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After getting tested for coronavirus (with negative results,) Niko and Clint sit down with with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst CGi animation in pop culture.
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28. nov. 2020

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Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays Pred dnevom
People always talk about Big Hero 6; sad that they never talk about Big Hero 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
nika tuxashvili
nika tuxashvili Pred dnevom
I've loved to see your react to fight scene from hitori no shita, sltv.info/label/d69j2sy4gnSsrJo/video&ab_channel=Guardian enjoy. Also it would be interesting from stuntsman how would they react to this.
Vlada Hrechykhina
Vlada Hrechykhina Pred 2 dnevi
My god, I am so blessed to fight coronavirus and stay alive to find this channel🤭
chris618007 Pred 3 dnevi
Please react to the unique animation of Ed, Edd n Eddy!
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson Pred 4 dnevi
Having a 1.5 yr old it's all about cartoons and I didn't realize how amazing they are now! Trolls 2 for example is so genius how it uses everyday items to create the world and incredibly well animated.
10:45 I think that's unfair and elitist in a way that's detrimental to the field. No, Source Filmmaker is definitely not the most sophisticated software out there, but it has been for many hobbyists their first experience in the field, and what people *do* manage with it is a testament to how good animation principles don't rely on commercial grade software. My recommendation would be to check out "End of the Line" in a future episode: sltv.info/label/bMR_0Ni3joCpZ6o/video It was the trailer for a community game update, and is a good example of what Source Filmmaker is capable of if people aren't just goofing around with it. Sure, the graphical quality isn't there (it's a 2008 game built on a 2004 engine), but the animation, editing and camerawork could shame many multi-million dollar productions.
Cheap Ship
Cheap Ship Pred 5 dnevi
My respect for the guy when he said he wanted anime suggestions went up so much
Maverick Pred 5 dnevi
LoLiiiBOy Pred 5 dnevi
Attack on titan (anime)
Evan Kuryllo
Evan Kuryllo Pred 5 dnevi
What about looking at some of Cyriak's work?
Eugenio Moreira
Eugenio Moreira Pred 6 dnevi
OH HE SAID ANIME. Oh please do Shingeki no kyojin, also (Darling in the) Franxx has some really cool things in it. If you like anime those two are very good. There might also be good material in Boku no hero, because of, well, superpowers Anyway, thanks. I love your videos guys :D and thanks to Alex too!
Tony Flaherty
Tony Flaherty Pred 6 dnevi
This dude was great, I'd love to see him back
John David Valladolid
The animation in guilty gear would be interesting to check
nick sim
nick sim Pred 8 dnevi
you guys should react to the yellow submarine film from 1968
J Murphy
J Murphy Pred 8 dnevi
Corridor needs to review the StarCraft 2 opening cinematics agreed
Gerick Dasig
Gerick Dasig Pred 9 dnevi
Hey guysss can you check out bad history's animation?
OrAngeAnArchy Pred 9 dnevi
IF. You can get Hiyao Miyazaki and review Spirited away or My Neighbor Totoro.
Owen Woods
Owen Woods Pred 9 dnevi
React to the animation of Attack on Titan, Secen deadly sins and Dragon ball Z
fernando jose cabezas mejia
You should react to Levi vs the Kenny Squad from Attack on Titan!
Dylan Ludwick
Dylan Ludwick Pred 10 dnevi
What a great show! Would love to see you guys talk about the anime Dead Leaves!
Dillon18 Pred 10 dnevi
How have you guys not talked about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure yet? Lol
offchristianamr Pred 11 dnevi
My favorite thing about Olaf is how much his segmented body contributes to the visual comedy. The three different snowballs that make his body are all different masses and have their own inertia; when he’s running and comes to a stop every snowball lurches forward a little bit by a different amount. I’ve always appreciated that detail
it's just me
it's just me Pred 11 dnevi
Attack on Titan Animation
Aterhallsam Pred 11 dnevi
He actually looks like Olaf, no kidding.
Kekelinks Pred 12 dnevi
10:38 I can't unsee it. xD
Harmie 2012
Harmie 2012 Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like the movie Surfs Up is absurdly underrated and has a unique style to it, plus the sound track is great. So maybe give some scenes from that a go please?
kohei kurihara
kohei kurihara Pred 13 dnevi
Or React to The battle scenes in Attack on Titan
kohei kurihara
kohei kurihara Pred 13 dnevi
React to one punch man
Come on, guys. You've had so mane episodes of Animators react and not a single one included reactions to League of Legends cinematics? REACT TO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!
WonderfullyWierd1 Pred 15 dnevi
Can you review the sniper scene from High school of the dead anime? That boob animation was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
Ozzy Wizz
Ozzy Wizz Pred 16 dnevi
Kara no Kyoukai - Shiki vs Apartament Zombies
Forp3 Pred 16 dnevi
Please react to heydoubleu!
Brett Mckenna
Brett Mckenna Pred 16 dnevi
Would love to see jojos bizarre adventure
hey loser
hey loser Pred 16 dnevi
Beserk 2016...
MinutesFX Pred 17 dnevi
If they could react to Naruto Vs Sasuke in the final valley in Naruto Shippuden in another react that would be great, or even Meliodas vs Escanor
Cannon Blaser
Cannon Blaser Pred 17 dnevi
I’m learning maya in school right now, super cool to see that he uses it
The Tyro of Toriyama
The Tyro of Toriyama Pred 17 dnevi
I absolutely love these guys and wanna support them by buying their merch but it seems a little overpriced from what I'm seeing in these ads. Just saying. Maybe they have a good reason but I'm just unable/unwilling to meet the cost when there are amazing novelty (comic/anime/gaming) shirts that are brand new on e bay for like 7 dollars. Just wanted to lend this bit of constructive criticism in the hopes that someone takes notice since I'd wear Corridor merch like it was the new Topman or JD Sports if only it was more affordable
Diddi k
Diddi k Pred 17 dnevi
Can he react to demon slayer
Dominic Quiros
Dominic Quiros Pred 18 dnevi
I love Big Hero 6
Sebastián Finol
Sebastián Finol Pred 18 dnevi
You guys should cover the last season of The Seven Deadly Sins especially the fight with Escanor because of how bad it was
David Segerbo
David Segerbo Pred 18 dnevi
A great Anime too react to is Tokyo Ghoul Season 1
Brayden Dutton
Brayden Dutton Pred 18 dnevi
you guys should react to some scenes from jujutsu kaisen ! it has consistently amazing animation
Brayden Dutton
Brayden Dutton Pred 18 dnevi
for example, megumi running up the stairs in ep1, there are many examples of very natural running animation, including this
Jashua Pred 19 dnevi
i freaking love this guy
Vladimir Cruzata
Vladimir Cruzata Pred 20 dnevi
Animator animators react to Ghost in the Shell
learn quick with atharva
Look at wren laughing in the background 11:38
shan coma
shan coma Pred 22 dnevi
7:13 voice crack Thank me later...
Jesse Chen
Jesse Chen Pred 22 dnevi
I'd like your opinion on Don Hertzfeldt
vri vri
vri vri Pred 22 dnevi
From anime these ones 1) Demon slayer episode 19 last few minutes 2) Fate/zero beserker vs gilgamesh airial fight scene 3) Violet Evergarden scene where she walks on water
Dark Plasmo
Dark Plasmo Pred 23 dnevi
i so bad want to see them react to Prostitute Mickey
clodpated Pred 23 dnevi
Wait yesterday you guys were stuntmen. Now you're animators? Sus.
Jason Whisnant
Jason Whisnant Pred 23 dnevi
wrens watching at the balcony 11:04
xxVeidxx Pred 23 dnevi
Vida longa ao rei hauahausu (pq isso ta em pt br gzuis?)
ScorpiiKhan Pred 24 dnevi
I'm snow man level when I dance too.
VG Pred 24 dnevi
Oh, good anime huh... SHINZOO WOO SASAGEEYOOO!!!!!
stevie is spify
stevie is spify Pred 24 dnevi
React to killer bean
CalebTheCashew Pred 24 dnevi
Ya'll should react to these two videos, they are so epic sltv.info/label/mKZm26mVkKlsi6Y/video sltv.info/label/r5ep2NXbkJN5mJo/video
Korvacc __
Korvacc __ Pred 25 dnevi
React to korra and mako vs the chi blockers from season one of the legend of korra
BotBox Pred 25 dnevi
Nullson Andro
Nullson Andro Pred 26 dnevi
Hi crew, love your work !! :) Challenge for the episode: How can you make CGI Titan from 'Attack on titan' If u can make an episode of U creating this titan transformation from a real person to CGI character [and make it believable and epic :) ] Please do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it, Thanks Do it Do it now!
Frijoles Pred 26 dnevi
My hero academia season 4 last episode !!! Endeavor fight !!
HourGlassAnimates Pred 26 dnevi
Idea for an anime? Hmmm let's se- ONE PIECE
George Carr
George Carr Pred 26 dnevi
Fight scenes from Samurai Champloo are worth covering I reckon!
Taylor Pred 26 dnevi
Please do avatar the last air bender
Kai Stoehr
Kai Stoehr Pred 26 dnevi
Do jojo 3d intros
Mark Skater
Mark Skater Pred 27 dnevi
i love big hero 6 so cool to see ur work
James Hoggatt
James Hoggatt Pred 27 dnevi
yo. Ghibli needs an episode! princess Mononoke and castle in the sky made me become an artist!
Nagnullat Pred 27 dnevi
That Lion King clip was incredible!
Sun Bro
Sun Bro Pred 27 dnevi
Defiantly have someone come and look at the animation from because it’s from one guy and beautiful
JohnNinjaplayz Pred 27 dnevi
good anime: Sword Art Online Bad anime: Boku no Pico
danteUp OP
danteUp OP Pred 28 dnevi
great video
Devin Hance
Devin Hance Pred 28 dnevi
Alex was such a great addition! Loved this
StickNik Pred 28 dnevi
Love how around 11:04 Wren is just having a peek from upstairs and chilling.
Hydromaestro Pred 28 dnevi
7:13 pewdiepie decided to live in florida for a year?
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis Pred 28 dnevi
If you guys talk anime you gotta talk about the naruto when its the naruto vs pain battle, possibly my favorite anime fight ever.
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis Pred 28 dnevi
I would love to see you guys check some of the stuff from Next Gen. I really like how they do their action scene and would love to hear your guy's opinion.
Dubiousfox Pred 28 dnevi
ONE punch man - Genos Vs Saitama
dannyfresh Pred 29 dnevi
9:35 Nothing makes sense when you think about it
Rowan Pred 29 dnevi
Yesss! Bring him back for anime!!!
Elliot Rees
Elliot Rees Pred 29 dnevi
When they mentioned keeping characters on model, I'm immediately reminded of that one scene in Boss Baby where they scaled the baby and kid models up for no reason and it looked so fucking silly
Mini Trill
Mini Trill Pred 29 dnevi
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Pred 29 dnevi
Yuri on Ice and how they rotoscoped over the actual skaters. It's a great show but nitpicking- sometimes they were missing pushes in the ice to go into the next move, or the skaters didn't have enough weight when they landed. It looks like the budget ran out for the side characters when you freeze some of the shots of skaters in the distance.
Ninja Master
Ninja Master Pred 29 dnevi
I just realized Olaf’s nose was a sausage during that whole shot
Eva Hobbs
Eva Hobbs Pred 12 dnevi
Gabriel Araujo Arantes
Omg, please react to the legend of korra s02, the 3 last episodes are have the best fight scenes, with a great music and background to the story
Tom Zaal
Tom Zaal Pred 29 dnevi
For a bad anime scene to react to. Watch the scene in Black clover where Asta becomes a basic drawing for a little bit.
Bradley Bell
Bradley Bell Pred 29 dnevi
I just watched the part with my little boy where Olaf is walking on his stick hands. He thought that was the funniest thing he's ever seen.
Shane Turley
Shane Turley Pred mesecem
Naruto Shippuden episode 167 with the weird Pain shot
Sea Lich
Sea Lich Pred mesecem
If you want to talk about anime and CGi do some Orange Co. productions like Beastars and Land of the Lustrous.
Santiago Gallegos
Santiago Gallegos Pred mesecem
Naruto vs Pain
Radix-Vita Pred mesecem
Get this guy to react to Baman Piderman, and possibly Meat Cannon.
Joaco K
Joaco K Pred mesecem
react to Ratatoing
HAITΣS Pred mesecem
react to surfs up 2007
TheKillakick Pred mesecem
You guys need to do a stuntmen react to Cinemax’s Warrior and AMC’s Into the Badlands fight scenes.
NOTA - Pred mesecem
Sheheryar Siddiqui
Sheheryar Siddiqui Pred mesecem
Anime? How about the scene from my hero academia, Midoriya vs Overhaul??? Trust me, you'll be blown away
Mikhan Castro
Mikhan Castro Pred mesecem
Someone noticed that Olaf's nose was a sausage at 6:40
Jack Of No Traits
Jack Of No Traits Pred mesecem
12:07 MMMM that metal gear reference
AqpleTV Pred mesecem
So I heard Anime? Here a few things you should see: Fire Force Demon Slayer Kimi no na wa One Piece - Zoro vs. Kamazou
Mourad Lachheb
Mourad Lachheb Pred mesecem
please react to Michael Jackson's shrot film Ghosts. In fact, many of his clips contains ahead of its time VFX (remember the time, black or white, earth song, scream...)
John Elmar Tagbago
John Elmar Tagbago Pred mesecem
ANIMES: Attack on Titan Kometsu no Yaiba Promised Neverland etc.
Fagastya Pamungkas
Fagastya Pamungkas Pred 16 dnevi
@Mariel Castro KnY is trash, the only good about this anime is the graphics and the other thing is garbage, and its fanbase is pure toxic.
Mariel Castro
Mariel Castro Pred 17 dnevi
Kny is really popular for their graphic!!!
Chinmay patki
Chinmay patki Pred 26 dnevi
Naruto and HxH
LesMystyx Pred mesecem
When it comes to CGI in anime, nobody does it better than Studio Orange. So i would love if you could react to Beastars or especially Land of the Lustrous in the next episode
They Lost A Bet...
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