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15. jan. 2020

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Behzinga Pred letom
Like this comment if you thought I followed you
daisy grxce
daisy grxce Pred 8 meseci
pmsl no ,, but i will like anyways :)
Thea Agostinelli
Thea Agostinelli Pred 9 meseci
no but you can if you want :) ig: theaagostinelli 😁
ben jamin
ben jamin Pred 10 meseci
Since when do creaties beg for likes
Aidan McCreesh
Aidan McCreesh Pred 10 meseci
Go on big behz get stuck into Alissa violet
;; Pred letom
Owen Harris
Owen Harris Pred mesecem
POV: you’re watching this in the new year
Ayush Pred mesecem
Behzinga did get 4 mil in 2020
Jasmijn Pred 3 meseci
Sidemen should camp in Norway! Go big or go home👀
Alexander Brandter
Alexander Brandter Pred 4 meseci
"Parenting" Partially
Lil Drip
Lil Drip Pred 5 meseci
8:02 press x to doubt
____________ Pred 6 meseci
thats my username i was trippin for a second when i saw that title
Blu Pred 6 meseci
These videos are relaxing. U must just chill and wasabi peanuts
rhiannon conn
rhiannon conn Pred 7 meseci
and 7 months later the actually done sidemen go camping hahahaha
Ed Mcgeehin
Ed Mcgeehin Pred 7 meseci
Benz asking for good luck in 2020 Me: well that’s not going to happen
TelsaWolverine -
TelsaWolverine - Pred 7 meseci
3:16 It's what boys do
Ubah A
Ubah A Pred 8 meseci
Am I the only one who thinks that pillow looks more like Simon?😅
Official.N1 Pred 8 meseci
Behzinga is now a millionaire Dad has rejoined the chat
ESHAN10JRCLIPS Pred 8 meseci
alissa should be ethans girrrrrl
belliappa mg
belliappa mg Pred 8 meseci
Shoutout to Ethan's dad in the title
Iam_Aidan_ Pred 8 meseci
But... where’s Ahmed the goat from the sidemen show? Is he not part of the family?
Lucas Robinson
Lucas Robinson Pred 8 meseci
icecream man
icecream man Pred 8 meseci
I spat out my gum when the simpsons one came up
DanJ100m Pred 9 meseci
Sack that off we’re grown ups over here LOOOL
Jake Roscoe
Jake Roscoe Pred 9 meseci
His tattoo bru
Charlie Keable
Charlie Keable Pred 9 meseci
After a giggle is a pickle to tickle
Izzy Taylor
Izzy Taylor Pred 9 meseci
I thought the _______ ______ was alissa violet😂😂is it only me who ships them two. Yes it is just me. OK
Cimsoc xXnyl Oof
Cimsoc xXnyl Oof Pred 9 meseci
I reckon after quarantine the sidemen should do a trampoline park vid
Lee Lovell
Lee Lovell Pred 9 meseci
Connor Mclaughlin
Connor Mclaughlin Pred 9 meseci
How can we meet
Aldin Pred 10 meseci
imagine he likes this and replyes
Nihaal SP
Nihaal SP Pred 10 meseci
15 pounds. R u frkn kiddin me mate.
Archie jay
Archie jay Pred 10 meseci
Josh putting his SLtv link in lol.
Fat Guy123
Fat Guy123 Pred 10 meseci
Willne overtook you
MiniMiner Games
MiniMiner Games Pred 10 meseci
the 15 is my birthday
Ben Collecott
Ben Collecott Pred 10 meseci
Swap it with elz and you might be right
Riku Väyrynen
Riku Väyrynen Pred 10 meseci
3:17 When you're walking behind a girl and they ask if you was staring at her ass
Denise wells
Denise wells Pred 11 meseci
You know if that’s the right size or not
Krate Pred letom
The first has followed you
Alf Abet
Alf Abet Pred letom
Look at his sock
Young Tobi
Young Tobi Pred letom
KSI to Albert Soap: I DO NOT CONDONE THIS Behzinga to his wingmen/women: Don't do this, pls dont
milk Official
milk Official Pred letom
Alisa violet Said this as soon as I saw the title
Chloe Armstrong
Chloe Armstrong Pred letom
I don't talk to many people either
Ifan Stoddart
Ifan Stoddart Pred letom
It’s not 3.39 for Behz and 3.35 for josh
Human 8845
Human 8845 Pred letom
2:24 when ur crush follows u on IG
m4sked g4mer
m4sked g4mer Pred letom
Gg man keep up the good work @bhezinga
Saivion Pred letom
*Your Mom* has followed you!
Evergreen Greenie
Here for Alissa violet ❤️
bethany burtlow
bethany burtlow Pred letom
You’re my favorite of all the sidemen 🥰 you are hilarious and seem so down to earth, definitely hope I meet you and the rest of the sidemen one day when you come to California.
Nightzz _
Nightzz _ Pred letom
Joe mama has followed you
Amanda Love
Amanda Love Pred letom
Lol you’re so cute!
Ramiro Renom
Ramiro Renom Pred letom
Damn ethan’s like to dislike ratio is crazy
s Pred letom
baby yoda /is/ gay
MomoAtNorth 1
MomoAtNorth 1 Pred letom
Who followed him , I’m not bothered to watch the video
Tom k
Tom k Pred letom
James Charles
Danoruh Danuk
Danoruh Danuk Pred letom
unknown person
unknown person Pred letom
U have more subs than josh now
Peter Fletcher
Peter Fletcher Pred letom
? 0:31 ??? ? ? ? ? ??
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Pred letom
Is that demi bagby??
S o b y
S o b y Pred letom
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Pred letom
Pls make a sidemen escape room happen????? Comment and like so they see pls?
Chris Pred letom
Give us a follow on insta you mad dog
Kieran Lonergan
Kieran Lonergan Pred letom
Sure she unfollowed him
Kyla Briggs
Kyla Briggs Pred letom
Zerkaa as of January 20, 2020: 3.35M Behzinga as of January 20, 2020: 3.37M LETSS GOOOOO
Drew Himmelberger
Behzinga 2020! I'm a new subscriber from America
CraftyAcrobat 95
CraftyAcrobat 95 Pred letom
5:28 josh looks exactly the same
Crown Pred letom
I haven't watched but I'm guessing Alissa violet did
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred letom
he's part nigerian now so he should change his name to behzniga
Avaz Pred letom
Bez just use your SLtv profile picture as the Reddit profile picture.
Your Nan
Your Nan Pred letom
Am I the only one that thinks Alissa should be the one reaching for behz because look at him, the lil God
Mort X
Mort X Pred letom
Sidemen survivor would be sick
mRK0ng Pred letom
nice try bro i aint stupid lol
Tweeb Pred letom
U over took josh
Rossa Jones
Rossa Jones Pred letom
m.twitch.tv/rossalord join my twitch please ❤️❤️
Bethany Hudson
Bethany Hudson Pred letom
This is how many people knew it was Alissa Violet 👇🏽
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred letom
O My God
Rushil Saha [Student]
the audio when he screamed though
jay bennett
jay bennett Pred letom
Anyone else think he might be having a kid(?)
Hereter Pred letom
Says tweet and bottom left corner shows Instagram
Rudvan Baez
Rudvan Baez Pred letom
you have exactly 15.0k members now
BeMyFire Pred letom
Upload more!!!
Da Moody
Da Moody Pred letom
My name is mohamed
ATIT PATEL Pred letom
Who thinks it is Alissa violiet
Jimmy Michy
Jimmy Michy Pred letom
Ether now is higher 3.36 to 3.55
Bassel Wehbe
Bassel Wehbe Pred letom
vids banging mate
_______________ Pred letom
Click bait. The title says that your dad follows you
Ne_ Pred letom
I really wonder what the thumbnail is
Adenis Pred letom
Can confirm i am the 10 grand
Fragones 123
Fragones 123 Pred letom
Only subscribed because I want you to beat Josh
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred letom
Got an ad of burger king Ethan’s past coming to haunt him
Lewis Eley
Lewis Eley Pred letom
Just realized that Alisa was in the earthquake diss track
Olly Pred letom
Ethan's overtaken Josh 👍🏻
Asr1x Pred letom
like 2:15 when he goes on about being followed
Im just a person Ok
I actually thought you followed me but then I was just crushed when u hadn’t
Samuel Li-A-Sam
Samuel Li-A-Sam Pred letom
We can definitely say that we are VIOLATING Alissa
BeamzRL Pred letom
i read it from the title that it said alissa violet
Potter Head
Potter Head Pred letom
No fucking way did I get a reddit add during this video
louis 2988
louis 2988 Pred letom
___ ___
Goldensat Pred letom
Future wife has followed you
txtyz txtyz
txtyz txtyz Pred letom
I thought that it was Alissa Violet😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred letom
Spell "____ ______" out one by one and it actually does spell Alissa Violet.
KeNbLoCk_ XD
KeNbLoCk_ XD Pred letom
Alissa violet followed behzinga
Mateja Davidovic
Mateja Davidovic Pred letom
While this video is out, you've already passed Zerka
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred letom
Who else thought it was alisa violet
Dawson Airsoft
Dawson Airsoft Pred letom
You should start doing cooking content
Rey Walker
Rey Walker Pred letom
Rey Walker
Rey Walker Pred letom
@mixio hili i think it was alyssa violet...
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