restyling Fate: The Winx Saga because netflix needs the help 

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0:00 - Style Criteria
4:38 - Bloom
7:45 - Stella
10:41 - Aisha
14:51 - Flora
18:05 - Musa
22:10 - Tecna
24:30 - Conclusion

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4. mar. 2021

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Kiwi Equis
Kiwi Equis Pred 24 sekundami
Have any artists drawn these designs yet? Imma jump on the bandwagon because im INSPIRED!! Keep up the great content, Queen!
Alonzo Cisneros
YES I love ! Ur hired ! ❤️
kim m.
kim m. Pred 4 urami
i think you did such an amazing job capture their style it’s so accurate and creative !!! this the energy we should’ve got not some low grade fits
isabela campello
isabela campello Pred 13 urami
Malwina Nina
Malwina Nina Pred 17 urami
I just didn't expect it to be winx and I really enjoy the plot and characters.But it is really sad that there is no Tecna...
Aleena Siddiqui
Aleena Siddiqui Pred dnevom
Can we talk about how Stella DATED SKY FJFKFKDKJD WHAT-
Laura Dickmann
Laura Dickmann Pred dnevom
I was so sad that they changed Flora. She's always been my favorite winx even before I found out she's based on a latina. As a latina myself, I was kind of disappointed. Your take on her outfits was perfect ♡
Angie B
Angie B Pred dnevom
i know I am SO late watching this but my god I just NEED to let you know that you are a genius!!! my mouth dropped several times just seeing how accurate your choices felt! YOU ARE THEE MOMENT MINA MWAHHHHH
Janelle Jajeh
Janelle Jajeh Pred dnevom
If I ever get rich I need you to be my stylist omg I love all of these fits
Sara DAHMANE Pred dnevom
This is incredible content as always ! Thank you so much for this video
L_ Chg
L_ Chg Pred dnevom
It just made me mad that they made Stella, who is the ultimate Girly girl & loves pink, so bitchy and "unlikable" to anyone like... It's always the Girly Girls that are being portrait like that and the "other girls" are the cool, chill ones that always get along with anyone
emme Pred dnevom
WhatReallyMatters Pred 2 dnevi
Why does Flora look like some British "chav" character?
Beccy Neville
Beccy Neville Pred 2 dnevi
I loved all of these but damn technas outfits are so off the wall and incredible
ChickenNuggets Pred 2 dnevi
Does anyone know how to pair bags with Musa/ techna's outfits/ closet? I'm trying to branch out but I don't know what to pair them with other than baguette bags that would literally only fit my purse 😭
Zareen Nawar
Zareen Nawar Pred 2 dnevi
Tecna's design made me scream yasss the entire time and on a completely different note I feel like Lisa irl dresses very much like how I would dress Musa or is it just me?
Agostina Herrera
Agostina Herrera Pred 2 dnevi
La de mejor estilo (en mí opinión) es la mala ...(igual son pasables) las protagonistas se me hacen súper aburridas en lo q es estilo... Pero bueno, quiero decir en esta época está poniéndose de moda el glow los brillitos y me vienen con un show tan genérico q aburre como la mierda :c
fredidhr Pred 2 dnevi
Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan Pred 3 dnevi
is this like...a popular show? I've literally only heard of it bc of all the people dragging the bad casting and costuming
Victoria Hatzson
Victoria Hatzson Pred 4 dnevi
I was obsessed with Bloom and Stella as a kid, such a shame they wasted this show’s fashion potential
Judit Ortega
Judit Ortega Pred 4 dnevi
I believe that u felt so happy being the ✨custom designer ✨
Pajama Slam
Pajama Slam Pred 5 dnevi
ur solution to musa's transformation outfit was PERF! 😩👌
Axell Kab
Axell Kab Pred 5 dnevi
Faith Mainey
Faith Mainey Pred 5 dnevi
LOVEE ALLL OF THEM!!! You’re getting MY creative juices flowing 😍🤩 Literally knocked it out of the park
Judith Loria
Judith Loria Pred 5 dnevi
I actually enjoyed Fate. It was more down to earth. The clothes you suggest are awesome but to be honest not very realistic. They live in a different world anyway and except for Stella they are supposed to look like normal teenagers.
maru carvalho
maru carvalho Pred 6 dnevi
I need Mina to dress me everyday
FallenAngel mabinogi
Finally someone talked about it! Thank you! no really..thank you!!!
Constança Pagès
Constança Pagès Pred 6 dnevi
I feel the reason they didn't even bother styling Flora (or Terra, whatever) properly is bc her whole personality in Fate is "being fat" (which honestly makes me really mad), so there are no decent outfits because she doesn't like her body. Like, why would they even hire a plus size actress if not to make her whole story (even her sense of fashion) revolve around her weight, right? **sarcasm** I really liked your everyday outfit for Flora, Netflix should really take your advice.
lily l
lily l Pred 6 dnevi
i loved this show sososo much me and my bff still talk abt it
Fatumata Djabula
Fatumata Djabula Pred 6 dnevi
Musa is both my fave outfit (day to day outfit) and the one that I most associate with the character. I also didn't watch a single episode of the live-action I loved Winx so much growing up I can't just let them assassinate my soul like that
IM URE HOpE Pred 6 dnevi
I legit saw the first 20 seconds and stopped knowing it was gonna be shit, it's Netflix in the first place 🙄
Gabriela Felix
Gabriela Felix Pred 7 dnevi
This is bothering me fot quite some time. U americans need to stop calling ALL the latin americans "brown" or people of colour. Ethnicity are two different things, there are asian and europeans descents in latin america that slaved black people in the 18 hundred, to put all of us in a box is misguided and alienated. U guys assume latin america is one thing when it´s another.. the biggest population of japonese outside Japan is in Brazil and you guys are calling all these people coloured. Learn, please and reserach. One example of that is VOGUE called anya taylor-joy coloured ????? she is clearly white, this is an insult to black people that sufered in the hands of the white people. Just because she was born in latin america doesn´t mean she is coloured guys.
Nkha92 Pred 7 dnevi
Omg outfits are terrible
Angelica Pred 8 dnevi
actually you look really similar to Beatrix!!
Mia P
Mia P Pred 8 dnevi
And the fact that very Girl Gas her Color Bloom = blue Stella = Yellow, orange Layla = Green/Blue Musa = red Flora = pink light Green Tecna = purble And in the fate Nobody Has there colors
ToukenDanshiWarrior Pred 8 dnevi
The Winx Club dressing style is similar to the female dancers in the Macarena song (Bayside Boys remix). It had diverse ethnicity, women had different hairstyles, dress in bright colours with lots of revealing skin with style. But this had no style or good dressing combination.
Henna Ali
Henna Ali Pred 9 dnevi
Your make up is hideous
Filipa Pinheiro
Filipa Pinheiro Pred 9 dnevi
I watched the whole show and if you detach any winx elements it could actually have been a really cool interesting show. My theory as to why they made it a “live action winx” was cause obviously views but also it’s well known so everyone knows the background and what happens. So in the show they wouldn’t have to explain things or go too into depth about relationships, history, past, etc. which they need to have done anyways cause you’re changing these characters and like audiences connected with the ogs not whoever these people are. Anyways I’m basically calling the creators lazy. This show could’ve been as popular or even more than euphoria if it wasn’t done lazy. The winx main target audience are Teens and Young Adults cause those are the people who watched it and they just completely missed the mark. I’m not trying to shame the cast they actually did good with what they were given I just wish they would’ve casted actual teens/YA to play them (or maybe it’s the clothes that age them lol) and if they had worn the outfits in the video then it would’ve be *chefs kiss*
Amir Kirkwood
Amir Kirkwood Pred 9 dnevi
I died of the white washing of the show.
Nicc Nova
Nicc Nova Pred 9 dnevi
Sherliza Moé also restyle the real-life winx and talk about whitewashing, it was amazing how much potential this real-life remake has in the costumes, but then Netflix gives you 40-year-old mom at parents meeting outfits.
Ella Piet
Ella Piet Pred 9 dnevi
if it was supposed to be a completely different show than winx club than it would have been soooo much better. bc the actual show when you go into it not thinking that it is winx club is was pretty good.
Betty Yu
Betty Yu Pred 9 dnevi
it feels like this show was sponsored by old navy
Elll Pred 9 dnevi
This show was a fashion diSASTER
Vedanshi Mishra
Vedanshi Mishra Pred 9 dnevi
The outfits you've suggested would've worked gorgeously had the show been a closer match to the original Winx Club 🥺 But this one is more like a low-budget version of Harry Potter. Would an eccentric style suit that kind of a story?
xz Pred 9 dnevi
yes! this is just like I imagine
shumaisa asim
shumaisa asim Pred 9 dnevi
winx clube was a cartoon that was very close to my heart and the fact that netflix got winx saga renewed it for a 2season i cannot with netflix it a billion dollar company and they couldnt even dress there character in an aesthetic and the fact the they whitwashed the character i just wanna burn down netflix at this point
shumaisa asim
shumaisa asim Pred 9 dnevi
i dont know how she doesnt have like 20 million subscribers i love you
Lil Beast
Lil Beast Pred 10 dnevi
I tried to watch episode one but I couldnt.. I just couldn't.. it's not the winxs I'm to loyal to the cartoon 🤧
Jess Lachlan
Jess Lachlan Pred 10 dnevi
unpopular opinion: aside the sh*t outfits, I actually like the live action :')
MrBoliao98 Pred 10 dnevi
All the dressing is still very much Fran Drescher
connie Pred 11 dnevi
apparently terra is flora's niece or smth like that so flora is an adult in the series, weird change
n p
n p Pred 11 dnevi
I think the problem with Flora restylings that I've come across is that pastels don't look good on olive skin tones, which Flora definitely has! I really love the direction you went with it!!
CutePokapipi Pred 11 dnevi
Wow i absolutely am impressed with the amount of research you put into this and made a perfectly accurate collection of their costumes from real high fashion brands. Alas if only iT were so!
Aashika Chhetri
Aashika Chhetri Pred 12 dnevi
Literally i get so irritated when i watch this show by the behaviour of main character girl
Mads Pred 13 dnevi
I actually really liked it!! The only thing was that the style of the show wasn’t too unique
Brionna Gutierrez
Brionna Gutierrez Pred 14 dnevi
I loved the show, y’all be trippin.
princellily Pred 14 dnevi
this is 💖🦋✨magical✨🦋💖
milagros Pred 14 dnevi
oh how wonderful this wardrobe is 🥺 the fact that we cant see the fairies wearing it makes me wanna cry
Sami Barker
Sami Barker Pred 14 dnevi
I totally agree with all of her criticism on the fate series. I couldn’t even get past the second episode. I liked most of the example outfits she picked out, too! Altho i will say the animation parts she put in this video aren’t even from the original series which made me cringe lol
panakin skywalker
panakin skywalker Pred 14 dnevi
my fave was musa in the original too netflix really did her dirty
Marie Gazzillo
Marie Gazzillo Pred 14 dnevi
so like did netflix call you to redo the show yet???!!
Tanya R
Tanya R Pred 15 dnevi
I love NANA :)
kath Pred 15 dnevi
stella the most fashionable one out of the winx characters dresses so weird in this netflix adaption 😟
Petty Bee
Petty Bee Pred 15 dnevi
I'd like just a little yellow in the bloom fit but overall so good
harmonixenchantress Pred 15 dnevi
16:44 did that say selkie? That brand is officially perfect for Winx now. Also, I feel like for Flora's outfit I would put some pink in as well since a lot of Flora's outfits use pink as the main colour and her transformation outfits as well.
Krystian Sikorski
Krystian Sikorski Pred 15 dnevi
I hope Netflix fixing his mistakes
Dora Estellar
Dora Estellar Pred 15 dnevi
I fall in love with tecna
Susana Ordaz
Susana Ordaz Pred 15 dnevi
we all know that the winx saga of Netflix was kinda shit to be honest we expected something amazing buuuuut we GOT THAT SHIT WTF IS THAAAAAAAAAATTT I'm crying
Jada Sutton
Jada Sutton Pred 16 dnevi
I’ve made a video with clothes they should wear, watch it pls
Migue Lopez
Migue Lopez Pred 16 dnevi
Netflix must never attempt to adapt any other magical girl franchise.
sophie gonzalez
sophie gonzalez Pred 16 dnevi
13:45 aishas outfit is so on point!
sophie gonzalez
sophie gonzalez Pred 16 dnevi
What got me the most was them making bloom extremely moody and creating unnecessary conflict between the girls. Honestly it doesn’t deserve to be marketed as winx. Wasn’t pleased with any of the choices they made. Don’t even get me started on their British accents.
Helena Höhn
Helena Höhn Pred 16 dnevi
I‘m honestly fascinated how well all of these outfits are picked out
Leeakey Pred 16 dnevi
I try to wear techwear but being a teenager sort of changes my ability to wear it frequently due to it be focused on clunky and baggy fashion mostly because I play a large amount of sports and have light weighted hobbies (I’m not into fashion so if I get stuff wrong burn me at the stake)
Afrida Nanda
Afrida Nanda Pred 17 dnevi
In fact, Abby Cowen dressed better when she's in the show 'Chilling Adventure of Sabrina' even tho she's not the main character
lucas can sit on my face and i'll be blessed
this is so off topic but how did you achieve this blurry film effect?
Joshua Porter Reynolds
Idc what anyone else says, it’s good the way it is
Amber Marshall
Amber Marshall Pred 17 dnevi
This was amazing! I love how you styled them!!
ideal with me
ideal with me Pred 18 dnevi
this show is so white-fished Musa isn’t white she’s Asian, the only non-white girl is aisha and Dane, the whole school is full with withe people, the didn’t changed Aisha because people would notice more, uh i just hate that “show”
windblows Pred 18 dnevi
I just realized English speaking people pronounce "fate" as the English word meaning destiny and not as the Italian word for "fairies" and I'm shocked
Meeh Starned
Meeh Starned Pred 18 dnevi
I love Nana
Maiden of Meme
Maiden of Meme Pred 18 dnevi
BRUH 👁️👄👁️ i wached this show as a little kid and it was a great show and it was like ment to be girly and cool and i had no idea this reboot existed untill i saw this and it had winx in the title just looking at that thumbnail made me want to throw up that is not the girly show about girly magic girls that i (kinda) remember waching- I- ... THIS IS A MESS they just had to make them look like my dang teacher W. T. H. that is not the magical girly winx that i remeber 😭😭😭
Valeria Velasquez
Valeria Velasquez Pred 18 dnevi
i love how we all decided to completely ignore the multiple writing errors and just focus on their outfits. like if they were dressed more faithfully to the original it would still be a shitty show, it would do next to nothing to help its actual quality, yet here we are. i think it's because we're all aware the original animated series was also shitty lmao but in an enjoyable way.
nana nana
nana nana Pred 18 dnevi
NANA is like one of my favorite anime/manga series. Aside from the fashion aspect of it, I think it's also a really good story. Highly reccomend it 👌
A. M.
A. M. Pred 18 dnevi
I feel like netflix just took the style for bloom out of their other show "Shadow Hunters".
McKenna Lynn
McKenna Lynn Pred 19 dnevi
Thank you. I don't stan fate. No hate if you like it, I just don't.
Dayton Pred 19 dnevi
this was SO COOL. I didn't watch winx as a kid but i love their designs in the og show and what you have envisioned for them!
babie girl
babie girl Pred 19 dnevi
It's the lil strand of hair for me
Alex Pred 19 dnevi
I'm sorry but they would look pretty bad in the redesign
ida Pred 19 dnevi
omg i would kill for your rendition of musa’s everyday outfit
Sio Head
Sio Head Pred 20 dnevi
"let's talk about Flora, the first of our whitewashed girls" You have never missed a DAY in your life
lois rascol
lois rascol Pred 20 dnevi
This video brings me so much comfort, after seeing the monstrosity Netflix calls a live action
maria monteiro
maria monteiro Pred 20 dnevi
this show had the potetial to be ICONIC in many ways but they ruined by makeing edgy and riverdale look alike wich would have worked if the original material were edgy and dark like TUA but we are talking about a cartoon of 2004 about farireis,fashoin,girlhood and etc... they didnt even tried ITS A SHAME
imbasil Pred 20 dnevi
You really snapped with this one, couldnt agree more with ur styling 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Juno Boy
Juno Boy Pred 21 dnevom
Winx club Netflix is trash, like we never asked for live-action Winx club because we knew they gonna ruined our childhood show
JaNaUnd? Pred 21 dnevom
Me, having no clue about high fashion at all: quickly scribbling down all the flora-inspired brands Mina names
Moonlight Caroline
Moonlight Caroline Pred 22 dnevi
I love the vintage Buffalo boots 😍
CreamyNews Pred 22 dnevi
If you "deserve better" then why can't you watch a better show? I'm just wondering-
Moonchilllddd Pred 22 dnevi
Somebody help them 😩
Ιο Ιο
Ιο Ιο Pred 22 dnevi
You really took under consideration their personalities and backgrounds and styled them how you think they would dress like and not how you would want them to dress. You tried so many different styles and aesthetics and you kept it fun and interesting until the last minute! Well done!!!!!!!