I'm The Real KSI... 

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11. nov. 2020

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Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes Pred 9 dnevi
Well we need to see a reaction video now
It’s Yaboi
It’s Yaboi Pred 15 dnevi
2:27 nearly dropped the computer
Mitchell Nunes
Mitchell Nunes Pred mesecem
Are the sidemates still going on after covid
Oscar CG
Oscar CG Pred mesecem
0:05 gotta love that Doctor D reference yayayayaya
irony Pred mesecem
I’m the Real KSI.
enerplayz Joe
enerplayz Joe Pred mesecem
How can you hate this man❤️❤️❤️
beastmaster 64
beastmaster 64 Pred mesecem
We still need that reaction bro
Morgan_R 12
Morgan_R 12 Pred mesecem
Is it just me who got baited with the sambuca alarm
tobysands8 Pred mesecem
Yoooooo Behz, time to react buddy!
LifeOfSharkie Pred mesecem
Your Reddit videos are way too cringe make them more like JJ's funnier nobody wants to hear your endless promotion
Tazeem RK
Tazeem RK Pred mesecem
me Pred mesecem
The thumbnail scared me
Megan Brown
Megan Brown Pred 2 meseci
did anyone else think the alarm was the sambuca alarm
Dawud Pred 2 meseci
Lol anyone else notice that when he was talking about the among us group, the pic of cal was actually that maid from the movie
Chris Brotherton
Chris Brotherton Pred 2 meseci
Congrats on the last 12 months, it's amazing what losing your virginity can do for a boy
Karen Pred 2 meseci
Let's go 20% off
RJ Imagery
RJ Imagery Pred 2 meseci
legit though that was the sambuca siren then
Matt Media
Matt Media Pred 2 meseci
now you dont feel anything XXDDdDd
N.A.K Pred 2 meseci
He should put some background music.
Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd Pred 2 meseci
Behz could ruin my life and I would thank him for it 😂
Falak Naz
Falak Naz Pred 2 meseci
@Rachel Lloyd I don’t need you to ask me.... I’m telling you!!
Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd Pred 2 meseci
Don’t remember asking you 🤔
Falak Naz
Falak Naz Pred 2 meseci
ummm no girl...
Courtney Collamer
Courtney Collamer Pred 2 meseci
I’m in love with u 😻
lachie dalton
lachie dalton Pred 2 meseci
100 kkkkkkk
Wicks Pred 2 meseci
Hmm 100k likes hmm no reaction video
iMakeVids Pred 2 meseci
Where is the new video?
Connor McAleese
Connor McAleese Pred 2 meseci
We love you behz
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 2 meseci
You are in ur dreams
Solar Pred 2 meseci
i saw u in the shop with my friend
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson Pred 2 meseci
I just watched your How to be Behzinga and i was crying it was sooooo inspirational. Man thank you for the advise
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson Pred 2 meseci
I just subbed and liked and put notifications on
Eow Channel
Eow Channel Pred 2 meseci
God loves you turn to him if you haven’t already
Forget about It
Forget about It Pred 2 meseci
Inset: do something poking meme
Yam Tam
Yam Tam Pred 2 meseci
Whole vid ad
E-Li'jah Prieto
E-Li'jah Prieto Pred 2 meseci
Do more workout vids
Zack Hale
Zack Hale Pred 2 meseci
Love your video I’m a big fan xx
Finnmac10 !!!
Finnmac10 !!! Pred 2 meseci
❤️❤️❤️ loving the recent vids . Big fan
Ajan Abazi
Ajan Abazi Pred 2 meseci
Where u at bro
Satish naik
Satish naik Pred 2 meseci
Who else thought it was a Sambuca shot alarm😂
declan Pred 2 meseci
Sidemen make a song in 24 hours part 2?
I play Overwatch
I play Overwatch Pred 2 meseci
How is there 1k dislikes
Jack Aitken
Jack Aitken Pred 2 meseci
1:05 thought it was the Sambuca alarm
Jerryahugeone Pred 3 meseci
No uploads
Gadiid Mohammed
Gadiid Mohammed Pred 3 meseci
Bez, i know u Could Get to 10 mill if you just upload more bro
Daliggowski Pred 3 meseci
I thought that was the Sambuca alarm lol
fiyin rob you are so nobby pratt
You are with Eli the witch
Yvonne Divila
Yvonne Divila Pred 3 meseci
10:16 voice breaks
archiewall15 Pred 3 meseci
Daniel d'costa
Daniel d'costa Pred 3 meseci
Francis Rosales
Francis Rosales Pred 3 meseci
Lmaooo I thought the alarm at the start was for sambuca ffs
RIP Mamba
RIP Mamba Pred 3 meseci
10:15 "I caught him, I caUGht him"
Pain Pred 3 meseci
He making bank off gymshark damn
nubHOOD 1
nubHOOD 1 Pred 3 meseci
2:27 casually breaks laptop
Byron Thompson
Byron Thompson Pred 3 meseci
Great. Now we have a love triangle between Behz, JJ and Simon...
ezra frimpong
ezra frimpong Pred 3 meseci
100k likes behz you gotta do it
Emma York
Emma York Pred 3 meseci
Constantly behind on these videos😩😂
RussianAnonymous Pred 3 meseci
what camera does you use
T2sav Pred 3 meseci
Don’t u think behz and josh should play the crew 2 again
Veer Singh
Veer Singh Pred 3 meseci
OMG 3:56 he said Veer and thats my name
Eddie Mark
Eddie Mark Pred 3 meseci
It's already 100k+ where is the react video
madiha kamaly
madiha kamaly Pred 3 meseci
u met my brother he yelled your name out when you were playing football
stayweirdkids Pred 3 meseci
Behz how dare you do that with the sambuca alarm
Dev Makharia
Dev Makharia Pred 3 meseci
The title makes so much sense after JJ's New video
Trill Jay
Trill Jay Pred 25 dnevi
Which video?
Awesomeboi Pred mesecem
Which video
Listenerz Pred 3 meseci
Jules Nsengiyumva
Jules Nsengiyumva Pred 3 meseci
if u are real KSI are u gonna reaction KSI remix
Luv u mate
Kai Schinaman
Kai Schinaman Pred 3 meseci
Fitness challenge for Behzinga: Do a murph as fast as you can
Morten Rasmussen
Morten Rasmussen Pred 3 meseci
Your a King don't ever forget that, stay strong My man
Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald Pred 3 meseci
You should upload some games like among us or call of duty or maybe fifa
Ryxni Pred 3 meseci
Ur name should be BehzingaKSI
0fNature Pred 3 meseci
right now i control if the video has 1k dislikes or not
ITz THOZ Pred 3 meseci
can you guys do a strength test again??? plss
Gracie Cain
Gracie Cain Pred 3 meseci
Tiny peen
incognito Pred 3 meseci
Gymshark? Nah id rather buy sdmn clothing
Landon Ritter
Landon Ritter Pred 3 meseci
He don’t have re hair any more it’s black
kappa kys
kappa kys Pred 3 meseci
Guys, I don't think that he is the real KSI
@Behzinga kindly reduce your commercial advertisement on merch.
Nibras Yunus
Nibras Yunus Pred 3 meseci
i fink we smashed the likes.
Wuence Andrade
Wuence Andrade Pred 3 meseci
Roast me buh wtv i am an american so what is sunday league
Wuence Andrade
Wuence Andrade Pred 3 meseci
1.1M views and only 1.8k comments🤔
Tye Hall
Tye Hall Pred 3 meseci
Sir that’s the sambuca alarm
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Pred 3 meseci
Yooo fix the audio
Charlie Harwood
Charlie Harwood Pred 3 meseci
Anyone think that was the sambu alarm
p1mmyt0w3ll Pred 3 meseci
They need to collab with Pride and Pinion
Kian Daly
Kian Daly Pred 3 meseci
thanks for the arrow/flash spoiler :/
William Kenefick
William Kenefick Pred 3 meseci
Going back to those football pitches would be epic
Patty Mustards
Patty Mustards Pred 3 meseci
Dye u hair red u won't
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 3 meseci
Tobi when he heard the alarm and thought it was the sambuca alarm:😨
Braydon Krase
Braydon Krase Pred 3 meseci
1:03 uh no I'm sorry, that was the Sambuca alarm..
Akshay Devon
Akshay Devon Pred 3 meseci
Bro the like to dislike ratio is awesome
PRENCH 2904 Pred 3 meseci
I was gonna say, cman behz, sambuca alarm when ur by urself. then i realized it was a plug😂😂
astram Pred 3 meseci
Naaa back to JJ and zerkaa
Raging Nuke
Raging Nuke Pred 3 meseci
150k likes you gotta do the react vid
beanzs Pred 3 meseci
Don’t you dare disrespect the sambuca alarm with an ad again xd
Neil Jones
Neil Jones Pred 3 meseci
Love the videos, just find it off putting when he looks at the camera man so much, little glances make it seem awkward
King David
King David Pred 3 meseci
Thought this was Ksi... I’ve been click baited
COO Kowalczyk
COO Kowalczyk Pred 3 meseci
U only wanted 100K
Jason Alfaro
Jason Alfaro Pred 3 meseci
ksi are you feelin good
William Commins
William Commins Pred 3 meseci
Comixx Pred 3 meseci
I have a question please answer. How is living in the UK cause I’m thinking about moving there
Charlie Mulcahy
Charlie Mulcahy Pred 3 meseci
Mate that was the Sambuca alarm
Stacey Evans
Stacey Evans Pred 3 meseci
the thumbnail is madnesss😂
Stacey Evans
Stacey Evans Pred 3 meseci
100k likesss :)
Richard Lin
Richard Lin Pred 3 meseci
Damn, I didn't know you were actually 5'11, i thought you were 6 foot. ;)
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