This Is WHY Logan Paul Left The KSI Press Conference 

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18. jul. 2018

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Behzinga Pred 2 leti
A few of you guys have been requesting to see what I actually get up to in the gym! So here is a little 'BRO' session to squeeze in a pump before heading to the KSI v Logan Paul press conference P.S my form isn't great on some things, I know i'm not a professional and only have a few months experience but I'm sharing what's been working for me with the people that have requested it. I love you team x
Habib Khan
Habib Khan Pred 8 meseci
Love you and the sidemen.
Ellie Gowlett
Ellie Gowlett Pred letom
Why every time u do an exercise u look at your muscles
BuyingOGNames Pred 2 leti
Behzinga what breed is your cat?
EIVIL b Pred 2 leti
Behzinga s
MS7 Pred 2 leti
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Pred 25 dnevi
Logan was so embarrassed. He was all red and sweaty. 😂😂😂
Mo093 Pred 26 dnevi
Anyone get this on their recommended in 2021?😂😂😂
Sixty Nine
Sixty Nine Pred mesecem
10:20 KSI vs Lolgone Pool
Viktor Jalamo
Viktor Jalamo Pred 2 meseci
Great seeing you get in shape. However, people this is not who you should take advice from, do it from a certified person
NotLogic CODM
NotLogic CODM Pred 3 meseci
Hungry4grime Pred 5 meseci
Are them buzzers from when ksi said. "that is not my kid woman"
much2Ask Pred 6 meseci
0:37 live footage of alinity bonding with her cats
Aishah Hassan
Aishah Hassan Pred 7 meseci
🖕🏻🖕🏻 Logan Paul
Arafat Pred 7 meseci
This hits different in quarantine🔥
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Pred 8 meseci
American people and British people are the same
Realistkillerz 1
Realistkillerz 1 Pred 8 meseci
Best moment 11:7
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale Pred 8 meseci
Cute kitty
Aimee Skinner
Aimee Skinner Pred 9 meseci
Dr.Roblox Pred 8 meseci
Aimee Skinner shut up he beat Logan and Weler and jake is next
IPlayRoblox 1
IPlayRoblox 1 Pred 9 meseci
0:49 ethen with be such a great dad playing with his kids awwwww
Shannon Litteral
Shannon Litteral Pred 9 meseci
Can we just acknowledge how much Charlie changed
FaDe Yum
FaDe Yum Pred 10 meseci
Where tf is the cat in the beginning of the video now?
SirStupid II
SirStupid II Pred 10 meseci
FaDe Yum dead maybe
Maitha Al RAHBI
Maitha Al RAHBI Pred 10 meseci
Show off 😑😑
Millie _
Millie _ Pred 11 meseci
All I here is a bunch of London teenagers screaming f*ck Jake Paul
StealthExtremeReturn Pred 11 meseci
Bruh I’m dead why is there just a photo of him curling in the thumbnail next it looks so funny with the title
shush Pred letom
Finny Pred letom
8:52 you can hear a little princess say shut the fck up to the crowd. like thats gonna do anything. lol.
Eileen Too
Eileen Too Pred letom
"Hasn't England suffered enough we lost to Croatia in the semi finals" Also ksi:following raheem sterling
Charlie_9918 Pred letom
Bruh behz was big in this video
ima nub
ima nub Pred letom
Logan looks like my sister when my mum shouts at her
Shaun Leyshon
Shaun Leyshon Pred letom
Deji knows he's going to lose cos hes still got his top on in the pic
Leo Cross
Leo Cross Pred letom
@Behzinga Ksi' parents don't support him in his boxing career
EwGaming4U Pred letom
This is why Logan Paul won’t have another press conference in the UK
kayley clark
kayley clark Pred letom
I kind of want to see ksi and jake fight because I want to see jake get punched in the face 😂😂
mgb vlog
mgb vlog Pred letom
Not what happened
Molly Yates
Molly Yates Pred letom
Wow the last 5ish minutes was just jj destroying Logan and him sitting there crying on the inside
Max Pred letom
Logan left cuz he didn’t get a word in also Ksi wasn’t saying anything about the fight
RENZENgaming Pred letom
Bro you supported me so much to work out with your vids
Dj C
Dj C Pred letom
Logan Paul paid the ref to make it a draw
Hasnain I
Hasnain I Pred letom
I love how in the LA conference all the Logan and Jake supporters had thumbs down at ksi but in London we all just have our middle fingers up 😂😂😂😂😂
Mehmet Emin
Mehmet Emin Pred 3 dnevi
Shaggyguy2 Pred letom
lol jake at 10:23 was thanking god he didnt have to fight JJ... man looks like hes pissing himself
Ollie Onion F1
Ollie Onion F1 Pred letom
Let’s not ignore that kid going “BIRMINGHAM” at like 7:04
Ollie Onion F1
Ollie Onion F1 Pred 8 meseci
@x Bumble Bean x no it was Birmingham because Jay is from there
x Bumble Bean x
x Bumble Bean x Pred 8 meseci
I think it was “fucking knob”
archie Robinson
archie Robinson Pred letom
Ksi v logan nah screw that its all about bez v cat
Spencer Rice
Spencer Rice Pred letom
Good guy tobi
Empyton Pred letom
That cat should fight Demi he would prob loose to a cat
Dominic Wolff
Dominic Wolff Pred letom
Didnt also refuse to fight Logan's dad
example 2844
example 2844 Pred letom
This is the best press conference I've ever seen for any sport
example 2844
example 2844 Pred letom
12:01 there is an UNCANNY resemblance to Rocky 3 right there
cara sanders
cara sanders Pred letom
Wait why did he leave???? I don't get it
Dylan Warren
Dylan Warren Pred letom
That cat is cute
Storm DN
Storm DN Pred letom
KSI: *says one word* Fans: Start cheering
The Horsecock Express
0:57 - 6:05
Firefighter117 Pred letom
14:05 Yo! Ben Phillips was a damn traitor?!?!
Caysi Perrett
Caysi Perrett Pred letom
ksi you are so disrespectful idiot
Ammar Wasir
Ammar Wasir Pred letom
" Welcome to LONDON M F " 🤘
kohen Taylor
kohen Taylor Pred letom
@behzinga I have the same west ham shirt as u. Let's go hammers
HadesM9 yt
HadesM9 yt Pred letom
U could get my fifa 19 team if he likes
HadesM9 yt
HadesM9 yt Pred letom
He wont read this
BOY from Norway
BOY from Norway Pred letom
You are a workout beast ps. Love ur vids
Beth Corcoran
Beth Corcoran Pred letom
Jake obviously didn't want to fight KSI because he knew he would have lost the fight if the were fighting against each other. 😂😁
Swag Boys
Swag Boys Pred letom
We are all proud of u bez
Jenson Paddy
Jenson Paddy Pred letom
Sorry but your cameraman struggled to do 60kg late pull down, I am 13 and can do 90+kgs😂 And keep up the amazing performance
Elaine STONEY Pred letom
Trey Parsons
Trey Parsons Pred letom
I’m in the logang
BRAD LYON Pred letom
Imagine thinking your massive when you look like that haha
Oscar Pred letom
Bro don’t forget about the legs!!!
yxng_Bubble Pred letom
12:52 what the hell is ben Phillips doing there 😂
Yeem Pred 7 meseci
Bout to say the same thing
Dally King
Dally King Pred letom
Logan Paul Disconnected from the lobby
Sir cats dunno Catsdunno
I want to see the cat more
Sophia x
Sophia x Pred letom
12:40 🥴😶😂😂😂
Sophia x
Sophia x Pred letom
I always watch the sdmn videos but I recently just started watching yours and I love them u and jj are my favourite sdmn
dummy. Pred letom
The cat does more than Deji
Clickit- YT
Clickit- YT Pred letom
Logan Paul trying not to cry
PravConfirmed Pred letom
You vs gib
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill Pred letom
When u don’t tell anyone about your wait loss for 10 minutes from ksi reddit
Dave11139 Pred letom
James Charles just kissed you Subscribe to undo.
Soheil Ardjmandghahestani
U didn’t even explain y he left
Caprisxnn Pred letom
10:14 what a legend tobi is honestly the nicest member of the sidemen
Hayden bowman 10
Hayden bowman 10 Pred 10 meseci
I didn’t hear
Direct Dec
Direct Dec Pred 11 meseci
Darkhunter Xxz don’t throw stuff on the stage
Darkhunter Xxz
Darkhunter Xxz Pred letom
What did he say
Caprisxnn Pred letom
Notice how Logan isn’t acting the way he was acting when they were at the LA conference 😂😂😂😂
Katie Self
Katie Self Pred letom
I have literally all of these machines at my school gym which you can get in for free 👍
Potato Plays
Potato Plays Pred letom
The funniest sidemen (fighting the cat at the end)
FredSkinn Pred letom
My man needs sleep
Next Gen
Next Gen Pred letom
Like the intro
Ashton s Singleton
Tylor Flatt
Tylor Flatt Pred letom
You should fight
Berk Koca
Berk Koca Pred letom
I love how the sidemen support KSI
WBGames YT
WBGames YT Pred 2 leti
WTF WAS JAKE WEARING? And also Logan Paul equals cry baby wa wa wa 😭
Lance Kylle
Lance Kylle Pred 2 leti
I'm gonna be gay saying this but he looks sexy as hell.
Name Surname
Name Surname Pred 2 leti
Anyone what the background music is at 1:33?
Malte Westergaard
Malte Westergaard Pred 2 leti
Wow you have Got so thin. Good workshop bro!
Bot scord
Bot scord Pred 2 leti
If I was Logan I'd be pissed but I like KSI so yeah Logan sux
JUNEBUG702 Pred 2 leti
Watching in 2019.... and he really left the chat
ML stokes
ML stokes Pred 2 leti
Please do more videos with ksi
TikTok bbyy
TikTok bbyy Pred 2 leti
logan was soo mad
Wolvezz Pred 2 leti
Logan seemed like he wanted to cry
Levenloos gedoe
Levenloos gedoe Pred 2 leti
I got a bengal cat as wel
Nidal Elsayes
Nidal Elsayes Pred 2 leti
Omg the transformation who r u and ur voice changed too it's manly now lol jk
the 1 gamer
the 1 gamer Pred 2 leti
you should fight in ksi vs logan rematch
Frank hughes
Frank hughes Pred 2 leti
Somebody call the RSPCA lol
DominantPotato94 Pred 2 leti
Yo Ethan’s actually gotten so in shape
cookie cookie
cookie cookie Pred 2 leti
And then it was a draw
Bentai Baven
Bentai Baven Pred 2 leti
Dam bez lookin good ma man
bob Nadeem
bob Nadeem Pred 2 leti
KSI was the 100% winner in this press conference
J Ray!!!
J Ray!!! Pred 2 leti
He should of said Logan I got this from a mop
szymon Nunu
szymon Nunu Pred 2 leti
What Tobi said ?
Gary Pearce
Gary Pearce Pred 2 leti
Why was Ben phillips there? At least he was on the Paul's side
bracken headland
bracken headland Pred 2 leti
deji is all mouth
Ending it all
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