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Relaxing Italian Instrumental Music
Full playlist on Spotify @ open.spotify.com/playlist/5GBhq7FomCfQpySAykigQN?si=FTISEy1tTMW7tobNbdQFdw




21. jul. 2018

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Buddha's Lounge
Buddha's Lounge Pred 17 dnevi
Full playlist on Spotify @ open.spotify.com/playlist/5GBhq7FomCfQpySAykigQN?si=FTISEy1tTMW7tobNbdQFdw
The Productive Procrastination
Eating Pasta Cabonara (take away) during isolation and listeningbyo this... love it
Jenny Wohlwend
Jenny Wohlwend Pred dnevom
I just found my favorite study music. Thank you
chems eddine bourouba
2021 vive Italie ciao im from aljer 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇩🇿
mewman namwem
mewman namwem Pred dnevom
Love italy !
Samriddhi Gulati
Samriddhi Gulati Pred 2 dnevi
i was making breakfast while listening to this n man ratatouie was flowing through my veins
Roston Mathias
Roston Mathias Pred 2 dnevi
Ingrid Baten perez
Ingrid Baten perez Pred 2 dnevi
no entiendo ni madres los comentarios, pero se que diran que la musica esta chida
coshtey alexasnder
coshtey alexasnder Pred 2 dnevi
Liliana Sanchez Talavera
ciao from italy
दा山 777 _
दा山 777 _ Pred 3 dnevi
when you add some to oregano to your curry...
zahidsrpk Pred 3 dnevi
Bobby Hopper
Bobby Hopper Pred 3 dnevi
Where’s the names of the songs?
Mehrdad Daftari
Mehrdad Daftari Pred 3 dnevi
DaThBy73 Pred 3 dnevi
buono questo cappuccino mamma mia
Pola Hasiuk
Pola Hasiuk Pred 3 dnevi
Francesco Convenuti
Francesco Convenuti Pred 4 dnevi
our music our origins
Alberto Aramburo
Alberto Aramburo Pred 4 dnevi
Siento como si estuviera en Nápoles. O sole mio!
My İpek
My İpek Pred 5 dnevi
The music so beautiful.
SULAIMAN 19 Pred 5 dnevi
Julie Chrysostom
Julie Chrysostom Pred 5 dnevi
gn im from Trinidad im playing this song while making pancakes and drinking a glass of classic RED WINE ;) Best evening ever!!!!!!
Szandra Tasnádi
Szandra Tasnádi Pred 5 dnevi
We started to listen to this music when I started the cooking of sourdough pizza. We listen to this almost every evening, even when we are not eating any italian food. Such a beautiful compilation, thank you so much for that! I wish to visit Italy soon. I miss Venice so much!
Stephane Czajkowski
Stephane Czajkowski Pred 6 dnevi
It seems to be played with an amercican mandolin.
Antonio Morin
Antonio Morin Pred 6 dnevi
México 🇲🇽 respeta y ama a Italia 🇮🇹. 🇲🇽🤝🇮🇹
Jonathan Reimund
Jonathan Reimund Pred 6 dnevi
Mama Bella italia prego sie cena ola messaggio
Banana stix
Banana stix Pred 6 dnevi
i just wanna drive down an old windy italian road in a ferrari next to the ocean with this playing
The grey goblin
The grey goblin Pred dnevom
How accurate 📍!!! I feel the same
barbecued beef
barbecued beef Pred 7 dnevi
I am Italian and this is very soothing, my grandma said she likes it too
Byron777 Pred 7 dnevi
Sitting in my backyard 72 degrees out birds singing and my golden mini doxie rolling around in the grass while this is playing... slight breeze occasionally 😌 Heaven.
chrisaberg453 Pred 8 dnevi
Drove to the gas station (kwik trip) picked up a couple of spaghetti and meatball meals. Then drove to the liquor store and picked up Stella Rosa Black Cherry red wine. Slammed the meals in the wave then lit some candles and put some music on and my wife and I keep romance alive! Enjoy everyone!
Cynthia Genao
Cynthia Genao Pred 9 dnevi
I need to go to paris one day 🙏🙏🥰🥰❤️ my heart is French 🤗
CECILIA MANCO Pred 10 dnevi
No conozco Italia pero ya tendre la oportunidad de conocerla mientras tanto la musica bella bella queria ITALIA madonna mía.
Ioana Maria STOICA
Ioana Maria STOICA Pred 10 dnevi
i kinda miss Italy ngl
cemile quliyeva
cemile quliyeva Pred 11 dnevi
i love it
Hilarry Henry
Hilarry Henry Pred 11 dnevi
this song made me feel better!
Anahi Muro
Anahi Muro Pred 11 dnevi
I can’t wait to go to Italy 🇮🇹 love this music
fava tirado
fava tirado Pred 12 dnevi
Always wish to be there to knock on that door n enjoy this music all the way through
Salvatore Pani
Salvatore Pani Pred 12 dnevi
La musica piu bella del mondo
fiorela cueva martinez
Amo esta Música es alegria PURA,me transporta a Italia
chanvit petcharakul
chanvit petcharakul Pred 12 dnevi
very good listening in the morning
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Pred 13 dnevi
I have found out I’m 70 precent Italian
Giuseppe Fosci
Giuseppe Fosci Pred 3 dnevi
welcome among us. Benvenuto tra noi.
Alex De
Alex De Pred 13 dnevi
23:45 Please tell me the name of this song.
武田裕輝 Pred 12 dnevi
Yes, "Brucia La Terra" is Italian title. English title is "(Love theme from) The Godfather" 1972 Nino Rota or "Speak Softly, Love" 1972 Andy Williams *U.S. crime film "The Godfather" theme song.
OnlyaJoke Pred 13 dnevi
use the "shazam" app to check this song
Toleen ’
Toleen ’ Pred 13 dnevi
Brucia la terra
Gülçin Yetkin
Gülçin Yetkin Pred 14 dnevi
dinledikçe huzur bulmak..
Luna Tuna
Luna Tuna Pred 15 dnevi
Listening to this bella musical, and reading all the comments from around the world, it feels like Italy brings us all to one universal heartbeat of love. Hang in there everyone... this too shall pass
Ramil Khalil
Ramil Khalil Pred 15 dnevi
Kind Greetings From Azerbaijan 😁
MandaAccess Pred 16 dnevi
Always feel like I am on a serious quest
youngblood Pred 16 dnevi
end up here because i want to learn Italian after watching vincenco😂😅
Carmen Jazz
Carmen Jazz Pred 16 dnevi
Bella Italia, I miss you!
suersin Pred 17 dnevi
We love Italy. Greetings from Turkey !
damayatx Pred 17 dnevi
I'm having stuffed portabella mushrooms, angel hair, with a glass of red wine, along with this music.
Grace bacong
Grace bacong Pred 18 dnevi
I always love italian music..and its my dream place to visit since i was a little kid..and hopefully that dream come true someday 🙏
Donna Parducci
Donna Parducci Pred 18 dnevi
💕 love 🇮🇹 Italy dreaming of returning soon to the beautiful Amalfi Coast
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks Pred 19 dnevi
Madhurima Sarkar
Madhurima Sarkar Pred 20 dnevi
I just found this one on suggestioin list and I absolutely love it. I had no idea about italiann music, I think i'll start listening to them more. Totally made my morning. Love from India :)
Carlos Miguel
Carlos Miguel Pred 20 dnevi
bello bello bello muy bello
Ci vediamo❤️✌️🤗
Julia Chernova
Julia Chernova Pred 20 dnevi
Mmm. Mammma mia!)
gypsygirl731 Pred 21 dnevom
Cooked Italian diner to this fun stuff
Amanda Bastos
Amanda Bastos Pred 22 dnevi
The fact that last night I dreamed about living in Italy and still not able to get over it brought me here :)
J D Pred 22 dnevi
They sound like covers of Elvis songs
David Tornabene
David Tornabene Pred 9 dnevi
These songs was written way before Elvis has been born.
Richard Reyes
Richard Reyes Pred 23 dnevi
I am suppose to be working, but instead I am just enjoying the music and thinking about pizza!
Mila`s Garden Essential Oils
I miei antenati sono italiani, il mio sogno è visitare l'Italia, Firenze, Venezia, la Toscana, Assisi e tanti altri posti! Mia Bella Itália 🇮🇹
Lara Gabrielle
Lara Gabrielle Pred 24 dnevi
Top video of the year right here
MAYRA DELL Pred 24 dnevi
Superb job Kaylie!!! Absolutely beautiful and fantastic in all sense of the words.
Viola inches
Viola inches Pred 24 dnevi
Grazie per la bellissima musica di Winelands South Africa.
lia Aggelh
lia Aggelh Pred 24 dnevi
i love italy
Mix D
Mix D Pred 25 dnevi
Bella Musica molto rilassante
ozeas augusto canuto Canuto
Santos/SP- BRASIL Maravilhosas músicas. A linguagem da música é universal. OZEAS AUGUSTO CANUTO CANUTO.
ozeas augusto canuto Canuto
Mui bella.
Georgina Togme
Georgina Togme Pred 25 dnevi
perfect for studying ! it's not depressing or sad like other instrumentals hahaha love it !
Florence Meon
Florence Meon Pred 26 dnevi
Finger Shopping
Finger Shopping Pred 26 dnevi
I just don't understand why the thumbs down! love it!! reminds me of the movies Godfather!
Mike Angelo
Mike Angelo Pred 26 dnevi
O sole mio sta nfronte a te!
Fiorella Angela
Fiorella Angela Pred 26 dnevi
E partite con 'O sole mio...Grandi, vi adoro :-)
Big Foot
Big Foot Pred 26 dnevi
love to italy from india 🇮🇳🇮🇹
amedeo visentin
amedeo visentin Pred 26 dnevi
Sono italiano e ringrazio tutti per le belle parole dedicate, un forte abbraccio a tutte le nazioni💪🏻❤️🇮🇹 I am Italian and I thank everyone for the kind words they have dedicated, a big hug to all nations💪🏻❤️🌎🌍🌏
DaBlonde Caveman
DaBlonde Caveman Pred 27 dnevi
I enjoyed this so much thank you!
eSnare Pred 27 dnevi
does anyone know what the last song is?
Cody Badeaux
Cody Badeaux Pred 28 dnevi
My daytime drinking music. On an occasion😌Poor romantic soul. 😂. My cats like it alot too. The Vines sometimes bring comfort. But the Music needs no compliment to enjoy such beauty.
Adam G
Adam G Pred 29 dnevi
Any idea what instruments are in this besides guitar?
mariyanti sabarina
mariyanti sabarina Pred mesecem
Travis Friedel
Travis Friedel Pred mesecem
Thanks Italy
João Marcelo
João Marcelo Pred mesecem
Love from Brazil 🇧🇷🇮🇹. According to a DNA test, I'm 12% italian
Mehmet Seren Korkmaz
Reading a book of Niccolo Ammaniti...
Mobile Task Force Epsilon 11
I wish I could go to italy now!
Talha Berk
Talha Berk Pred mesecem
I like Italian culture and girls :D Such a beautiful country.
Snežana Oreb Ništa lakše
Predivna muzika bas kao i Italija❤ Italy❤👋
Shelley Lin
Shelley Lin Pred mesecem
I basically listen to this like at least 6 times a week LOOL pls dont delete it ever
Captain Thomas Campbell
Hello dear, how are you doing?
Rosita Lucia
Rosita Lucia Pred mesecem
Viva beautiful ITALIA !!!!
Shushanna Is
Shushanna Is Pred mesecem
Such a wonderful music and culture!😍😊 Italy gave to the world so much beauty, romance, and joy! 💙🤍💜
James Hormozi
James Hormozi Pred mesecem
Goes very well with mussels and red wine with my wife...right now. Grazie.
Nicola Pred mesecem
Non sa da fare, sono bastati i primi 3 minuti per ricordarmi i giri con nonna nel paese, la fisarmonica per i rioni la domenica mattina. Italia... Tu m'hai donato la cosa più bella, la capacità di stupirmi della tua bellezza ogni giorno
Maria Gabriela
Maria Gabriela Pred mesecem
Per favore un expresso!!!
Abner Pred mesecem
not me listening to this while studying Italian on Duolingo 🤌🤌🤌
juddy ash
juddy ash Pred mesecem
shine marife
shine marife Pred mesecem
I wish to visit Italy someday 💗🌻 beautiful country
BATHAM A.K. Pred mesecem
Italy the name of LoVE and Lovely People.
Anna Marcotulli
Anna Marcotulli Pred mesecem
Anna Marcotulli
Anna Marcotulli Pred mesecem
I'm def Italian from Brooklyn.
Diane M.
Diane M. Pred mesecem
ah yes the Italian singer Elvis Presley
David Tornabene
David Tornabene Pred 26 dnevi
Elvis made a cover of "o sole mio" not viceversa.
niki Pred mesecem
this is the type I music I will DIE for 😫
ROSÉ - 'Gone' M/V
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