Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Embarrassing Trump Flub | The Tonight Show 

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Jimmy addresses Sen. Chuck Schumer’s embarrassing flub, Disney World installing a robot of Joe Biden and Dunkin’ Donuts adding salads to its menu.
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Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Embarrassing Trump Flub | The Tonight Show




22. jan. 2021

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Empire Cases
Empire Cases Pred dnevom
Man you really suck Jimmy, your hallmark fake laugh and hand clap is way past getting old. Time for you to move on or get a new team of writers and a new act or the woke leftist cancel culture will let you hit the dems as hard as they need to be
Maraya Lewis
Maraya Lewis Pred 8 dnevi
Who else added Thad Cockrell “Swingin’” to their playlist 💃🏾
michael townson
michael townson Pred 12 dnevi
Thinking about Pelosi again
WENDY RiverON Pred 12 dnevi
He Who laughs last, laughs best. Donald Trump ACQUITTED......🦅🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸✌️👏
Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson Pred 13 dnevi
I know a few friends who have been a few hundred dollars short on rent, food and medication. Please help the $1400 get passed for us poor folks. Thank you
David A
David A Pred 14 dnevi
You can tell Jimmy Fallon was tired of Trump jokes
Sleeping Bear DEMONT
Sleeping Bear DEMONT Pred 14 dnevi
Michael Van Der Veen, thank you for you valid points; that show without doubt, that the President was not responsible and the democrat house managers should be ASHAMED. The house managers are nothing but cry baby, phony, hypocritical, complaining, loud mouth, know nothing, bunch of nut job buffoons, that all belong in diapers with penis binky's in all their mouths. They can all suck those binky's hard while they fall asleep tonight crying and pouting.
mike williams
mike williams Pred 14 dnevi
Two time loser, lmfao
And the great president Donald Trump was acquitted 😂
slpip Pred 14 dnevi
Recall and impeach Schumer for coup, insurrection, and incitement. Kick all the traitor RION senators out of Republican Party to unify and rebuild the Republican Party. Biden's incitement of insurrection treason of the millions South American Illegal Immigrants to attack the south border of the USA should go to jail. No judge and impeach a US citizen, is unconstitutional to impeach Trump for the fake and false accruement from the dem Democrats
neldo nah
neldo nah Pred 15 dnevi
Schmuck Schumer. And BTW. There are almost NO new faces in the new administration.
Marcos Adame
Marcos Adame Pred 16 dnevi
Erection lol
atank Pred 16 dnevi
Schumer & Flatbush New York 1974
Hunter B.
Hunter B. Pred 17 dnevi
Very telling! So how many erections has President Trump incited for you chucky?, 🤪
TraskTalker Pred 18 dnevi
Man look at Jimmy's face, I guess all that alcoholic talk is true.
Kenda Eskridge
Kenda Eskridge Pred 18 dnevi
I appreciate Chuck Schumer because he informs the American people nobody else lets us know what’s going on!
ada2step Pred 18 dnevi
You can't impeach someone who is not president .They going against the constitution. They should be sued for defamation
democratic cheater
democratic cheater Pred 18 dnevi
74mil people stand up with gun on hand go to capital kill all who is wrong impeachment trump .they don't care about Constitution of the republic of the united states
V B Pred 19 dnevi
Schumer’s is the more stupid extremely socialist Communist CORRUPT politician!
Leeman Pred 23 dnevi
viorica tuna
viorica tuna Pred 24 dnevi
shummer its thinking about sex when America its on the edge ,demoncrats like him you can t trust he and them are trying to bring Trump down since the day one in the office but watch out Shummer Americans are whatching you...looser
CAR GUY SEAN Pred 25 dnevi
i cant stand this guy he is such a swap creature look him up you will see
fret master
fret master Pred 26 dnevi
Chuck was thinking about his lunch fuk with Nancy P
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller Pred 26 dnevi
“Corn pop” changed my mind on the thumbs down. 🤣 dumb fucks.
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller Pred 26 dnevi
Schumer had bit of a flub or bit of a chub?
Allan Kuhlmann
Allan Kuhlmann Pred 26 dnevi
Jimmy Fallon: I have a cross on Andrew Cuomo And Cuomo quote: "the dead who cares" put that idiot in jail Fallon, you're very stupid
Dan D
Dan D Pred 26 dnevi
I guess you can say that Trump did give his supporter a “Stiffy” So much so they got excited enough to charge the Capitol
Gonzalo Castro
Gonzalo Castro Pred 27 dnevi
Hey Chuck, you have been a parasite of our money all your life. Mr. Trump donated his salary. So, Chuck, don't you think you should donate your salary also? Isn't it time that you contribute somehow with our country in great economic crisis? After all you are responsible of our criminal debt, don't you think so?
varietygarage Pred 27 dnevi
You guys beat me to the erection gag! sltv.info/label/eKxkysWzepWmgow/video
Zen Rhino
Zen Rhino Pred 28 dnevi
Are you ever not drunk off your ass Jimmy? You look horrible. Go to rehab
esteban collazo
esteban collazo Pred 28 dnevi
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Andrew Landen
Andrew Landen Pred 28 dnevi
Schumer gets an erection from impeaching Trump.
Alice Kirshenbaum
Alice Kirshenbaum Pred mesecem
The corrupt, terrorist Democrat party has been making dumb asses of themselves for years. If you take that paper and run, he would have nothing to say. It is sickening watching them depend on the papers and prompters. It is sickening listening to their lies and hypocrisy. It is sickening just looking at them. Just waiting for Biden, Kamala and Pelosi to all be impeach. We have plenty of evidence that they have been involved with terrorism and corruption. Their impeachments would be easy with all the evidence, but who has the guts besides Majorie to get rid of the rest?!! Wish I could.
Guitarzan Pred mesecem
Fallon is yet another libtard imbecile who's absolutely disconnected from the reality of the horrific economic and constituional rights crisis the total imbecile dumbass Biden is fomenting.
OneVoiceMore Pred mesecem
Now, I get to call him woodchuck. Oh, and Fuck Jimmy Fallus.
First name Last name
I don't think Trump incited many erections at the USA.
M S Pred mesecem
When is higgins coming back? does anyone know?
Photo By
Photo By Pred mesecem
That's ALL I wanna know!!!!.. The man is HILARIOUS!, and wonderful!!
Caleb Price
Caleb Price Pred mesecem
Destruction really can be a powerful force for creation. What a beautiful guitar
Hari Menon
Hari Menon Pred mesecem
Any and every way, his charismatic personality shines through. Fallon is fantastic.
StS9LBJ23 Pred mesecem
First time I’ve seen Fallon in a while - he sure did become a fat ass.
TheMeJustMe75 Pred mesecem
I like how safe he played these jokes. If he went after Biden like he did Trump then Cancel Culture would be coming after him. I do have to say that he was somewhat fair to Trump more than other show hosts.
aaries tiger
aaries tiger Pred mesecem
correction: the Bernie Sanders Meme is forever
Johan James
Johan James Pred mesecem
I think he was thinking about Ivanka hahahahahahaha trump going to be pissed
H Rocket
H Rocket Pred mesecem
Will the robot have hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun?
Shaun A
Shaun A Pred mesecem
Yes Jimmy theres alot of people that actually have to worry about money.
David R. Stone
David R. Stone Pred mesecem
So sad but true; Election fraud is rampant in the United States 🇺🇸 The lying Democrats and fake news people claim there was “No voter fraud” in the November 3 election 🗳. Well this shows it was widespread. OCTOBER 16, 2020 A New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100% of eligible voters. The numbers don’t lie but liberal Democrats and Fake News do. Now Nancy Pelosi is going to try and change election laws in her new Bill that will make US elections even more corrupt and dishonest across the USA 🇺🇸. Imagine no voter ID required to vote and how corrupt and dishonest that’ll make our elections.
Vernando Zailliam
Vernando Zailliam Pred mesecem
Schummer = voted Erect Majority Leader
Maxiuis Knight
Maxiuis Knight Pred mesecem
San Bleu
San Bleu Pred mesecem
I wonder why CNN didn't cover this story🤔
Abs Attack
Abs Attack Pred mesecem
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Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Pred mesecem
John Dye
John Dye Pred mesecem
Jimmy is a douche and so one sided it makes me sick. Get real JIMMY!!! You overpaid douche
olivasviktor117 Pred mesecem
I miss when this was a comedy show and not another outlet for political parties
Hector DS
Hector DS Pred mesecem
That's so cool for Thad cockrell. I love finding music. Hope you guys find any of these nice to listen to. Some of my favorite finds from 2020: "Far away" by STACEY "I guess this is life" Jordana "Back to the start" KALI
Glen Whatley
Glen Whatley Pred mesecem
Schumer needs to cut back on his Southpark, its messing him up.
Anohnee Mel
Anohnee Mel Pred mesecem
What's up with the fake viewcount?
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Pred mesecem
The friendly agenda dolly moan because bike scully fire pace a ten curve. thin, guttural H habitual supply
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told Pred mesecem
Falon is an asshole, biden wiped out 11,000 American jobs his 1st day ya, he's fixing the economy, your a fkn idiot
Victoria Pred mesecem
The story about the hardware store was so beautiful! That's the Jimmy Fallon we watch for! ^_^d Can't wait to see him with the Roots!
Mark Achabal
Mark Achabal Pred mesecem
Trump flub?? Really Jimmy?? Hope your ratings tank! And they definitely will!! And I’ll be laughing each and every time! 😂😂
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown Pred mesecem
The sulky pillow mathematically happen because stomach metabolically extend abaft a exotic picture. tense, meaty rooster
Alec Kelsey
Alec Kelsey Pred mesecem
The bernie sanders meme is NEVER OVER!!! ...Well... y'know, until it is. It may happen.
nimrod Pred mesecem
Love that he’s a true fan of music.
Joshua Stephens
Joshua Stephens Pred mesecem
Black Thought doing Inspectah Deck's verse from "Guillotine (Swords)" was awesome!
Edmund Martelli
Edmund Martelli Pred mesecem
Does anyone with a rational mind even know you have to be in office to be impeached according to the Constitution?
YoungManDub Pred mesecem
Actually he signed over 15 executive orders. Killed over 8k union jobs. Trump lost, can you get over it? Nope, you have nothing. Now, after the election ended, you're gonna blast Biden on how much of a geriatric he is? This is more transparent than CNN taking down the COVID death ticker on their station literally a day after Biden's inauguration. Pathetic
Ivoy Luo
Ivoy Luo Pred mesecem
What will talk show do now that Trump is out of office
Nick Brown
Nick Brown Pred mesecem
Dude it’s over, Trump is no longer president. No need to use him for jokes that nobody in your audience really even gets but laughs anyway because of their hatred for Trump.
Henry ESJ
Henry ESJ Pred mesecem
Wow jimmy actually making fun of a liberal, what are the odds.
Joshua Spiers
Joshua Spiers Pred 28 dnevi
Late night shows and SNL make fun of everyone. They trolled Trump for 4 years because he gave them so much material and it made him mad l. Now they're on to the next thing.
Rogue Reaper
Rogue Reaper Pred mesecem
Because liberals don’t blindly follow each other and kiss each others asses, republicans and their childish delusions are why they lost this election.
Alpha Pred mesecem
11:25 So we're just going to skip over Rachel Levine? So much great material there
Bianca Mar
Bianca Mar Pred mesecem
Hi, my name is Bianca and I'm a single mom. I would like to ask for your help for any amount of money because due to quarantine I am out of work and need to buy some basic things like: clothes, food etc for me and my daughter. If you can send it through Paypal I will be very grateful! My email is : byar3_vp@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!!!
Jill OM
Jill OM Pred mesecem
Grow up🙄
menjivar76 Pred mesecem
Love the tonight show, but where is Higgins?
Robert Smithington
Robert Smithington Pred mesecem
“Fix the economy”...he doesn’t understand economics. His plans are backwards and have a history of major failure. How are politicians the only people that don’t have to prove that their policies work? They just have to “feel good”? Folks that study economics know exactly what I’m referring to. Watch major inflation and complete economic collapse if we continue on this path...But we will just hear how it’s “the system”. It’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.
Jamie Cook
Jamie Cook Pred mesecem
I’m just glad I’m not the only person to say, “Long story long...”
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Pred mesecem
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Brian Buckley
Brian Buckley Pred mesecem
why do you think the breaking news is pointless? is it because everything went back to normal? or is it because your biased media channels blatantly ignore the ongoing Antifa riots .... or biden's failures as president
Rob C
Rob C Pred mesecem
Stick Biden with Antifa in the same jail cell. After all, Biden failed to pay them for their service on Jan. 6. Criminals screwing criminals. sltv.info/label/i6iCzKq4oWiXlIA/video
Dnee100485 Pred mesecem
Guitarist are you and Jonathan McReynolds related?
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Pred mesecem
Hahaha this is why we need old people in office. For these moments.
Shekinah Pred mesecem
Fauci is now advising use of TWO masks so that the medical industry can make more money. How stupid are you, really? Taking advice from this guy, the leader of the global corrupt medical industry that wants to make money? The guy that studied how to transfer coronavirus from bats to human in co-operation with China since 2014? The guy that advices lockdown, given China free access to dominate the world? The guy that advices this lockdown destroying the western world, AGAINST the advice of Dr. Nabarro in Who who repeatedly has asked world leaders topstop all lockdowns as it is killing 30 millions from hunger? That guy? Choose your side between good and evil folks. www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-backed-controversial-wuhan-lab-millions-us-dollars-risky-coronavirus-research-1500741 🌸
Matt Seabolt
Matt Seabolt Pred mesecem
Real. I enjoy Jimmy just talking. Not trying. Just..... Being you man. Do you, whatever it is. You're not the same guy you were. Life builds an ever evolving version of who we are. Be that guy. Screw the ratings
Karama Pred mesecem
Instead of salad DD should do gluten free bagels with non dairy cream cheese
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss Pred mesecem
People are SO quick to undermine Jimmy's vast musical knowledge in addition to his real talent!!! Love his positivity & what he's doing ♥️
Hari Menon
Hari Menon Pred mesecem
I know. I saw the episode where je brought Slayer to perform live and Fallon automatically morphed into a hardcode, starry-eyed fanboy who knew every lyric, note, riff, etc. His musical knowledge along with a lot of his sheer talent are vastly undermined, not to forget his natural charisma.
T K Pred mesecem
I'm always amazed at how many songs he knows. I think he knows more than anyone. And different genres.
James Frond
James Frond Pred mesecem
Good boy.
ty stratton
ty stratton Pred mesecem
Hey Fatass, You’re boring
Shreya S.
Shreya S. Pred mesecem
Aww that was surprisingly sweet 😊
Aiden Cranstone
Aiden Cranstone Pred mesecem
'I Took Up Piano Lessons While Waiting To Die' Someone's been listening to The Weekly Planet
Eric Flippin
Eric Flippin Pred mesecem
Harde har har!
Eric Flippin
Eric Flippin Pred mesecem
So Trump starts better circulation. Were doomed now.
Isaiah Saw
Isaiah Saw Pred mesecem
Sleepy Joe the Animatronic
Russell Roberts
Russell Roberts Pred mesecem
I love that you support the roots and keep them employed, and that you reach out to unknown artist and also give them a boost! You guys are all awesome !!!!
The Khalifa
The Khalifa Pred mesecem
Love be you man. Can't wait till Tuesday night. I could see you got emotional. God bless you
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet Pred mesecem
Nice to have jokes on democrats for a change.
Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher Pred mesecem
Yep, Donald Jerkoff Trump incited many erections amongst the so-called proud boys and his other most ardent supporters. Now we know what the Q stands for. See what happens when Jordan Peterson tells alt-right incels not to jerk off?
Bridgette Butler
Bridgette Butler Pred mesecem
WTF is up with your hair?!
Philip Carr
Philip Carr Pred mesecem
James bond movie 'No time to die' is the most inappropriate title ever. However, is the technical wizard often played by actor John Cleese still going to be known as Q (yes, that guy also head of QANON)? Alternative titles for film + new tech guys name please post here!
Peaceful Poetry
Peaceful Poetry Pred mesecem
My heart rate monitor asked if I was ok because my heart rate hasn’t left 200
Philip Carr
Philip Carr Pred mesecem
Chuck Schumer keeping it real with his faux pas (foo-pah). Hawley & Cruz were standing to attention whilst sucking up to President Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
vostro vostro
vostro vostro Pred mesecem
The tonight show would be much better with conan o brian . Jimmy sucks so much this show is unwatchable.
Help Others
Help Others Pred mesecem
Conan doesn't drool over tube steak the way Jimmy and Chuck do! Jimmy has the worst pretend laugh.