Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested) 

Mark Rober
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I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!! Monthly.com/MarkRober
If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline (stopelderfraud.ovc.ojp.gov/) at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website (reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/) or calling 877-382-4357.
Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
Go check out Perog's version here too-
New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara- open.spotify.com/track/1zOzvy6SeVJs2MEET7vyCW?si=f3fee98828fa4802

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18. mar. 2021

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Pred 25 dnevi
Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!! Monthly.com/MarkRober
Musicalm Relaxation
Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇
Fantastic Slimetastic
Fantastic Slimetastic Pred 10 dnevi
Spylent 00
Spylent 00 Pred 13 dnevi
I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft
philip coffman
philip coffman Pred 13 dnevi
What a scumbag you should be to take advantage of an old granny
Jean-Paul Pred 13 dnevi
@DannyX may
Respected Gaming
Respected Gaming Pred 2 urami
It's getting obvious to know which are scammers and which are not since I've been getting alot of it recently by COVID-19 thanks to these kinds of videos!
Mattheamus Pred 2 urami
“Jay Z FaceTime video”
D N Pred 2 urami
Great job Mark!
Holly Won't
Holly Won't Pred 2 urami
Doing The Lord’s work.
James Bond
James Bond Pred 3 urami
Great job
Kyle Caudill
Kyle Caudill Pred 3 urami
help my grandma. she got scamed over a grand.
Mr. Sketchy
Mr. Sketchy Pred 3 urami
Where can I get this friggin glitter bomb
Rooz Say
Rooz Say Pred 3 urami
I love you, you are awesome! Keep up the great work to many grandmas and grandpas are getting scammed by these scum bags
Trevor Wilson
Trevor Wilson Pred 4 urami
You can tell the supervisor is evil he has dogs chained up outside.
Peter D. Gutierrez
Peter D. Gutierrez Pred 4 urami
Mark is awesome and restores my faith in humanity.
Chuck Adams
Chuck Adams Pred 4 urami
I totally support the work you are doing. Too much fun! Awesome job.
CthulhuOO7 Pred 4 urami
14k thumbs down?!
Eye Gotcha
Eye Gotcha Pred 4 urami
You’re awesome.
GYM Asia Girls
GYM Asia Girls Pred 4 urami
Yoshi I
Yoshi I Pred 4 urami
Jesus I never knows how deep this actually went they are just like rats a infestation
Revelations1311 Pred 5 urami
Theres alot going on here 🤓
Luis Lupercio II
Luis Lupercio II Pred 5 urami
this man needs to be protected at all cost
Dan Don
Dan Don Pred 5 urami
Dislikes are from the scanners
lyric master
lyric master Pred 5 urami
Oh my this is fun
Playgun10 Pred 5 urami
Dude, you’re awesome! Thank you and much love to you for helping ppl out!
CrossFirePlayz Pred 5 urami
The government probably subbed to this dude
Amirul PoA
Amirul PoA Pred 5 urami
22:50 Look at the corner
jasen w
jasen w Pred 5 urami
amazing work you and others like browning have done to combat these scummers! keep up the fight!
Derrek Sigmon
Derrek Sigmon Pred 5 urami
Criminals watching CNN what's new
SukiLosadi Pred 5 urami
0:54 wait hold on jay z?- THAT IS A CALL YOU ANSWERED THAT IS FACETIME?! im a detective so.. CONCLUSION mark rober is friends with jay z i think
EvilNoobRBLX Pred 5 urami
I was bored so I watched this
Chimer-O Perezly
Chimer-O Perezly Pred 6 urami
My grandma who didn’t have even driver license got a call about her car. It makes me laugh.
dave rave
dave rave Pred 6 urami
i think you should stop using glitter and use acid it would get better results
J Q Pred 7 urami
Love this! Keep doing amazing work!
Koalaspuked Pred 7 urami
Doing the Lord's work.
LNK Pred 7 urami
we need to get this onto mainstream daytime tv.
Matlock Pred 7 urami
Please do something like this to the people stealing catalytic converters.
Matlock Pred 7 urami
Mark is such a great guy. Great job done by all involved. These people just make me sick.
Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch Pred 7 urami
Love it, want to see more of it
russell wilson
russell wilson Pred 7 urami
Just a quick question why haven’t u posted anything in a while
nfj81 Pred 7 urami
This is awesome!!!! Justice served. I hate scammers. Especially scammers that go after the elderly or anyone that is simply not aware of these scams and is trusting.
Julio A. Cervantes
Julio A. Cervantes Pred 7 urami
Just realized that Mark looks a lot like Oscar de la Hoya.
salemandreus Pred 7 urami
This guy is AMAZING.
Evol Kit
Evol Kit Pred 8 urami
Mark rober hate Mr beast
ash sherman
ash sherman Pred 8 urami
You are the best. Can you do inline vithal classes to help us build these. It will never ever stop. This is modern QVC Jewerly Scams
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods Pred 8 urami
I remember receiving a package from mark rober
Big daddy
Big daddy Pred 9 urami
lol got a call from india today they sayed to give them 2 to 10 grand to invest
EvolveD PanoS
EvolveD PanoS Pred 9 urami
13:22 is that pvz music?
Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş Pred 9 urami
Wait is Mark now a part of the FBI?
mr2gti Pred 9 urami
The fact these scammers exist in India, proves INDIA hasn't the first idea on how to deal with it.
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers Pred 9 urami
You guys are heroes!!!!!!
Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş Pred 9 urami
Mark is Goku and the people that are getting scammed are Krillin oh and the scammers are Freiza Mark is making them pay
LeBlanche Pred 9 urami
I have lost faith in my country
jamesdgb1 Pred 9 urami
All from India !!!
MChief1 Pred 9 urami
I love to see that you are going after scammers. They are worse than Porch pirates imo. My grandpa is currently being targeted by scammers but unfortunately for them, my grandpa and I share similar names so they're calling my number and not his, so I get to have all of the fun with them.
Marceline Davis
Marceline Davis Pred 9 urami
The imported policeman immuhistochemically sign because top superiorly warn up a unwritten november. mundane, nimble save
OrbitOnceAround Pred 9 urami
Mark Rober Marking Robbers for an easy catch
Eilam Hall
Eilam Hall Pred 9 urami
this is lol
Jaze Gaming
Jaze Gaming Pred 9 urami
1.6 mil likes in a month HOLLLYY
Elizabeth Recco
Elizabeth Recco Pred 10 urami
Lol, thank you guys, this was an awesome vid!!! I’ve had so many calls but we just screw with them!
robert recco
robert recco Pred 10 urami
There’s only one way to get rid of the problem got caught red handed execute them right on the spot they are like cockroaches if you do not kill cockroaches they keep multiplying
Arlette Hermosillo
Arlette Hermosillo Pred 10 urami
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Jay MF'n Reilly
Jay MF'n Reilly Pred 10 urami
I would be really worried about retaliation because it will happen.
Dunkster 420
Dunkster 420 Pred 10 urami
I think scammers deserve what they make. They outsmart the people who send them money.
Robby Farrington
Robby Farrington Pred 11 urami
The awful close splenomegaly trouble because fly fourthly twist minus a cut department. torpid, tender tense broker
disturbed old master
disturbed old master Pred 11 urami
Plants vs zombies music nice
MannyVibes Beats
MannyVibes Beats Pred 11 urami
that subtle flex with Jay Z in the phone calls is something else
Versatile Pred 11 urami
Only a little time left till a new video
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown Pred 11 urami
The verdant delete wessely surprise because suggestion thessaly escape aside a jolly hen. historical, perfect daniel
Toni Vrdoljak
Toni Vrdoljak Pred 11 urami
Am I the only one that recognized the Plants VS Zombies Roof soundtrack on 13:16?
Rohit Srivastava
Rohit Srivastava Pred 12 urami
Great job guys. Love from India. ❤️
Secret Hacker
Secret Hacker Pred 12 urami
cool video make more cool videos!!!!!!!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Pred 11 urami
scammer are f***
c v
c v Pred 12 urami
Meanwhile in india ^ ^
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Pred 11 urami
Nuke India!!!!
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo Pred 12 urami
The cheap hexagon possibly recognise because mailbox really harm during a womanly kilometer. normal, adhesive numeric
Julie Miller
Julie Miller Pred 12 urami
How do people actually fall for this?
superbo9y Pred 12 urami
Jim Browning x Mark Rober - imagine being a scammer running up on these guys!!! what a combo!!!
Gallagher Alicia
Gallagher Alicia Pred 12 urami
The astonishing knowledge endosonographically fail because karate unexpectedly tug regarding a cooperative bulldozer. abrasive, well-made deodorant
nessaboomommy09 Pred 13 urami
Am I the only one who thinks Phyllis looks like the woman who played in the movie The Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake?
chelsea100% Pred 13 urami
Well done.... thanks three is guys like u
Psycho Goreman
Psycho Goreman Pred 13 urami
You and Scambaiter need to team up, he actually hacks the webcams of these guys, gets the people there money back and floods the scammers computers with virus’s crippling their systems. You could go international with this!!
Grayson Rushton
Grayson Rushton Pred 13 urami
These people are so pathetic and its even worse that they do it willingly
Hannah Hill
Hannah Hill Pred 13 urami
0:54 Do you know Yonce lmao
Abila Agussalim
Abila Agussalim Pred 13 urami
I got scammed back when I was in 6th grade. It was quite a funny story. For context, I don't live in a country where English is a common language, not many people here are fluent in English. So school was over, and because I live 4km away from my school, I have to wait for my pick-up driver. While waiting, I got a call from an unknown number, because I was bored as f***, I answered it. I started speaking simple Spanish I learned from Dora, like "Hola, Que pasa?" And I heard a young woman crying. I started asking them in English why they are crying and whether they're hurt or not. All the response I get is inaudible crying and what seems like someone struggling to understand me. It was only until I start speaking my native language when the phone was passed on to someone else, we'll call him Mr. Scammer (because it sounded like a dude on the phone). Mr. Scammer said that he is a police officer and that one of my family members is in the police office for doing something illegal and wants me to send money. He then asked me whether I have an older sister, and I answered honestly, I'm the oldest child and the only daughter. He then asked me whether I have an older female cousin, again, I answered honestly, I am the oldest grandchild in both my mother's and father's side of the family. He then asked if I have an older female cousin from the far family, and I said that idfk because I was never interested in the far family. My classmates, who were there the whole time, were losing their sh*ts trying to hold their laughter. While this was happening, my pick-up driver arrived to pick me up and asked me who I was calling. Back then, I was very close to my pick up driver, we far over the "friendly" term and started to open up to the "family" term. I told him what had happened and that I was toying with the scammer. When my pick-up driver knew about the scammer, he asked me to borrow my phone to "talk" to him. I gave him my phone and get on the vehicle. While he was driving, I can hear him cursing and shouting to Mr. Scammer and I was amazed. Mr. Scammer hung up on him so my pick-up driver stopped the vehicle and called Mr. Scammer on his own phone and gave me back my phone. That was a long ride home of me hearing my pick up driver cursing to a scammer. I learned a lot of curse words that day.
Muhannad Pred 14 urami
engineers trump scammers
Noka Oi
Noka Oi Pred 14 urami
🙌🏼 I ❤️ THIS 🙌🏼 I showed this video to my husband. He has over 30 years in law enforcement & has worked everything from narcotics to robbery! He actually stood up after watching and gave you a round of applause! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🙌🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. LOL! This truly is next level genius!
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W Pred 14 urami
Thank you all for the fabulous job you are doing. Need more amazing people like yourself to stop these horrible people.
Irregular Gamer
Irregular Gamer Pred 14 urami
Nuke India!!!!
whoosh me
whoosh me Pred 13 urami
lol what?
Nevaeh Pred 14 urami
scammer are f***
Nevaeh Pred 14 urami
are anoying
xxnoobmaster69xx Pred 14 urami
“Team seas” Every dollar, pick up 1 pound of garbage from the ocean or from the floor. -credit Om Patel (SPREAD THE WORD)
Chris Leedham
Chris Leedham Pred 15 urami
the scammers are disgusting
tim kenney
tim kenney Pred 15 urami
Wow! How can we support you!
Yullian Lopez
Yullian Lopez Pred 15 urami
Y’all didn’t peep that ft call with jay-z oh ,just me okay
AngryHippo Pred 15 urami
Mt. Dew
Mt. Dew Pred 15 urami
1.6M likes and 14K dislikes. 14K is not even 1% of 1.6M. Hahaha! :D
Warren Steel
Warren Steel Pred 15 urami
Sadly the got one of my coworkers a few years ago. He had been working a lot of overtime so he could afford a vehicle so he wouldn't have to take the bus into work. He's on a lot of medication and had dialysis scheduled that day. He has to take the medication and have an extra long break and they called him right when he took his meds and started laying into him that he had failed to pay his taxes and if he didn't pay $7,000 he would be arrested. They directed him to tell his our boss he needed to leave for medical reasons and that was expected as he would normally leave work early that day anyway due to bus exchanges between work and the hospital where his dialysis was. They directed him to tell the bank he found the truck he wanted and needed the cash he was saving. Then they told him to put the cash in a bitcoin ATM. Once transferred they tried to say it wasn't enough and they wanted $17,000. He said he didn't have that much money and they started yelling at him with threats and more charges. It was at that point his alarm went off on his watch for his dialysis appointment and he figured that not getting arrested wasn't worth dying for and hung up. It wasn't until after his dialysis when his doctors were asking why he was late and so visibly shaken that he said he was going to get arrested any minute and explained what had happened. He told them the agent said if he told anyone they would arrest him and charge him with some other things and charge his family too as co-conspirators and they'd all get 20 years for fraud and they got very angry just before he hung up. These asswipes prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable. It's like they knew he was taking medication that would cause him to not think right for an hour, when he was taking it, and he had been saving up enough money to cover exactly what they had asked for.
M Pred 16 urami
930TDA Pred 16 urami
14K+ people who dislike this are phone scammers
Maddi Dale
Maddi Dale Pred 16 urami
i’ve always been interested about this type of thing. thank you so much for explaining in such detail. you are so smart!!
River Aguilar
River Aguilar Pred 16 urami
Blyat some scammer dying tonight
Anastas Gaming Channel
If you told me I accidentally got 20k in my account I would say bye and change my number
Anil D'Souza09
Anil D'Souza09 Pred 16 urami
Super stuff guys... please do reveal the scammers real identity ... preying on peoples life savings isn’t forgivable.
sand bags
sand bags Pred 16 urami
Sounds like pvz music
Vanessa Vasquez
Vanessa Vasquez Pred 17 urami
Bless you guys
Lunessia Pred 17 urami
Wait, I want to know how helping the cops like this isn't a vigilante crime
15 SCAMMERS Caught in the Act!
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