Squeak 1v1 Vs EVERY Brawler | VERY OP, Will Get Nerfed... 

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Squeak 1v1 vs all brawlers in Brawl Stars
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Today we take a look at the brand new brawler coming in the Brawl Stars Update Squeak. This Brawler will be coming May 22nd and Watch out cause he is VERY STRONG. While he may not fare the best in these 1v1 interactions make no mistake this will be one of the best brawlers in the game due to his insane area control and massive damage potential.
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7. apr. 2021

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Lex - Brawl Stars
Lex - Brawl Stars Pred mesecem
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Mordecai baker
Mordecai baker Pred 5 dnevi
Create a club in another video
The inkling Boy
The inkling Boy Pred 16 dnevi
Op, but even if he gets nerfed, I’ll still want to play as him.
Andris Ruģēns
Andris Ruģēns Pred 19 dnevi
Yes why its not out jet
b long
b long Pred 19 dnevi
Squeak is awesome. I use code lex on two of my accounts already
Desmond Classen
Desmond Classen Pred 21 dnevom
But like before, the nerf will be painful.😪
CC_obraFN Pred 2 urami
Løve Hadi Foz
Løve Hadi Foz Pred 6 urami
Crow is trash
Miao Miao
Miao Miao Pred 14 urami
Before I watched squeak fighting:omg he is so good After:oh…………
Fortnite Gameuse 07
Fortnite Gameuse 07 Pred 15 urami
Why squeak isnt in the game
TW0Blue _
TW0Blue _ Pred 15 urami
They should’ve called him proximity spike
UcnobiNoobi Pred 22 urami
i dont care crow is best ! xD
Slxyy Pred dnevom
SMILEY Pred dnevom
How is this the 7 th not 6 th
B.Ömer Şahin
B.Ömer Şahin Pred dnevom
Squeak+squeak=nesquik 😄😁
Squeak is so weak but so powerful
the_mysc Pred 2 dnevi
I think Squeak gadget will be nerfed by 50% or 25% and his attacks will be nerfed by 10% or 25%.
Eleazar Ayotte
Eleazar Ayotte Pred 2 dnevi
lol he said he would tell us the problem w squeek after we watched the 1v1s but im pretty sure we all deduced the problem ourselves once we did
PhreyZ Pred 2 dnevi
Who only realized that the “enemy” brawlers were named please use and lex was named code lex. Kinda funny
Cheese 🧀🧀 gaming
לאון רדה
לאון רדה Pred 2 dnevi
I put a Lex code in a store at Brawl Stars
DizIsDavidMatthew Channel
Whens Squeak out?
Alexis Gutierrez
Alexis Gutierrez Pred 3 dnevi
May the f2p gods have mercy on my soul
A K Pred 3 dnevi
Hey lex can you send me a friend request my name is: unlucky
Liam Lavelle 2000
Liam Lavelle 2000 Pred 3 dnevi
I'm feeling bad for piper
Gamer Artificalツ
Gamer Artificalツ Pred 3 dnevi
Aww u said love u grandma
Noob Noob
Noob Noob Pred 3 dnevi
I think squeak worked for colonel ruffs because of the hat
Dark Souls ツ
Dark Souls ツ Pred 3 dnevi
no redo against tick?
Amira akari
Amira akari Pred 3 dnevi
Is its just me or i want his hat :>
Azatchino Pred 3 dnevi
everyone should save their boxes till squeak comes
BigBoi Gaming & Animation
2:10 Squak
BTS legendary Gaming
I use it code lex and I love u bro u are op
Zeki Berkay doğan
Zeki Berkay doğan Pred 4 dnevi
lool8421 Pred 4 dnevi
4:37 100% accuracy
Shadow God
Shadow God Pred 4 dnevi
12:45 squeak murders his creator
Rofii4135 Pred 4 dnevi
Spike VS Squeak
Brendan Kramer
Brendan Kramer Pred 5 dnevi
He can’t move in the 1v1’s of course he lost
Branden Pred 5 dnevi
I just love bull it’s because of his gadget it’s just stop when you press that gadget and it’s like so OP but I really think that the new brawler is powerful even tho bull just destroy him
Przemek Madej
Przemek Madej Pred 5 dnevi
8 bit ultimat + ruffs ultimat + squeak = tons damange
Lena Grahn-Söderström
he’s broken and i’m saving up boxes i havent even opened a single box hoping to get him.
Loba Pred 4 dnevi
Ugh I opened tons of box's, do you think I can save from now?
gabikam08 Pred 5 dnevi
So annoying, the brawlers can't even move
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
Ur Annoying
gabikam08 Pred 5 dnevi
How are these 1v1s, squeak doesn't even move!!!!
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
Bruh, this is a real 1v1
Vrutant Panchal
Vrutant Panchal Pred 5 dnevi
Anyway : Squeak is Most cutest brawler ever , and next is Spike and then Bea🤗🤗🤗
Luca Pavlou
Luca Pavlou Pred 6 dnevi
I got amber with using code lex
pTeek Pred 6 dnevi
Lex’ s biggest flex: 7 kids
David Golodze
David Golodze Pred 6 dnevi
I have a qustin superseel oa askin in may will be squeak but lex frank dani have tuem
Visionary the Aravind
He looks like jimbei
smokesxbamboe Pred 6 dnevi
to be honest squeak is very good in 3v3 or more GG but bad in 1v1's like byron, he should be nerfed on his gadget reduce it to 50% or you can only use 2. when the 1v1's were going on and if they both die it should not be a win for him because if it happened in solo showdown just started he would be 9th or 10th so it should not count as a win.
Blue Fire Gaming
Blue Fire Gaming Pred 7 dnevi
Derrick Pred 7 dnevi
Anyone lower that 4620 health dies against squeak if he attacks you three times
Владислав Pred 7 dnevi
Привет я от джестера лайк если тоже
gameplayer Pro
gameplayer Pro Pred 7 dnevi
klopt niet wat je doet en zegt over squeek dikbil
rana achkar
rana achkar Pred 7 dnevi
Will he be free?
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
No ofc, u seem like a 9 yr old wanting free brawlers
TheHuck_35 Pred 7 dnevi
2:14 does that say Squak instead of Squeak?
SALEM KSA Pred 7 dnevi
with all respect if you don’t talk about nerf they will not nerf it
nika andriadze
nika andriadze Pred 7 dnevi
11:15 Here, you can see how useless Amber became :(.
Nicolas Camaratta
Nicolas Camaratta Pred 7 dnevi
For practice: Lex
Мемный Папка
Писк 1 на 1 против каждого скандала..
Veteran YT
Veteran YT Pred 8 dnevi
You dare let crow use his gadget. Petition to let squeak use his gadget out of crows range
ORU FREAKEN Pred 8 dnevi
Have you guys notices enemy brawler says 'please use'
ORU FREAKEN Pred 4 dnevi
@NoNameDaPro Reply: ur dp😁
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
Thats his 2nd acct in the dev build.
ORU FREAKEN Pred 8 dnevi
Tick vs squeak
xzsaipi8 K
xzsaipi8 K Pred 8 dnevi
Sumukh M Nairy
Sumukh M Nairy Pred 8 dnevi
New name mini bo
MG 47
MG 47 Pred 8 dnevi
Everybody : watching lex's video Me : Thinking did squeak come 😧
Gm2Gg Grand
Gm2Gg Grand Pred 8 dnevi
2:08 they spelled Squeak wrong into Squak hahaha
Todoroki ShotO
Todoroki ShotO Pred 9 dnevi
Am sparing boxses
Stephen Siew
Stephen Siew Pred 9 dnevi
I got sandy today in a brawl box its crazy
I love whenever lex shows love for crow!!
Just Brawl stars
Just Brawl stars Pred 9 dnevi
If I heard the god damn words “squeak isn’t good in these 1v1 scenarios but trust me he will be broken” again I’m gonna lose it
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich Pred 9 dnevi
Funny how Brawl Stars content creators don't even play the damn game anymore.
SUPER GAMER Pred 9 dnevi
Squeak will come on May 22
Jack Lin
Jack Lin Pred 10 dnevi
YAY! squeak is getting released on my birthday
Bruh Pred 10 dnevi
Squeak is going to be awfull in showdown 👍😒
FadiA Sweidan
FadiA Sweidan Pred 10 dnevi
I use cod lex on my moms phon and on my and on my sister but the new brawler is so cute
Emir Berk
Emir Berk Pred 10 dnevi
Squeak vs Belle ... WİN SQUEAK!!!!!!!
salty chips
salty chips Pred 10 dnevi
Squaek is so cuuuuute i like the pin
muffinzzz Pred 11 dnevi
What if the more he throws, the more his health decrease because hes using his own blob(IDK)
Glichty Glicht
Glichty Glicht Pred 11 dnevi
May 22 is my bithday
Spider_ Gold
Spider_ Gold Pred 11 dnevi
Lol bibi and sqeak came out in my birthday.
Darren Welsan
Darren Welsan Pred 11 dnevi
I think there is a bug if collete or squeak main attack lands or explodes when they die it will deal 1400 damage.
biz hep böyleyiz
biz hep böyleyiz Pred 11 dnevi
Balakrishna shetty
Balakrishna shetty Pred 11 dnevi
Q everyone has :- how can a slimy thing get hurt?
Yack Attack
Yack Attack Pred 12 dnevi
That didn't look like your grandma walking looked like something else lol
Y Seedat
Y Seedat Pred 12 dnevi
5:48 what song
Lolli Pred 12 dnevi
why he does less damage after death?
dErgim Pred 12 dnevi
Angélica Rivera
Angélica Rivera Pred 12 dnevi
spueak Will come on 6 day
VibroRamon3 Pred 13 dnevi
i'm new in your channel and i'm Brazilian
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja Pred 13 dnevi
4:38 What the what.....It didn't even hit him
Clawed Ops
Clawed Ops Pred 13 dnevi
Shystarfish 11
Shystarfish 11 Pred 13 dnevi
Blomb is a blob bomb
harjas singh
harjas singh Pred 13 dnevi
when u realize that squeak came from fortnite
Poovarasan 9th B
Poovarasan 9th B Pred 13 dnevi
If we use creater code in Brawl stars what we get pls 🙏 tell me
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
If u use a code and buy gems or offers, 5% of what u purchase will go to the person your supporting. It won't cost you anythjng extra
DCC Vivid
DCC Vivid Pred 14 dnevi
Is he a trophy road brawler?
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
No he is a mythic
Abhilash Prasadkewat
Abhilash Prasadkewat Pred 14 dnevi
Lex how to unlock A legendary brawler
Ashen Storm
Ashen Storm Pred 14 dnevi
I got 2 brawl star ads while watching this, wtf
Zayed Gaming
Zayed Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
I am from the uae it is 3am in uae and I am not tired
Αναστάσιος Μπαμπατζιάς
Squeak in 1v1s: Im too weak. Squeak as field control and ranged damega while protected. Unlimited powa!
joe valerius
joe valerius Pred 14 dnevi
who else relized that if amber breathed 1 more flame just 1 more squeak would have died
Tuna Okur
Tuna Okur Pred 14 dnevi
beast gaming
beast gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Squeek is trash at this because of the bomb delay but he is op in real game
Offical Űrkutya
Offical Űrkutya Pred 14 dnevi
Win 16/30 Lose
Bull Pred 14 dnevi
Wish he was in Brawl stars :(
NoNameDaPro Pred 4 dnevi
He will be released on may 22
Billy Bailey Jr
Billy Bailey Jr Pred 15 dnevi
Squeak with ruffs and 8 bit buff using gadget on siege tower
NotJxff Pred 15 dnevi
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