Sec. Pete Buttigieg Proposed to His Husband in a Chicago Airport 

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg shares why he proposed to his husband at Chicago O'Hare airport and gives his opinion on the shift from automobile travel to alternate forms of travel.
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Sec. Pete Buttigieg Proposed to His Husband in a Chicago Airport- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




23. feb. 2021

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Customer Service
Customer Service Pred 11 dnevi
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
He proposed to his husband? If he's a husband why is he proposing? Why didn't Seth ask Pete about the milage tax he's proposing?
Freptboy Pred 25 dnevi
Lucky husband.
Thelma Rudolph
Thelma Rudolph Pred 25 dnevi
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Diane Durham
Diane Durham Pred mesecem
Now there is a role model for Congress!
ACS CP Pred mesecem
So many gay teenagers are looking for support from America and I only hope America can truly put these support from words to action!
Pinky Claire Sy Taduran
traffic sign boards, specially cameras must be updated, plate numbers must be in one text size not synthenticated or syndicated even the realtY business must be cheched up cause of these tax lieu......DMV rules must be strictly implemented and the traffic patrol people must be exposed to their job...and recognized
Josh Kim
Josh Kim Pred mesecem
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onetwocue Pred mesecem
I wonder if Pete has a fuzzy chest
Nathan Foleney
Nathan Foleney Pred mesecem
How can Pete call himself a Christian when he’s gay and he supports abortion.🤦‍♂️
Jonathan Wallace
Jonathan Wallace Pred mesecem
The axiomatic question disturbingly unpack because flag outstandingly scratch behind a spurious jeff. alcoholic, hollow harmony
Pinky Claire Sy Taduran
much safer too if the bicycle can have plate numbers for their safety what do you think, Mr Pete? They can also have insurance for that no more hit and run......
Pennie Tiell
Pennie Tiell Pred mesecem
The grandiose buzzard naturally supply because eight delightfully suck from a mundane dead. incandescent, spurious popcorn
Food, Life, Family
Food, Life, Family Pred mesecem
How can one man “propose” to another it doesn’t make sense. Two consenting adults can live how they choose, but it didn’t make it right, nor should it be normalized.
Patrick Bertlein
Patrick Bertlein Pred mesecem
Wait wait so this dude is gay and his names butt-igieg? too hilarious! Its okay to laugh about this. Its an obvious joke!
Sherry Crayne
Sherry Crayne Pred mesecem
Zoom is great for the environment! Don’t change it . Flying from LA to NY and vice versa NOT needed for movie promo etc. Save that budget and pay frontline workers much more! People making a million dollars an episode on TV ?
Arlie Waite
Arlie Waite Pred mesecem
Should have just elected him president. Let him settle the U.S. not continue the Democrats and republican popularity contest. We need to just do knowledge not the popularity.
yura skmm
yura skmm Pred mesecem
Getting flustered and starting to stater when talking about your spouse/gf/bf story is the cutest thing ever
Agnes Kim
Agnes Kim Pred mesecem
If we could just be like any other developed country by having uncluttered sidewalks (or sidewalks at all), crosswalks, and usable public systems of transportation, I would go for that.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Pred mesecem
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Meg's Carpentry
Meg's Carpentry Pred mesecem
Sec. Pete is so sincere and genuine. A breath of fresh air. Well spoken gentleman.🇨🇦 I wish him all the best in his career and relationship. Let's see him soar working in the Biden Administration. 💛🌈💚 👍
MrJacobrabbit Pred mesecem
He is right the new normal is over
MrJacobrabbit Pred mesecem
This is a great story
Erika Kristen
Erika Kristen Pred mesecem
Pondering Hiker Steve
Mayor Pete is a real guy... breath of fresh air...
adonis cook
adonis cook Pred mesecem
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Jon G
Jon G Pred mesecem
This country has astronomical electric prices that most can hardly afford & companies can hardly keep up with the demand, how in the heck are people going to benefit from elec autos, nice to hv but cant afford to drive it!! Nice for the rich as usual!!
Pam R
Pam R Pred mesecem
Stephany Gallego
Stephany Gallego Pred mesecem
The jazzy dimple additionaly match because step nomenclaturally stop till a glossy garlic. sturdy, perpetual peen
Bob Rob
Bob Rob Pred mesecem
Smart, on-point, honest, good-natured, grounded! wow. such a difference from the double-talking corporate scumbags under Trump.
Georgina Hamilton
Georgina Hamilton Pred mesecem
sorry But it was Adam and Eve not Adam and steve/
you mad
you mad Pred mesecem
I mean, they don't exist so-..
Vaelin Ambermist
Vaelin Ambermist Pred mesecem
The proposal story was cute and all but it's amazing how much of a career politician he is, he talked a lot but at the same time said and promised nothing.
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly Pred mesecem
Pete Buttigieg is a Gramscian
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Pred mesecem
I swear every time he speaks it's with such clarity and eloquence....I really hope he's president one day, I can just feel he's a perfect fit for the job
Michael Rau
Michael Rau Pred mesecem
Imagine bicycling on a conveyor belt!? Airport fantasy of mine on my mtb. 🥰 PEACE
Michael Rau
Michael Rau Pred mesecem
Brains and character. Nice change.
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater Pred mesecem
I proposed to my wife at a nice restaurant. But my wife is a woman sooo its not cool .
you mad
you mad Pred mesecem
No it's not. Cry.
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater Pred mesecem
How charming .
From the Futon
From the Futon Pred mesecem
*"His husband?"* Next up: Buttigieg recalls the time he divided by zero. 🙄
Damone Damone
Damone Damone Pred mesecem
Misa Sawada
Misa Sawada Pred mesecem
I like that he is realistic, practical, forward-looking. Also, he is knowledgeable, geeky without losing a[the bigger picture and while giving weight to the non-geeky every day aspects. And he seems ready to communicate. And, I wouldn’t mind transportation being more romantic or exciting, a bit like our space exploration and national parks at the same time:)
dawn linnell
dawn linnell Pred mesecem
I admit, I teared up a bit from that engagement story. Lord! Help me! he is a cute little gay Mr. Rogers.
Nina York
Nina York Pred mesecem
I love the excitement here but why do you always want to be the best in the world 😂
Youngstown529 Pred mesecem
I wonder if he is a top or bottom?
susan Pred mesecem
Randi Pred mesecem
Pete for President!!!
Nautilus Shell
Nautilus Shell Pred mesecem
Two points to make.... 1) If Chasten had said "no", then it might not have been such a good holiday 2) In Tokyo, it appears that there's a well-known phenomenon of Narita wives. Couples marry, they go away on honeymoon, they return to Narita Airport and the wives file for divorce as soon as they land....having discovered that their husbands aren't quite what they expected(!)
Martha Dwyer
Martha Dwyer Pred mesecem
On a vacation the year before Chasten was on a plane that made an emergency landing because of a bomb threat. and When Pete caught up with Chasten in Berlin Chasten knew it wasn't time to propose but gave Pete a watch. He then told Pete to take his time and that he would be there for him. Both are romantics.
EdwoodCA Pred mesecem
2) Yikes!
Bryan Gyorgak
Bryan Gyorgak Pred mesecem
He looks so happy talking about his guy that is so cute
Jemppu Pred mesecem
Thank you for featuring Secretary Pete 👍
Anthony Rock
Anthony Rock Pred mesecem
The guy is brilliant! Who was the last Sec of Transportation? Pete for President!
Leroy Casterline
Leroy Casterline Pred mesecem
Thank you, God, for Pete Buttigieg. He will take us far.
lib_ tears
lib_ tears Pred mesecem
you mad
you mad Pred mesecem
@Reen S Have you seen his name? It's clearly just a sad troll.
Reen S
Reen S Pred mesecem
I. Gray
I. Gray Pred mesecem
That they met on a dating app is so real. Glad the administration is working to better represent the diversity in America.
Without T**** America is Great
Love this guy. He is an amazing picture of what America can be.
Autumn Harvest
Autumn Harvest Pred mesecem
Why hasn't America implemented hydrogen cars? It's time for America to quit giving the petroleum industry all of our money. Can we get some clean air, please?
Mo Poppins
Mo Poppins Pred mesecem
It's quite refreshing to hear an official actually talking about SOLUTIONS, rather than spouting lies and scapegoating innocent people. The last 4 years have been LOOOOOONG & exhausting.
M K Pred mesecem
I was not expecting a work meeting in the middle of my SLtv break.
Addie Alexander
Addie Alexander Pred mesecem
Great proposal story! I love when he talks about his husband, he is just so sweet about him. I was disappointed he didn’t become secretly of something else, but he makes the department of Transportation sound interesting. and important. Lol
Danica Pred mesecem
I proposed to my husband in an airport because we also met on a dating app and it was the first place we 'met' in person
Cody Giron
Cody Giron Pred mesecem
Mayor/Secretary Pete, from the day he first came to national attention, has impressed me more than anyone who has EVER run for public office. Honest to his core, bright, articulate, compassionate, moral, and GENUINE! The list of his accomplishments should by now be common knowledge. He and Vice President Harris give me optimism and a reason to stay politically engaged and to believe in the future of our country.
Gabriela Cambero
Gabriela Cambero Pred mesecem
I got chills with that proposal story! How cute is heeee???
Camilo Santana
Camilo Santana Pred mesecem
This guy is the most adorable CIA operative ever.
D E Pred mesecem
Bush Sr ran the CIA , Who cares?
Satopi3104 Pred mesecem
Don’t know what this itachi sharingan is everyone is discussing but that logo is essentially a Mitsu Domoe, an ancient Japanese symbol. But it’s ok, they can use it- it’s a pretty well used symbol in Japan so it’s not like any one group has ownership over it. But it’s kind of like the logo of a Japanese government agency being the peace symbol - ok, but weird.
woolfy101 Pred mesecem
Grownups are back!
Jeff Goddin
Jeff Goddin Pred mesecem
Transportation and HUD should be the same thing. We need cities designed around walking first, then biking, then transport. Cars can die. Except for recreation. I love my enthusiast 6 speed acura, but it's a dinosaur, and should be for weekends only.
Iono Kiero
Iono Kiero Pred mesecem
He's so in love and proud of his other half. He is an excellent politician, and a great choice as the secretary of transportation.
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
And one month later and we find out that Pete is talking about a milage tax. How excellent is he now?
Chan Yeuang
Chan Yeuang Pred mesecem
The cheap toe immunologically wink because yarn italy rescue astride a hanging goose. shut, concerned reason
Mona D
Mona D Pred mesecem
At last an intelligent, honest, and focused politician! Thank you Secretary Pete
Justin Boyett
Justin Boyett Pred mesecem
Please help Seattle. Our roads stink and have our entire history.
Al Tortugas
Al Tortugas Pred mesecem
Motorcycles! Mayor Pete, motorcycles!
Brad Gillette
Brad Gillette Pred mesecem
We love you, Mr. Secretary. Go get 'em, pardner!
John Gray
John Gray Pred mesecem
Part of the stick it to Bernie on Super Tuesday gang.
yeeaahhzz Pred mesecem
I don't understand the O'Hare airport divorce joke :( can someone explain? Is this specific to Chicago?
sAM Pred mesecem
I’m from Chicago and I don’t get it 🤷🏽‍♀️
David Arms
David Arms Pred mesecem
What about hover bikes???!!!
Ro G
Ro G Pred mesecem
Seth: "O'Hare is somewhere I never thought would be a good place to propose." Rainbow tunnel leading to United Terminal 1: 😡
Richard Bunbury
Richard Bunbury Pred mesecem
Mr. Secretary, What is the dirt on Elaine Chao?
g mun22
g mun22 Pred mesecem
I thought her husband was the dirt.
CultureSubculture Pred mesecem
Streetcars, gondolas, hot air balloons, dirigibles, sailboats, and old trains are thoughtful and romantic places to propose a life partnership to a loved one. Whereas, O'Hare Airport is but one step up from the waiting area at a DMV. I'm curious to know whether Chasten realizes that he has just pledged his love to a personified loaf of Wonder Bread.
g mun22
g mun22 Pred mesecem
No 'pledge', they're happily married.
Layla Livingston
Layla Livingston Pred mesecem
That is some serious leslie knope vibes
Sukriti Kiran
Sukriti Kiran Pred mesecem
Yeah, same
Felicia Gardner
Felicia Gardner Pred mesecem
Yay side walks for everyone. Oh wait we already have them unless you live in a rural area. He has shown he has no idea what he is talking about.
S R Pred mesecem
Houston apparently doesnt .. that's what I heard when it had the highest rates of obesity in the country
John Lavvas
John Lavvas Pred mesecem
The late math strikingly mate because back externally glow including a zany clutch. creepy, massive composer
Llivia Pred mesecem
I loved that story!
Katherine Lazar
Katherine Lazar Pred mesecem
He's the coolest and most well-known transportation secretary the US has ever had, that's for sure!
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
Yep, he's so cool that he's talking about implementing a milage tax on us. Wow, that's cool. Higher fuel cost and a tax on the miles we drive.
Mikael Leon Briones
Mikael Leon Briones Pred mesecem
Junior Campbell
Junior Campbell Pred mesecem
Sec. Buttigieg is such an effective communicator
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
It's funny that he never communicated the milage tax that he's now talking about. Great, huh? Not only do we get higher gas prices but we may also be paying a tax on the miles we drive. That's fucking cool stuff!!
zainnee Pred mesecem
Damn me, the first hot politician I’m lusting after is gay and married. Yup, sound about right.
alex cavoli
alex cavoli Pred mesecem
What's the logo that looks like Itachi's Sharingan?
Carla M
Carla M Pred mesecem
We need better public transportation like subways and trams
Lady Brooks
Lady Brooks Pred mesecem
We all love Pete. This will be fun to watch.
paykus34 Pred mesecem
Man and woman nothing else
2006glg Pred mesecem
He's getting flustered thinking about his proposal story... too cute.
you mad
you mad Pred mesecem
@Teutonic Nordwind You can come out now buddy.. also I like puss. 💀
Dan Fisher
Dan Fisher Pred mesecem
you mad Let’s let him figure it out on his own. I know I did!🏳️‍🌈
you mad
you mad Pred mesecem
@Teutonic Nordwind You can come out whenever you want... btw. 🤣👋
Ea Novak
Ea Novak Pred mesecem
So sweet! ✨💙✨
Randy Krus
Randy Krus Pred mesecem
Its refreshing to hear our government leadership talk about solutions and the future....especially after the train wreck that was our previous government leadership.
wewe we
wewe we Pred mesecem
The luxuriant farmer occasionally gaze because thunderstorm recurrently provide outside a lyrical bath. jagged, rabid gasoline
apierce5 Pred mesecem
"Roads are for human beings." YES
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
I guess taxes are for human beings too because he's now talking about a milage tax. Higher gas prices AND a tax on the miles we drive. That's fucking awesome!!!
John O
John O Pred mesecem
Mayor Pete!! Go Dems!!
der.Schtefan Pred mesecem
Looks like the OBS logo when the stream is offline.
dark orange
dark orange Pred mesecem
I want Pete to be the next president. #Pete2024
arlene irvine
arlene irvine Pred mesecem
He is a great man!
Hannah Meow
Hannah Meow Pred mesecem
"...like filling potholes..." *Portland has entered the chat*
Renee Amsbary
Renee Amsbary Pred mesecem
Spokane not far behind, l hope!
g mun22
g mun22 Pred mesecem
In Scotland (home) if you get a flat b/c of a pot hole & can prove it (photos/ tow truck/ etc), the council will pay for your repairs. Or you can just report a pothole so it's filled. THIS IS NORMAL - for SO much of the world. US politicians have way too much, erm, 'leeway' 🙄.
Kenzie Pred mesecem
A US Secretary of Transportation talking about meeting his husband on the dating app Hinge? This makes me so happy
Tiara Roxeanne
Tiara Roxeanne Pred mesecem
@Teutonic Nordwind Ah, what a great day for America! One of their homophobic citizens is gone🎉🎊🎉🇺🇸🇺🇲🦅🇺🇸🇺🇲
Ro G
Ro G Pred mesecem
And proposing at an airport no less! 😛
Angie Contreras
Angie Contreras Pred mesecem
thats adorable story
A.M. Wolf
A.M. Wolf Pred mesecem
I like Secretary Buttigieg. I just hope that he is able to follow his words & enthusiasm with action.
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 19 dnevi
Oh, he's following with action... now talking about a milage tax. How fucking cool is that? Not only do you pay more for fuel but you'll pay a tax on the miles you drive.
weaselqueen811 Pred mesecem
Filling potholes? Oh heck yes.
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