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15. feb. 2021

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get_AnthonyD Pred uro
Video Title: tOp 2o RaReSt GoAls iN SpOrtS HIstOrY: The first clip: Volleyball
Jesús Tequida
4:24 Offside.
Shivam Agarwal
Shivam Agarwal Pred 7 urami
Sundar ladkiyo se clickbait karta hai😂
Justin Dimond
Justin Dimond Pred 15 urami
she hit the ball twice in the first clip how does it count
sokolyk Pred 23 urami
3:52 Air Jordan logo
Ang Pagbabago
Ang Pagbabago Pred dnevom
The thumbnail got me
Arun James
Arun James Pred 2 dnevi
4:55 that must be Scott sterling's sister
Concerneddd guy
Concerneddd guy Pred 2 dnevi
Why always thumbnail with pretty girl? I still click it.
Joey Lu
Joey Lu Pred 3 dnevi
I see. You call everything a "goal".
Dogan Mete
Dogan Mete Pred 4 dnevi
4:16 am I the only one who noticed that giant thing between his legs?
Benno Zappenduster
Benno Zappenduster Pred 6 dnevi
It seems the guys know little about what a goal is but much about what baiting is.
Infinite Wasabi245
Infinite Wasabi245 Pred 6 dnevi
The thumbnail had me ;-;
OpenMindedPL Pred 6 dnevi
5: 35 cios dupa!
Roger Vargas
Roger Vargas Pred 7 dnevi
R D Pred 7 dnevi
3:21 that celebration tho
Jernej Demšar
Jernej Demšar Pred 7 dnevi
6:28 I swear that's the same sound as AgueroOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You know what I'm talking about.
Snooby66 Pred 8 dnevi
A) They're not all goals B) ALL goals are "rare" because they are individually unique C) The music sucks almost as much as the guy that made this video.
Viktor Kovačević
Viktor Kovačević Pred 9 dnevi
americans should stop working on this kind of videos >
Sphx Bss
Sphx Bss Pred 9 dnevi
Someone needs to learn how to count to 20......
Eric Shultz
Eric Shultz Pred 10 dnevi
Ok, Ok. We get it. You like women's volleyball.
Adam Pred 10 dnevi
1:14 : Golf commentator finishes the basketball commentators sentence. If that editing was intentional, it's genious.
bman342a Pred 11 dnevi
Throwing the inbounds pass full court and sinking a basket, while certainly amazing, is actually not a "goal". Since the ball never touches another player it is technically not in play.
Nemanja Simic
Nemanja Simic Pred 11 dnevi
20 rarest goals and the 1st clip is volleyball. lol
Seawise Giant
Seawise Giant Pred 9 dnevi
followed by Table Tennis shots, Lawn Tennis lobs, Golf drives, Ice Hockey
Sir Amoras
Sir Amoras Pred 12 dnevi
4:25 in Germany we call this a "Reklamierarm" from the king of "Reklamierarm" himself
Michael King
Michael King Pred 13 dnevi
4:41 Scott Sterling's sister
Random Person
Random Person Pred 13 dnevi
5:44 It was nice of the other guy to not just do a gentle tap, if he did the other guy would never have made it
saba karimi
saba karimi Pred 13 dnevi
Fc Bayern
Fc Bayern Pred 14 dnevi
bad vid, noone is interested in volleyball and all of the volleyball goals were bad. I also didn't see some nice goals like the one from Valentino Lazaro which is really famous.
Chris Pajak
Chris Pajak Pred 14 dnevi
Good grief, get a new track on there.
Cristian Dariescu
Cristian Dariescu Pred 15 dnevi
That way is good to look
Vielflieger71 Pred 15 dnevi
The craziest goals ever you can see at water-polo...
Hydra Ab17
Hydra Ab17 Pred 16 dnevi
Chr skt krpa
Анатоль Pred 16 dnevi
0:21 - the goal has been scored by player of russian hockey club named "Avangard" (or "Avant-garde" for english-dpeakers) from my hometown Omsk
Terry Alfred
Terry Alfred Pred 18 dnevi
3:27 casual Stag Celly.......
Binge Binge
Binge Binge Pred 18 dnevi
Oh deer...
Pool Dog
Pool Dog Pred 19 dnevi
o you mind that drug addicts win? No, no ... We celebrate their victory ... Better, we have shit in our eyes ...
Solo Inter
Solo Inter Pred 20 dnevi
1:17 ? 🤔🤔
gru despicable
gru despicable Pred 21 dnevom
Boyan Bo
Boyan Bo Pred 21 dnevom
6:57 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
dyosa manuel
dyosa manuel Pred 22 dnevi
that was something!
Alex Cheung
Alex Cheung Pred 22 dnevi
This was neither 20, nor rarest, nor in most cases goals. How does this video have over a million views and this channel over a million subs?
Цхемуиле Ницк
oh dear
Greg Norstrom
Greg Norstrom Pred 24 dnevi
I scored a goal like 4:25 once in rec league soccer. I did nothing, my teammate made a nasty pass and it just bounced off me... highlight of my sports career.
Alen Pred 2 dnevi
Shane daviau
Shane daviau Pred 25 dnevi
The guy that was golfing i didn't see anything just a him swinging.what did I miss
Miguel Pred 23 dnevi
Same lmao
FrostMelon Pred 25 dnevi
2:10 ball did hit the ground... BS! not a goal
moshe yuval
moshe yuval Pred 25 dnevi
1:17 WTF
hayley beetham
hayley beetham Pred 25 dnevi
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Christian Gallagher
Christian Gallagher Pred 26 dnevi
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calvin gobbler
calvin gobbler Pred 26 dnevi
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calvin gobbler
calvin gobbler Pred 26 dnevi
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Andy Lee
Andy Lee Pred 26 dnevi
4:42 lol
R DC Pred 27 dnevi
4:50 wtf? The meme is true
Creo que la mejor fue la del golfista, mn 6:58 aunque algo me dice que esa esta editada
Rick Foster
Rick Foster Pred 27 dnevi
That soccer/football goal early in the video was a real ... ahem ... double header!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Trendy Insight
Trendy Insight Pred 27 dnevi
4:03 That Table Tennis shot was insane, what a save! Never have I seen that before and I play the game once in awhile!
Magic Skillz
Magic Skillz Pred 27 dnevi
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ahoorakia Pred 28 dnevi
there is no goal in volleyball or tennis or PGA !!
Kol Andy
Kol Andy Pred 28 dnevi
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vishal.v.c choudhari
vishal.v.c choudhari Pred 28 dnevi
3.20 really never felt happier than this...
DarKyzer NM
DarKyzer NM Pred 28 dnevi
this is not what i expecting through the thumbnail
Latasha Martinez
Latasha Martinez Pred 29 dnevi
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William Brown
William Brown Pred 29 dnevi
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13canadians Pred 29 dnevi
the deer is the best one
Patrick Dare
Patrick Dare Pred 29 dnevi
Was waiting for the Ovechkin goal against Coyotes.
Tanja Nichole
Tanja Nichole Pred 29 dnevi
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Roblox Account
Roblox Account Pred 29 dnevi
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PiFsc2 Pred 29 dnevi
2:52 AOMINE ?!
Willy Chiang
Willy Chiang Pred 29 dnevi
4:42 Scott Sterling! The man! The myth! The legend!
Prince ĬŚÇỜŦỚ Pred 26 dnevi
I was looking for this comment :D
Carey Augustina
Carey Augustina Pred 29 dnevi
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Barış Özyıldırım
Nicholas Halom
Nicholas Halom Pred mesecem
3:30 I did that in High School. My school isn't big enough to have a Boys Volleyball team (even gender distribution for sports, so Guys had Football, Girls had Volleyball), so it was in what was dubbed the Powder Puff Volleyball tournament for Homecoming week as we had a competition for either extended lunch for a day(Sophomore-Senior) or Open Campus(Freshmen). I was a Senior that year, and it was in the Championship game. Greatest moment of my High School Career!
Rickey Asuncion
Rickey Asuncion Pred mesecem
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MrRocketz Pred mesecem
Smart in the Celtic's game didn't get the goal, someone else slould touch the ball befor the rim
MrRocketz Pred mesecem
7:00 ridicolus
Rollo_Tomasi Pred mesecem
6:58 What did this guy do, make a deal with the devil?
AZG Pred mesecem
That was fuking insane
Just Some Guy Who Isn’t Dead
3:23 Fake actor spotted
AJ C Pred mesecem
The goose killed it lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Marcello Di Foggia
Marcello Di Foggia Pred mesecem
But... Can you actually kick the ball in ping pong?
Nicholas Halom
Nicholas Halom Pred mesecem
Apparantly! Just looked up the rules and it only says that you can't hit the ball with your HAND!
Ismaele Re
Ismaele Re Pred mesecem
I made a bicycle kick goal at school, we were playing volleyball
Adam Pred mesecem
1:20 ?
FrostMelon Pred 25 dnevi
dmca :) hahaha
Bruno Marchesi
Bruno Marchesi Pred mesecem
You're now listening. Earth. Music.
Jaym The SN
Jaym The SN Pred mesecem
Soccer aka PSG's one was regular shenanigans.
Eder Marques
Eder Marques Pred mesecem
7:00 NO WAY
Nannan AV
Nannan AV Pred mesecem
1:54 what????
pinoytube online
pinoytube online Pred mesecem
this channel making money out of others content
Kent Mellie
Kent Mellie Pred mesecem
TheEbolaExpert Pred mesecem
so what happened to the golf part?
jorge brito
jorge brito Pred mesecem
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Meden Moises
Meden Moises Pred mesecem
El Joelo
El Joelo Pred mesecem
Did that deer just celebrate a goal?
爱玩 Pred mesecem
4:40 scott sterling
Michael Widjaja
Michael Widjaja Pred mesecem
Wait, so you can score with your foot at table tennis ?
Michael Widjaja
Michael Widjaja Pred 29 dnevi
@Nicholas Halom thanks for the info bro
Nicholas Halom
Nicholas Halom Pred mesecem
Exactly my thought. Just looked it up, and it only says that you can't use your hands(as in hitting the ball with your hands)! Sounds to me it's perfectly legal! Edit: I have been told by others in the comments that it isn't just hands, it's all body parts, so that play is illegal. Sorry for the Misinformation!
John Rappo
John Rappo Pred mesecem
Tie...the golf shot skimmed across the water...and the deer scoring a goal...
Vladan Petrovic
Vladan Petrovic Pred mesecem
6:58 HOW MAN???
figim 50
figim 50 Pred mesecem
Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco
El fútbol es tan fácil de jugar que hasta el pariente de bambi lo entiende
Becky Lee
Becky Lee Pred mesecem
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sam mm
sam mm Pred mesecem
THX 1138
THX 1138 Pred mesecem
Hey where's the baseball goals? I want to see some of those.
Becky Lee
Becky Lee Pred mesecem
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