MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero" Opening Scene (2021) 

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MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero Fight" Opening Scene Clip (2021)
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20. apr. 2021

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DaGame Pred 4 urami
I feel like a kid once more (but I still miss the 90's).
バジーナquattro Pred 5 urami
VanillaSaltyBalls Pred 6 urami
Movies have gotten lazy. The graphics look more fake than they did 10 years ago
WirGin Pred 6 urami
How are the comments saying this looks good that blood is terrible cgi
South Texas Chicanos for Trump
This movie was horrible 💩💩
Маноло Санчез
Новых идей у Голливуда похоже нет. Эксплуатируют 90е. Король Лев, Аладдин, теперь МК.
Four6Three1Two Pred 7 urami
Always hated Scorpio since the 1st Mortal Kombat game in 94. He always seemed like the bad guy. This scene makes me feel like Sub-Zero is the bad guy 🤷🏽‍♂️ - Signed 05/07/2021
Sandy Lopez Castro
Sandy Lopez Castro Pred 7 urami
I thought this was the 1999 movie scenes
Soulaiman RN
Soulaiman RN Pred 7 urami
Sub zero movie.. Such a waste of time. Disappointed
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing Pred 7 urami
WOW this one blows all those other movies out of the water
Herman Cyril
Herman Cyril Pred 9 urami
Sekilas aktor pemeran hanzo ko mirip kang cecep ya ..
Mateusz Pred 9 urami
It's been a while since I have seen such a shitty movie with so much hype about it.
brendanlorian the king of karma
i just want to see OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU
love so
love so Pred 10 urami
Wow 😋🔥🔥🔥😋🔥
Krzysztof Smejlis
Krzysztof Smejlis Pred 11 urami
positive pete
positive pete Pred 12 urami
Worst movie ever. Worst opening scene ever. Worst director ever.
Jimin'sdualities should_be_a_school_subject
Before watching this movie, I had no idea about who Scorpion or Sub-Zero were or that there was a game but after some research, I'm hooked👀😊
Vova Pavlov
Vova Pavlov Pred 13 urami
All that hype and still this movie sucks a big time, even 1995 version was way better than this crap and in the end scorpion couldn't even finish subzero by himself he had to get some help smh all that build for a something so lame and clowns out there clapping,yelling as if this trash was worth something..
João Victor Oliveira
João Victor Oliveira Pred 13 urami
Anton Galamay
Anton Galamay Pred 15 urami
Кенджи из ЧАС ПИК 3 понравился! Только из-за него смотрю старую классику!!!
ricardo rivera
ricardo rivera Pred 16 urami
I want that little shovel thing
elibutton Pred 17 urami
I kinda like the old one better - 1995 or 97 version.....better graphics.....LMAO! JK! Looks good. Where's Rayden and Johnny Cage?
Project-Vibe Pred 16 urami
90's film have a different atmosphere. I like it, but i dont hate it. Tbh, as fan of MK i choose 2021 much better with graphic, fighting style, and kinda intresting for storyline.
yogo pukk
yogo pukk Pred 17 urami
mortal beayties sltv.info/label/aq-N2qjOo3iXgYQ/video
Aa opik 46
Aa opik 46 Pred 17 urami
3:20 ini yg main iklan Hensocodes iklan sampo Indonesia itu ya
Billie Jones
Billie Jones Pred 17 urami
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4)
gerhard fehr
gerhard fehr Pred 18 urami
total trash
Project-Vibe Pred 16 urami
Hater gonna be hate
Marca Work
Marca Work Pred 19 urami
Booty hunting Stogie smoker
One of the worst movies I’ve ever watched, 2/10 absolute dog 💩
TheChosenOne1976 Pred 19 urami
We don´t need to call Chuck Norris for help anymore.............can´t wait, to see the movie!
Mocking Shout
Mocking Shout Pred 19 urami
Only good part of the movie right here. The Machinima MK was way better
CHO cho
CHO cho Pred 19 urami
MORTAL KOMBAT : Scorpion & Sub Zero Chronicle
Galih Wirant Kusmara
Galih Wirant Kusmara Pred 19 urami
Joe taslimm. ... 🇮🇩
KHONOR Mcmagomedov
KHONOR Mcmagomedov Pred 19 urami
Best movie of 2021 HANDS DOWN
kiowa Horse
kiowa Horse Pred 20 urami
Wait is the baby a he or she im confused
Devin Barrette
Devin Barrette Pred 20 urami
90s version was soooo much better i fell asleep to this new M.K.
Project-Vibe Pred 16 urami
Then, go watch for your disney MK movie
Christopher Hu
Christopher Hu Pred 20 urami
It's all downhill from here
Ayu Rahayu
Ayu Rahayu Pred 20 urami
Bi haaaaaaannn!!!!!
Angel Annikah
Angel Annikah Pred 21 uro
ang ganda ng movie na to one of the best,,sarap ulit ulitin panoorin
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Pred 21 uro
Movie Clips
Movie Clips Pred 21 uro
Wow compare this movie to the 1st one
Витёк Айваседо
Это Фильм???Если да,то дайте название плииизз
Budi santoso
Budi santoso Pred 21 uro
serdar torun
serdar torun Pred 21 uro
Get over heree
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Pred 21 uro
The way they fight is really AWSOME straight up
herberth Souza
herberth Souza Pred 22 urami
Mahabub Hossain
Mahabub Hossain Pred 22 urami
Just Some Guy without a Mustache WHO KNOWS HIM LIKE
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers Pred 23 urami
This movie SHOULD HAVE BEEN about the Scorpion and Sub Zero story line. I mean the whole movie
Brianna Fraser
Brianna Fraser Pred 23 urami
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Pred 21 uro
Daniel Spencer
Daniel Spencer Pred 23 urami
Was good .. old Japan awesome.. bringing the the musical score as modern. No! Keep that for the future scene.
Creed Pred 23 urami
I thought Marvel fairytales have been the bottom, but then Mortal Combat knocked from down below
Drew Pred 23 urami
Sub zero won round one but scorpion won the match 😎
πλούσιο μετάλλιο
Immortal affiliate
Rams Gaming UK
Rams Gaming UK Pred dnevom
"GET OVER HERE" Sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger,🤣🤣🤣
Товарищ Цензор
G BRUNZI Pred dnevom
This is how I imagine myself killing a bunch of robots in Robo Recall.
voxxy85 Pred dnevom
This was awesome. Can't wait for the second movie!
Rid Sajid
Rid Sajid Pred dnevom
Waste of time
Romanii Official
Romanii Official Pred dnevom
And this...guys....is pretty much the start and end of the movie!! The rest is just a low budget 3am tv movie smh
Matt Baker
Matt Baker Pred dnevom
Whats with the unrealistic amount of blood..?
Dez Dehaney
Dez Dehaney Pred dnevom
So aum, what happened to the baby????😐😐😐She was hidden soooo????
งานออนไลน์ หาเงินออนไลน์ TV
กลายเป็นไอติม เลย
DArmag Pred dnevom
Миру мир и нет войне.
Afif Khaja
Afif Khaja Pred dnevom
Love the story and action but the amount of blood and violence is sadistic. Please make it viewer friendly
Spencer Baxter54
Spencer Baxter54 Pred dnevom
Dude. It’s Mortal. Fucking. Kombat. If you can’t handle gratuitous gore you’re watching the wrong film.
Kappa Bits
Kappa Bits Pred dnevom
This is elder sub-zero(Noob saibot).He is sub zero's elder brother not the main one.
REVO Pred dnevom
This gave justice to mortal combat as a movie 👏
Dialovan *
Dialovan * Pred dnevom
This movie was so shit.
WhiteWessel Pred dnevom
фильм какашка - если кто любит реальные замесы
E D Pred dnevom
Music Video
Music Video Pred dnevom
Wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jay Constantine
Jay Constantine Pred dnevom
Can any kind soul explain why he says ‘sister’ but Cole is a man?
topple Pred dnevom
This doesn't sound like standard Japanese. What is it?
Zoldik Billel
Zoldik Billel Pred dnevom
Ce film est nul même très nul
mozad izrael
mozad izrael Pred dnevom
Sub-zero : joe Taslim actor from Indonesia 👍
vax sin
vax sin Pred dnevom
Another Mortal
Another Mortal Pred dnevom
Hiroyuki Sanada Instantly becomes my favorite character in every single movie he has ever been in Whoever the person was that thought of casting him as Hanzo and scorpion Deserves to be given a statue outside of their home commemorating this idea and everyone on that street needs the behold it and the casting behind Sub 0 deserves the same treatment because That would just flawless choices right there and how could I even forget about the casting of Kano Sure this movie in my opinion is not as good as the original I will always love the original more but this movie's tasking choices his got me interest it in the future because I feel like they're gonna take the criticism they got from this and hopefully work on the story a little bit and some of the characters a little bit and not be as long on them chatting part and more on the fighting part
Aly Zainal Abidin
Aly Zainal Abidin Pred dnevom
Head end soljes!😎👍
Miranda Arias
Miranda Arias Pred dnevom
la pelicula completa esta en cuevana :)
Dia Pred dnevom
So let me get this straight that baby was a girl all this time so wait......
NET NAMII Pred dnevom
I dont know about tou but i don't really like this movies part 2 should be incredible
Eternity Pred dnevom
this fight and the last fight carried the movie hard and the movie is still average at best 😂
Floris Zsiga
Floris Zsiga Pred dnevom
Arată-mi dovezi
Mauri Pred dnevom
Cada like es un mate para scorpion
Abb Man
Abb Man Pred dnevom
this movie sucked balls
Plantas e Ervas Da Luz
Eitia luta boa😁
First i see Demon slayer scene but this is mortal kombat
José Cuervo
José Cuervo Pred dnevom
La única escena buena de la película 🤔
Israel Santos
Israel Santos Pred dnevom
Que brutalidade foi essa Scorpion, ta louco, Scorpion é fodão demais.
Manuel Blanco
Manuel Blanco Pred dnevom
The worst movie ever
becks0816 Pred dnevom
If you have seen this scene, you already have seen the best part of the whole movie. Save some time and ignore the rest.
Andika Razali
Andika Razali Pred dnevom
Wow wow wow.. joe taslimm
Maulana Iqbal Ramadhan
Joe : Hed en souljer
Peace Chiedego
Peace Chiedego Pred dnevom
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Sunny Smith
Sunny Smith Pred dnevom
This movie is amazing very well made!
Peace Chiedego
Peace Chiedego Pred dnevom
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Stephen M
Stephen M Pred dnevom
This is the best part of the film.
Brayan Anampa
Brayan Anampa Pred dnevom
Para cuando sale esta super muy buena historia
Haris Mikael
Haris Mikael Pred dnevom
Cool 😍
Inaldo Costa
Inaldo Costa Pred dnevom
Onde vai passar