The #1 Pick in the Draft! MLB The Show 21 Road To The Show #1 

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Today we have are back with another MLB The Show 21 gameplay in the road to the show game mode! This is a MLB Video wuth the Draft and first 15 games! TDBarrett




16. apr. 2021

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Brett Barrett
Brett Barrett Pred 21 dnevom
Well lets see how this goes! #ROADTO100K!
Luke Rakow
Luke Rakow Pred 9 dnevi
BOOOO nobody likes ur vids
Niko Rissi
Niko Rissi Pred 15 dnevi
Think it’s goin pretty well (300k+)🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂
Chase Szabo
Chase Szabo Pred 16 dnevi
Let me be in that franchise
lakerskid2013 Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Brett, I have an idea for you that I think would work really well. Have your PCI set to the inside corner and that way you can avoid pop ups. Not all the time but for me it’s easier to see where the ball goes and if I need to move it on the outside corner or up high, it’s much easier. Try doing that and you may get more hits and better hit balls for even extra base hits as well. It also gets easier to lay off bad pitches
James Noble, Jr
James Noble, Jr Pred 16 dnevi
There’s gotta be a way to not be a pitcher in this mode.
ShadowHaven88 Pred 7 urami
Brett Barrett are you playing on ps4 by any chance im asking because im thinking about getting it
Robert Deyo
Robert Deyo Pred 9 urami
"I have to start pitching to outs" Wtf were you pitching to before?
Nick DePiero
Nick DePiero Pred 14 urami
Just switch the pitching setting
Jason Ziegelmeyer
Jason Ziegelmeyer Pred 23 urami
Is this guy always so coked out and loud?
Prince Kurie
Prince Kurie Pred dnevom
I wanna go random but that Slam Diego Duo with Tatis sounds too good
Santana Jenkins
Santana Jenkins Pred dnevom
Great banger vid bro! keep up the good work!
Andy Ferreira
Andy Ferreira Pred dnevom
Anyone else not get the ball trail when fielding ? And how do we change that option ?
Edwin Mosley
Edwin Mosley Pred dnevom
All this video proved to me,is that this is what the coronavirus pandemic has caused...and that big pharma should never absolutely never stop producing Adderall and Xanax, or this could actually be walking the streets unmedicated.🤣🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️💯💊💊💊
King Eddie of Eddington
Yes, you are on the Bingham Rumble Ponies which is the Mets’ Double-A affiliate.
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Pred 4 dnevi
Anime Flash
Anime Flash Pred 4 dnevi
Ur using the wrong pitching system in settings you can choose and go back to the old pitching system in previous mlb the show games
Vincent Tullis
Vincent Tullis Pred 4 dnevi
How to get face scan
Gaming addictz
Gaming addictz Pred 5 dnevi
I got drafted by the Texas rangers so not everyone goes to the same team
Gaming addictz
Gaming addictz Pred 5 dnevi
My favorite team is the Mets in real life let’s go Mets and Brett
Yasin Alsharif
Yasin Alsharif Pred 5 dnevi
440k views damn
CJ N Pred 5 dnevi
He yells too much
Wallace Hester
Wallace Hester Pred 6 dnevi
Bring back pga
Caleb McKinney
Caleb McKinney Pred 6 dnevi
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone celebrate a single so much 😂😂
Robert Deyo
Robert Deyo Pred 9 urami
I'm 100 percent sure this dude does coke. He celebrated taking a ball
Caleb McKinney
Caleb McKinney Pred 6 dnevi
You need to change your pitching to the meter
Jose F. Diaz
Jose F. Diaz Pred 7 dnevi
Bought the game, realized I couldn’t carry my RTTS character forward that I’ve been playing since 2016. Deleted the game. Small price to pay to realize this game is no longer for me.
Jason Healey
Jason Healey Pred 7 dnevi
Tds baaaccccckkkkk
James Settles
James Settles Pred 7 dnevi
My favorite team is the cubs
Tide 1419
Tide 1419 Pred 8 dnevi
I've watched. Brett batty in real life
Michael skaggs
Michael skaggs Pred 9 dnevi
Cardinals all day
Luke Rakow
Luke Rakow Pred 9 dnevi
why do u say u got the number 1 pick in the draft?
Perzaye Goodman
Perzaye Goodman Pred 9 dnevi
You’re the rumble ponies Brett
AdmireNickle 132
AdmireNickle 132 Pred 9 dnevi
If you actually read some of the shit that popped up you wouldn’t be so confused 🤣lmao
Tbone88 Pred 9 dnevi
Fix your shoulders
Growing jordon
Growing jordon Pred 10 dnevi
red sox papi
NotJordqn Pred 10 dnevi
“550, 550...415 close” literally 135 feet off lmao
IpSy tK
IpSy tK Pred 10 dnevi
game audio was really low just leting you know
NotJordqn Pred 10 dnevi
Idk if you could see but you are the rumble ponies im commenting before finishing so if you find out then my bad but if not
Baby_Pluto23 Pred 10 dnevi
Bro you are so trash I waited 50 minutes just for you to strikeout terrible video get better your so trash
Josiah Rich
Josiah Rich Pred 10 dnevi
Brett: HOLY SCHMOLE!!! Me: Dies Of Laughter
Be like Chazz
Be like Chazz Pred 10 dnevi
Bro was using pinpoint pitching and said what is this
Bryce Popken
Bryce Popken Pred 10 dnevi
When you are pitching follow what the thing does. Don’t go down also just follow the mechanism
YTAlek Pred 11 dnevi
Is there no more player archetypes ?
Landon Hill
Landon Hill Pred 11 dnevi
My eyes are blue lol
Comet Pred 11 dnevi
Congrats on 100k
Matty_ice13 Pred 11 dnevi
This mans skipped the entire tutorial and then went straight into the heat with a 36 Overall 😂,
Josh Staples
Josh Staples Pred 11 dnevi
Yes it’s a real thing, I live in bing. We hate the re name of the team
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson Pred 11 dnevi
Bro you said 550 and it was 415 you said pretty close
SuperZack54123 Pred 12 dnevi
He looks like Doug
BJD 15
BJD 15 Pred 12 dnevi
Dodger films when he td say who throw high sided 😐
James Pred 12 dnevi
Funniest TD video ever
Wayland Shepard
Wayland Shepard Pred 12 dnevi
skips through loadout tutorial- "what the heck is this"
Megan Metro
Megan Metro Pred 12 dnevi
It literally shows you an example for every pitch..... doesn't do what it says.... ever
DXRK Pred 12 dnevi
Never seen him this mad in a while😬😬😬😬
Mari Pred 12 dnevi
I subbed for u❤💚
SF Clan
SF Clan Pred 12 dnevi
I live around Binghamton and a go to Rumble Ponies games fun fact Tim Tebow played for the Rumble Ponies and they used to be the Binghamton Mets
hayden robinson
hayden robinson Pred 12 dnevi
Brett is so damn bipolar
Navy Vet713
Navy Vet713 Pred 12 dnevi
Are those legs or small twigs!!!!
Kyle Venetoff
Kyle Venetoff Pred 12 dnevi
You don't go number 1 overall in the mode though lol
Ian John Lee
Ian John Lee Pred 12 dnevi
Why is it graphics of MLB are all the same MLB19 to MLB21 are all the same.
Jad 1220
Jad 1220 Pred 12 dnevi
Brad Dier
Brad Dier Pred 12 dnevi
And yes, Binghamton and the surrounding areas are definitely pretty with the hills and whatnot.
Brad Dier
Brad Dier Pred 12 dnevi
I just realized you're on the rumble ponies which is my local minors club.
Brad Dier
Brad Dier Pred 12 dnevi
Diehard Braves fan. I too, a different route so far with my career this year than you. I picked my team since ive never gotten to play for them in RTTS. Love this game so much tho.
MB2yessir Pred 13 dnevi
"Omgg I got drafted by the mets!!!.. wait, they don't know what position I play!!" 💀💀💀 lmao
ZTripleGX Pred 13 dnevi
John Wayne
John Wayne Pred 13 dnevi
Click bait. Lawl
Zen Solo
Zen Solo Pred 13 dnevi
I live in Akron 😅
Darren Reddick
Darren Reddick Pred 13 dnevi
Why don't you just change it to a different pitching control style
_metrick_ 1
_metrick_ 1 Pred 13 dnevi
🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 first home run more to go!
It's me, Hispanic Oprah
This is so fucking ass. They got rid of the showcase which was one of the best parts of RTTS
Jay Filean
Jay Filean Pred 13 dnevi
this dudes audio is trash
Joshua Massie
Joshua Massie Pred 13 dnevi
You're rushing the pitching.. once you get to the end of the pitch you have to hold the stick at the end point not let it go.
Jacoby Bryant
Jacoby Bryant Pred 13 dnevi
i got drafted by the yankees
Johnny Castro
Johnny Castro Pred 13 dnevi
Johnny Castro
Johnny Castro Pred 13 dnevi
Good swing bro
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Pred 13 dnevi
This is the worst road to the show series I have ever seen, plus the cringe clickbait
FirstToTheParty Breeze
Change the pitching format. That drawing shit ain’t work
joshua woods.
joshua woods. Pred 13 dnevi
somebody tell this man that there’s loadouts for pitching and batting where he can get better stats
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Pred 13 dnevi
Honestly it is waaaay to hard to watch him bc he pisses me off with the amount of stupid things he does and says
HypEr YT
HypEr YT Pred 14 dnevi
you Aint rankec yet thats why. like madden series def u
NFL MANIA Pred 14 dnevi
TD is low key looking like a pigeon in the game😂
Jordan Wafer
Jordan Wafer Pred 14 dnevi
teh homer tho, LETS GOOO!
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Pred 14 dnevi
“Good pitch” was said a million times this video
Zulu Gaming
Zulu Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Do we have any “MiamiWegoingup” ogs’
Logan Beatty
Logan Beatty Pred 14 dnevi
Ayo my favorite team is the San Francisco Giants
Jeremey Jackson
Jeremey Jackson Pred 14 dnevi
Is this on ps4 or ps5
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean Pred 14 dnevi
Man I can't wait to get this haha
Michael McFarlin
Michael McFarlin Pred 14 dnevi
Brett should be switched to Shortstop, whatching Brett is hard to watch. He could however switch the pitching mode in settings
It’s winterz 1
It’s winterz 1 Pred 14 dnevi
Houston Astros
G N Sports
G N Sports Pred 14 dnevi
The west coast is the best coast!!!
steven Grazi
steven Grazi Pred 14 dnevi
You are the rumble ponies @brettbarrett
coolguy21334 Pred 14 dnevi
This guy is annoying af
Rocky Brown
Rocky Brown Pred 14 dnevi
Honestly i had a nasty splitter and those are the pitches i choose as well.
Phillip Zweifel
Phillip Zweifel Pred 14 dnevi
This is such a funny video when you're getting pissed at the pitching has me absolutely rolling I'm such a huge fan and can't wait for you to come out with shirts bro I'm reppin hard this has me dying
Michael Faith
Michael Faith Pred 15 dnevi
zey hogan
zey hogan Pred 15 dnevi
first thoughts, you gotta do more of a let’s play style. we wanna hear the games commentary in the opening scene more. make it so it’s like we are playing the game ourselves (for the ones that don’t have the game)
Daniel Bragg
Daniel Bragg Pred 15 dnevi
Imagine being this triggered about the pitching mechanic, when there are all kinds of videos on SLtv to show how to pitch. A SLtvr is REFUSING TO WATCH SLtv! LOL
NJK 20
NJK 20 Pred 15 dnevi
If this gives you a lot of memories as you stated in the beginning, then maybe start playing it more and make us happy, because madden everyday is annoying
CDubs142 Pred 15 dnevi
I just came here to say that you are the most annoying person i have ever heard
Jared Reed
Jared Reed Pred 15 dnevi
Got the body type like devonta smith
Marquis Clark
Marquis Clark Pred 15 dnevi
" i dont have stats?" Brett no offense you the worse player on the team ya stats to bad to even pop up
Marquis Clark
Marquis Clark Pred 15 dnevi
Not TD forgetting that he plays for the rumble ponies
Jared Prince
Jared Prince Pred 15 dnevi
SO GLAD that you are back with the rtts stream!
Jalendashaun Pred 15 dnevi
Ogledi 1,7 mio.
Ogledi 1,7 mio.
I made a promise..
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