Life Without Internet | Sister Vs Brother Funny Struggles and Relatable Moments by La La Life Music 

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Oh no😡Wi-Fi's down again😩Life without the Internet? Impossible for a teen!😟 But wait..maybe it's a new Challenge?
Sister and brother are home alone... Internet’s down🎮
What do they do now? Lily and Chris have some ideas💡
WATCH teens living without internet for 24 hours in the NEW episode of La La Life Musical!🎶
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00:00 No Internet
00:33 Toilet paper Instagram
00:53 Brother cooking
01:16 Lily’s secret
01:41 I’ll fix it!
02:04 Smart sister
02:44 Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
03:15 Connection
03:45 Plan
04:04 Long journey
04:26 We can survive
04:41 Sis vs Bro struggles
05:33 Offline games
05:52 Drawing challenge
06:16 Time capsule
07:23 I’m so bored
07:48 Mom's back
08:10 Family dinner
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28. feb. 2021

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La La Life
La La Life Pred mesecem
Can you survive without the internet for 24 hours?
Manu sankar
Manu sankar Pred 8 urami
Yes i can
Clarissa Thamrin
Clarissa Thamrin Pred dnevom
Emma Luzarová
Emma Luzarová Pred dnevom
D vy x VC VB vx nm l gh f nm bj Vb VC vbbn na c gh m ní to Bv na cvm na
Emma Luzarová
Emma Luzarová Pred dnevom
Vítejte ve schránce aplikace Gboard. Sem se bude ukládat veškerý zkopírovaný text.Podržením položku připnete. Nepřipnuté položky budou po hodině smazány.
florina ogrean
florina ogrean Pred dnevom
And Arianna Grande comment me, and you are a nerd
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jano treska
jano treska Pred dnevom
I love
Mona Jbali
Mona Jbali Pred dnevom
Allegra Graham
Allegra Graham Pred 2 dnevi
First thing I would do 1. Scream 2. Scream 3. Scream 4. Scream Oh and did I mention I would scream
Allegra Graham
Allegra Graham Pred 2 dnevi
Are they bother and sister or friends
Monster Boss
Monster Boss Pred 3 dnevi
chris kissing a teddy bear so sweet like a chris kissing lily too😂
Beverly Lapuz
Beverly Lapuz Pred dnevom
Amina Omeirat
Amina Omeirat Pred 3 dnevi
Ania De Bruyne
Ania De Bruyne Pred 4 dnevi
Im gonna let you know if you draw an your arm with ink tats bloodpoisoning (sorry if im a little rude here)
Rajanna Asha
Rajanna Asha Pred 4 dnevi
Lily is cute
drama queen jiya
drama queen jiya Pred 4 dnevi
Why was he kissing a bear 5:48🤣
Jorge Manuel
Jorge Manuel Pred 4 dnevi
Josef Majnek
Josef Majnek Pred 5 dnevi
Catalin Ana
Catalin Ana Pred 5 dnevi
Siti fatimah Salim
Siti fatimah Salim Pred 5 dnevi
Siti fatimah Salim
Siti fatimah Salim Pred 5 dnevi
Do you know This video 123 go
Meera Meera
Meera Meera Pred 6 dnevi
Lily is like a cat 🤣
Marya108 Mansha
Marya108 Mansha Pred 6 dnevi
I still play my guitar
Darsheel Shah
Darsheel Shah Pred 7 dnevi
That sucks I am always on my iPad and phone I can’t live with out connection
Afsha Xec
Afsha Xec Pred 7 dnevi
Mikhail Amara Corminal
lalitha Sree
lalitha Sree Pred 8 dnevi
Awe Lilly and Chris are so cute
John nethan Eupenia
John nethan Eupenia Pred 8 dnevi
A loser
king matelas
king matelas Pred 9 dnevi
Gloria Muñoz
Gloria Muñoz Pred 9 dnevi
Are they brother and sister🙄
Sabella Nashwa
Sabella Nashwa Pred 9 dnevi
I thought Lily was The little sister and chirs was the big brother
Rosario Sousa
Rosario Sousa Pred 9 dnevi
Girl: what are u doing Boy:😚😚😚😚😋😋 mAkInG a TiK tOk Edit: hUh I have no likes
Sally Woodward
Sally Woodward Pred 10 dnevi
Nathan Feltzin
Nathan Feltzin Pred 10 dnevi
Laura Brussaard
Laura Brussaard Pred 10 dnevi
Super Zombis
Super Zombis Pred 10 dnevi
daisy garcia
daisy garcia Pred 10 dnevi
Me ll Jukebox
Me ll Jukebox Pred 11 dnevi
Yes this this was the funny video
Azam Ahmad
Azam Ahmad Pred 11 dnevi
Thanks for the v
Azam Ahmad
Azam Ahmad Pred 11 dnevi
No I can't survive without WiFi
Fatmir Billa
Fatmir Billa Pred 11 dnevi
I like lily very much make more videos with her 🥰🥰🥰😎🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥤🥤🙄🍔🍔
Majed Elalawy
Majed Elalawy Pred 11 dnevi
do they really need internet
Super Zombis
Super Zombis Pred 12 dnevi
Gazala Lashkaria
Gazala Lashkaria Pred 12 dnevi
Adrienne Hill-Sweet
Adrienne Hill-Sweet Pred 12 dnevi
nope i well not survive
ruben chavez
ruben chavez Pred 12 dnevi
shazia malik
shazia malik Pred 13 dnevi
I love love love love lalalife I always watch you and subscribe to your Chanel
Georgina Sol Abalahon
Georgina Sol Abalahon Pred 13 dnevi
Cielle Smith
Cielle Smith Pred 13 dnevi
Is that absorber?
Elena Perez-Rivera
Elena Perez-Rivera Pred 14 dnevi
boring ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo much you should doooooooooooooooooooooooo it like 123 go
Emmet O’kane
Emmet O’kane Pred 14 dnevi
If you don’t have WiFi how are you recording?🤔🧐
Faith Statuss
Faith Statuss Pred 14 dnevi
And i can survive to 24h with no wifi
Faith Statuss
Faith Statuss Pred 14 dnevi
And the brother of lily she not a brother she a girls
Faith Statuss
Faith Statuss Pred 14 dnevi
Omg lily's brother is so dum
Enaas Elhaouli
Enaas Elhaouli Pred 14 dnevi
luluca LULUCA
luluca LULUCA Pred 14 dnevi
Khadija Abdalla
Khadija Abdalla Pred 15 dnevi
Ericka Thomas
Ericka Thomas Pred 15 dnevi
LOL she said Agan
Khyber Khan
Khyber Khan Pred 15 dnevi
You can't call without internet
Vanessa Utomo
Vanessa Utomo Pred 15 dnevi
Love this video
Khalid K
Khalid K Pred 16 dnevi
I love WiFi and la la life
Eda Ismaili
Eda Ismaili Pred 16 dnevi
He made if he was aucaly kissig
Ricardo Avila
Ricardo Avila Pred 16 dnevi
I can't wait that long for 24 hours for the internet to come back again.
Cardona Ma. Veatriz D.
Kamuka nyo po si cristian ph kasi cris hehe
Erian David
Erian David Pred 17 dnevi
navadeep goud
navadeep goud Pred 17 dnevi
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kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 17 dnevi
Can you imagine get love from la la life 💖💖 just imagine 🙃🙃
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 17 dnevi
comement youre best
Matilda Amoah
Matilda Amoah Pred 18 dnevi
Chris is so cute this
Ruth M
Ruth M Pred 18 dnevi
Ruth M
Ruth M Pred 18 dnevi
Khanh Huynh văn
Khanh Huynh văn Pred 18 dnevi
Awwww lily and chrid so cuteeee💗💗💗💟💟💟💓💓💜💜💛💚💙❤
Mikelle Paguirigan
Mikelle Paguirigan Pred 18 dnevi
La la life is stupid
Honest_hinuinoree Pred 18 dnevi
5:48 *Wt-*
முருகன் கன்
Lala life is very very best
Chitra Tyagi
Chitra Tyagi Pred 18 dnevi
La la life can you make living in a room for 24 hours
Areya-rose Paddon
Areya-rose Paddon Pred 19 dnevi
La la life is the best film lilly and the boy wheres the mum
Robert van de Bovenkamp
I can’t live without internet just no!😭
Melia Pred 14 dnevi
Gabriella Folks
Gabriella Folks Pred 19 dnevi
No way ok
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 18 dnevi
Don't worry ur genius brother will fix it 🔧 2 seconds later: AHAHAHAHAHA😷😷
Hazel Brown
Hazel Brown Pred 19 dnevi
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 18 dnevi
No a
Sevdije Salihu
Sevdije Salihu Pred 19 dnevi
Crys lil your it fanny
Siti Aulia
Siti Aulia Pred 19 dnevi
Ela Kökcü
Ela Kökcü Pred 20 dnevi
tori-anno Pred 20 dnevi
Timmy Sa
Timmy Sa Pred 20 dnevi
Carina Lara
Carina Lara Pred 20 dnevi
comement youre best
Timmy Sa
Timmy Sa Pred 20 dnevi
Monasir bantuas
Monasir bantuas Pred 20 dnevi
me at 5:48 like : wth- whyyyy- a bear!?
Timmy Sa
Timmy Sa Pred 20 dnevi
Nataly Gonzalez
Nataly Gonzalez Pred 20 dnevi
I really love you guys you guys are really awesome and I had a secret that nobody doesn't like you guys and I do and I know because I love you guys more and you guys I'm a biggest fan so yeah Lala oh yeah I love you guys and you guys are my biggest fan like I said yesterday but I still love you and my brother and my brother hate you cancel
Timmy Sa
Timmy Sa Pred 20 dnevi
Nataly Gonzalez
Nataly Gonzalez Pred 20 dnevi
You guys are my biggest fans are you guys like the good movies so I like really watch them all the time my brother don't because he hate you guys but I love you guy
Timmy Sa
Timmy Sa Pred 20 dnevi
Tuana Karafeta
Tuana Karafeta Pred 21 dnevom
What I do no Wi-Fi
Manoh Stephen
Manoh Stephen Pred 21 dnevom
O lily you are so cute 🥰
Santosh Boss
Santosh Boss Pred 21 dnevom
No Zoe no lala life
Anissa Stewart
Anissa Stewart Pred 21 dnevom
I have shoes just like Lilly same design and everything but mine is black
Rebecca Comahig
Rebecca Comahig Pred 21 dnevom
The teddy bear in a month haha🤰🤰
drama queen jiya
drama queen jiya Pred 4 dnevi
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 21 dnevom
super king 101
super king 101 Pred 21 dnevom
No a
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 22 dnevi
Don't worry ur genius brother will fix it 🔧 2 seconds later: AHAHAHAHAHA😷😷
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 22 dnevi
Nick M
Nick M Pred 22 dnevi
I love your videos
Nick M
Nick M Pred 22 dnevi
ivy Narosa
ivy Narosa Pred 22 dnevi
💖💖💖💛:-) 💜💙💖💞💟☺😊
Yana Rioda
Yana Rioda Pred 22 dnevi
I love you
Lawrence Aguayo
Lawrence Aguayo Pred 22 dnevi
Salmah Alwy
Salmah Alwy Pred 22 dnevi
Clouxds FC
Clouxds FC Pred 22 dnevi
Chris is so funny on the video i have a crush on babysitter hahaha
Itzggico Smith
Itzggico Smith Pred 22 dnevi
Your name is Chris but I will call you chiar
Itzggico Smith
Itzggico Smith Pred 22 dnevi
Lol he just kiss a bear why chits
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