Amazing Cartoon Animals As Humans 

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23. feb. 2021

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Its camilaシ
Its camilaシ Pred 35 minutami
lia: says freddy fazbear Me: wait.. that sounds familier *remembers its from fnaf* lia: shows that chica jumpscare me: gee thanks ;-;
Norma Perez-Bernal
Norma Perez-Bernal Pred 3 urami
SSSniperwolf: Its Chloe from world of pets. Me: *Dies of laughter*
Thora Andersen
Thora Andersen Pred 4 urami
Woooooowwwwwww so prity
PixelatedKookie Pred 5 urami
for human pikachu they should have put kaminari in a pikachu hoodie
Naseem Shaik
Naseem Shaik Pred 7 urami
Yess u were right about dory being charlie Dory's voice was charli Yasss
the little dog
the little dog Pred 9 urami
Not pickachu bakugo
eevee701 Pred 9 urami
Zootropis 💕🥺
Velephi Maziya
Velephi Maziya Pred 13 urami
Freddy is was a child befor he died
Itz Gacha girl
Itz Gacha girl Pred 14 urami
Kia Thornton Miller
Kia Thornton Miller Pred 15 urami
they alredy have human rainbow dash they made the main six humans in equistria girls
Keene Matadi
Keene Matadi Pred 19 urami
Lia Montgomery
Lia Montgomery Pred 21 uro
That pikachu is a boy, the girl pikachu's have hearts on their tail
Mindy Girard
Mindy Girard Pred 22 urami
Gender bend
Mindy Girard
Mindy Girard Pred 22 urami
For pikachu
Navy Bentley
Navy Bentley Pred 22 urami
I'm 7 years old my brothers and I hate Minnie Mouse now and I still watch cartoon movies
Maia Robert
Maia Robert Pred dnevom
Freddy is a dead kid named gabriel that was killed by William Afton the owner of freddy fazbears pizzaria
Dharakha Sasikumar
Dharakha Sasikumar Pred dnevom
sniper wolf trying to figure out who what pikachu would look like 🤔🤔 Me: Denki Kaminari.
Hany Sam
Hany Sam Pred dnevom
Wait Olaf is not a animal
Winston Byron Yahya
Me with my two vampire teeth in the exact spot like what wrong with my two sharp teeth am I a vampire 🦇?🤔🤔
Alejandro Salazar
Alejandro Salazar Pred dnevom
꧁_Original_꧂ Pred dnevom
1:42 Me: Well.. just search on “Denki Kaminari” *After typing this comment I saw 100 people commenting something about this*
Literally Micah
Literally Micah Pred dnevom
sssniperwolf dont you know that willam afton killed the kids as kids and they stay as kids
Smoll Bearツ
Smoll Bearツ Pred dnevom
*let shows Freddy's transformation* Me: this is literally my first time simping for an anime boy >_< :/
William Barbin
William Barbin Pred dnevom
Nobody: SSniperwolf: WhY iS ArIeL hErE iS sHe LiKe PaRt FiSh
Sada Alguire
Sada Alguire Pred dnevom
•inotremy• Pred dnevom
Sniperwolf: oh my god olaf my favorite disney animal! Me: is olaf even a animal?
MJ Watson
MJ Watson Pred dnevom
Pikachu looks like Denki Kaminari from mha if anyone watches mha you know who I'm talking about
kimberly gall
kimberly gall Pred dnevom
Kungfu Panda 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mentally Unstable
Mentally Unstable Pred dnevom
no no no pikachu as a boy is denki kaminari from my hero academia
Joel Welch
Joel Welch Pred dnevom
Wait Olaf a animal? I thought it was a snow man :/
Thomas OConnell
Thomas OConnell Pred dnevom
Pikachu can be a girl it would have a heart on it’s tail
Joviann Pontes
Joviann Pontes Pred dnevom
Is olaf a animel
Levi Urban
Levi Urban Pred dnevom
I feel like Pikachu would look like Denki Kaminari ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
{keily Orellana }
{keily Orellana } Pred 2 dnevi
When sssniperwolf said “wabit “it was sooooo funny
L.A Iva-Julian
L.A Iva-Julian Pred 2 dnevi
Me waiting for denki to come up* Sees someone that looks more like bakugou* Me:WTH
Lana Hernandez
Lana Hernandez Pred 2 dnevi
Wall e is so cute as a human
Kim Jenkins
Kim Jenkins Pred 2 dnevi
the human minnie mouse looks like you sssniperwolf
Ivy G.
Ivy G. Pred 2 dnevi
I want see Tom and Yerry's human version!
Guy Pearson
Guy Pearson Pred 2 dnevi
Me to
SHANYASREE M Pred 2 dnevi
Elaborate gorgeous
Ticket to Art
Ticket to Art Pred 2 dnevi
I would sound stupid if i am wrong but the first Nala is actually Kiara and the second one with Simba is Nala. From the movie lion king[for reference]
Susan Currie
Susan Currie Pred 2 dnevi
Olaf is my favorite delusional snowman!
Sabarieja Isaacs
Sabarieja Isaacs Pred 2 dnevi
Olaf looks like Quackity
Little piggy小豬豬
2:04 he died as a kid so he is still a kid (I think)
Suchismita Roy
Suchismita Roy Pred 2 dnevi
Fnaf what!!!!
am i a cat
am i a cat Pred 2 dnevi
I'm soon gonna make a five nights at freddys video
Josiah Smits
Josiah Smits Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact the fasbear gang have kid soul when they were killed so if you add the years to how old the suits are you get the young freddy
it'sjasonxx Pred 2 dnevi
I wanna see cb now
Hedda Røed Grotle
Hedda Røed Grotle Pred 2 dnevi
I like Pikachu's but I think he wud luke like Denki Kemenari from My Hero Academia
Robert Pongrac
Robert Pongrac Pred 2 dnevi
1:24 noooo denki kaminari thank you
J Snarf
J Snarf Pred 2 dnevi
Pikachu is a boy in the show I saw him flirting with a girl he’s a boy right!?!?!?
J Snarf
J Snarf Pred 2 dnevi
Pikachu is the boy in the shell I saw him flirting with a girl he’s a boy right!?!?!
LayLay_plays Pred 2 dnevi
MABEL DICKSON Pred 2 dnevi
Olaf my favorite ANIMAL XD
Scarlet leopardpie aka Wolf
You: oh my God Olaf my favourite Disney "ANIMAL" Me: who's going to tell her no one I have to tell her.... uhhhh Olaf isn't an animal...
Erinn Day
Erinn Day Pred 2 dnevi
The Yellow Ninja
The Yellow Ninja Pred 3 dnevi
5:52 Your right, Nick and Judy are from Zootopia
Paige Wilson
Paige Wilson Pred 3 dnevi
Arial isn't an animal 😂
Pavani Manju2021
Pavani Manju2021 Pred 3 dnevi
Wooo Rianbow dash ahh ya
Lance viel Garcia
Lance viel Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
Lance viel Garcia
Lance viel Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
Salvatore Novembre
Salvatore Novembre Pred 3 dnevi
no he is a boy
YUNNAM YANG Pred 3 dnevi
when ssniperwolf showed the picture when she thought what Pikachu looked like he kinda looks like bakugou
chumaniaga cniaga
chumaniaga cniaga Pred 3 dnevi
I love the my rainbow dash little pony 😻🐴🐴 is my favourite character
Rosalia /Robin
Rosalia /Robin Pred 3 dnevi
not gonna lie....i screamed when i saw Rainbow Dash
Ethel Mandia
Ethel Mandia Pred 3 dnevi
Rainbow dash into a human is cool I love it but I like fluttershy to i want to see fluttershy into a human
Izuku Midoyria
Izuku Midoyria Pred 3 dnevi
Gigi Derrick
Gigi Derrick Pred 3 dnevi
there is a human pikachu called denki kamanari
Adie Mitchell
Adie Mitchell Pred 3 dnevi
Hey hi you’re my favorite you tuber
Adie Mitchell
Adie Mitchell Pred 3 dnevi
Hi my name and your full name I watch your videos
mary miner
mary miner Pred 3 dnevi
No pikachu look like denki kaminari
HAPPY TIME with ziyah
If you wanna see Pikachu in human version just see kaminari denki from mha
Khloe Belanger
Khloe Belanger Pred 3 dnevi
Human Pikachu=denki from my hero academia
NANCY JOE Pred 3 dnevi
Trisha Santos
Trisha Santos Pred 3 dnevi
If a Pikachu is a girl it will have a heart at the end of the tail
Asher Mezzatesta
Asher Mezzatesta Pred 3 dnevi
Why did the rainbow dash look like the girl from ready player one
Anissa Thomas
Anissa Thomas Pred 3 dnevi
It’s zootopia gurl it’s ok
Alfredo Serrano
Alfredo Serrano Pred 3 dnevi
Dude maybe denki from mha ppl who love mha will get it uwu
Alfredo Serrano
Alfredo Serrano Pred 3 dnevi
Ragnar Dogo Argentino
Is it u sniper wolf
Ace Ersando
Ace Ersando Pred 3 dnevi
Okay sniper....Freddy is actually a child. fredbois backstory...theres a soul stuck in that animatronic named Gabriel...
Coffee shop
Coffee shop Pred 3 dnevi
Freddy's a little boy named Gabriel and he's I think 9?
Auldryona Butler
Auldryona Butler Pred 3 dnevi
Her: olaf..my favorite Disney animal Me: umm it ice... Its an animal....Is this true😅 LOL
Natalie Esquivel
Natalie Esquivel Pred 3 dnevi
Olaf simp for Anna and elsa yes
Natalie Esquivel
Natalie Esquivel Pred 3 dnevi
Chonky gru I can’t I really can’t
sky_wolf ultimate Wolf
Freddy is a child he died as a child
Scotty Vaughn
Scotty Vaughn Pred 4 dnevi
What she do on my b-day
Gamersquad Mcfun
Gamersquad Mcfun Pred 4 dnevi
If pikachu was a boy he would look like katsuki bakugou or denki kaminari
CookieGaming Pred 4 dnevi
Change the video title to: Finding New Things To Simp To
Ruthie Panganiban
Ruthie Panganiban Pred 4 dnevi
I like it when she said "ShEfFs KiSs FoR LoOkInG LiKe ThIs"
Alicia Slattery
Alicia Slattery Pred 4 dnevi
No Denki
Miss Misa The Pink Cat
Do one about real life actors turned into cartoons
Ava O
Ava O Pred 4 dnevi
No it is a tiger that you were talking about Nolla
Sydney Plays
Sydney Plays Pred 4 dnevi
I have rabbit teeth to
glaizish Pred 4 dnevi
I also have rabbit teeth
Maddie Whelan
Maddie Whelan Pred 4 dnevi
Olof is a snowman ⛄☃️
Rainbow Kitsune
Rainbow Kitsune Pred 4 dnevi
I say Pikachu is Denki Kaminari!!!
Thepromisednvrland Pred 4 dnevi
When someone made Freddy a human Me: WAIT.... what happened to GABRIEL;-;
FNaF_ World
FNaF_ World Pred dnevom
Exactly,poor Gabriel😬
Beatriz Castaneda
Beatriz Castaneda Pred 4 dnevi
mari the kitty looks like bella porch
The Average Purple Bean
It's not cat either ╮(─▽─)╭
Emmerson Smith
Emmerson Smith Pred 4 dnevi
fanf is not creepy