I Attempted The Navy Seal Fitness Test 

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Starting the year off by testing myself in new ways, If you guys give Navy Seal Fitness Test a go make sure to share it with me! Enjoy!
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22. jan. 2020

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Clumsy slav
Clumsy slav Pred dnevom
it's the pew pew for me 🤣🤣
Lily jones
Lily jones Pred 7 dnevi
it looks like he is hurting his head when doing sit ups
Daragh Phelwn
Daragh Phelwn Pred 10 dnevi
You see the pain he’s going through during the test and he refuses to give in
Tendank star
Tendank star Pred 11 dnevi
Who passed
jane skriver
jane skriver Pred 14 dnevi
the push ups is so hard i will fail there
jane skriver
jane skriver Pred 14 dnevi
with that swin tecnic lol get your head down in the water first atempt fail
Jayden Parchment
Jayden Parchment Pred 16 dnevi
Nigga that’s not how you swim😭😭
Tom Erlandson
Tom Erlandson Pred 19 dnevi
well the pull ups was a fail cause it is 10 minimum with no rest but no time, so as soon as he let go it was a fail. Still great work but it was a fail...
Brendan Baker
Brendan Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Sick vid mate
Dan Cater
Dan Cater Pred 21 dnevom
Jesus christ these are binjuice standard entry requirements
Ben Callan
Ben Callan Pred 25 dnevi
I like how he did breaststroke instead of freestyle.
Ashton Monteiro
Ashton Monteiro Pred 27 dnevi
Do the Royal Marines Fitness Test, why get drafted for the Americans?
RedHot Pred 29 dnevi
I searched up one punch man and found this vid
S06P Scale
S06P Scale Pred mesecem
'Oolalala you make my ting go shooelalala'😂
khaled aldoraee
khaled aldoraee Pred mesecem
Niall Schofield
Niall Schofield Pred mesecem
Peter Zoumpoulakis
Peter Zoumpoulakis Pred mesecem
amazing to see how far hes come
skidofo Pred mesecem
so a few things wrong, now I'm not ragging on him just saying what is supposed to be done, for the swim either breast or css, that was fine what he did, for the pushups its as many in 2 mins, but you cant drop your knees or lift up yours hands and feet, you can move them to adjust but not picking up, for the sit-ups, your hands go on your clavicles or whatever they are called and your elbows have to hit the top of your knee for them to count, the rest position was good though, for pullups its as many as possible, but no time limit you just cant drop, hands facing away and chin up above the bar, down to full extension
Brake Pred mesecem
Camera man sounds like Toby
Behzinga tried rugby could be fun maybe 🏉
sj_leee Pred 2 meseci
the only one i could probably pass easily is the swimming
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Pred 2 meseci
If he did it right and if there were navy seal instructors there- Swim- “supposed to do the combat stroke tubby!” Fail Pushups- “1,1,1,1,1,1...come on son all the way up, all the way down! Lock those arms out...oh you stopped fail!” Sit ups- “Ah there you...oh you stopped!” Fail Pull ups-“1,1,1,1 those don’t count...oh you stopped!” Fail Run- Fail
Yodas AirPods
Yodas AirPods Pred 3 meseci
I ha to look away during the sit ups it hurt my chest to much to watch
Blaine Pred 3 meseci
Do the royal navy
Morten Sandvold
Morten Sandvold Pred 4 meseci
Keep going behz
Linus Pred 4 meseci
You would pass the marine pft
KN Pred 4 meseci
Behzhijga probably strongest sidemen
Noah Pred 4 meseci
I can promise you didn’t pass a single workout bro, but nice attempt !
Kowsik LAKSHMANAN Pred 5 meseci
behz is an absolute lad and a inspiration
Brett Seaborne
Brett Seaborne Pred 5 meseci
Erm maybe you should invest in a gym membership Gymshark? I think youd struggle getting into the Salvation Army :)
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Pred 5 meseci
you gotta do a collab with the legend of military challenges Magnus Midtbø
Anthony Guglielmi
Anthony Guglielmi Pred 5 meseci
Thanks for showing some love to the service men and women. You a real one
D2 Spade
D2 Spade Pred 5 meseci
If ksi trainer he would do decent
Bigduncs 9TH
Bigduncs 9TH Pred 6 meseci
Failed the press ups and went on knees and pull ups as touched down.
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 5 meseci
Well obviously the swimming is gonna exhaust you so what did you expect?
Daily Battle Royal clips
you can't rest in that like that you have to do but up for the rest for the push ups
Mansimar Singh
Mansimar Singh Pred 6 meseci
If Bez was being chased by a shark.. he'd die
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Pred 6 meseci
That's not a 30m length pool. I swim in a 25m and it's way longer than that. That's like a 10m pool.
dingaminga Pred 6 meseci
it sucks when you've been working out for 2 years and your body looks like someone who worked out for 3 months
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Scott Cross
Scott Cross Pred 6 meseci
Wonder if he’s got loose skin on his stomach
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
He’s getting there
aka__trey Pred 6 meseci
have you ever considered joining the military?
Subscribe to me
Subscribe to me Pred 6 meseci
You did pretty good but you took way too many breaks which technically weren't allowed and you even when doing the pushups you didnt stay on it and stopped a lot which wasnt allowed
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 5 meseci
He’s being aware of his health and doesn’t wanna burn himself out plus he was dieting like Ronaldo at this time and he had less carbs in the system
Micah Mikana
Micah Mikana Pred 6 meseci
i love how adults r struggling to do this yet most kids can do this with ease
Toby Johnson
Toby Johnson Pred 6 meseci
Behz if u do smaller strokes the faster u swim
Penn Vonz
Penn Vonz Pred 7 meseci
Does he not know how to count
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
When you workout you get so tired that you will eventually forget to count because you’re so focused on the exercise
Christian Valencia
Christian Valencia Pred 7 meseci
Do marine recon plz
2KHiro Pred 7 meseci
So which is higher Navy Seal or Marines
allhealy123 Pred 7 meseci
Oh behz needs to learn to count
Satyendra Pandey
Satyendra Pandey Pred 7 meseci
I'm sorry but I was laughing.
Triple6 Pred 7 meseci
I'm doing the one punch man workout and this gets recommended💀
Tony Banner
Tony Banner Pred 7 meseci
Pull up hands must be facing away from you shoulder width apart you can not come off bar or kip FAILED
Tony Banner
Tony Banner Pred 7 meseci
His Sit Ups are not Seal Sit Ups Seal Sit Up Hand crossed on Breast bone by collar must rest in up position and come up to knees prevents using arms to lift your self FAILED
KN Pred 4 meseci
Sorry Eddie beast hall
small kid
small kid Pred 7 meseci
Behz should go on celeb SAS
Kyle Coley
Kyle Coley Pred 7 meseci
"he's kicking" no he's taking the stairs 😂
NYCity9YT Pred 7 meseci
2:07 the phone time said 17:38 fam you cant make this up
Trent Sayer
Trent Sayer Pred 7 meseci
Had to hit like after the first second... don't judge me but he had me in tears fam
Oscar 335
Oscar 335 Pred 7 meseci
Does it have to be breath strokes or could you freestyle it
Bob DaFrog
Bob DaFrog Pred 7 meseci
I was working out for diver and during the push-ups part you cant drop your knees or it ends there
Imposter Carcass
Imposter Carcass Pred 7 meseci
God he constantly brags about how fit and muscular he is. He can only do 23 press ups in a row, pathetic!
Jacob W
Jacob W Pred 7 meseci
Why does he say “f*ck you Donald”? Ur British man
MagicPat Pred 7 meseci
when you realize that if you touch your knees to the ground during the pushup test you are terminated, so his score was 23
supreme fish157
supreme fish157 Pred 7 meseci
bro as a swimmer this hurt to watch him to breastroke like that
Amin Faka
Amin Faka Pred 7 meseci
everyone saying that this is the entry test and not the real thing. But he never said which said he was going to attempt has he?
ShallWeBegin VG
ShallWeBegin VG Pred 7 meseci
Badass intro bro
Rebecca E
Rebecca E Pred 8 meseci
Your on lad bible
Big Boy
Big Boy Pred 8 meseci
My boy doesn’t know where his heart is
Harry Websters
Harry Websters Pred 8 meseci
Aren't the Navy SEALs part of the Navy, isn't it in the name 😂🙈
David Czapla
David Czapla Pred 8 meseci
Did you not warm up first?
NiGhT GRuGe Pred 8 meseci
Awesome effort pal, reckon you try the Royal Marines PRMC fitness test ;)
Ben Cassidy
Ben Cassidy Pred 8 meseci
Why didn’t you do like Royal Marines fitness tests or like some SAS fitness tests, you’re English not American mate
Tyler Beer
Tyler Beer Pred 8 meseci
Literally about to comment the same thing.... Also why did he donate to an American force and not British? We need it more than the Americans
benak ravishankar
benak ravishankar Pred 8 meseci
Wait isn't he a Brit??
matthew fazio
matthew fazio Pred 8 meseci
why not swim freestyle, easier and quicker? Or does it specifically say to do breaststroke?
Mamoon Shah
Mamoon Shah Pred 8 meseci
He said it affect his breathing and would probably exhaust him a lot more since your head has to be underwater. Breaststroke doesn’t require that and so it’s easy to breathe and recirculate blood at a slower rate
Alex runner
Alex runner Pred 8 meseci
That pool look way shorter than 30m and I find it hard to believe that he did that time with his techniques and all those breaks.
SamTheYung_ King
SamTheYung_ King Pred 8 meseci
i only just realised that behzs picture for yt is a zoomed in laughing emoji yh bet u didn't realise that lmao
Mamoon Shah
Mamoon Shah Pred 8 meseci
How did you not know that??😂
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 8 meseci
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Pred 8 meseci
do this again but do the real test and do it when you are eating a good diet for it
Kaitlin Hargrave
Kaitlin Hargrave Pred 8 meseci
The fact that when he is swimming he is keeping his head above the water which is a lot harder
Tommaso Ghirardi
Tommaso Ghirardi Pred 8 meseci
man can't count
Mastifmonster23 S
Mastifmonster23 S Pred 8 meseci
Big props man but these men that are the seals are called professional badasses for a reason way to get close man
BoiNoChill Pred 8 meseci
this is just the Physical Screening Test to get qualified.
Mee Mo
Mee Mo Pred 8 meseci
With the push ups you are only allowed to rest in the up position without slouching and only your toes and hands touching the ground the sit ups your hands should be crossed your chest not behind the head and your elbows are not allowed to come above your knees but he got a hell of a lot further than I ever would well done to the man
Aidan Langman
Aidan Langman Pred 8 meseci
As a swimmer, the swimming part hurts to watch
ItsMe Panda
ItsMe Panda Pred 8 meseci
Yeh but at least he tried his best. Tbf he did well all considering
James Tate
James Tate Pred 8 meseci
Can tell how unfit he is. That swim was terrible man
ItsMe Panda
ItsMe Panda Pred 8 meseci
He's pretty fit he just isn't the best at swimming
Kate Gonzalez
Kate Gonzalez Pred 8 meseci
bklynflyguyy Pred 8 meseci
My guy Bez.... gang gang 😎
DLC Pred 8 meseci
Why did he only swim breaststroke
Syed Najaf Ali
Syed Najaf Ali Pred 8 meseci
Literally inspired by his dedication 🔥
Fade Ozzy
Fade Ozzy Pred 8 meseci
Oooohhh you touch my talala
Will Jones
Will Jones Pred 8 meseci
why not front crawl you go mad fast
Sy m
Sy m Pred 9 meseci
Do a sas training next 😂😂
Sigma Epsilon
Sigma Epsilon Pred 9 meseci
Taking a Break between every lap for the swimming? lmao
JoshMurphyYT Pred 9 meseci
My man said army 🤦‍♂️the navy seals and army are completely different
Lester Dale
Lester Dale Pred 9 meseci
Behzinga my guy if you trained for it like everyone who des before going for the test you'd smash it. You did really well for an average Joe with no training, you should be proud
SpearlikeSoup Pred 9 meseci
The swim part is easy he’s just swimming like a sped kid with a neck injury
Kailashpati Rai
Kailashpati Rai Pred 9 meseci
i have learned some thing from your video so i often see your video including all advertise 😁
Alexander Grover
Alexander Grover Pred 9 meseci
You need to use the combat side stroke and push-off underwater and glide. Then you only swim half the course. That't the hack.
Temoc AvilesStovold
Temoc AvilesStovold Pred 9 meseci
This man deserves more hype boss man
Sports 10
Sports 10 Pred 9 meseci
Piw piw! 😂😂
Cristóbal Bravo
Cristóbal Bravo Pred 9 meseci
Bro wdy swim like that ?
Sniper Switch
Sniper Switch Pred 9 meseci
How is he doing this while doing the Ronaldo diet That’s acc rlly impressive
Dylan Budden
Dylan Budden Pred 9 meseci
Its like watching someone on a wheelchair run on a treadmill
JuKe Crispyy
JuKe Crispyy Pred 9 meseci
Next time he should try that 500 meter swim in the ocean against waves.
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