What’s Next for Perseverance Mars Rover? Sol 1 Press Conference 

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Now that our mighty Perseverance Mars rover has landed - what’s next? Hear from mission experts who will provide a status update on the rover and what needs to be done before the science mission kicks into full gear.
• George Tahu, program executive for Mars & Lunar Exploration, NASA
• Adam Steltzner, Mars 2020 chief engineer, JPL
• Pauline Hwang, assistant strategic mission manager, JPL
• Hallie Gengl, instrument data systems operation lead for Multimission Image-Processing Laboratory, JPL
• Aaron Stehura, Entry, Descent & Landing flight system engineer, JPL
• Katie Stack Morgan, deputy project scientist, JPL
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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19. feb. 2021

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Pavel Colledani
Pavel Colledani Pred 21 minuto
Anybody knows the intro soundtrack? it sounds so familiar
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Pred 2 urami
So I'm gonna need that toy rover. thanks in advance.
مجد المعلومات
مجد المعلومات
Jacob Hansen
Jacob Hansen Pred 23 urami
Starts at 5:10
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dnevom
So I'm gonna need that toy rover. thanks in advance.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Pred 2 urami
bla bla bla every documentary I saw on the mars rovers was all about how it was built and getting it there, why ? because they FOUND NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Pred dnevom
Ye pauri hi rahi hai
tnt slayer
tnt slayer Pred dnevom
bla bla bla every documentary I saw on the mars rovers was all about how it was built and getting it there, why ? because they FOUND NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred dnevom
The openness in this effort is the most precious achievement for science
SkoolyRatt Pred dnevom
This is amazing... historical like Trump's 2nd Presidency coming in 2024 go USA!!!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dnevom
Those mask are so bad.
Gordon Kocher
Gordon Kocher Pred dnevom
No test footage of practice landings on earth
Gordon Kocher
Gordon Kocher Pred dnevom
No footage on the way???
Sneaker Kicks
Sneaker Kicks Pred 2 dnevi
The warlike cycle mathematically scrape because headline spectroscopically guess till a cut adult. efficient, hideous high lettuce
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred dnevom
Why the CGI? Why black and white photos. Where is the video? Why is there a woman playing with a toy of the rover instead of us seeing and watching the REAL thing? All I s
The truth nothing else
Liers this has nothing to do with the planer mars, show me the nav chart? Show me the freq sent by and when sent? Formate etc????
Mervyn Sullivan
Mervyn Sullivan Pred 2 dnevi
Come on man... enough with the masks. We need to see your faces and mouths. You're not going to get sick from anything in your studio. So please, off with the masks.
Ari ftt
Ari ftt Pred 2 dnevi
بر مداری بَدَم برمداری
Ari ftt
Ari ftt Pred 2 dnevi
برمداری عزیز؟ خدارو صد هزار مرتبه مریخ
behshad mohebali
behshad mohebali Pred 2 dnevi
The more you think about what has just been done, the more badass it feels.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 2 dnevi
This is an amazing feat of engineering
tnt slayer
tnt slayer Pred 2 dnevi
bla bla bla every documentary I saw on the mars rovers was all about how it was built and getting it there, why ? because they FOUND NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT
tnt slayer
tnt slayer Pred 2 dnevi
what a waste of money, we had 2 rovers on mars for years and found nothing. bla bla they sound like an obama state of the union we gona do this we gona do that and loser results
Venture Electronics
Venture Electronics Pred 2 dnevi
It landed on mars and not in mars as you say..
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 2 dnevi
Baleur Pred 2 dnevi
23:35 DUUUDE what are those porous rocks!? That's amazing. Looks exactly like a dried out salt lake on earth, with coral and everything. Man i hope one of those photos shows just definitive conclusive evidence of life. Something undisputably obvious. Not gonna lie, i want an actual fossil poking out of the seabed. You guys know what i mean? It's been too long already, i want the universe to just "give us" conclusive findings, for once. I'm so tired of the endless "it MAY be it MAY not be, lets not be hasty". The constant back and forth. Just..... Please, let us find something undisputable, so we can end this kindergarten stage of our civilization and finally move on to a greater understanding of life in the cosmos. We need it, one thing that isnt just in never ending limbo.
Random Person
Random Person Pred 2 dnevi
Those mask are so bad.
Absolutley Flat Earth Vodka
Welcome to flat Mars!! Join the flat Mars club today!
Steve Led
Steve Led Pred 3 dnevi
One picture in all this hoopla?
Shahriar Zandi
Shahriar Zandi Pred 3 dnevi
Next is another fake news.
e e
e e Pred dnevom
I cant believe how some people are stuck in the stone age
Anara H
Anara H Pred 3 dnevi
Why the CGI? Why black and white photos. Where is the video? Why is there a woman playing with a toy of the rover instead of us seeing and watching the REAL thing? All I see are a bunch of people looking at screens and playing with toys. Fund homeless people. Fund sick and dying children. Please stop worrying about what is "out there". Vs the mess we need to deal with here. This is a waste of our time, energy and resources! Put these great minds to solving EARTH problems.
vonlester Pred dnevom
why the useless and idiotic rant. xd bigoted!
Trex531 Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulations to all Scientists and Engineers who made possible this mission. You've made, (and will be making) history!
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
vonlester Pred dnevom
e e
e e Pred dnevom
flat brains
e e
e e Pred dnevom
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Mentirosos uuuuuuuuu
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Liar haahhahaaaa
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Dorameira Pred 3 dnevi
Daclaem Toth
Daclaem Toth Pred 3 dnevi
time to get your pills
Christian Troy
Christian Troy Pred 3 dnevi
Still a black and white camera are you kidding put that junk in the bin
nhựt phương đoàn
Going off to "explore & research" another planet and we can't even look after this planet we are living on
Ark Pred 3 dnevi
I guess they will keep Ingenuity stowed until sol 60, because otherwise it will be sitting in the open accumulating dust...
Satch Pred 3 dnevi
Humanity is doomed
SnoreFree App - Guided Snoring Workouts
So no Termites on Mars?
Mr. Cricket
Mr. Cricket Pred 3 dnevi
Please take whole China and North Korea there and make Earth peaceful.
abdulseyid cagmam
abdulseyid cagmam Pred 3 dnevi
This was a historical event, you are magnificent, thank you again. Perseverance Mars rover 🙏🙏🙏💖💖
ᚨᚱᚾᛟᛚᛞᚢᚱ ᛖᛚ
Now, wouldn't it increase the chances of finding life in the outflow of the crater rather than in the inflow? And then You even drive by the inflow river bed? Can anyone explain that to me? thx from a NASA fan since Armstrong and Buzz
Ketan kumar Bhatt
Ketan kumar Bhatt Pred 3 dnevi
International Brahma Samaj .🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾congratulated Maha Tejaswi, Brahmin Kumari, 🇮🇳🇮🇳Swati Mohanam.🇮🇳🇮🇳 To increase the pride of not only the Brahmin society, but of all Indians as well as the entire women's world.
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi Pred 3 dnevi
CONGRATULATIONS NASA NASA ROVER'S LANDED ON MARS SAFELY PRESERVANCE SETTLES IN The newest Martian, a robot named Preservance, is alive and well after its first day and night on the red planet Nasa's scientists were exhilarated as they shared pictures captured by its cameras during landing and after the rover reached the surface. Mars rover Perseverance is ready to begin seeking the signs of past life. Perseverance is highly advanced technically and will work for long time. DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) DIRECTOR Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Institute, Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch nadvilaeeque@gmail.com Thanks
Ivan M
Ivan M Pred 3 dnevi
No new vids no photos what’s up?
stAr bro bro
stAr bro bro Pred 3 dnevi
تا ناسا رو نگیریم آروم نمیگگیریم 😂😂😂
MagicSantos Pred 3 dnevi
Can they record the full entry and landing of the rover? That would be cool!👌👍😉🌠
Dave Nii
Dave Nii Pred 3 dnevi
So what happened to the space craft after it landed perseverance and ingenuity? Did it disintegrate, die, crush land on Mars or simply continued its journey into space? . If anybody knows the answer please provide. For the record, I am not an asrto scientist
C Pred 3 dnevi
The U. S. needs this win right now. Thanks from a Pleb.
Slapping Bitches
Slapping Bitches Pred 3 dnevi
The earth is flat there is no space Jesus is the true messiah! Wake up people NASA Never A Straight Answer
vonlester Pred dnevom
WB Pred 3 dnevi
I highly encourage you to watch a ship sail off to sea if you think the earth is really flat, if you are able to watch its mast and flag as it fades off into the distance. You will notice that, in fact, it does not "fade off into the distance" at all; instead, you will see its mast and flag appear to slowly sink. Had the earth been a flat surface, such phenomena wouldn't happen. I'm only asking you to make an observation to confirm whether your flat-earth theory is true or not, considering you refuse to accept years of scientific research.
Sylvester Stewart
Sylvester Stewart Pred 3 dnevi
"We need more money".
budgiefriend Pred 3 dnevi
Been following since it's build days on webcam, nice to see Percy on Mars, intact and ready to go. Super duper well done all involved.
Reg Watson
Reg Watson Pred 3 dnevi
IT's impressive to have landed but the pictures are as exciting as pictures in a quarry.
budgiefriend Pred 3 dnevi
It does look quite Samey at first glance, but it's pure top tier nerd gold, to the seekers among us.
Guillermo Pascual
Guillermo Pascual Pred 3 dnevi
Thanks god ...that is people working in this project Perseverence..from all over the world.. .so this a human effort..and human achieve. ...so..iam very glad the landing was successful. .
vermilion freeman
vermilion freeman Pred 3 dnevi
Huh, so that's what Devon Island looks like.
Norse ko
Norse ko Pred 3 dnevi
How can one ever be blasé about this age of wonder?
Focusedshadow Gaming
wtf did you hear bill cosby? into the...
Focusedshadow Gaming
uhhh if the atmosphere is supposed to be 1% of earths why does it effect the sun the same as ours? is that not mars...? i also thought it was covered in iron oxide and red...? sooo have you guys lied to us for years just this time?
Marilyn Armstrong
Marilyn Armstrong Pred 3 dnevi
Great work, David!
PixelStacker Pred 3 dnevi
Super excited for the audio recordings too! It'll be nice to truly hear Mars for the first time. aye
on site electrician scott w
If the rover landed on Mars and nobody was around to hear it, would it make a sound?
Shahriar Zandi
Shahriar Zandi Pred 3 dnevi
I am wondering that if they are able to land rover on mars and mange it then how they were not able to hunt Iranian rockets impact in alasad army base in Baghdad and Aramco in saudi Arabia so it left so embarresing for usa
Labyrinth Dweller
Labyrinth Dweller Pred 3 dnevi
For some reason I get very emotional watching videos about space and exploring it
Lander B
Lander B Pred 3 dnevi
Why dont use the little drone to clear the solar pannels of spirt and opportunity I think its worth a shot
David Ralph
David Ralph Pred 3 dnevi
It will cruise over to mcdonalds to grab a Happy meal
Tony Ornelas
Tony Ornelas Pred 3 dnevi
CIA says NASA is not a space agency, but is meathead mindcontrol. sltv.info/label/l9xs1dDSbJeZm4Q/video
Ruping Sun
Ruping Sun Pred 3 dnevi
Shazil S
Shazil S Pred 3 dnevi
This founds like a faketunity to me
Temizlikbezi Pred 3 dnevi
Wooow sltv.info/label/o5xp37HUfoJpfXw/video
Ronnie Woodman
Ronnie Woodman Pred 3 dnevi
Kambiz Pred 3 dnevi
Why everything in the US has to start with a political statement?
Caley Hand
Caley Hand Pred 3 dnevi
Does anyone know how close Perseverance landed to the target bulls eye? From what I can see, it looks pretty close.
Matthew Koerner
Matthew Koerner Pred 3 dnevi
Hey NASA, why did you guys turn off the comments of Biden calling in? It’s you know the video after this that was posted. Turn on the comments guys. You work for the people
phil1pd Pred 3 dnevi
Day 3 and all you have are 2 1/4 images?
Tas Pred 3 dnevi
At first i thought the thumbnail was a planet
Taxi 78
Taxi 78 Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulations nasa (khlid from Morocco)
Ismail A
Ismail A Pred 4 dnevi
I think any unusual things they will see even if they see a ufo they won’t show us everything they will show us what they want to show us why can’t they give the public 24 hours feed so we can all c
Banned4life 1488
Banned4life 1488 Pred 4 dnevi
Now to aimlessly drive around a fkn never ending desert... they aren’t gonna find anything, I’ll bet money 😂
Magnific Day
Magnific Day Pred 2 dnevi
This rover in particular has a special drill that can go very deep, but most importantly, it can actually check the mineral samples for microbes. It would be the first time we can confirm if there is rudimentary life. That's why they landed where they think there was water (guessed that from erosion). And they want to bring those samples back. It would be the first time in the history of humanity that we retrieve minerals from another planet. Does any of that excite you?
Relevant .C
Relevant .C Pred 4 dnevi
mars is greenland people. wake up.
vonlester Pred dnevom
bigoted. u know nothing. just o π nions
William's Frankenstar
Although this is interesting, there is a 55 second video called, Jupiter Into Mars, which is approximately 1,700 years ahead of any current knowledge about Mars.
BILL POWER Pred 4 dnevi
I doubt if we will ever see live feed from mars???.I also doubt if we will ever see this Quadcopter /Helicopter fly on mars either.Being a aerospace electronics systems designer engineer i understand how nasa works.
You Mad
You Mad Pred 4 dnevi
I would believe it till I see it with my own eyes
John Gowan
John Gowan Pred 4 dnevi
I just wonder one thing l have so much muscle neuropathy pain in my body that so overwhelming I just wonder if going to mars would help
Павел Pred 4 dnevi
хорошая работа, успехов в миссии!!!
CryptoTab Pred 4 dnevi
All filmed Exclusively At Area 51 Hollywood!
vonlester Pred dnevom
Paweł Rogalewicz
Paweł Rogalewicz Pred 4 dnevi
:-) First they have to watch and verify. The public should not see everything at once. ;-)
Mark Polley
Mark Polley Pred 4 dnevi
When do we get to see the non CGI vids and pics?
vonlester Pred dnevom
Gymbody85 Gymbody85
Gymbody85 Gymbody85 Pred 4 dnevi
Wow, exciting times, be interesting to see what you find, great pictures, great work 🇬🇧👍🏼 🇺🇸
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Pred 4 dnevi
Why did Mars die? Hellas happened.
MaRkY WaHoOoOo
MaRkY WaHoOoOo Pred 4 dnevi
I want a mini remote control rover to go take samples from my neighbors property.....they are so nuts!
Rob Shuttleworth
Rob Shuttleworth Pred 4 dnevi
How many parts are 3D printed? How essential was this technology? CHEERS!!!!
KLASICK MUZIC UK016 Pred 4 dnevi
It's so amazing !! I dnt knw why but it feels so amazing that human made thing touch that soil 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 congratulations team ! Waiting for images and audio !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Frank Firek
Frank Firek Pred 4 dnevi
they really need to draw on the pictures so i know what im looking at. they keep talking about a delta and i still dont know what that is or what it looks like.
Rightful Recordings
Rightful Recordings Pred 4 dnevi
Woohoo billions spent on getting a robot to Mars...... Again.
Rightful Recordings
@vonlester why, you grooming?
vonlester Pred dnevom
u a kid?
Bernardo Lesourdmuet
Let get the dream side of it ... how many people on earth want a livecam without filters.... no science, just a permanent view on the other side ....
Ysidro Vasquez
Ysidro Vasquez Pred 4 dnevi
so NASA will continue with the joke of the black and white picture and the picture of the soil of Mar?
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