Damian Lillard deserved NBA All-Star starting spot over Luka Doncic - Stephen A. & Max | First Take 

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss whether Portland Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard is under-appreciated following Dallas Mavericks PG Luka Doncic being named as an NBA All-Star starter over Lillard.
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19. feb. 2021

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Rik Pred 9 dnevi
Luka is popular in Asia as well...
Beejay Quimpo
Beejay Quimpo Pred mesecem
If Basketball is played with 6 players on the court per team Lillard would definitely be a strarter.
Jordan Colon
Jordan Colon Pred mesecem
Jimmy Butler vs Doncic. Who do you guys think is better? 🤔
Andy Gossard
Andy Gossard Pred mesecem
This is just more racial triggering by ESPN, fake news sports version. If ESPN isn't promoting trans vests for women athlete of the year, they're busy racial triggering.
_elijah32_ Pred mesecem
Ethan M
Ethan M Pred mesecem
stop the cap
Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor Pred mesecem
Stop disrespecting Doncic.
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Pred mesecem
Dame and Luka don't get seen for MVP cause morons on talk shows like these two try to push for LeBron as MVP. Joker and KD should be running the MVP race
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Pred mesecem
Nope. Luka is the starter. He proved it again last night with those two back to back clutch 3's. You'll change your opinion SAS and Max as soon as first take airs this morning.
Robert Vrhovec
Robert Vrhovec Pred mesecem
I love Dame he's elite pg, but hands down, Luka is just something else.
Pierre Maldonado
Pierre Maldonado Pred mesecem
max kellerman is right ,lillard just got to that level and he is 30 years old . luka has a whole country besides him, way more popular.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 16 dnevi
@Pierre Maldonado Not. Slovenia might have two million people but it’s in central Europe. Lots and lots of mixing 🙂. We live at crossroads. Germanic, Slavonic and romanic tribes mixture. Our people are beautiful, specially women.
Pierre Maldonado
Pierre Maldonado Pred 16 dnevi
@Dana kaleb your parents are cousins
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred mesecem
His whole country is Slovenia inhabited by two million people. Even city of Portland has more inhabitants than Slovenia. Do you Yanks learn anything at all in schools?
Sammy Jankiss
Sammy Jankiss Pred mesecem
Such a stupid debate. If dame had been playing his whole career in ny or la, he’d have been an nba all star game starter for the last 4 years. Come on..
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit Pred 8 dnevi
NY= Sure, he's in the east LA=Curry still exist, so no.
Daniel Dahlinger
Daniel Dahlinger Pred mesecem
Felix Turner
Felix Turner Pred mesecem
Dame & Beal need to team up & torch the league curry klay remix
Jacer Pred mesecem
Fans needs to get what they wanted. they vote for LUKA because they wanna watch LUKA start.
V Pred mesecem
so why does Lillard deserve it? cause hes averaging .08 point more than Doncic? do assists and rebounds not matter? maybe the Blazers record...but if we're talking stats...Doncic deserves it alot more...
CMIRV RV Pred mesecem
Okay then *TRADE LUKA TO PORTLAND FOR DAME* and let's see who is the better player
bannedfromtv Pred mesecem
Bring Lilliard to Toronto and that stock will shoot through the roof.
Eddie Duran
Eddie Duran Pred mesecem
why is Molly's face so shiny
Nagato35 Pred mesecem
So if we go ny record what is bradley beal doing there at the end this is a popularity contest it has always been did they forgot Yao Ming.
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Pred mesecem
About votes ... Slovenia has a population of 2 million, Oregon has a population of 4.2 million and Europe watches mainly the real basketball... the Euroleague
Da-Living Legend
Da-Living Legend Pred mesecem
Yall are literally smoking LUKA IS AVERAGING 29 9 AND 9 as a 21 year old with 1 steal how yall gonna say he don't deserve it luka should even be in the mvp race also yall sleeping on that man the man's are gonna make a playoff run once the team players learn there roles
Is that a trick question?
Who cares?? They both all stars
iTuber012 Pred mesecem
Fans didn't vote enough for Dame. That's why he lost
Nix 41
Nix 41 Pred mesecem
Dame Dolla or what Europe calls .83 Euros
Nix 41
Nix 41 Pred mesecem
Luka 29-9-9 and more popular worldwide.
ilker arcayürek
ilker arcayürek Pred mesecem
No disrespect to Dame but y''all forget this event is all about entertainment and luka is always good for a surprise and that's why we love him and this game
Boris Nikolov
Boris Nikolov Pred mesecem
Everybody biased because we have 2 white guys starters in the west in a majorly black sport. So you can see the african-american racists easily. Very sad.
zeek deputy
zeek deputy Pred mesecem
This is ridiculous Dame is awesome but Lukas stats are better this year. Real men don’t need to be emotional it is what it is!
BJae X
BJae X Pred mesecem
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred mesecem
Racist 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
Khalil Williams
Khalil Williams Pred mesecem
I’m a big time Dame fan but Tbh.... I didn’t think it was that serious.
Gatsby Pred mesecem
Doncic is the better all-round player this year if one objectively looks at the stats. Don't get me wrong I love Lillard- he is the guy nobody wants to face during crunch time. He's also one of the funnest players to watch (effort/heart). But let's look at the stats: Doncic: Lillard: PPG: 29.1 30.0 FG% 47.5 43.8 RPG: 8.6 4.5 APG: 9.4 7.9 I get that the mavs are struggling, but without him they'd be lucky to have 1 or 2 wins this year. KP has been pretty bad, and the mavs have had tons of injuries.
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Pred mesecem
Stephen A talks sense shut up max Smh
matej mlcoch
matej mlcoch Pred mesecem
Don't get me wrong LILLARD is Top 10 easy any day ,but luka is averaging nearly the same points but gets a lot more rebounds assist and is special ,both teams are not A contender but luka does more and I know that Lillard is clutch
Anthony Ibarra
Anthony Ibarra Pred mesecem
Luka has more fans worldwide than Lillard, Lillard has all his fans mainly in just U.S.
Fox Beat
Fox Beat Pred mesecem
This only means dame aint popular with his own country why complain?all stars is all about popularity also luka is skilled player he's a rising nba star with his rookie contract still active we all know gonna be one of the nba's future face
Linda Mitchell
Linda Mitchell Pred mesecem
I think the players should be the deciding vote in a tie.
Julian Bencomo
Julian Bencomo Pred mesecem
Yall also disrespect Jokic daily 😒
L.M Pred mesecem
Just remember we're comparing a prime 30 year old with a 21 year old. People want to see Luka because we know he's going to be the better player so the fans just want to see him more. Also all this "without CJ and nurkic stuff is so dumb. They don't follow Mavs basketball so they don't understand that KP only played 17 games this year and about 4 other starters missed many games because of covid related reasons. Luka has actually been doing it with a worse roster. Only recently has Dallas had their team back. CJ played 13 games this season and KP is on 17 games with limited minutes because of his knee surgery.
Kingmaxmillian Pred mesecem
Westbrook averaged 30 10 & 10 but didn't start. How have you guys not caught on yet? lol not surprising
Flame Pred mesecem
Luka basically averages a sick triple double and is showtime tv more than almost everybody else in the league.
John Anthony Duran
John Anthony Duran Pred mesecem
Let’s be honest Luka did deserve the spot over Damian Lillard because “yes” Damian is averaging 30 and Lukas averaging 29 but Lukas averaging more rebounds and assists and at that Luka is doing something Damian couldn’t do his 3rd season in the league or basically just early in their careers Luka in his 3rd season now he averaging (29.1 ppg/8.6 TRB/9.6 AST per game) while Damian lillard in his 3rd season was averaging (21.0 ppg/4.6 TRB/6.2 AST per game) so yes Luka does deserve it more than Lillard, I don’t gotta problem with Lillard at all, I know Damian Lillard is the most Clutchest person in the League but Luka is doing way more than Lillard did early in his carreer.
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred mesecem
That young wonder boy averaging nearly triple doubles every game carrying his team but those jelaous ppl still think that lame with his 3 point shots is better🤦🏻‍♂️
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred mesecem
@christianrapper that's his third season only
christianrapper Pred mesecem
@Rufat Imanli who has more wins
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred mesecem
@christianrapper Luka has barely less ppg only. Haters gonna hate.
christianrapper Pred mesecem
Who has the better record again?
ryan wei
ryan wei Pred mesecem
clutch time, damian, does this real, sweeped by warriors without KD. they didn't know what they talking about.
Ej Pred mesecem
thats what i'm wondering why people chose luka over dame then i realize its because of the media's influence its about time the media gives dame the attention but already too late for the all star
Terry Florence
Terry Florence Pred mesecem
lame and divisive
Terry Florence
Terry Florence Pred mesecem
that is to say ; so what?
Thaddeu Deladia
Thaddeu Deladia Pred mesecem
You have your point media and player did not pick Luka .. but respect the Fans vote you forgot that there is no NBA without the fans .. you stephen A shut up your mouth your nothing without the. Nba fans.. beside your job is to critizised player and down the player.. and you talk to much !!!!!
marmac Pred mesecem
Regardless, whether age or how long you've been in the League and blah blah - i think i know who Anthony Anderson would have voted for: On his Series - Blackish, he recently gave a big Shout Out to My Dame, when he said - 'Melo and Dame Dolla - because they are Blazin Trails!'
Dre msche
Dre msche Pred mesecem
wasted 4minutes
Akinbobola Pred mesecem
Boss Jay
Boss Jay Pred mesecem
Fans decides who to play, not ESPN.
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred mesecem
People dont realize that damian was off in the first few games of the fkn season 🤣🤣🤣
JOBEY Todd Pred mesecem
No doncic deserved his spot. Dame should have Curry's spot. Curry doesn't deserve to start. It's a popularity contest. Really ballers know Dame is the truth.
Mаксимус Pred mesecem
1.Luka ...5 empty spaces then the rest of them
Just chuck
Just chuck Pred mesecem
It’s the all star game. It’s means absolutely nothing. They just stand around and put up 300 pts. Worse than the NFL Pro Bowl
Ty D
Ty D Pred mesecem
I said dame was better than him last year during the playoffs and a WHOLE lot of fucks boys came out of no where to say luka was better... where y’all at now ? 👀🤷🏾‍♂️
DP Johnson
DP Johnson Pred mesecem
Dame$ is my guy. Steph is a champion but that's what separates them. Dame is there on his level and carrying a much heavier load. He is to be respected.
asterisk911 Pred mesecem
Don't be silly, guys. The sole criterion for "deserving to start" is whether you're popular enough to get more votes than someone else. There are no other criteria whatsoever. Save the "deserve" arguments for the reserves, who are after all supposed to be picked on merit.
D Money
D Money Pred mesecem
Popularity, if it went by popularity tacko would be a all star starter. Fan's shouldn't be able to vote
Jamoe Pred mesecem
Over Luka? No.
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Pred mesecem
If the Blazers get eliminated early in the playoffs again, I believe that they're gonna trade Dame.
UtopicZeus Pred mesecem
Abraham Isaac Aguilar
Luka is nowhere near a MVP level player.
M C Pred mesecem
Yes Dame has been the best guard in the league. It's a popularity contest and it's not like Luka isn't a worthy starter. Also Luka has a whole country if not continent voting for him.
Elli Malveda
Elli Malveda Pred mesecem
These NBA Analysts are haters to the non-american players period!...I'm not surprise about this!..that's there mentality always Americans are always on top on other countries!...biggest hyporites in the world!...
Elli Malveda
Elli Malveda Pred mesecem
Do you think Dame is good than LUKA...LUKA is more marketable than dame!...
Itsjustlikemagic Pred mesecem
Honestly Luka deserved it way more. Dame has CJ, Nurkic, Collins, Gary Trent, Melo, covington, and plenty of other great players as teammates. Luka just has KP and a team full of scrubs and still manages to put up better stats than Dame. This is same situation as Lebron starting over Paul Pierce in the all-star game early in his career. 1 player is doing more with less!
H Dot
H Dot Pred mesecem
Lets wait till the end of the season. Watch where port and dallas will land in the standings then we talk again.
christianrapper Pred mesecem
@H Dot i can care less. He isn’t making me any money and I don’t know him.
H Dot
H Dot Pred mesecem
@christianrapper nxt time vote everyday so he can start the allstar game. Cant bend the rules just because you want a different outcome lol
christianrapper Pred mesecem
Dude, this is literally about dame deserving to start in the allstar game. Waiting until the end of the season won’t affect this conversation at all.
SP 29
SP 29 Pred mesecem
Allstar game is for the fan. They vote who they want to see.
Lawrence Pryor Bey
Lawrence Pryor Bey Pred mesecem
Let's get this straight Dame been balling every since his rookie year and been left out of a few all star games that he should have been on regardless of being a starter
Ignas Berrnotas
Ignas Berrnotas Pred mesecem
Dončic is far superior to Lillard
DerkuiDerkui Pred mesecem
Damian always getting disrespected
Matt Stone
Matt Stone Pred mesecem
Luka Doncic is a better player than Lillard in 3-4 years will forget about Lillard and the league will be Luka/Giannis/Zion’s league.
Kreative Kulture TV
Kreative Kulture TV Pred mesecem
I think you're exaggerating a little...and being disrespectful to Dame.
R V Pred mesecem
Lillard has the worst playoff record since he entered the league
Gav Castellano
Gav Castellano Pred mesecem
Let's go dallas baby I'll take doncic over most players he's got the drive and talent hard work as well
Timothy Clay
Timothy Clay Pred mesecem
The NBA is a racist organization that allows injury targeting and the use of racial slurs against white players as they did in last years Mavericks/Clippers playoff matchup. And it's been going on for a while now. Just ask John Stockton and Steve Nash, both of whom was targeted in the playoffs without any consequences from the NBA.
Mura Pred mesecem
Dame Dola is a starter. Period! Should get out of Portland.
Gang Mafia
Gang Mafia Pred mesecem
Molly actually said something that makes sense. It should be called dame time
Ryan Tatum
Ryan Tatum Pred mesecem
Do numbers lie? Luka has been CARRYING a team racked with Covid, as Max would say... they get those players back, Luka puts up even BETTER numbers and they start winning like they should. We’ll see what the standings say at the end of the season. Love Dame, but this is not surprising at all nor it is “unfair”
Too much Remy
Too much Remy Pred mesecem
He plays in Portland get over it do y’all know how big Clyde drexler would be if he played for the lakers and truth be told Luka is a better player Damien chose to get paid all power to him but it’s levels to everything he’s not getting a ring he probably will never make a WCF but he chose that life by staying in Portland i for have no sympathy for the guy because instead of just saying I wanted the bag he tried make other players look bad for wanting to be mobile and and win
Ohio Pred mesecem
Luka for mvp
Alvin .K. Sindowe
Alvin .K. Sindowe Pred mesecem
SAS always looking for an argument....max is right bigger media market in texas than portland....its a popularity contest
Milos Jovicevic
Milos Jovicevic Pred mesecem
Americans are crying that Lillard is not a starter and at the same time Nikola Jokic is literally the best player in the world and no American should notice that
enzo palacio
enzo palacio Pred mesecem
max says they talk about him last year and Stephan a is like "ok" "Ok" jajajaj
Ulysses Ventura-Arellano
they got dame fuxed up ong
Mauricio Del Moral
Mauricio Del Moral Pred mesecem
I feel like it could go either way dame or luka but that being said same isn’t unappreciated. He gets the credit he deserves 2-3 best pg in the league.
Cleomnes Pred mesecem
Dame has 0.7 ppg more, Luka has 4.2 more rebounds pg and 1.7 more assists. Dame is the better 3 point shooter by 5% and Luka is the better total FG % shooter by 2%, turnover to assist ratio is extremely close, about 2.3 assists per turnover each. While Portland has had injuries, Dallas had 4 starters and several top bench players would with Covid for 6-7 games on top of small injuries here and there. I easily put Luka above Dame on an individual basis here.
Batson Kikku
Batson Kikku Pred mesecem
Com on max the man proved it already who else you know is clutch like DAME !!!!! No one this guy will continue to hurt every team heart every time it comes down to clutch moments . I can’t believe this guy Max the NBA veteran will speak about DAME DOLLA like that man🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ your one out of one thousand of reporters that has any other judgment against Dame . The man is proving it these pass games that your wrong and yet you still continue to bash the man 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ get outta here man you don’t fit to make analysis about the game of basketball your ruining some of these players legacy because all that you say
Rahul Gogna
Rahul Gogna Pred mesecem
Luka is just a pawn to increase viewership and revenue from Europe
Oscar Pred mesecem
Noooop, It was for me
Heru Amun
Heru Amun Pred mesecem
Max is a fool. He’s just a dickhead for no reason
Dame should be starting the All-Star game and has had a better career than Doncic. Luka's slight popularity contest victory is largely due to sports media hype predicting him as the pre-season MVP favorite. Keep sleeping on Lilliard bruh, the Dame-Time alarm clock is set to wake you up bright and early homie.
S1M0N Pred mesecem
Does the All Star game not allow for fans to vote, which takes into consideration who gets the starting role 🤔 Someone please educate me since I am new to the game
Jacobo Suarez
Jacobo Suarez Pred mesecem
Luka averages the same ppg and more rebounds and assist... is that mavs record? Well look at beal on the wizards
HoodyFrog Pred mesecem
Dame's mum call SAS like Durant's? Loool
Vangundy Pred mesecem
Molly gets on my nerves but shes looking just "rite" with that non heavy dark make up look. Jalen you dogg
Justin Cortado
Justin Cortado Pred mesecem
you see that smirk at the end of the video from Max lol. He knows he's playing dumb haha
David Mitnick
David Mitnick Pred mesecem
I'm a Mavs fan but Dame deserved it over Luka.
GY Pred mesecem
Lillard great as he is barely better in only one stat line. Luka the star that NBA did not want. Now everybody is crying.
saso kersnic
saso kersnic Pred mesecem
Stephen A still doesn't know how to pronounce the surname Dončič correctly