LaMelo Ball's Amazing Evolution Through The Years Vol. 2! From 5'5 13 Y/O to 6'8 18 Year Old! 

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Here's an updated version of LaMelo Ball's incredible growth and evolution through the years. In this version we have included 8 mins of extra footage to cover the last year and a half of Melo's career as well. Melo went from a 5'5" 13 year old all the way to a 6'8 18 year old today!
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18. jun. 2020

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Alex Torres
Alex Torres Pred 42 minutami
SMH 9:38 the announcer said let’s hope it’s not gang signs 🤦🏼‍♂️
CopperyRocket Pred 7 urami
summer 2019 melo looks the best
A.J Anderson
A.J Anderson Pred 21 uro
16:30 this move so tuff man
Mark Tomeh
Mark Tomeh Pred dnevom
So did he shrink? Because he's currently listed at 6'6".
Max Pearson
Max Pearson Pred dnevom
he did the mopi 😂
Jackson Rand
Jackson Rand Pred 2 dnevi
Who’s here when Lamelo is ballin out in the NBA?
lilmelo300 Pred 2 dnevi
Who else hears Lavar 😭😭
born Pred 3 dnevi
i was 5.6 at 14-15 and ended up at 6foot :/
Julius Arias
Julius Arias Pred 3 dnevi
Me and melo played at a gym when he had waves and I was 16 six feet four and he threw me a lob I got a pic with him to
Julius Arias
Julius Arias Pred 3 dnevi
Me and melo played at a gym when he had waves and I was 16 six feet four and he threw me a lob I got a pic with him to
Prod. by Rabb
Prod. by Rabb Pred 5 dnevi
he grew 6 inches in a year?
Jason No
Jason No Pred 7 dnevi
His dad actually broke the record for being the world's largest douchebag to ever think he was good at basketball
e / s Codm
e / s Codm Pred 9 dnevi
Mans playing in a men’s league at 18
hasun Hudson
hasun Hudson Pred 9 dnevi
Kevin Lleshi
Kevin Lleshi Pred 10 dnevi
he is actually 6'6 but yeah
GT Pred 6 dnevi
@Kevin Lleshi his height is currently at 6’7 - 6’8 look up his current height on the Hornets
Kevin Lleshi
Kevin Lleshi Pred 6 dnevi
@GT and google says that he 6'6 with shoes
Kevin Lleshi
Kevin Lleshi Pred 6 dnevi
still not 6,8😂
GT Pred 6 dnevi
Chino Ezra
Chino Ezra Pred 14 dnevi
the 2021 comment u was looking for
JoeC Self
JoeC Self Pred 15 dnevi
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GQ REY Pred 15 dnevi
Bimbense Pred 16 dnevi
I am 14 and 5’5 too. Hope I get to 6 ft+
jose barajas
jose barajas Pred 4 dnevi
same lol
soledisciple Pred 18 dnevi
LaMelo looks like Val Kilmer
Reconquête du Cerveau
Been playing with grown man
Robbin Jefferson
Robbin Jefferson Pred 22 dnevi
2:24 Catch me⛹️‍♂️
ICECuBE Pred 23 dnevi
10:45 the guy who said travel must hate melo
John Mitchell
John Mitchell Pred 24 dnevi
Melo been doing that Jersey grab after the play is over since birth
Kyle Renner
Kyle Renner Pred 25 dnevi
Like a sugar rushed ivo
lbronda idk
lbronda idk Pred 25 dnevi
When ur over seas ur fans clap
teej Pred 26 dnevi
watching this like a proud dad
Jjj Ggg
Jjj Ggg Pred 27 dnevi
melos been to NBL then NBA..now what julian newman?!! 🤣
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Pred mesecem
Fun fact this is also a jumpshot transformation
Sixpaths Pred mesecem
Bruhhhh 14 years old lamelo would whoop the current Julian Newman who else agrees?
Pearson Daverman
Pearson Daverman Pred mesecem
Im 12 and 5 inches smaller then what melo was when he was 12
ProGamer YT
ProGamer YT Pred 7 dnevi
@Pearson Daverman at 13 he was 5 5
Pearson Daverman
Pearson Daverman Pred 8 dnevi
@ProGamer YT hes 5'5 at 12
ProGamer YT
ProGamer YT Pred 10 dnevi
How tall was he at 12
Aalyssa Cotto
Aalyssa Cotto Pred mesecem
i’m confused on how i watched him grow up and now he’s older than me 😭
C J Pred mesecem
10:24 what kind of short is that pls tell me wanna buy that one
W7N Pred mesecem
Melo aint 6’8, hes 6’7, look at all the pictures with him next to Lonzo and just recently he had a game against RJ Barrett and they where the exact same height 🤷‍♂️
ACEIS _ Pred mesecem
Lonzo is a GOOD player...he's Tina. LeMelo is a GREAT player...he's LaVar!
Zewaisnel Pred mesecem
2:19 what in the opera singer- she hit that note though
Dezmond121 Pred mesecem
Damn how tall am I gonna be I’m 6’3 and 15
Pablo Palis
Pablo Palis Pred mesecem
whos here after he was the youngest player to ever get a triple double
Rl_oofking Lol
Rl_oofking Lol Pred mesecem
Mans did a 180 then said ‘’ here it go’’
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson Pred mesecem
Lamelo ahh is nasty 🤢 with. The playmaking
JoeC Self
JoeC Self Pred mesecem
The tranquil blowgun monthly dress because good-bye amazingly sparkle lest a sudden turn. profuse, needless lasagna
Feeniks Pred mesecem
dude grew 6+ inches in a year god damn
SpxceFn Pred mesecem
8:10 he did curry slide
Harambe Pred mesecem
How do people come up with 6'8 lol he's 6'6 in shoes
Eza Renthlei
Eza Renthlei Pred mesecem
Aint 6feet 8 ,6 feet 6
dam1an sxcks
dam1an sxcks Pred 2 meseci
I don't care what anyone says the ball family are some of the best passers I've ever seen
Downtown Raptor
Downtown Raptor Pred 2 meseci
his dad is 6'6 and his mom is 6'1. His brothers are 6'5 and up. I think Lavar's brother Lavalle is like 6'8. the guy has the genetics. Both his parents are in the 99% for height. Not a surprise Lamelo would be that tall. Lamelo will probably earn over $300M by age 30 in salary and endorsements.
Edd Kapler
Edd Kapler Pred 2 meseci
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Isaac Camarena
Isaac Camarena Pred 2 meseci
How did he grow 6inches in one year like wtf
crackflush Pred 2 meseci
Jordan should hire lavar as head coach
James Lin
James Lin Pred 2 meseci
CL Pred 2 meseci
Bro them braces saves his life😂😂😂
Zezo Hayat
Zezo Hayat Pred 2 meseci
The quack quotation preliminarily expect because dad extragingivally note but a tawdry breath. majestic, erratic slope
jayden from tiktok
jayden from tiktok Pred 2 meseci
5:07 put him on skates
Player_Boyz Pred 2 meseci
17:00 melo has to shoot that a his teammate has to lay that up he can’t dunk he has to lay that up
Chen Chong69 on Xbox
Chen Chong69 on Xbox Pred 2 meseci
I had better form than LaMelo in middle school. Not saying I was better than him tho. All I’m saying is that I had a better release than whatever that was
Red Six00
Red Six00 Pred 2 meseci
I went from 5'5 to 5'9 in the time span of 14-17 but sadly I stopped at 5'9...
ApxlloDiver Pred 2 meseci
He went from ray allen to steph curry
Sweetpotato East
Sweetpotato East Pred 2 meseci
Dam watching this I feel hella old ! Charlotte just got to the party it’s koowl we’ll leave the lights on for y’all 😂
Max Pred 2 meseci
Me: born December 4th 2001 Melo: born August 22nd 2001 Me aged 13: 5’7’ Melo aged 13: 5’5’ Me aged 15: 5’10’ Melo aged 15: 5’10’ Me aged 19: 5’11’ Melo aged 19: 6’8’ Make it make sense Lord 😒
Essam cali Tanglao
Essam cali Tanglao Pred 2 meseci
5'5 he has a heart to take bigshot
alex nguyen
alex nguyen Pred 2 meseci
throback when lamelo bitch slapped that foo overseas XDD
Asher Owens
Asher Owens Pred 2 meseci
Since when was he 5”11 at 14
slizzleasdf Pred 2 meseci
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clogne Hssi
clogne Hssi Pred 2 meseci
Julian new man 30 years old 5’ 3” lamelo 5 years old 5’ 5”
Rommel Corpuz
Rommel Corpuz Pred 2 meseci
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Rommel Corpuz
Rommel Corpuz Pred 2 meseci
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Chris George
Chris George Pred 2 meseci
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FaZe Killou
FaZe Killou Pred 2 meseci
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CuRan Kendall
CuRan Kendall Pred 2 meseci
Stop it stop get some help🤣🤣🤣
Aidan Zuger
Aidan Zuger Pred 2 meseci
I think we can all agree that most of us are looking at the differences of hair!
RC Pred 2 meseci
Meanwhile i think julian newman got shorter 😂
Anjel Purnima
Anjel Purnima Pred 2 meseci
The acoustic building realistically radiate because fiction inversely sip into a sincere vein. sordid, hanging dime
taufik cipto
taufik cipto Pred 2 meseci
He grew 6 inches in a year?
Chihuahua Holding Phone
Bro just got drafted third pick to the hornets😱 time flies fr.
Danu Mudarta
Danu Mudarta Pred 2 meseci
All ball brother is rated by his number player
joshua kim
joshua kim Pred 2 meseci
The part when he ran around in circles and broke their defense down got me😭😭😭😭
Ezekiel Thao
Ezekiel Thao Pred 3 meseci
so no one gon talk about his crazy growth spurt
Brian Reece
Brian Reece Pred 3 meseci
He definitely took Compound V
Untalented Rapper
Untalented Rapper Pred 3 meseci
Lamelo 5,5 at 13 Me 5,5 at 28
Daniel Recinto
Daniel Recinto Pred 3 meseci
Bro who dosent want a 6’8 guard 😭
antonio guastafierro
antonio guastafierro Pred 3 meseci
his middle school shooting form look like a throw-in from soccer
Manina Whitted
Manina Whitted Pred 3 meseci
Imagine Melo getting strong like Giannis; that would be scaaary
Cobaltium Pred 3 meseci
Every year 2-3inches god damn
BigJahh Pred 3 meseci
Been watching bro since middle school, now he’s in the NBA. Crazy fr
Joris Jokubauskas
Joris Jokubauskas Pred 3 meseci
when ur lithuanian and u konow were lamelo played at 16 years old
Airsavage GD
Airsavage GD Pred 3 meseci
4:38 the shot that started it all...
Quentin Bowens
Quentin Bowens Pred 3 meseci
8:54 what did he say
Jane N
Jane N Pred 3 meseci
One advantage with melo is he been playing with older players his whole life thats why he so crafty 💯💯
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez Pred 3 meseci
Lmao nigga this at Cabrillo high school gym wtf
AE vanzify
AE vanzify Pred 3 meseci
why do the australian commentators sound like they belong on 2k💀
TheOpticGunsmith Pred 3 meseci
That half court point & shoot was nasty
endz Pred 3 meseci
time flies holy
Michael Long
Michael Long Pred 3 meseci
Mans like bob the builder with all those bricks
Gama125525 Pred 3 meseci
he looks like a tiny ass kid at 5'5...........Im 5'6 (crying)
Angelo VM
Angelo VM Pred 3 meseci
zion better
Angelo VM
Angelo VM Pred 3 meseci
he gonna go nuts in nba i swear, lol.
Reign Ulrich Hayahay
Reign Ulrich Hayahay Pred 3 meseci
Can yall give me tips on how to be taller
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt Pred 3 meseci
Julian Newman going to be 6'9" soon
slizzleasdf Pred 3 meseci
Lamelo is the first player I’ve ever watched from his freshman year in high school to getting drafted it’s crazy how fast time goes by
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