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Turkish Jungler and Korean Top Laner, which team is that? Ahead of LEC Spring 2021 we asked players to guess the LEC or LCS team by only looking at the flags of where the players and coach are from.
These were some of their answers.




4. mar. 2021

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Grwin Pred dnevom
🇹🇷 korean top lane
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Pred 5 dnevi
Lmao, the more Americans on the team, the lower they are ranked. LCS is free as hell.
PowerCrafter123 Pred 6 dnevi
Jankos: "Croatian support, so Kaiser, so it's Mad." Kaiser is probably the most german sounding besides Upset and GodGilius when he says Abbedagge.
Mariano Miniño
Mariano Miniño Pred 8 dnevi
nukeduck showing off his geographic abilitis
Skye Gray
Skye Gray Pred 17 dnevi
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Levent Gülen
Levent Gülen Pred 21 dnevom
bb is not german. türk oğlu türk.
Eunice Reeves
Eunice Reeves Pred 23 dnevi
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Logan michelin
Logan michelin Pred 25 dnevi
Holy shit 5/5 lets gooooo
Tomeeo Pred 27 dnevi
Golden Gvardians!! xD
Tomeeo Pred 27 dnevi
But BB is alco german!!
DatSky Pred 28 dnevi
Hans Sama didn't know he was french
Skain Pred 28 dnevi
Zanzarah is so wholesome.
Chase Matranga
Chase Matranga Pred 29 dnevi
Rekkles is wildly attractive. Wtf
benN Pred 29 dnevi
rekkles is destroying this
Taku Korosa
Taku Korosa Pred 29 dnevi
It feels weird to see Bwipo so low in quiz rankings.
Daniel Mazánek
Daniel Mazánek Pred mesecem
I'm surprised Humanoid (czech) didn't get the Slovakian adc in Schalke
Gordie Allen
Gordie Allen Pred mesecem
Jankos landing more guesses than Nidalee spears.
burak altun
burak altun Pred mesecem
Armut ne yalansın ama :D
Adrien Dimitri
Adrien Dimitri Pred mesecem
Rekkles is so smart man, not forgetting Odoame too
Ben Pred mesecem
dam odo and rekkles smurf that test. except rekkles also smurf in game. nice
Jonathan Doe
Jonathan Doe Pred mesecem
Interviewer: what team is this? Jankos: aMeRiCaNs
SJR Pred mesecem
6:40 secs of guess who the european player is in lcs and you get the team LOOL
Paul Pred mesecem
That deduction by Jankos, 4 NA players = worst team in LCS = who is worst in LCS? Ah yes Golden Guardians.
Bryce Cuadra
Bryce Cuadra Pred mesecem
Rekkles knows best
Novaa Pred mesecem
Funny thing is Golden Guardians are at the bottom of the standings as we speak lmaoo
Daws Gamer
Daws Gamer Pred mesecem
Y mi Josesito de uwu?
Cosimo Pred mesecem
rekkless did his homework.
Axel1308 Pred mesecem
That's too easy, make it with LCK
Doc Huynh
Doc Huynh Pred mesecem
is there a full version? i wanna see caps guessing
No Quad
No Quad Pred mesecem
Nukeduck actually thought turkish flagg is korea. That is some new level of stupidity
Paul Pred mesecem
"Oh man there's a lot of Americans this is for sure bottom team" not even wrong KEKW
Tonio Kettner
Tonio Kettner Pred mesecem
highlight is jankos spitting the truth about lcs
Luaga Rota
Luaga Rota Pred mesecem
Where new video
Diego M
Diego M Pred mesecem
4:48 he is literally in the 9th of 10 xd
DonDidek Pred mesecem
Jankos hit that like a spear :D
Tomas Barcos
Tomas Barcos Pred mesecem
Wait is really hans sama French
justin short
justin short Pred mesecem
i feel like everyone who guessed golden guardians for the second should get the point, they just one year off
Human1165 Pred mesecem
They not only have the worst top laner in the world but the worst pro league of legends player we have ever seen step on the scene. It’s so embarrassing watching them play. I can’t believe that Niles just snatched $100k from LCS this year playing that way. This should be illegal lol.
Norbert Smirnowski
Norbert Smirnowski Pred mesecem
1000 it's me
Devin Murphy
Devin Murphy Pred mesecem
Rekkles Smurf’s even on LEC quizzes
Karoltes Pred mesecem
It's so cringy for me that they don't know about each other in LEC... they also can't recognize flags xD
Solestian Pred mesecem
'Who cares about CLG?''... True, but you're in Astralis, so yeh.
Dylan MS
Dylan MS Pred mesecem
Grande Josesito!
Aqua Variscite
Aqua Variscite Pred mesecem
not a single american on the team... says C9 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Richard Janeček
Richard Janeček Pred mesecem
Isnt the coach in 100T Freeze(so he should be czech)?
Thad Ho
Thad Ho Pred mesecem
wanted to see them guess Dignitas, and have them see how an all American team is second in LCS
Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins Pred mesecem
Rekkles and Odoamne got 6 of the team, Rito needs to nerf them
Noel Covarrubias
Noel Covarrubias Pred mesecem
"Who cares about CLG" LMAOOOOOOOOOO
Fabian John
Fabian John Pred mesecem
Wunder was playing wow, so he had no time
Çınar Ö.
Çınar Ö. Pred mesecem
But Gillius is Turkish not German right?
bobbyrachel Pred mesecem
Rekkles and odoamne really good
verboncu samuel
verboncu samuel Pred mesecem
So proud to be romanian ! Thx ODoamne !!!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred mesecem
Can't believe Trivia Master Bwipo isn't on top of the standings this time
Hamlet0727 Pred mesecem
Hoang Allen
Hoang Allen Pred mesecem
5:25 me trying to sound smart in class
Bastian Valero
Bastian Valero Pred mesecem
Rekkles so smart
Kaurumi Pred mesecem
Todos pensando en josesitodeodo en la ultima XDDDDDDDDD
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred mesecem
lol once you figured out the turkish flag you knew what team it was. haha im an american idk so many of these flags XD
Wollfi Pred mesecem
4:05 Zanzarah: "Who cares about CLG, man." 4:45 Zanzarah: "There's a lot of Americans, man. This is for sure bottom team." 5:45 Jankos: "Americans... Who would have so many NA players in their team. That's a disaster. Probably like bottom, 10th team in the LCS."
•GeoReny• Pred mesecem
Odoamne and Rekkles👐 Forta Romania!
Ramon Tavares da Cruz
Hans Sama finding out that Huhi's korean was so adorable
Ramon Tavares da Cruz
Korean top Turkish flag The flags don't look anything alike and the countries are more far from each other than Janko's Nidalee Spears are from their target, c'mon Nukeduck if you're not brilliant at the game at least you can't be ignorant
Franco Tsanganelias
Franco Tsanganelias Pred mesecem
Rekkles, bueno para todo.
speeder mine
speeder mine Pred mesecem
Rekkles on fire
Roy Lin
Roy Lin Pred mesecem
please do more this is so fun
Beatrix Kiddo
Beatrix Kiddo Pred mesecem
Why Gilius considered as a German but BB is not consider as a German? or why Blue is not considered as a Belgian?
Jan1s Pred mesecem
Zanzarah perma flaming LCS but is speedrunning last place LEC?!
Yato Pred mesecem
envie de monter zanzarah en l'air
Mono Rabioso
Mono Rabioso Pred mesecem
alguien mas esperando que saliera flyquest para que nombre a josedeowo
Osama Al Haid
Osama Al Haid Pred mesecem
Bwipo didn't ace this? It must be rigged. He always destroys these quizzes
RaceCmart Pred mesecem
Wait, it is LEC Pop Quiz, and Bwipo didn't 1st place???? unsubscribing....
Maa Boiiyo
Maa Boiiyo Pred mesecem
lol once you figured out the turkish flag you knew what team it was. haha im an american idk so many of these flags XD
Berkay Can Uygun
Berkay Can Uygun Pred mesecem
malmut ya
Vex Pred mesecem
Rekkles smurfs all of these
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred mesecem
5:20 That's exactly how I sound trying to do an Italian accent.
broefkip Pred mesecem
ah man, I felt I was smurfing so hard, instantly knew all of them but then got overconfident and said flyquest instead of GG because of josedeodo xD
Youyou Thunder
Youyou Thunder Pred mesecem
love this contnet plz keep this stuff up where u bring in players !
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred mesecem
So Rekkles actually follows and sometimes watches LCS not only LEC. He got all of them so easy. I guess the man is prepared to play againts any team.
Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner Pred mesecem
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Feyrun Tw
Feyrun Tw Pred mesecem
can we make the LEC players a flag exam before their entrance in the league ?
グレジーア Pred mesecem
In short: Rekkles and odo have big brain
TheDragoN Gaming
TheDragoN Gaming Pred mesecem
Imagine CLG, KEKW 🤣
Greippi10 Pred mesecem
"Oh yeah but who cares about CLG, man?" Bruh.
Sina Liza
Sina Liza Pred mesecem
Zanzarah is a walking meme man :D
gnurt AEDD
gnurt AEDD Pred mesecem
Jankos is so similar to Andy Samberg, both the look and his character
Theo Leon
Theo Leon Pred mesecem
How about doing this on LPL and LCK team. First Question 5 Korean player, Second Question 5 Chinese player. Guessing Player : Uhhhh........What???
Соsmic Pred mesecem
Zanzarah talks like obama
TunisianDom 93
TunisianDom 93 Pred mesecem
4:06 Trueeeee
justkidding Pred mesecem
Isnt brokenblade german ? ^^
Atalay Ak
Atalay Ak Pred mesecem
Rekkles is a machine
SavageLife Pred mesecem
5:51 he’s not wrong they sitting at dead last lmao
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred mesecem
Kaiser Croatian YUP
AEG Pred mesecem
Juan Francisco García
So Rekkles actually follows and sometimes watches LCS not only LEC. He got all of them so easy. I guess the man is prepared to play againts any team.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred mesecem
Hans is so cute hahaha
Nunu OTP
Nunu OTP Pred mesecem
Why is rekkles so good at every damn thing he does
KartoflanyStefan Pred mesecem
this man who doesnt recognize flags....
Hamama The potato
Hamama The potato Pred mesecem
Korean top chinese jungler kekw
DerKleineJim Pred mesecem
4:48 laughing, "4 americans, this is for sure bottom team" xD
Kodokushi Nomi
Kodokushi Nomi Pred mesecem
Jankos still manage to peak a mic
Ruben Mendoza.
Ruben Mendoza. Pred mesecem
Imagine how Odoamne know about Josedeuwu :)
xPlicit Pred mesecem
damn my boy odoamne smurfin'
Lazlum Pred mesecem
2:25 Me on math exams
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