Visiting Gymshark's $7,000,000 New Gym 

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Honoured to be a part of such an awesome family of likeminded people, let alone be invited to train in such a brand new facility like this. I hope you guys enjoy the video & thank you, as always.
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6. sep. 2019

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What's the intro music
Omg the advert i got before this video was money doesnt grow on trees...
TheReal Anonymous
TheReal Anonymous Pred 9 dnevi
Tf he walking like he’s Bradley martin
Spinner Emley
Spinner Emley Pred 10 dnevi
With lat raises lift with your elbows to take the tension off your shoulders, as Zac Perna said
Duncan Tout
Duncan Tout Pred 14 dnevi
Nearly at 1k views in my first body transformation video would appreciate any views and feedback! Thanks
enerplayz Joe
enerplayz Joe Pred mesecem
I really want to hug this man No homo...
WDZ Pred mesecem
3:40 that's what she said
jackal242 Pred 4 meseci
How does a person who's clearly barely ever worked out before get a Gymshark sponsorship? Baffled.
Keshav N
Keshav N Pred 7 meseci
uk people trying to play basketball is like Americans trying to play soccer.
Kaludacris Pred 8 meseci
british ppl shooting form lmao
Daksh D
Daksh D Pred 8 meseci
Shane O'moore
Shane O'moore Pred 8 meseci
JamSamHD Pred 8 meseci
What’s the outro song called?
AliZFTW Pred 9 meseci
Song at 4:52
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Gangster’s Paradise
John Weir
John Weir Pred 9 meseci
Who else is in quarantine wishing the gyms would reopen
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Big boy Skinner19
Big boy Skinner19 Pred 9 meseci
What’s the song at the start called
Elliott Cook
Elliott Cook Pred 9 meseci
as an american, watching behz and the others play basketball hurts my head
bilzo g252
bilzo g252 Pred letom
Why do u think ur a big man now
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 8 meseci
Because he is
Alex Pred letom
He should be investing in restocking the men’s clothes why a gym!!!?
MaySun Pred letom
meanwhile at my gym the half the dumb-bells aren't even labeled nobody re racks them lmao.
matthew edwards
matthew edwards Pred letom
He’s a nerd mate thinks he’s the bollocks going to gym 😂
James Renfield
James Renfield Pred letom
Is this gym open to the public, or only to gym shark employees? Because that is one of the best gyms I have ever seen.
Fionn Times
Fionn Times Pred letom
song at like the 4 minute mark?
Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy Pred letom
what’s the intro song
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Pred letom
Why didnt you drive
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Pred letom
M8 you are not swol
Kristian Wroe
Kristian Wroe Pred letom
Do a 1 year transformation video with the ins and outs of your work outs and what you eat
Temperatuur Pred letom
Is there a gymshark gym playlist?
vvvs 2145s
vvvs 2145s Pred letom
9:05 “I keep it tucked the whole way” proceds to flare elbows out at a 90 degree angle
Jarno Björkqvist
That gym is so fu*king amasing
Euphoric Alien
Euphoric Alien Pred letom
can't wait till he discovers roids lol
xsaac Pred letom
do 5 sets of 12
STR Adventures
STR Adventures Pred letom
Any one know the song coming on at 9:50
STR Adventures
STR Adventures Pred letom
Or 9:50
Jan Uranič
Jan Uranič Pred letom
what was the intro song name
Dome Tro
Dome Tro Pred letom
Outro song?
Big Dumplin
Big Dumplin Pred letom
4:25 my hero academia fans: wait, that's illegal!
ツAdrian Pred letom
3:41 its big and black...thats what she said aha im so funny
jonny degnan
jonny degnan Pred letom
no sted head? ginger shrimp instead
Skill Bros
Skill Bros Pred letom
Bro just give him 5 more years He will be RIPPED af
Why when people box it sounds like there sneezing
Michael Tomlinson
Gym in Birmingham UK $7 million. Shouldn't it be £7 million?
The boss
The boss Pred letom
Oh wow looks like any other gym
Dasni Pred letom
Thomas Pred letom
Gymshark, more like Gymwhale
Aspix Pred letom
Thoughts Through Visuals
Fucking hell, good to see Jaackmate's taking the fitness thing properly still
Ares TK
Ares TK Pred letom
5:35 copyright
Loler Pred letom
Song on min 13:50 plsss?
Ishan Patel
Ishan Patel Pred letom
ugliest looking thing 13:37
James Leach
James Leach Pred letom
5 ads in a 15 minute video? Bit cheap if you ask me
Maddison Harris
Maddison Harris Pred letom
I liked the video just for the sugar thing
Oliver Boot
Oliver Boot Pred letom
i just realised I was next door on that day
Pavle Brkic
Pavle Brkic Pred letom
the blond guy doesn't have any shoulders
Dominic Beet
Dominic Beet Pred letom
What’s the song at the start of the video?
5:00 it says no hoes lmaooo
Yamin Rahman
Yamin Rahman Pred letom
3:40 Cameraman: "it's big and black" That's wat she said 😂😂
Dion Weidum
Dion Weidum Pred letom
song at start?
masaaki Pred letom
Thought that guy was josh peck
brandt payne
brandt payne Pred letom
I actually can’t belibe his transformation. Mind blowing
Yanie Visuals
Yanie Visuals Pred letom
12:13 Boy looking like when spongebob bought his wham arm
Katie prawnsleylol
1:32 I swear his muscles looks a but bigger then normal
Lee Foxall
Lee Foxall Pred letom
So many ads 😂fairs though man
Savage Pred letom
4:51 ti says hoes XD
Art Lara
Art Lara Pred letom
isn’t gymshark known for steroid users?
milan-hoi Pred letom
Anyone who can say "really squeezing those titties" without a change in facial expression has my respect.
Jay Cartwright
Jay Cartwright Pred letom
Just because you lost about 100 kg doesn't mea u have the right to pretent to be fit
Mohamad Hijazi
Mohamad Hijazi Pred letom
Can anyone tell me the name of the song at 4:51 playing in the background
Mohamad Hijazi
Mohamad Hijazi Pred letom
JacobRBR thanks bro
Jj Pred letom
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
xDostarlingX Pred letom
6:12 he ran of like his dad
Tricky Pred letom
We get it you go to the gym Remember you used to be 500lb
NVboy Pred letom
This is inspiring
Aly Raafat
Aly Raafat Pred letom
The song in 4:55???
Rory Pred letom
Gangsta paradise
oggreenie Pred letom
You’re sooooo cool. I’m 16 with no fighting experience and I will still beat your ass
PyroFree Pred letom
Who would of thought 3 years ago he would go on to do stuff like this.
valdo 5_7
valdo 5_7 Pred letom
Does nobody in London have an actual basketball court?
Deniskrtt Pred letom
Tauhid Syed
Tauhid Syed Pred letom
Can't wait to meet you at Insomnia
Daniel Wharepapa
Daniel Wharepapa Pred letom
Anyone have any idea when hes bringing out his full transformation vid?
disco disco good good
3:41 "well its big and black...." am i the only one thinking in the wrong direction
diamond x
diamond x Pred letom
5:00 videos gonna get copyrighted
Michael Silvestri
Hi behz just wondering if you’re cutting right now? Sick vid btw
C Pred letom
Please let the bar hit your chest when u bench.
Evas world
Evas world Pred letom
i hope your making bare bread off of this for the number of ads i got
Mik22 Pred letom
Song around 10:20?
Larry The Cable Guy
Wtf didn’t even recognise him
Peter H.
Peter H. Pred letom
Low key jealous
Giancarlo Lemus
Giancarlo Lemus Pred letom
where’s SideMates!?
Luke Rich
Luke Rich Pred letom
Can you bring back the 7 a side pls
kyle prescott
kyle prescott Pred letom
Where is sidemates gone
A. Syed
A. Syed Pred letom
when ksi whips out his 8========D 3:40
Red Profile
Red Profile Pred letom
Did he say studio X instead of V
Stacey Evans
Stacey Evans Pred letom
Ethans transformation is amazing. I think he's hot how he is now and how he was though 😍 gorgeous man
BasedBuh 696
BasedBuh 696 Pred letom
beginning song?
TwentyFar Pred letom
song at 00:07????
TwentyFar Pred letom
i am a weirdo I found it : TOP SPEED
Mikkel Buhl
Mikkel Buhl Pred letom
J M Pred letom
Can you upload more West Ham Vlogs because they are so good
Abandoned Explorer
He is so up himself its hard to watch
Haunt Pred letom
his videos are banging views and he still dosent upload
Bredcake Pred letom
He doesn’t deserve a sponsership from Gymshark and that’s a fact, Ik people who work there ass off and it pisses me off that this guy out of everybody manages to get a sponsership
TheWhitetail 178
TheWhitetail 178 Pred letom
BredCake it's a business dumbass, he has clout from the sidemen so is a good person to sponsor
Andres Ramos
Andres Ramos Pred letom
Anyone know the name of the outro song?
Shadow _Clan
Shadow _Clan Pred letom
Ur cringe btw
aAhh h
aAhh h Pred letom
Where is Mr Tumble?
Kai McLeod
Kai McLeod Pred letom
As a basketball player that was hard to watch
Sir First name Last name
Subtle Flex