David Spade Loves Doing His Uncensored Monologue at Home 

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David Spade discusses having to film his show The Netflix Afterparty without an audience, shares a story about a time he cursed on Saturday Night Live and talks about buying Chris Farley's motorcycle.
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David Spade Outbid Tim Meadows for Chris Farley’s Motorcycle- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




26. feb. 2021

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Paul Heckbert
Paul Heckbert Pred 27 dnevi
Spade's makeup is too obvious
Joyce Johnson
Joyce Johnson Pred mesecem
He DOES have a mansion!
Bill Shire
Bill Shire Pred mesecem
Nice haus ! Coupla schlocky comedies can get you that ?
Dominic Formaro
Dominic Formaro Pred mesecem
Seth still on the air?
Chris Mccormack
Chris Mccormack Pred mesecem
David, sell the art stole from Europe during the WWII and just shave your stache and take off the ball chin fuzz and you can rebuild the magic of the Hitler Stache! You're rocking it!
Jerry Swagerty
Jerry Swagerty Pred mesecem
*Dave. If I ever get a spot on yur show. You not only won't be get'in laid. I'll have you talk'in like you can't get laid as Mr. Spade either...* JLSwag
Maggie Theresa Souza
i wish i could tell Chris & David how much they’ve helped me. they help me cope with my anxiety and really through life! love them so much
BDNFGuy Pred mesecem
so this is the so called mansion Spade brags about in his book lol
kaypee1972 Pred mesecem
Finally, I get to see his mansion
IW Nunn
IW Nunn Pred mesecem
Look at David showing off his beautiful home.....
wow he got some crazy plastic surgery to make him look artificially young.
tonyspoetry Pred mesecem
Wish David was my Buddie. Sound dude
Trottingfox Pred mesecem
Every rich celebrity Zoom's from the the maid's room. EXECPT David Spade! lulz.
neverputon Pred mesecem
Sean Welch
Sean Welch Pred mesecem
The story of Farley continues.
KimCarsonNOW Pred mesecem
I like you doing the uncensored version too :-)
Andrews Charles Bloy
Spadeeeeeeeeds! You still suck Where's Heather?
Jatin Pred mesecem
Idk what you guys see him as, but he will always be Kuzco for me.
Emma Thoell
Emma Thoell Pred mesecem
The jaded actress respectively flow because gondola globally entertain next a hulking fang. tiresome, stormy eyebrow
Paul Colbourne
Paul Colbourne Pred mesecem
Nice house
rich ernest
rich ernest Pred mesecem
Nucking futs richard Roberts dynasty.
Rey Marnier
Rey Marnier Pred mesecem
Lights Out needs to return
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Pred mesecem
:D :D
Frosty Flames
Frosty Flames Pred mesecem
Imagine David Spade calling you buddy. He seems like such a baller uncle
Angela Songwriter
Angela Songwriter Pred mesecem
he's sooo funny and cute as a boot!!
Jonathan Andrews
Jonathan Andrews Pred mesecem
It’s nice of Adam Sandler to let David Spade film interviews from his house. 😆
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Pred mesecem
omg I replied the same thing on someone's comment! :D
blaine dahlseide
blaine dahlseide Pred mesecem
Dave is funny , but he is so annoying always talking about how rich he is.. get over yourself!
Wa Tong
Wa Tong Pred mesecem
Such an entertaining interview. Thanks Seth (and Dave)! 💕
Job Pred mesecem
Can't believe he deals with Farley questions all the time, bless him
Jordyin Ashcroft
Jordyin Ashcroft Pred mesecem
Where's His Talk Show ?
mgmchicago Pred mesecem
Spade is so gd smart and talented. Lights Out, the quarantine non-ologues, etc. were/are so clever and funny. Unfortunately (IMHO) the movies he is in are really weak. Recently saw The Wrong Missy and, despite a few funny moments, it's basically 1950s slapstick for the woefully uneducated. Spade, where are the smart writers and directors for you!!?? You deserve it.
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith Pred mesecem
Farley really left his mark on the people who knew him, he must've been a good friend.
Judas Oné
Judas Oné Pred mesecem
I love David Spade!
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Pred mesecem
The windy wealth morphometrically challenge because venezuelan expectantly repeat failing a discreet knot. erratic, burly policeman
maine.ale Pred mesecem
Spade lives in a beautiful & tastefully decorated home.
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Pred mesecem
He's filming in Adam Sandler's house.
Seed Ca
Seed Ca Pred mesecem
David Spade is the creepy version of Seth
prez truman
prez truman Pred mesecem
CPAC Agenda: 9:00a.m. Prayer to Golden Trump & Oath to new Messiah. 11:00a.m. Josh Hawley will be pulled from a replica of Trump colon. Noon: 30” comedy video- Ted Cruz & Lindsey Graham caught playing “hey-diddle-diddle” with Jerry Falwell and pool boy at the Trump Doral. 1:00p.m. 2016 campaign Memory clip: Trump calls Ted Cruz’s wife, “ugly.”. Ted Cruz tells Trump he’s despicable and asks if he can wash Donald’s shorts. 2:00p.m. Don Trump, Jr. debuts girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle‘s new coffee table book titled: “Richard’s I’ve Known and Ridden” featuring photos of ex-boyfriend’s junk. 3:00p.m. Awards for best Mussolini and Hitler impressions. Winner receives a copy of Mein Kampf and an invitation to speak at Proud Boys sleepover.* *DEVO has turned down request to sing, “Are We Not Men” 4:00p.m. Pillow Guy auctions off the pillow Stormy Daniels stuffed in Donald’s mouth while spanking him with Trump Magazine.
Jay Clemons
Jay Clemons Pred mesecem
michael eli
michael eli Pred mesecem
Is that a picture of Tracee Ellis Ross in the back??
Scored Above the Breath
David Spade looks great! Nice to see..👍🏻
Garett James
Garett James Pred mesecem
They should bring his last show back when Covid is over.
Linda Burton
Linda Burton Pred mesecem
Funny in Rules of Engagement too.
Food Whisperer
Food Whisperer Pred mesecem
Who is the woman in the large portrait behind him?
Swann Pred mesecem
To anyone who hasn’t seen it, his stand-up Take the Hit from 1998 is to this day one of the funniest ever. It’s for free on SLtv.
Know It All
Know It All Pred mesecem
David has a clean home...
David Leary
David Leary Pred mesecem
Comedy Central made a mistake canceling Lights Out. Spade is a natural for late night and it was a funny show.
Elliot Brand
Elliot Brand Pred mesecem
I could watch spade do anything
Star Observers
Star Observers Pred mesecem
Does he need another wild house guest? I can bring my guns!
Michael Mathias
Michael Mathias Pred mesecem
Dave feels like he could be a member of my family.
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg Pred mesecem
I miss the old him when he was with Chris Farley. The only time I liked him. After Chris died he became a different person. Going from playing sarcastic roles nice guy to jerks. Also heard he was mean in real life. Especially to Eddie Murphy. Plus Dickie Roberts and Joe Dirt he played immature roles with whiny voices. No wonder the only work he gets is appearing in Adam Sandler movies.
ChildofGod forever
ChildofGod forever Pred mesecem
Matt Siegel
Matt Siegel Pred mesecem
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper Pred mesecem
Man. David Spade is such a genuinely rad human!! Hearing him talk about Chris Farley was painfully beautiful.
Pipe Slayer
Pipe Slayer Pred mesecem
@_ nah its called andrenachrome...hollywoods anti aging
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper Pred mesecem
@_ bah! I was only 18 years too late!
_ Pred mesecem
@Daniel Cooper must be something in the water in 1964. Lol
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper Pred mesecem
@_ so insane! Well. Hopefully my genetics treat me well and I have that mock hair when I’m almost 60!
_ Pred mesecem
@Daniel Cooper Looked them both up on imdb. And they're both born in 1964.
Rich Henry
Rich Henry Pred mesecem
What's up with his mustache? Is that eyeliner?
Mokie Pred mesecem
Absolutely. Love. David.
Dave K
Dave K Pred mesecem
Aww man that Tim Meadows story nearly made my cry! You're a good dude, David Spade!
Limen Pred mesecem
I really liked Lights Out.
Sequoya Gallo
Sequoya Gallo Pred mesecem
Timmy Meadows.
Higgolini Pred mesecem
Seth Meyers sucks.
Sarah O'Shea
Sarah O'Shea Pred mesecem
Fake nose just looks like Owen wilsón, not Wutshisface
Marian Topham
Marian Topham Pred mesecem
I loved "Lights Out." I want it back!
E. Nigma
E. Nigma Pred mesecem
This was hilarious. This also makes the Mantzoukas interview even funnier too
Monsters In The House
Ed Kaz!
Ed Kaz! Pred mesecem
Nice filter, David.
Ann sans E
Ann sans E Pred mesecem
David Spade is living in what looks like the same house that was Michael J. Fox's in the movie The Hard Way.
Tash W.B.
Tash W.B. Pred mesecem
Spade is delightful
Mike H
Mike H Pred mesecem
God, I love Spade. Makes me laugh with everything he does.
Susie Dupuy
Susie Dupuy Pred mesecem
Spade really is funny.
jay mack
jay mack Pred mesecem
love spade
Colin Poole
Colin Poole Pred mesecem
Dax Shepard is growing into David Spade
Judith Faye
Judith Faye Pred mesecem
but caterpillar sanctuaries are open!!! 🤣
BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
I wouldn't suggest that David ride a motorcycle. Nor Tim or Chris... It baffles me that Farley had one.
H D Pred mesecem
Seth n David both from SNL.
H D Pred mesecem
I loved Chris Farley and David's movies. 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘
Wes Edell
Wes Edell Pred mesecem
Spades house looks kickass
Paula E 4str
Paula E 4str Pred mesecem
I love the staircase!
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes Pred mesecem
Gimme Some Music!
Gimme Some Music! Pred mesecem
Ya'll could do a Spade segment every episode and the viewership would skyrocket into the dozens. JK, this guy's always good for a chuckle.
Michael Dahnke
Michael Dahnke Pred mesecem
Thank God the caterpillar sanctuaries are open.
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Pred mesecem
:P :P
LP3 Customs
LP3 Customs Pred mesecem
Spade is the funniest
Phil Peterson
Phil Peterson Pred mesecem
His mustache looks like a bad Wooly Willy, I'll pause while you google...
andrew jennings
andrew jennings Pred mesecem
A wooly worm
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes Pred mesecem
Lindzee Pred mesecem
Awesome interview. I love David Spade and he really shows us his true heart.
Puber T. Snatches
Puber T. Snatches Pred mesecem
His comedy central show was gonna get cancelled long before Covid hit.
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
I miss Rules of Engagement.
Sethu M
Sethu M Pred mesecem
" yes sir😩🙄" 😂😂
Swann Pred mesecem
Johnny NiteTrain
Johnny NiteTrain Pred mesecem
The loss this dude has suffered in his time, his best friend, then years later his sister, designer Kate Spade to suicide.
Anna Iorio
Anna Iorio Pred mesecem
His whole drama with his dad and step dad, almost being killed by his assistant and Naya Rivera. And now he's attached to the Tiger Woods accident.
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes Pred mesecem
I didn’t know they were related 🤯
Richard Vinsen
Richard Vinsen Pred mesecem
Sister in law
Judy Pred mesecem
I miss those old SNL days from 70's thru the 90's.....the best.
olderbutwiser Pred mesecem
I just freaking Love him! He is a funny, funny little man! And I do believe he is in my age group with all of the best of Saturday night live. Chris Farley and David Spade were like Lucy and Ethel. Chris is sadly missed and David... Classy about the Harley
John McIntosh
John McIntosh Pred mesecem
Are Tommy Shaw from Styx and Davide Spade one and the same?
Anna Iorio
Anna Iorio Pred mesecem
Wow! Never noticed that before and a longtime fan of both! Keen observation!
Diana Barreras
Diana Barreras Pred mesecem
Love Spade, but he can only wish he was as talented as Shaw!!
Kyle Novak
Kyle Novak Pred mesecem
Maybe the best talk show guest ever.
avidadolares Pred mesecem
Spade got the Zoom "Soft Baby Skin" filter on high
al mcelroy
al mcelroy Pred mesecem
Netflix should put LIGHTS OUT on 4 days a week , make it an hour long, more interviews, more 'Tight Fives'....
scremped Pred mesecem
Wow! His place is amazing.
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Pred mesecem
It's a mansion
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes Pred mesecem
All I see is DANGER ⚠️. I’m clutzy around stairs! It is beautiful tho
T-Race-ing Geannakouri
Thanks boys
Suzanne Berry
Suzanne Berry Pred mesecem
As well he won the bid on the bike, I’d be upset if I heard Tim Meadows was hurt in a motorcycle accident.
Accutronitis The 2nd
Seth you looked like Adam Sandler, not Penn! lol
Accutronitis The 2nd
DAMN is miss Spade on Lights Out!
Michelle Aldrich
Michelle Aldrich Pred mesecem
David Spade is one of my favorite interview/talk show guests. Period. 🥰
Infobahn Pirate
Infobahn Pirate Pred mesecem
Spade seems like a good dude in this interview.
🗽 Pred mesecem
Rest in peace, Chris Farley! We miss you 💜💙
Tonya Cach
Tonya Cach Pred mesecem
Thank you for getting me through my sons death David, if not for your movies, and hours of endless laughs i wouldn't be here today. Thank you 🌹💙
Joseph A Diaz
Joseph A Diaz Pred mesecem
Tonya, God bless you and God bless your child. I'm praying for both of you ♥️✌️ and 🙏.
SheLikes Her
SheLikes Her Pred mesecem
Sorry for your loss ❤️
daniella Pred mesecem
so sorry for your loss🤍🤍
BHallBrowser Pred mesecem
God bless you, Tonya. Sorry to hear this bad news.
Mitzi Bud
Mitzi Bud Pred mesecem
Love me some David Spade!!
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