Broner vs Granados FULL FIGHT: February 18, 2017 - PBC on Showtime 

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(February 18, 2017) Adrien Broner insisted from the get-go that his fight against former sparring partner Adrian Granados wasn’t going to be easy. Some may have thought the former four-division champion was simply trying to hype a bout he was co-promoting. Turns out, he was being 100 percent truthful.
In a back-and-forth, action-packed 147-pound brawl, Broner (33-2, 24 KOs) escaped with a 10-round split decision before a partisan crowd of 6,085 in his hometown of Cincinnati.
The victory in his official 147-pound debut was Broner’s third in a row and came on the heels of a career-long 10-month layoff. Conversely, Granados (18-5-2) saw a five-fight winning streak halted as he ended up on the wrong side of a narrow decision for the fifth time in his 8½-year pro career.
Judges Steve Weisfeld (97-93) and Robert Pope (96-94) scored the contest in favor of Broner, while judge Phil Rogers had it 97-93 for Granados.
The familiarity between both fighters-who not only had a sparring history but are close friends-was evident from the outset. Knowing Broner had struggled in the past with aggressive opponents, Granados immediately pressed the action and continued to do so for virtually the entire 10 rounds.
Broner, however, was more than ready for Granados’ come-forward tactics, answering his fellow 27-year-old foe’s aggression with well-timed counterpunches, namely a right uppercut and left hook that frequently hit the mark.
Granados displayed his toughness, though, walking through shots and answering with several combinations to the head and body, usually while fighting in close. The Illinois native did so as blood streamed down his face after a clash of heads in Round 3 opened a gash on the bridge of his nose.
As much action as there was throughout the fight, there were also several lulls that were the result of frequent holding, much of which was initiated by Broner. That made the fight very difficult to score, as evidenced by the fact that the judges were in complete agreement on only the opening two rounds, with Broner sweeping Round 1 and Granados taking Round 2.
Even in the 10th and final round, the two fighters had their moments, including near the midpoint when they landed big right hands simultaneously. But two punches in the final 10 seconds-a short right uppercut-left hook combination by Broner-may have been the difference, as the former champ won the round on two scorecards, including Pope’s.
Had Pope given the 10th to Granados, the fight would’ve ended in a draw.
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Andy Pred 10 dnevi
The red tryna throw down too lmao
chevy impalagirl
chevy impalagirl Pred mesecem
AB my man but ain't nobody hear him say Oooooo at the end of the fourth round it had me in 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Eduardo Orozco
Eduardo Orozco Pred mesecem
A draw
Jay Hanaviel3333
Jay Hanaviel3333 Pred mesecem
Look at o boy face ab won
Jay Hanaviel3333
Jay Hanaviel3333 Pred mesecem
Bronner hand seed is sick ab won because o buddy started running
O O Pred mesecem
Granados is a good fighter altho broner wasnt at his hghest he did well enough to get the W so Salute to both artists
Mark Louis
Mark Louis Pred mesecem
You can really see the skill difference in this fight.
aufa ariadi chanel
aufa ariadi chanel Pred mesecem
DeQuandre Steward
DeQuandre Steward Pred mesecem
Its not even exciting to see broker fight these days
Arturs Lapinskis
Arturs Lapinskis Pred mesecem
Luke Smedley
Luke Smedley Pred mesecem
Give da man a break he has not boxed for 4 n half year ring rust just watch ab in his next fight ab da man
Willie Jenkins
Willie Jenkins Pred mesecem
Good fight for AB
Alex Swift
Alex Swift Pred mesecem
They never give ab a fair shake
Jamhuri Maulana
Jamhuri Maulana Pred mesecem
Broner kurang cepet pukulannya.
Ant Isaiah
Ant Isaiah Pred mesecem
Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks Broner LOST this fight... fairly easy shall I say... l
Siren Official26
Siren Official26 Pred mesecem
22:05 don't touch,
gloria daug
gloria daug Pred mesecem
Good morning and God bless us all
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Pred mesecem
That was a good call no bs there
Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan Pred mesecem
This was a very poor fight. Broner need to train harder and focus
REDD 1 Pred mesecem
This the most punches I seen Broner throw in a long time... Maybe cause he’s fighting an average boxer but nevertheless, it’s good to see him fighting somewhat like the old AB
Gary Smith Jr
Gary Smith Jr Pred mesecem
Yea AB thats what im talkn bout
Quantum Resonance
Quantum Resonance Pred mesecem
Happy for Broner! For overcoming his deamons.!
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson Pred mesecem
Sounds like a golf commentator is calling this fight 🤦‍♂️
Gibson Shoba
Gibson Shoba Pred mesecem
Adrian Carr
Adrian Carr Pred mesecem
Y’all keep talking about him not fighting but this was the most punching I seen in awhile in a boxing match
Nano Brazi
Nano Brazi Pred mesecem
Man 🆎 fought an 🆎 fight I seen he took most of the most accurate shots and counters. Even though dude was looking busier but 🆎 won this fight man.
Vantattoo Hsinchu
Vantattoo Hsinchu Pred mesecem
Boner has 2 losses? For real?
Lester Devall
Lester Devall Pred mesecem
That was a draw in my opinion
Kaotic Labz
Kaotic Labz Pred mesecem
RR Hilton
RR Hilton Pred mesecem
Commentator should be fired he has no fight hype talk
Terrell Henderson
Terrell Henderson Pred mesecem
Is it me or does Broner disappoint the masses when he fights? His stats just dont match up to the hype persona he portrays! Get dat check bro, we know what it is!
6Bird Gang9
6Bird Gang9 Pred mesecem
This Was A Grind
Avarski Boston
Avarski Boston Pred mesecem
Another fight that AB clearly won..
Pablo Rocky
Pablo Rocky Pred mesecem
Why it's like different AB from Pacman fight
Linard Pisalbon
Linard Pisalbon Pred mesecem
Is this a new fight? I'm curious since I saw people not wearing mask 😷
Reggie Pettis family
AB is back
Bobby Phoenix
Bobby Phoenix Pred mesecem
Fighters leaning in with thier heads are the worst
Crazy32 People
Crazy32 People Pred mesecem
Just wish AB stopped trying to be Floyd and fight! Glad he’s back and wishing the best for him!
Randy Ariss
Randy Ariss Pred mesecem
Facts bro focus on boxing and stop the foolishness stay in the gym and off gram
Jeloboy_TV Pred mesecem
Yall drunk
s smith
s smith Pred mesecem
Man i was just thinking this...... It's weird because he was never as good at the philly shell as HE thinks HE is, especially in his last 3 fights.Unless he knows his power is gone and he only care about points....i dunno
Matt W
Matt W Pred mesecem
This fight weak af they holding 2 much
TEDDY MOON Pred mesecem
i like that pillow up broner chin. good cushioning
Jaylen Dwaine
Jaylen Dwaine Pred mesecem
I never thought a announcer can make a good fight sound bad 😂😂😂
Terrence Hollins-white
This shit was trash
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu Pred mesecem
*Like two drunk uncles fighting*
boss 2.0
boss 2.0 Pred 22 dnevi
Can you do any better? Whats your boxing record tough guy?
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu Pred mesecem
Yall know nobody wanted this fight...or asked for this fight. This was shitty boxing at its finest
Cinematic Heroes
Cinematic Heroes Pred mesecem
Get this channel to 1 million subs.
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Pred mesecem
OOH BOY Pred mesecem
Nobody has masks on 🤔😅
Benjy Pred mesecem
You’re 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Jay got game
Jay got game Pred mesecem
He has a 14 year old body of course he was gonna lose😂
wavy w
wavy w Pred mesecem
The ONLY SPORT where losers still make Big Money! Broner had a long way back! He did good for it.
kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan Pred mesecem
Explain please cause isn’t there a league minimum in every other sport these guys ain’t making what u think
sarah chavez
sarah chavez Pred mesecem
Loser make big money 💰, I totally agree with u
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
My last time watchin broner fight its been fun but i wouldve stopped this dude in the 5th round atleast 10 rounds with this guy no way
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
@kevin callaghan yeah ill finish u easy work
kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan Pred mesecem
Sounds good u ever lace up gloves doubt it
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
@sarah chavez yeah your right i dont know what they was doin 🤣
sarah chavez
sarah chavez Pred mesecem
@10,000 hrs his corner wasn’t doing him any good at all 😓
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
@sarah chavez nah im serious tho he comes in with his hands down alot broner just aint got no power
Kelly langston
Kelly langston Pred mesecem
Bronner is so frustrating to watch. He clearly has the talent but refuses to let his hands go! His corner doesn't do him any favors either.
Sandal Pred mesecem
I think maidiana gave em ptsd
Crazy32 People
Crazy32 People Pred mesecem
@bolaji carmichael the statement was on point
bolaji carmichael
bolaji carmichael Pred mesecem
why dont you go and fight on his behalf
jorge herrera
jorge herrera Pred mesecem
Glad to see Broner back not impressed though. Hope he can focus and fight ,and take boxing serious and not act like a clown.
sarah chavez
sarah chavez Pred mesecem
Earnest Brown
Earnest Brown Pred mesecem
AB good at ducking punches
jorge herrera
jorge herrera Pred mesecem
I would never brush no grown man's head lol 😂
Leo Eduave
Leo Eduave Pred mesecem
Seems like you have not watched gamefawls being brushed before they kill each other. Lol
Noel Guillermo
Noel Guillermo Pred mesecem
That's his dad and it's like a 3 sec thing lol it's for promoting lol
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Pred mesecem
Broners defense doesn't get the credit deserved. His Philly shell isn't quite floyds level, but its pretty fuckin great.
Tomas García
Tomas García Pred mesecem
Perdió el moreno
MelquanKatz Pred mesecem
Same Broner.
William Walton
William Walton Pred mesecem
Broke his hand also
William Walton
William Walton Pred mesecem
Welcome back champ. Like how he used his feet for defense when he shelled up.
kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan Pred mesecem
This is 4 years old
Anal Brown
Anal Brown Pred mesecem
AB vs Danny Garcia 147
Leon Ward
Leon Ward Pred mesecem
Biased commentary was a very close fight to score granados was winning the start of the fight and broner edged the later rounds however could easily have lost a point for the holding and headbutts
7pinky7 Pred mesecem
Boring fight.
Jackh Women
Jackh Women Pred mesecem
Canal nya bagus hanya iklan nya terlalu banyak&menggangu.
Deon Dimicks
Deon Dimicks Pred mesecem
Not a bad return fight for broner wasn't the best performance but it wasn't a bad performance either defenatly could of did some things better
kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan Pred mesecem
It’s from 2017
Reuben Pred mesecem
Granados letting his anger blind him.
Jose Oblianda Sr
Jose Oblianda Sr Pred mesecem
Broner Dirty.Fighterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
King Solomon702
King Solomon702 Pred mesecem
Good to see AB bacc in the ring but Where is y’all mask 😷 at ?!?!
KulotSalot 43
KulotSalot 43 Pred mesecem
@King Solomon702 Lol.
King Solomon702
King Solomon702 Pred mesecem
@KulotSalot 43 mane I’m in the fight party watching shit wrong 😑 video
KulotSalot 43
KulotSalot 43 Pred mesecem
this is 2017 bruhh
TheUniverse Nside
TheUniverse Nside Pred mesecem
Adrian Broner always looks like he's running from a marcos maidana knock out
NobleOne El
NobleOne El Pred mesecem
The ref in there looking like he ready to box lol 😆 😂
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
10,000 hrs
10,000 hrs Pred mesecem
Im doneeeee🤣🤣🤣
Daya Land
Daya Land Pred mesecem
This was a tiresome boring fight
Long Term WLS
Long Term WLS Pred mesecem
Commentator creating the perception that Adrian granados is not landing. The mafia
FervenC Pred mesecem
Where did commentary come from a retirement home 😫😫
FervenC Pred mesecem
@Onyeka Onyebuchukwu straight wild 🤣
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu Pred mesecem
Lmfaoo...with his last dying breath too.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Pred mesecem
Can we get Broner vs Swift Garcia next? I want to see Broner get knocked out.
J Churchie
J Churchie Pred mesecem
@Rico Suave Yeah man I agree, I would match them up yet though AB needs to get active again, or Danny will walk through him
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Pred mesecem
@J Churchie Yeah, I think it'd be an interesting match up. Both well known names & it should be fan friendly.
J Churchie
J Churchie Pred mesecem
@Rico Suave My bad bro, some reason I had in my head you were talking about the Mikey Garcia fight, not saying Danny should fight Adrien lmo
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Pred mesecem
@J Churchie I'm not sure what you're talking about.
J Churchie
J Churchie Pred mesecem
You're better off watching the Maidana fight back then, because Mikey didn't hurt Broner lol.
Lord arahgon Demetrio
Hello covid
THE LADY IN PUMPS Pred mesecem
I legit just realized Buddy Mcgirt is Granados trainer!...I always watch the boxers in the corner, nvr the corner men. I kept saying that voice sounds familiar...7th rnd is when I looked n I was right lol.
Be like That
Be like That Pred mesecem
This fight deserve a second rematch
Money 2.2
Money 2.2 Pred mesecem
Let’s give a shout out to the referee, he took a shot to the gut around 14:18 in the video and took it well, started to bounce around himself!!! Lol
Proust Ruk
Proust Ruk Pred mesecem
This was more like a females’ fight
sam bern
sam bern Pred mesecem
split decision,lol.
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac Pred mesecem
Lets go AB
Stephen Ford
Stephen Ford Pred mesecem
The referee has better cardio than Broner
Jacoby miles
Jacoby miles Pred mesecem
Very very disappointing fight to watch. I was going for ab but does NOT LOOK LIKE WINNING TO ME CHAMP.
50 Shades
50 Shades Pred mesecem
Frustrating to watch. Granados is just constantly smothering throughout. I was waiting on Broner to go on beast mode and just let off a bunch of combinations.
greg l
greg l Pred 16 dnevi
Trying to smother him like Madonna did
TEDDY MOON Pred mesecem
adrian dont know what beast mode is. its why he always is a punching bag.
Drew Price
Drew Price Pred mesecem
Granados fight dirty den a mf lmaoooo
Drew Price
Drew Price Pred mesecem
Sheeesh AB turned it up after the first round !!!
NLSN Pred mesecem
Broner is back
Carlos Nuñez
Carlos Nuñez Pred mesecem
This fight is from 2017
mrIlovethe90s1 Pred mesecem
"You gotta move ya fucking head"
mrIlovethe90s1 Pred mesecem
Granados is fighting like a child
Ivan an
Ivan an Pred mesecem
He looked like shit
sarah chavez
sarah chavez Pred mesecem
MBEffects Pred mesecem
Somebody Please tell Adrien That he is Not Floyd.
Pacho Ocesn94
Pacho Ocesn94 Pred mesecem
Very close fight A draw
Mezzy One nation
Mezzy One nation Pred mesecem
Who the fook are these commentators, pbc get your shit together
Yazmo Pred mesecem
commentators are so bad at best a draw no way broner win this if you go by punch stats
Full send Tv
Full send Tv Pred mesecem
I don’t understand I have your company about billions when you never even made close to a billion lol 😂
Maurio Harrell
Maurio Harrell Pred mesecem
That’s because he made more than you
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy Pred mesecem
What the hell kind of commentary is this?!?!?!??!?!?!? Absolutely flat and awful
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius Pred mesecem
I like his shorts, wish he would take them off.
N.W.A. Pred mesecem
Nice fight.
Kevi Meru
Kevi Meru Pred mesecem
Great fight. It's a draw.
Kway Thompson
Kway Thompson Pred mesecem
I believe this is the fight AB fractured his left hand in the first round. Could only throw one punch at a time
Ryanto Parma
Ryanto Parma Pred mesecem
sebenarnya Granados tuh bagus salkan ganti pelatih yg bagus, sperti fredie roach
Mint Mastering
Mint Mastering Pred mesecem
Look at them in the crowd. Miss it! We can thank trump for his incredibly bad response to covid for this.
kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan Pred mesecem
@Grayandwhite Cats you can’t argue with these idiots they don’t work or pay bills they collect welfare checks
Grayandwhite Cats
Grayandwhite Cats Pred mesecem
@Mint Mastering ok what ever is going to be will be. So GO back to your mineing company and mind your own business. Buckaroad to nowhere land thats what the Biden and his CHINA CABINET TRYING to do
Mint Mastering
Mint Mastering Pred mesecem
@Grayandwhite Cats No he didn't, scientists did. But Trump did kill a record amount of Americans in record time. "watch the FakeASS mainstream LIEING media"
Grayandwhite Cats
Grayandwhite Cats Pred mesecem
TRUMP got a COVID 19 VACCINE in record time you listen , watch the FakeASS mainstream LIEING media
Elie Elie
Elie Elie Pred mesecem
This is Broner's last win