remember. Are real audiences in late shows even necessary now though? Maybe these late-night shows don't have to have them anymore seeing how these new formats do work. I'm not sure how audiences work, but if they are hired, then maybe not hiring them is one way to save money. Then again, I'd understand if they'd prefer audiences if audiences have to pay to be a part of the audience if the first place, or if hiring audiences to react or laugh for these shows is one opportunity to let some people earn some side bucks in this difficult economy If audiences for late-night shows were to come back, I hope that new conditions can be set up or something, like, "Don't force yourself to laugh, it's okay to just smile at a joke, as long as your reactions are genuine."
Michelle Coppola
Michelle Coppola Pred mesecem
As a person from New Jersey, I thoroughly appreciate the New Jersey jokes. (Yes I am also half-Italian)
Star Observers
Star Observers Pred mesecem
Eat the kids first, less mouths to feed. And it’s not a vaccine, it’s a RNA drug that doesn’t prevent the spread or contraction of COVID-19 as it mutates to quickly to create an effective vaccine period! Stop calling it something it’s not and spreading lies.
umanaal Pred mesecem
His Lindsay Graham impression is priceless! "Mema!!!"
nansi s
nansi s Pred mesecem
That was funny.....the end was perfect
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Pred mesecem
Man Seth really has it out for NJ, wonder what experience he had in the state that got him that way.
Ellen Casteel
Ellen Casteel Pred mesecem
Why are all the night time comedians dumping on Biden???? It is NOT funny!!
Ketch013 Pred mesecem
The joke about Biden asking Justin Trudeau to put his dad on the line is even funnier when you know that Justin's dad was actually prime minister of Canada in the 80's, which Biden would probably remember.
Ketch013 Pred mesecem
Seth and his team do their research so I'm sure he intended this to be the joke but most people on here seem think the joke was Justin Trudeau is way too young to be Prime Minister.
peter g
peter g Pred mesecem
that literally was the joke.
Landsend57 Lake
Landsend57 Lake Pred mesecem
If Canada has a similar electoral process as the US with an electoral College Trudeau would have lost the election. By popular vote Trudeau lost the election by more than 200,000 votes but due to the total parliamentary seats based on individual province population he won regardless. His sitting Government has been plagued by corruption and Most Canadians despise him! Trudeau is a drama teacher turned Prime Minister. We have never had a more incompetent leader of this country!
Nails Chrysanthemum
Nails Chrysanthemum Pred mesecem
lol pot spaghetti sauce is p damn good
Sam Pred mesecem
Don't know if Seth('s writers) actually know about former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father), or if that was just a lucky coincidence. Pierre Trudeau was actually PM when Biden was fairly new in the Senate.
S. Pociecha
S. Pociecha Pred mesecem
I'm sure they know who Trudeau's father is. The humour of the jokes is in their truth (and vice versa)
Titus Tiger
Titus Tiger Pred mesecem
can't wait until people tell Seth how to say Ouija
Sky Lark
Sky Lark Pred mesecem
Do a side-by-side photo of Trudeau and Cruz sporting their beards......for fun!!!!!!
Brenda Rose
Brenda Rose Pred mesecem
Not only is this 2021 version of Seth's comedy ageist, it's also racist. Tired of hearing him trashing Italian NJ people & banging on Biden's birthdate.
peter g
peter g Pred mesecem
go be woke someplace else. these jokes weren't "trashing italian nj people;" nothing pejorative was said. and the fact that biden is old enough to remember pierre trudeau isn't ageist. go find something important to fight against.
Frosty Girl
Frosty Girl Pred mesecem
Dude! Don’t even joke about that pillow being useful for anything! I mean, you’re no Trump, but lots of people do actually pay attention to what you say.
toodles oops
toodles oops Pred mesecem
"furgiddabowdit" Thanks Seth
The Imagiknight
The Imagiknight Pred mesecem
Was it A monologue or THE monologue, Seth! I WANT ANSWERS HERE!
M G Pred mesecem
Gin soaked raisins!
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
The best outreach program would involve billy clubs.
W Pred mesecem
Now they need to take EVERY marijuana arrest off people's records!
Bay View
Bay View Pred mesecem
Uge stuffed shells fer shore
Alden Zenko
Alden Zenko Pred mesecem
Seriously though why does like every other country have a younger president than us, and less people dying from pandemics
scott shannon
scott shannon Pred mesecem
The people who have decided not to take the Vaccine are not going to be swayed by some feelgood Horsesh%t outreach program. Biden needs to get started on his campaign promises and quit worrying about entertaining every stupid Idea That comes across his Desk. He needs to learn how to say NO! to His fellow Democrats. I think the Democrats are taking advantage of Biden to get every hairbrained idea they can conjure up made into Law. It needs to stop.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
2:27 Why is it, when you say “The Royal Family” in 🇺🇸, everybody assumes you mean the _British_ one? You _do_ know there are others, right? The country where I was born has 9 royal families. All on its own.
green sandwitch
green sandwitch Pred mesecem
yo seth but suicide is serious
Paul Snell
Paul Snell Pred mesecem
He should have said that was a M-O-N-O-L-O-G-U-E
[Encrypted User]
[Encrypted User] Pred mesecem
This guys a DNC Tool. Not original not funny
Skinnyd4 Pred mesecem
I have never partaken in marijuana or any edibles, but I am a New Jersey native, and I have to admit, I am intrigued at the idea of an infused Wawa hoagie...
Admiralty86 Pred mesecem
"throw a MyPillow over it" 😂 He's a really talented comedian.
Erin Garv
Erin Garv Pred mesecem
how do i apply for a job with this writing staff
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes Pred mesecem
"How's everybody doing tonight? Alright, that's good to know!"
Serge Somborac
Serge Somborac Pred mesecem
"The woman lives to be 105, we just used her to zing the Royal Family. 🤣🤣
Simar Puneet
Simar Puneet Pred mesecem
Seth’s Biden imitation 👌🏾👌🏾
Toney Tucci
Toney Tucci Pred mesecem
omg LOL so many killers so little fillers!! esp the banter with the sound FX guy "Can I get a spelling bee ding? No, a soft one like the first one like you threw a pillow on it"
salamadestron Pred mesecem
What makes the Trudeau joke extra funny is that his Dad was Prime Minister when Biden was first elected to the senate.
Greg Bors
Greg Bors Pred mesecem
Ironic that Trump supporters want him to get credit for a vaccine that half of them don't want to take
Cat Pursel
Cat Pursel Pred mesecem
The only thing I miss about Trump is Seth yelling out, "Meeeel!" in his bits! "Meeeeel? Mel?"
Josh Pred mesecem
I think his Biden voice is better. It kinda sounds like if Clint Eastwood played him in a movie.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
There is a poignancy to his mini-one-man-shows, and yes, that one was extra-poignant.
Eric Minch
Eric Minch Pred mesecem
3:06 My goodness, Springsteen is 12 years older than Obama, but look at that black black hair. Must be clean living I guess.
Randy A MacDonald
Randy A MacDonald Pred mesecem
Nitpick: the bell means he got it wrong?
N R Pred mesecem
I literally can't think of anyone naturally funnier than Seth. He's able to effortlessly make people giddy in a way I haven't seen since Robin Williams.
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Pred mesecem
@N R Norms humor works on his intelligence, other people can't really copy it.
N R Pred mesecem
@Arnav Rawat I feel like Seth can make Norm MacDonald's style of humour more palatable.
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Pred mesecem
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Pred mesecem
Norm Macdonald Bill burr
Jacqueline Wernett
Jacqueline Wernett Pred mesecem
New Jersey is the garden state. Weeds grow
Dennis Batja Bueno de Mesquita
The Biden-Trudeau-joke and the New Jersey jokes were good. The rest pathetic.
PopeLando Pred mesecem
I'm watching this on my phone. I loved it when Daft Punk revealed that they were Jerry Seinfeld and Will Ferrell!
Cherry Red
Cherry Red Pred mesecem
That's Simon and Garfunkel.
Sen Howler
Sen Howler Pred mesecem
Missed the opportunity to make a huge "klunk" noise when he said "throw a My Pillow on it.)
Samantha Moes
Samantha Moes Pred mesecem
I'm not sure they knew this (I'm sure they probably did) but his joke about Biden asking Trudeau to put his dad on the phone is 10x funnier because Justin's dad Pierre actually was our PM for like a decade.
logan Farrington
logan Farrington Pred mesecem
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TravelWell Pred mesecem
I'm watching with closed captions. At 1:10 it says Laughter in square brackets. LOL. There's no audience, there was no laughter.
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez Pred mesecem
Coke is helping with vaccinations. 1 caveat.. you gotta be less white.
Mrpear234 Pred mesecem
Oh man, NJ turnpike drivers won't ever let the smell jokes go. :)
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez Pred mesecem
Seth stop saying good to hear one second after u ask mmk
Dan Tana
Dan Tana Pred mesecem
woah- that Daft Punk/Simon and Garfunkel joke caught me off-guard ; think I had a bit of a flashback...but in any event, Seth, "we'd like to help you learn to help yourself"
Mike Mauzey
Mike Mauzey Pred mesecem
Andre Ribeiro
Andre Ribeiro Pred mesecem
The real snowman separately squeak because woman seemingly allow near a ludicrous hawk. slippery, tearful queen
Gabriel Pena-Lora
Gabriel Pena-Lora Pred mesecem
haha nice get it Seth!
LogicNeedNotApply Pred mesecem
This shows blows
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Seth Meyers Rules All Bar None
Rachel Hudson
Rachel Hudson Pred mesecem
Another lie from this fraud in the white house and another late night host who is not funny, hope your show goes down, oh wait it has
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Aw, your magat tears are delicious.
Kerrie Macon
Kerrie Macon Pred mesecem
Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is my daughter jahmela and her 4. Children.
Kerrie Macon
Kerrie Macon Pred mesecem
@Tonya Richards evidently you do.
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick Pred mesecem
Wow Seth...00:24 👀
Rocky does it all
Rocky does it all Pred mesecem
Lego, Now Ouija
Succubusisis Pred mesecem
The title is wrong
Rien Jen
Rien Jen Pred mesecem
You will NEVER convince a radical anti-vaxxer to get vaccinated. However, there are many people labeled as anti-vaxxers who are actually vaccine reluctant, and they have a right to be nervous about a brand new vaccine. Sorry, but nothing in this world is safe--over 100,000 Americans die each year due to adverse reactions to LEGAL drugs that are taken correctly and another 2.2 million suffer serious injuries--EACH YEAR. You think these vaccines won't have a few casualties? Stop acting like people are stupid for being scared--instead, address their fear, be transparent that the vaccines do run at least a small risk and use logic. Look at the numbers of people harmed and/or killed by COVID--it's staggering. That's why I've gotten my vaccine, but ultimately, it was this conclusion--pick your poison. Choose the option you dislike the least.
sashafierce 79
sashafierce 79 Pred mesecem
Why every other country got hot looking leaders but the US 😔
sashafierce 79
sashafierce 79 Pred mesecem
Oh and drugs are bad Mkay👌 in my Mr. Mackey from South Park voice. Unless it weed 😏 😆
sashafierce 79
sashafierce 79 Pred mesecem
@peter g lol no none of them, I was referring to the Canadian Prime Minister in this video
peter g
peter g Pred mesecem
...really? boris johnson? angela merkel? kim jong-un? put down the crack pipe.
Ryan Roese
Ryan Roese Pred mesecem
As someone from New Jersey I am loving these late night New Jersey jokes.
Daisy Sparks
Daisy Sparks Pred mesecem
Loved it!!!
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Pred mesecem
Awards winning Baria Alamuddin is Editor of Media Services Syndicate, UK. She has interviewed numerous heads of state. Perhaps the best geo-political-review that I know was, inter alia, co-published by her at EuAsiaReview and Saudi Arabia's ARAB NEWS. A few takes: Perhaps unintentionally, Biden is co-founder of Putin's new Middle East Security Architecture, MESA, by inducing Israel, SaudI Arabia, Dubai, etc., to consider actively joining MESA. more at lnkd.in/gKdq2pf * lnkd.in/gi762hf lnkd.in/gi762hf * lnkd.in/gKdq2pf * lnkd.in/gi762hf lnkd.in/gi762hf////
Chef_PC Pred mesecem
I expected the Nine Gin-soaked Raisins to be a college band name.
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred mesecem
I'm doing really bad and the "how are you doing joke" is starting to hurt
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred mesecem
Why was this comment not acceptable when it said "fucking bad"?????
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred mesecem
How about an outreach program to vaccinate the homeless and other underserved communities instead. I am not regretting voting green so far. At this rate, Biden's not going to do enough to help me live to the end of his presidency.....
Steve Chance
Steve Chance Pred mesecem
I wonder how many people in your audience recognized Garfunkel.
Steve Chance
Steve Chance Pred mesecem
@IWasAPepper You are a member of the 50+ club I'm guessing. Seth's writers should be targeting the under 30 audience.
Mike Mauzey
Mike Mauzey Pred mesecem
Is he the short one.
IWasAPepper Pred mesecem
I did. I loved it.
Variations on a Seam
This was a good, light-hearted monolog.
Jake Butler
Jake Butler Pred mesecem
NJ strong baby
Katherine Radcliffe
Katherine Radcliffe Pred mesecem
I think the best thing about the non-audience is hearing the crew's laughter. They are enjoying it so much
Bunny, Easter
Bunny, Easter Pred mesecem
@Kostas Kotidis BING!
Kostas Kotidis
Kostas Kotidis Pred mesecem
E-N-J-O-Y-I-N-G. Enjoying.
Stephen Eren
Stephen Eren Pred mesecem
Wally for the Win!!!! And Wally's kid of course
MissSeaShell Pred mesecem
I wish we could just never go back to having an audience
Skywayz Zarthic
Skywayz Zarthic Pred mesecem
A while ago, when I was in New Jersey, I saw some people doing weed and just assumed it was legal, because everything is legal in New Jersey.
Jem Dreamz
Jem Dreamz Pred mesecem
Cannabis is far soluble not spaghetti sauce soluble.
Jesse Nenninger
Jesse Nenninger Pred mesecem
Those two assholes with guns live in the city, not the suburbs.
Grant Pred mesecem
soft ding
Autumn Pred mesecem
Why does the president doing his job make me want to weep
DD Pred mesecem
Florida not wearing masks is so sadly dead on.
Luke Cuddy
Luke Cuddy Pred mesecem
That Royal family shot was Aces
The Truth About my Son