Pro Hairdresser Tries 5-Minute Crafts Hair Hacks 

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Hi Beautiful! Today I try out some 5 minute crafts and see if they actually work.
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Don't Forget To Live Your Extra Life.




28. jan. 2021

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo Pred 3 meseci
I’m surprised I didn’t hate every single one
fire*takes*all Pred 11 dnevi
Try baking cocoa instead
Just a Trans Dude T〰T
Trust me, so am I.
damien thorne
damien thorne Pred mesecem
But....that one was simple logic..no wierd like spatulas or forks..
short clips
short clips Pred mesecem
wakeetha c
wakeetha c Pred mesecem
its so funny that he calls himself PRO i guess a self obsessed person
Vale Fal
Vale Fal Pred 2 urami
I love this video🤩please make more with 5 minutes craft 🔥🔥
jugulate Pred 19 urami
I wanna say try Dutch cocoa instead for the dry shampoo but, it's probably cheaper to just buy dry shampoo. 😅
MARIA Mariah
MARIA Mariah Pred 2 dnevi
4.50 omg...omg 😀🤣
MARIA Mariah
MARIA Mariah Pred 2 dnevi
4.41 minute 🤣
Rachelle L. R. Barr
Rachelle L. R. Barr Pred 3 dnevi
Love me some matcha madness mondo!
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Pred 4 dnevi
That bang part had me WHEEZING
Random Surname
Random Surname Pred 4 dnevi
Fork curls litterally look like they're drawn by Tim Burton.
KIRAN SINGH Pred 4 dnevi
He goes eww.. Ouu... Eff it... And I am laughing... 😂
Lori Neid / Tiny Toad Farm
I have a friend that cut her daughters bangs using a clipper but no paper and the damage to the eye brows was phenomenal lol
Emma Topping
Emma Topping Pred 5 dnevi
Omg Brad, I didn't know you were Kiefer Sutherland's gay son. Omg
Shannan Brennan
Shannan Brennan Pred 5 dnevi
Your one handsome man !!
Tʜᴀᴛ Hᴀɪᴋʏᴜ Fᴀɴ
These ain’t hacks these are whacks
mads Pred 6 dnevi
he says next client but what he really means is next victim
Layla Patten
Layla Patten Pred 6 dnevi
For the spiral curl one you did it a bit wrong bc your supposed to intertwine the hair piece with the fork a little bit and then wrap it around the fork
My Surprise
My Surprise Pred 7 dnevi
Brads beard is LUSHHHH
samiamato Pred 8 dnevi
Brad with facial hair=YUM!
Me Ofc xx
Me Ofc xx Pred 8 dnevi
I love how he says Hey beautiful! It makes me fell so loved lol
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams Pred 9 dnevi
「lavenderz」 Pred 9 dnevi
Alternative title: Brad Mondo exposes 5 minute crafts
tini Hovi
tini Hovi Pred 9 dnevi
omg i just saw this video randomly and what can i say I LOVE THIS GUY
The World
The World Pred 10 dnevi
going through my watch later:
Trinity W.
Trinity W. Pred 10 dnevi
Did he use a freakin PLASTIC FORK to do that horrific spiral curl C’mon brad... 😑
Amanda Leonard
Amanda Leonard Pred 10 dnevi
Look at you with that 5 o clock shadow! 😚 manifique with that jaw line! Mmm! When you show clips of you modeling...I can’t even!! By the way, thank you for the encouragement in all your videos! Helps my self esteem so much!!
Tonya Bell
Tonya Bell Pred 10 dnevi
Love the blonde hair on you. My favorite is when you color it grey. The Ronald McDonald red hair wasn't my favorite. I think it washed you out. You are much too handsome for that red color 😉.
Yukta Bhutkar
Yukta Bhutkar Pred 10 dnevi
Brad everytime- hey beutiful! Mee- blush blushhh
dreadfairy Pred 11 dnevi
It's not a fork, it's a Dinglehopper!
katelynn kelly
katelynn kelly Pred 11 dnevi
Better than their food hacks, there was a 14 year old girl who died because of one of the food hacks she set herself on fire accidentally cause of how dangerous it was
sam •m
sam •m Pred 11 dnevi
we want bearded brad mondo back.
Heather nicole
Heather nicole Pred 12 dnevi
How are we testing dry shampoo on a mannequin?..?
Heather nicole
Heather nicole Pred 12 dnevi
I love Brad's vibes
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams Pred 12 dnevi
My grandma's method of scotch tape across the forehead was way better than the paper trick for bangs.
Franny Cabana
Franny Cabana Pred 12 dnevi
hey! you should try one of those metal straws nn clamp it with a flat iron maybe get spirals?
Franny Cabana
Franny Cabana Pred 12 dnevi
I can't believe you threw miss maniquinn she's pissed...yep.. worse than stuffing Mrs. pillow slippers:)
Sherri Beaver
Sherri Beaver Pred 12 dnevi
I did not like the first one
OG Bambi
OG Bambi Pred 12 dnevi
Lmao JINX 🤣 we said spider legs at the exact same time 🕷🤮🤮🤮
heartsnall Pred 13 dnevi
If you look at the curl at 3:46 it’s the exact same as when Brad did it. Then they curled it without the fork and that’s what you see at the end
Anisa Greene
Anisa Greene Pred 14 dnevi
me in my pjs and messy hair slouching with a double chin Brad: Hello beautiful! me: ahhhh!
Wendy Skura
Wendy Skura Pred 14 dnevi
The "hai beautiful" makes my day!
Chocolate Turtles
Chocolate Turtles Pred 15 dnevi
you can tell he hasnt shave and honeatly.... i think he would look pretty hot to let it grow out just a little more and keep it trimmed....
Hayley Arnold
Hayley Arnold Pred 15 dnevi
Brad. I love you 😚
JANICE EGAN Pred 15 dnevi
Höller Marie
Höller Marie Pred 15 dnevi
She well haunt me haha 😂 Always when I feell bad I watch your videos
Elara Inspires
Elara Inspires Pred 16 dnevi
At 1:30am this video cracked me up way more than I should be laughing 😂🤐
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Pred 17 dnevi
The doll:👁👄👁
Deadly Gamer
Deadly Gamer Pred 17 dnevi
Here’s a tip that works with meeee I always had trouble getting conditioner out my hair so I tried a 2 in 1 and my hair is so much better now
memeмє Pred 17 dnevi
Do not say they have hacks that are ewww 70 million subscribers way more than you are you jealous
Jennifer Lawson
Jennifer Lawson Pred 17 dnevi
The blow drying your hair twisted ONLY WORKS OF YOU HAVE CURLY HAIR TO BEGIN WITH. I have 2c 3a curls and I do this sometimes to make my curls seem looser.
Katie Simms
Katie Simms Pred 18 dnevi
Okay this shirt though 😍
Gamer girl 13
Gamer girl 13 Pred 18 dnevi
Me never whacked 5 minutes craft Me after watching 5 minutes craft I think I got dumber
N.A Pred 18 dnevi
It's totally normal for a maniquin to have better hair then me🤔
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray Pred 19 dnevi
The fork hack totally reminded me of the dinglehopper in The Little Mermaid! 😂
Marta pereira
Marta pereira Pred 19 dnevi
AHAHHAAH 🤣 10:47
Jana Srnková
Jana Srnková Pred 19 dnevi
Well there are several rypes of cocoa,dutch cocoa is pretty dark
Yaya G.
Yaya G. Pred 20 dnevi
my face just went like 🤢 when she made herself some fake bangs 9:46
NeonFox Pred 20 dnevi
"She has like probably the most hair you can have..." Me: Fool, you have been deceived, MINE IS LONGER HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA *cue the evil scientist thunder crack*
12:05 Me : Wait A minute , Who are you . The girl : I am cosplaying Ino from Naruto Shippuden
Raksha Pred 20 dnevi
brad if I may say that...YOU LOOK FUCKING PRETTTTYYYY
Carrie Cagle
Carrie Cagle Pred 20 dnevi
Ok, Brando, I love your vids, but man... the one with the fake bangs... I love that you tried twice, but now I’m super curious as to whether or not Ms. Manni Quin needs to have the same hairstyle. It’s legit killing me, lol... a follow up on this would be Mondo cool, dear... just sayin 🥰
Sydney Stevenson
Sydney Stevenson Pred 20 dnevi
Paulina Morales
Paulina Morales Pred 21 dnevom
He’s always calling us beautiful, but has he seen himself in a mirror???? Our boy be living his EXTRA LIFE!! So happy to see you so well Brad! We love ya!
C S Pred 22 dnevi
"She has probably like the most hair you can have." * Looks at my own hair that's twice as long and just as thick * XD (thinking about getting it cut soon though!)
Matina Cats
Matina Cats Pred 22 dnevi
yeah, but what if you wanna dress up like a spider on Halloween? Costume sorted!
Lexie Jordan
Lexie Jordan Pred 22 dnevi
love u brad
Leah Meredith-Pearce
Leah Meredith-Pearce Pred 22 dnevi
5 minute....Let's totally ruin something today!!!
Desiree Hardee
Desiree Hardee Pred 22 dnevi
Omg I'm in love with you
Its Blaize
Its Blaize Pred 22 dnevi
Amelia Black
Amelia Black Pred 22 dnevi
I was drawn into this in honor of the Little Mermaid using a fork in her hair. Ariel did better.
Jason Hancock Sr
Jason Hancock Sr Pred 22 dnevi
love the beard boo
Birdy Rose66
Birdy Rose66 Pred 22 dnevi
The manican is just like why did you have to barf at my Hair 😢 🤢
Isogun Elizabeth
Isogun Elizabeth Pred 22 dnevi
Can u gift me the wigs u used for the trials plssss 💖
Elinor Quynh-Nhi Nguyen
Why does the flat iron look like a bts flat iron with the purple in the middle? And are there some armys here!!???
Annu Asser
Annu Asser Pred 22 dnevi
Simple flour for greesy hair works as well, but I would say it is really last minute resort :)
kaudu1983 Pred 22 dnevi
You are amazing 🤩 🤴
caellum_jace Pred 23 dnevi
I’m living for the stubble with the silvery eyeshadow 😌😌🙌🏻
summer ermine
summer ermine Pred 23 dnevi
when i was little i was like 9 i thought that instead of using a fork i could use a a comb so i did and ended up cutting my hair and making BANGS =P yuck and im 11 and still have em
summer ermine
summer ermine Pred 23 dnevi
so i dont do any hair cut stuff and hair related hacks from 5 minute crafts
cuddle buddy applications
wait. how did she see to cut her own hair if tHERES A PAPER COVERING HER FACE
Maria Marchese
Maria Marchese Pred 23 dnevi
Me coming home from my daily activities: “What did we learn today? Well I learned how to make things more complicated for myself”
Grace Brasel
Grace Brasel Pred 23 dnevi
That’s not a fork it’s a dinglehopper
Najie:3 Pred 23 dnevi
btw that blonde doll has shorter hair than me mine is upto my butt
Qcumbers RTrash
Qcumbers RTrash Pred 24 dnevi
12:00 JoJo lol
Nesliver Lendof
Nesliver Lendof Pred 24 dnevi
Why is this video he be looking like Joey giraffe
Naya Rahbany
Naya Rahbany Pred 24 dnevi
Thank you for being clean so kids can watch it like mua!!
Rockin Pred 25 dnevi
Thank you for complimenting me every time I click a video (No really, it actually makes me feel pretty handsome)
Anna’s World
Anna’s World Pred 25 dnevi
Who else lives for that hi beautiful at the beginning
Riley Marcano
Riley Marcano Pred 25 dnevi
Brad, where is this gorgeous shirt from?
Kristýna Šťastná
Kristýna Šťastná Pred 25 dnevi
They just spell it wrong, it is spider curl 😂
66Sixxy Pred 26 dnevi
For darker hair, try espresso powder instead of cocoa powder.
Kora Lane
Kora Lane Pred 26 dnevi
I DIED when he tried to make bangs with 2 ponytails 😂💀 the first attempt though😂😂
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe Pred 26 dnevi
The paper one doesn’t work because YOU CANT SEE WHAT YOURE DOING 🤦‍♀️😂
Donald Timmons
Donald Timmons Pred 27 dnevi
5 mines craft than are stoped
Kayla Leone
Kayla Leone Pred 27 dnevi
So how could you cut your own bangs if you have a paper in your face lol
Abigail Rathbun
Abigail Rathbun Pred 27 dnevi
The dry shampoo one does work my mom uses it all the time
Patty Kistner
Patty Kistner Pred 29 dnevi
I laughed so much at this guy.....😅😅😅 I'm definitely a fan
Laura Watson
Laura Watson Pred 29 dnevi
Ahaha everyone has different vibes 😂
Yomi Gonzalez
Yomi Gonzalez Pred 29 dnevi
Brad, how does she see where the mark is on the paper if the paper is covering her eyes?
Malaya White
Malaya White Pred mesecem
the coco powder hack looks like she hasn't washed her hair for 4 weeks!
Marshmallow Pred mesecem
Why does he look like a blonde version of damon?
San's shiber
San's shiber Pred mesecem
There should be a "hi beautiful" merch 😍
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones Pred mesecem
You’re a literal comedian
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