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7. jun. 2018

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Jaret Hinson
Jaret Hinson Pred letom
Benz doesn’t lose enough
Justin Cuapio
Justin Cuapio Pred 2 leti
What are the gloves the goalie is wearing?
minaam Ansari
minaam Ansari Pred 2 leti
bhez looks like a mean slim machine
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 leti
Will1324 Pred 2 leti
Bezingah is good but the other person isn't
King Glo
King Glo Pred 2 leti
Man like bez lookin good keep it up
ClammyBoi Pred 2 leti
Go Argentina!
Prosperous Burger
Prosperous Burger Pred 2 leti
u and your boyfriend look cute in this vid:)
Byron Jones
Byron Jones Pred 2 leti
Is the sidemen show click bait or not
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 2 leti
Lol the ending
Levi Lewis
Levi Lewis Pred 2 leti
You fucking amazing let me.meet the side men
Fyn Rajah
Fyn Rajah Pred 2 leti
Next time go up against someone who can actually play football 😂 Ly gib haha
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Pred 2 leti
I am an Amateur Boxer 🥊, I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and I have over 1550 Subscribers!
Adriel Jeiro
Adriel Jeiro Pred 2 leti
Nice Vid! I'm late sorry. I would love to do what you did in this video in the future! Looks Fun! :)
Frostbyte Gaming
Frostbyte Gaming Pred 2 leti
Germany is going to win
Marris Kwok
Marris Kwok Pred 2 leti
goalie sucks
Steven Nicolson
Steven Nicolson Pred 2 leti
You are looking sick man keep up the really good work should be well proud of yourself proper inspiration mate well done!
Josh Vlogs
Josh Vlogs Pred 2 leti
Behz , how many blowies would it take for you to help a fellow hammer ?
Yaseen Toson
Yaseen Toson Pred 2 leti
Hegazy is one of the best Egyptian defenders
Basi _
Basi _ Pred 2 leti
Are you just gonna ignore the massive change in bodies of gib and behz.Well done. Motivations!!!
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred 2 leti
lit ep.
leomagbo Pred 2 leti
You are way thiner no offense
MohamedBaShee Gaming
your laugh is that besttt!!!!!!!
efcconnor11 Pred 2 leti
I joined ur World Cup league
AKKHAN 123 Pred 2 leti
The thing is, I’m 13 and can kick a ball harder than both of them😂
Antony Cooke
Antony Cooke Pred 2 leti
AKKHAN 123 yup same😂
Danyal Pred 2 leti
ikrash mahay
ikrash mahay Pred 2 leti
You should have toke messi insteed of ronaldo
piotr wolicki
piotr wolicki Pred 2 leti
Y u hit lewandowski m8
Oscar Lagan
Oscar Lagan Pred 2 leti
I can shoot it harder than them... And I’m 13
Ghxst Baby
Ghxst Baby Pred 2 leti
behz, you look amazing & youre so funny, ilysm have a good day!
santhosh dayananthan
wheres neymar
Drew Koble
Drew Koble Pred 2 leti
Behzinga are you still training for boxing?
gamer _A.R
gamer _A.R Pred 2 leti
the goat...you deserve to be in the world cup
Aarshiv Aang
Aarshiv Aang Pred 2 leti
Behz u are looking trim lad!
WithoutContext Pred 2 leti
Damn Behz you really looking fantastic
YoCamz Pred 2 leti
love the effort your puting into everything. your an inspiration for people and keep up the great work! love your channel
alex Pred 2 leti
I had a dream and Benz was in it and I asked him how it is to be a SLtvr. He didn't reply so I waiting for it.
IIIFluxx Pred 2 leti
Maaannnn very noticeable change in body shape. Well fkn done Ethan, keep it up.
ProblemTree Pred 2 leti
Looking absolutely smashing Behz!! Keep up the hard work bruv
Jãmës Pred 2 leti
U acc look bare hench bro 🙌🙌
Anirudh Anil
Anirudh Anil Pred 2 leti
A wild gib appeared from outta nowhere
YaBoiiJordan Pred 2 leti
What a duo Gib and Behz! Look great Behz keep it up 🔥🤙
Andrew Wise
Andrew Wise Pred 2 leti
U guys need to play actual like backyard World Cup where u call ur country before u shoot
Motitis 23
Motitis 23 Pred 2 leti
OMG benz you lost some SERIOUS weight you are looking so better now
Walahi Pred 2 leti
Why is anesongib being such a weird guy with that head movement
chamyouN Pred 2 leti
expect for KSI,nobody in the Sidmen for some reason likes Messi more! lol strange
DisTrict Pred 2 leti
Yo mans looking kinda Peng ya know keep it up behz love you ❤️💯😂🔥
Aaron Boyce
Aaron Boyce Pred 2 leti
Ethan’s weight loss is mad. Keep up the work man
OYUN DÜNYASI Pred 2 leti
Courtois,Ramos,Boateng,Marcelo,Dani Alves,Modric,Kroos,De Bruyne,Ronaldo,Messi,Salah
LOJPIK Pred 2 leti
finally video which is gooooood, big like from Slovakia
Presto Pred 2 leti
Really one of your best vids imo👌❤️
Hugo Deegan
Hugo Deegan Pred 2 leti
Please never say SEWWW AGAIN
Kev Lay
Kev Lay Pred 2 leti
0:16 Behz u should have put the ali-a intro after that sentence
Tyrant Pred 2 leti
Liked the idea of the video, but the other guy was mad annoying
Younes Pred 2 leti
Jesus it's Ramadan!😂
RemboX3 Pred 2 leti
Behz looks so different
:p p
:p p Pred 2 leti
This actually looked like you put so much effort into this video. Respect because I’m lazy
Ganda Pred 2 leti
Oh My God Benz u look so amazing keep it up ❤️❤️
Erik Franco
Erik Franco Pred 2 leti
Is that also the F2 keeper?
hugo martinez
hugo martinez Pred 2 leti
Bez is a goat. He’s my hero. would love to meet all you guys soon. good vibes
David Po'ona
David Po'ona Pred 2 leti
Song @ 8:20 please?
MS7 Pred 2 leti
Meharab Choudhury
Meharab Choudhury Pred 2 leti
Shooting has improved so much
prod. PXRXDISE! Pred 2 leti
What a video,Behzinga! Make another one!!!!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Pred 2 leti
Ethan really proud of you fam seeing you lost a few pounds. You look much better ;)
7:56 wasn’t this a fifa street song ???
londonxlove Pred 2 leti
So proud of you Behz❤️. You’ve been doing so wonderful fit wise, your channel is the great content we love and you’re still yourself whilst you do it. Keep up the great work!
Monkey Man
Monkey Man Pred 2 leti
I swear i have seen the guy at 9:16 somewhere
Irffreezy •
Irffreezy • Pred 2 leti
Martin Liereng Sund he did some vids that mock United fans in general haha
Rebena Bhatti
Rebena Bhatti Pred 2 leti
Banging video Behz keep it up and bang jay out
Niall Swan
Niall Swan Pred 2 leti
7:07 the ball never comes back down :O
James Allen
James Allen Pred 2 leti
Fair play on the weight loss Bro keep it up. ❤️
Sean kelly
Sean kelly Pred 2 leti
You look in such good shape mate
Kyle Green
Kyle Green Pred 2 leti
Pause at 2:47
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel Pred 2 leti
Ethan and gib is the funniest duo ever
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre Pred 2 leti
7:08 where does the ball go after he hits the crossbar
joshedz Pred 2 leti
man lyk behz done bits
Ajay Sumanth
Ajay Sumanth Pred 2 leti
Where was this in the charity match?!!
Liam Ratten
Liam Ratten Pred 2 leti
Well done on loosing all that Wight bez Chelsea fan making this dream team My dream team Gk caba team Chelsea Cb stones team man city Cb asbi team Chelsea Lb marcelo team real Madrid Rb ramos team real Madrid Cm kante team Chelsea Cm modric team real Madrid Cm kroos team real Madrid Lw hazard team Chelsea Rw salah team Liverpool St Ronaldo team real Madrid Subs Ta stagen Bale Grouid Cahill Messi Xavi
No Sir
No Sir Pred 2 leti
Favourite SLtvr
Triscia C
Triscia C Pred 2 leti
Behz be looking good....you will be the better looking Sidemen when you are done! Continue being an inspiration.
Ewy Qwarp
Ewy Qwarp Pred 2 leti
Bezhy looking so fit and sexy. Keep up the working out my man
Ma kri
Ma kri Pred 2 leti
my phone number is apparently not a real number so i can't register to make my dream team. I'm from Norway, is this only for people in uk? @behzinga
max doherty
max doherty Pred 2 leti
i am wearing the same clothes as gib rn
Maincity 11
Maincity 11 Pred 2 leti
Behz with them gains all my respect bro
C K Pred 2 leti
Your journey is truly inspirational
amx607 II
amx607 II Pred 2 leti
Behzinga better than before
SEMAJ HCAZ Pred 2 leti
1 milf for each gate?
Harvey Carter
Harvey Carter Pred 2 leti
absolute phenomenal transformation for behz lots of respect
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran Pred 2 leti
Great vid behz😀
abigail Pred 2 leti
Who else thinks behz is gonna fight gib
Sparrow FC
Sparrow FC Pred 2 leti
Great video
Lucas Jackers
Lucas Jackers Pred 2 leti
You look already amazing
Ryan Talukder
Ryan Talukder Pred 2 leti
Benz is looking ripped af!
Guillermo Cabrera
Guillermo Cabrera Pred 2 leti
Behz lookin in great shape 🔥
Tobosco Pred 2 leti
there is no way on earth ethans shots were slower it just messed up your speeds
ManLikeChelsea Pred 2 leti
I never thought I’d love this duo that much! You and Gib together are bants! 💙
Kalema Fa
Kalema Fa Pred 2 leti
Aspect Pred 2 leti
Bez looking good. Keep up the work brother!
So why haven’t you done any of this during the charity match?
WestSide Antifa
WestSide Antifa Pred 2 leti
nice video bez.i enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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first game with MY SKIN