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Nyla Baraka
Nyla Baraka Pred 58 sekundami
lmao after you got knocked out😭😭
Richard s
Richard s Pred 2 minutami
If only he knew how bad he got his shit rocked in the future😂
Pekkanend Pred 3 minutami
And what happened😹
Fe_yo Pred 3 minutami
😂age like fine wine
The Protagonist
The Protagonist Pred 3 minutami
Little did he know.....
I Hate China and Chinese Simp
SniperBoi5843 Pred 5 minutami
U got shat on L
Gabriel Bangyay
Gabriel Bangyay Pred 8 minutami
whos here when AUSTIN BODIED BRYCE
Dylan Irizarry
Dylan Irizarry Pred 8 minutami
3:38 that aged well
mario rodriguez
mario rodriguez Pred 9 minutami
damn u got fucked
Yassin fayed
Yassin fayed Pred 9 minutami
Who here after bryce lost
jsh Pred 9 minutami
whos here after bryce hall lost💀
Stay M
Stay M Pred 11 minutami
Whose here after he got TKOd
Itzjustarchie Pred 11 minutami
Austin wonnn
BlurrVFX Pred 15 minutami
howd this go lloooll
wedge Pred 16 minutami
Joselin Aguilar
Joselin Aguilar Pred 59 minutami
Can you not talked about his kids
I Hate China and Chinese Simp
Umm it alright, Austin has the dub
•SaigaQt xøxø•
Bruh.....Bryce is literally embarassing himself...its cringy asf🤡 And plus...mentioning his Austin's kids?....is not fucking cool bro🙄✋
Elaine Lugo
Elaine Lugo Pred uro
Hate you so much hope you lose the fight!!!!!! Booooo tiktok
unruly tristion
William Cordero
William Cordero Pred 2 urami
Bryce fans lose
YouTube MrMaster
YouTube MrMaster Pred 3 urami
Damn, it hotter than satan’s asshole out here - Bryce Hall
notgames Pred 3 urami
this literally Logan Paul type edits yall really trying to be like them
Helina Jones
Helina Jones Pred 4 urami
I swear this is going to be like the Jake Paul and Nate Robinson fight
MXTRIX Pred 6 urami
Bryce's shape reminds me of the colossal titan from aot
Angelica Munoz
Angelica Munoz Pred 6 urami
Bryce why are u talking bad if u are bad at trash talking and the only thing u say is I will slap the shit out of u...💀
Fritz-Nick Christensen
Austin mcbroom is winner we know this 😅😅💪🏻💪🏻
Fufjfjf Fjff
Fufjfjf Fjff Pred 7 urami
Bryce thinks he's so good and he has no right to talk about austins children
Hannah jenna
Hannah jenna Pred 8 urami
my God the 4 year old Austin fans are coming here in the BRYCE video to defend him 😂😂😂😂
Sam Studios
Sam Studios Pred 8 urami
He is partying during corona.
Alyssa Aguirre
Alyssa Aguirre Pred 8 urami
Hey you shouldn't be talking about Austin's kids because it makes you look bad.
Rain Fountain
Rain Fountain Pred 9 urami
This guy's favorite word is p😿ssy
Phu Doan
Phu Doan Pred 9 urami
Im rooting for tik tok
Killzy Feeks
Killzy Feeks Pred 10 urami
Mate Bryce guess what austain kids will laugh at you when you get nocked out
Kiran Lacayo
Kiran Lacayo Pred 11 urami
Kiran Lacayo
Kiran Lacayo Pred 11 urami
Franyaliz Euceda
Franyaliz Euceda Pred 12 urami
You stupid so yeah But you know Austin's gonna win hes been working out in all his videos
David Werner
David Werner Pred 13 urami
If he would be half as good in fighting as in trash talking, hhe would be on Mike Tyson's level.
fuck Off
fuck Off Pred 13 urami
I really want him to loose
Kayonna Williams
Kayonna Williams Pred 14 urami
Bro can someone please tell me whyyyy he says "I'm gunna smack TF outta you." Like your about to box, not smack lmfao,🤣🤣 why is it always about smacking💀😭
Carlos Pred 16 urami
Broo you better knock him out
SSlidical Pred 19 urami
I hope Bryce gets knock out
Shreya Shinde
Shreya Shinde Pred 19 urami
Shut up
Shreya Shinde
Shreya Shinde Pred 19 urami
Bryce has no right to talk such shit bout Austin
JUAN CARLOS Perez Pred 21 uro
Did you have to say that. Bryce. Thats why addison broke up whith you😒😒😒😒😒
sean kelly
sean kelly Pred 21 uro
He keeps talkin about his age. Is 30yo old to a 20 somethin year old? Seems kinda silly.
Brianna Terry
Brianna Terry Pred 21 uro
I love Austin McBroom
Tina Filiangouras
Tina Filiangouras Pred 21 uro
Why is Bryce talking about Austin kids
Charlotte Morrow
Charlotte Morrow Pred 22 urami
Y’all hating on Bryce but it’s Austin’s fault this started ( but yes I do agree Bryce shouldn’t of mentioned his kids)
ezbai cardenas
ezbai cardenas Pred 22 urami
WHAT THE FUCK IS BRYCE TALKIN ABOUT LETS Start OFF with that austin is so calm when byrce says ima smack the fuck out of ya because he anit scared of jack like get that straight BRYCE
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎ Pred 23 urami
bruh a 13 year old with no experience could knock the fuck outta you
Jada Butterflies
Jada Butterflies Pred 23 urami
HATE him why is he talking about someone else kids (No HATE)
julia Pred 23 urami
i love him 😭😭
GamerspamsL2YT Pred dnevom
Stfu your gonna lose
matrix Pred dnevom
bryce hall no one like you
Cameron Ross
Cameron Ross Pred dnevom
4 Year old of honey do not mess with me ngl I hope he beat the sh*t out of u u getting annoying
Emilina Chavez
Emilina Chavez Pred dnevom
I hate you everyone hates you so much and everyone hates Addison Ray too since you want to talk about Austin kids
Emilina Chavez
Emilina Chavez Pred dnevom
And you don't talk about Austin's kids you'll need them out
Amy Ramirez
Amy Ramirez Pred dnevom
Lol Austin asked to come closer. Bryce : “ wHaT aRe YoU gOnNa Do If i Do?…WhY dOn’t YoU cOme Do SoMe ShIt?” Lmao he literally said come closer and you didn’t? Calling him a p**** and talking shit about his kids? C’mon bro?? You are a fucking kid. The fact you literally are talking about kids? You deserve to get your ass beat! Can’t wait to see it happen (: js.
Des Heywood
Des Heywood Pred dnevom
What are they susposed to be nice? They are having a fight. Their not susposed to be nice to eachother 😵‍💫
Elvis Moreno
Elvis Moreno Pred dnevom
Bro stop acting tuff to get ur Addison Rae 😂😂
Rudaina Safwat
Rudaina Safwat Pred dnevom
Da CrInGEee I just can't 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jessie Perez
Jessie Perez Pred dnevom
Uhm… Spanish music for your video ? LMFAOOO no please don’t. We don’t claim you.
Ail Kum
Ail Kum Pred dnevom
I thought they were on a date after reading the title
joel panther
joel panther Pred dnevom
your the only one getting knocked out mate and don't even try ksi clown
ZR GOD Pred dnevom
What the shittt balls😂😂😂😂
Thomas Brummett
Thomas Brummett Pred dnevom
God Bryce ur so gay
Orquidea Hernandez
Orquidea Hernandez Pred dnevom
I love the fight that you guys made in the Congress go Bryce hall you gonna win and rock the shit
Elena Nicorsin
Elena Nicorsin Pred dnevom
Tafares Taitt
Tafares Taitt Pred dnevom
bryce ik you don't like austin but plz don't talk about his kids
E Z Pred dnevom
So Austin a 29 year old if fighting a 21 year old. But Bryce has no reason to talk about Austin’s kids, he basically doesn’t even know him. Also Bryce always starts the fight by calling Austin a p**sy and a b*tch and saying f**k a million times
Lay Pred dnevom
Luiz Augusto da br
Luiz Augusto da br Pred dnevom
Yuval Shiloni
Yuval Shiloni Pred dnevom
Bruh your such a bum
Carlie Ann🌊
Carlie Ann🌊 Pred dnevom
Bryce has no right to drag his children that are all under 5 and him partying and drinking isn’t gonna help him win Bryce is competitive so much it’s not even funny like grow up.
I Fag-got Abt that
I Fag-got Abt that Pred dnevom
me wondering where the 140k likes came from😂
Molini Raass
Molini Raass Pred dnevom
Bryce lowkey embarrassing himself. talking about other people children-
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales Pred dnevom
Bryce stop talking crap you thought you could beat stromedy and yet he still kicked your stupid ass.
Julian Fernandez
Julian Fernandez Pred dnevom
Yo he talks so much shit then he’ll get knocked out round one
Shivesh Gokhool
Shivesh Gokhool Pred dnevom
Bryce for life
Martha Jourdain
Martha Jourdain Pred dnevom
Screw Bryce he talked about Austin's kids and he really thinks he's gonna win I can't believe Addison dated this fool😂
Its Izzy and Lilly
Its Izzy and Lilly Pred dnevom
Byce should not have the right to talk about Austin’s kids and bruh ur not strong
Jack the Bard
Jack the Bard Pred dnevom
I love the bodyguard at the end "Who fights in a night club?!?"
Snowworries Pred dnevom
Talkin about energy full on full of steroids lmao
Athilah Faza
Athilah Faza Pred dnevom
I just hope no one dies🤷🏻‍♀
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Pred 2 dnevi
This... This is not content I do not know how this guy has fans oh wait I know he's famous because of his ex
TiK ToK MaShUp
TiK ToK MaShUp Pred 2 dnevi
when bryce hall lose ya'll gonna hear from him "that he let austin win" n you got no right talking about his family cause you would'nt like if he talk about yours i hope he knock you out to teach you a lesson that you only have mouth n you siting there parting n shit while austin is training to beat a boy with mouth like you...grow up
s t a y cool :/
s t a y cool :/ Pred 2 dnevi
Addison Rae is like 😃
Tank Pred 2 dnevi
My brain tried to leave me 10 seconds into watching the video 😂
Javier Jaimes
Javier Jaimes Pred 2 dnevi
Bryce listen to us your going to get knocked out😂
Tobias Wipf
Tobias Wipf Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Bryce! Come on over to montana in the country behind the barn in the grass no rules n let's fight! You poor little city bitch! Don't worry I'd leave a note to the garbage man to b careful when he empties the trash can. You pissed me off talking bout a mans kids!
Art V
Art V Pred 2 dnevi
whos the girl in the green?
Shaddai Gonzalez
Shaddai Gonzalez Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t wait to see Austin nock out Bryce hall
Makayla17 Pred 2 dnevi
don't talk about his kids🙄
SALSABEL HOLA Pred 2 dnevi
Austin i feel bad for him
Mark Mcintyre
Mark Mcintyre Pred 2 dnevi
Soooooooooo crrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggeeeeee
carmen_daleen Pred 2 dnevi
I would laugh if he gets knocked out in the match
katie Pred 2 dnevi
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
60 sekonda: Tea Trifoni