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TNT REVENGE TROLL On My BEST FRIENDS SURVIVAL ISLAND In MINECRAFT... If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: sltv.info/label/j8-a2bG7qoqva4g/video
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1. apr. 2021

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dhanashree kulkarni
Jelly crainer has made a house under your house
Rachael Koh
Rachael Koh Pred dnevom
Crainer lives under your house under the crafting table
A C Pred dnevom
Jelly crainer make a base in your house.brake your crafting table
William Zhang
William Zhang Pred dnevom
Jelly Kraner have make a house under your survival island
Jelly under the crafting table crainer has a base so find it out ok now
syed zareen
syed zareen Pred dnevom
Hey jelly immediately check your survival island,crainer built a secret base on your island.Find it under you crafting table.It’s inside your house.
Farisi Fazdly
Farisi Fazdly Pred dnevom
Jelly crainer is making a house under your house but i no where it is is infront your craftting tabble dig and you will find crqiner base
Shri_Gaming Galaxy
Shri_Gaming Galaxy Pred dnevom
Jelly crainer is having a underground house
Fahmida Limpa
Fahmida Limpa Pred dnevom
Crainer is under your base
Vidhaan Ponnuraj
Vidhaan Ponnuraj Pred dnevom
Crainer is living under your craftting table in your survival island!
Kasie Rochford
Kasie Rochford Pred dnevom
Crainer built hidden base under your house
Rommel Castillo
Rommel Castillo Pred dnevom
jelly cr has a house under you
Grace Malone
Grace Malone Pred 2 dnevi
Crainer has a base under your crafting table
C. Oscar Patterson
C. Oscar Patterson Pred 2 dnevi
Look under your crafting table inside
tokhi tokhi
tokhi tokhi Pred 2 dnevi
Jelly crainer build a house under your house
Declan's playground
Declan's playground Pred 4 dnevi
Everyone who repluys lol i will give 100 dollars
Tanner Helm
Tanner Helm Pred 5 dnevi
Everyone that sees this comment give a big cheer for skippy
Hard Jadhav
Hard Jadhav Pred 5 dnevi
You could make strings with wool
Brandon Segundo
Brandon Segundo Pred 5 dnevi
Jelly instead of caves just find sinkin’ ships
Musaabbinwaqas Pred 5 dnevi
Quite convenient that you found a slime in the cave when they only spawn in very flat areas😏😉
Exacter Pred 5 dnevi
I know right lol
Hevyman Super
Hevyman Super Pred 6 dnevi
Jelly crainer teak your stuff
Ming Chang Gamer
Ming Chang Gamer Pred 7 dnevi
Can You Play More Of These Series Please
David Hu
David Hu Pred 7 dnevi
Or I mean
David Hu
David Hu Pred 7 dnevi
Jelly make more videos and the survival Siri your server
Damien Oliveira
Damien Oliveira Pred 7 dnevi
Btw I'll tell slogo about ur dimonds
Saira Owais
Saira Owais Pred 9 dnevi
Jelly play survival island more
Adi sakha
Adi sakha Pred 10 dnevi
efi1 on di isbeeeeeeeeeet😤😤😤
Giacomo Cerutti
Giacomo Cerutti Pred 11 dnevi
hi jelly
Prakhar Srivastava
Prakhar Srivastava Pred 12 dnevi
Some people are wondering why when josh uploaded his second video in this series why was skippy not there it’s because if you keep something contained like villager on boat it would respawn because their was no name tag
ria Ro
ria Ro Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly you no more rich man in sever
anderson lamprea
anderson lamprea Pred 16 dnevi
I fell like Nobody wants jelly to get back in the survival island
James Chan
James Chan Pred 16 dnevi
pls more videos
Allison Cole
Allison Cole Pred 16 dnevi
I don't know if that's skippy...
Raiyaan Rahman
Raiyaan Rahman Pred 18 dnevi
Crainer found diamonds 💎 and eamrald and iron Amour
Reshmi Anil kumar
Reshmi Anil kumar Pred 18 dnevi
jelly skipy is gon
Aaron Hynz Dela Vega
Aaron Hynz Dela Vega Pred 18 dnevi
jelly wened to found a pet wolf
David Hu
David Hu Pred 19 dnevi
Play more on this server
CJ Md Pred 19 dnevi
Bully Crainer. Dont trust Crainer signs
Landon H
Landon H Pred 19 dnevi
Jelly play pls
DEEPAK SINGH Pred 19 dnevi
Dude! UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ke,n Sykes
Ke,n Sykes Pred 19 dnevi
I will tell slogo about your secret diamonds
Lizzie Liz
Lizzie Liz Pred 19 dnevi
Jelly, you hit that cow with an axe and now crainer hit in one shot and it died...YOU MONSTER 👿
Jackie Amar
Jackie Amar Pred 19 dnevi
Its not even chained who out the x marks i think its Josh he is always sneaky
Vashawn Wilson
Vashawn Wilson Pred 20 dnevi
Jelly your friends left some signs on your island go check it out
Shumaila Farhan
Shumaila Farhan Pred 20 dnevi
Jelly!!!crainer is hideing dimonds
Darius Pruteanu
Darius Pruteanu Pred 20 dnevi
I love minecraft island! Pls make more videos on the island. I leave a like
perio poii
perio poii Pred 20 dnevi
Jelly:"I have doors with me so i can breathe underwater" My mind:"what the heck does that mean"
Deandre Villet
Deandre Villet Pred 20 dnevi
River 64
River 64 Pred 20 dnevi
Please post another one
Abbas Nasir
Abbas Nasir Pred 20 dnevi
Jelly gen you meg not video survival Island 🏝️👍
Armin kusaba
Armin kusaba Pred 20 dnevi
jelly prank josh with lava maka buket and go in the rovin that you found your diamonds
dabohdsta Pred 21 dnevom
Jelly:ill give you the freedom you deserve,as he locks him in a pen
Caine Yambot
Caine Yambot Pred 21 dnevom
Jelly killing her brothere's 6:26
Alec Jasper
Alec Jasper Pred 21 dnevom
You noob
Prithvi Prajapati
Prithvi Prajapati Pred 21 dnevom
play more survival island and cowtown
Prithvi Prajapati
Prithvi Prajapati Pred 21 dnevom
skippy the dolphin has vanished
elemental gaming
elemental gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Hey jelly crainer found diamonds already,there a mine he and there Ravin and mineshaft
elemental gaming
elemental gaming Pred 21 dnevom
On crainer's island
BOY Friday night Funkin
Jelly Kraner has two emeralds
Adam Hussain
Adam Hussain Pred 22 dnevi
Zombie life zombie 🧟‍♀️
Adam Hussain
Adam Hussain Pred 22 dnevi
ejhester90 Pred 23 dnevi
I think josh has a secret base on one of the islands
master 9627
master 9627 Pred 23 dnevi
Guys like this video i want to watch more episode
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Pred 23 dnevi
Veronica Kaka
Veronica Kaka Pred 23 dnevi
Hi, Jelly you probably go back to your skyblock island and troll both of your fat friends SLOGO AND CRAINER.
Saira Owais
Saira Owais Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly do more survival island
i love u jojoryanbanana
Jelly crainer have more diamond than you
Animedude 7378
Animedude 7378 Pred 25 dnevi
give bobby a BIG HOUSE
RG Pred 25 dnevi
Kraner creek has diamonds
GreenDeer Pred 25 dnevi
Animal cruelty
Francisco Gil
Francisco Gil Pred 25 dnevi
Christopher Joiner
Christopher Joiner Pred 25 dnevi
Colonel trollview I watch his video and I know who told you it was Crainer
Dimpho Tladi
Dimpho Tladi Pred 25 dnevi
jelly crainer found a reeveen under his home and diamands find the diamonds
Ming Him Chan
Ming Him Chan Pred 25 dnevi
Crainer has found a big cave, go explore it
Prabhat Poudyal
Prabhat Poudyal Pred 26 dnevi
William'sWildWorld Pred 26 dnevi
John Eastman
John Eastman Pred 26 dnevi
I love animals also bobby and skippy BTW I love the name you called the chicken and dolphin
Six Wishes!
Six Wishes! Pred 26 dnevi
I got some merch from the jelly store
gary grimes
gary grimes Pred 26 dnevi
Hutson play ground
Gio _s
Gio _s Pred 27 dnevi
Mariam Bostan
Mariam Bostan Pred 27 dnevi
Skippy or skeppy lol
Harry Mcloughlin
Harry Mcloughlin Pred 27 dnevi
Make it deeper for skippy(:
Vaishnavi Textiles
Vaishnavi Textiles Pred 27 dnevi
Everyone who is watching pls like so we can see more survival island
Jr Markey
Jr Markey Pred 27 dnevi
no crainer loves b b b b b boat time
shan liang
shan liang Pred 27 dnevi
Dear jelly crainer has found a revine and also a mine shaft with diamonds
Katie and Freddie plays
I’m I just dumb or is this crainers video and just edited in jelly because last time I checked Bobby is crainers chicken and skippy is crainers dolphin
Kuyanathan Torres
Kuyanathan Torres Pred 27 dnevi
Error kuya disconnect bcos he add a lot of chats
Lily Pingol
Lily Pingol Pred 27 dnevi
jelly jelly crainer had diamonds and he found a mineshaft
Lily Pingol
Lily Pingol Pred 27 dnevi
play more Minecraft plssss
Logan Holt
Logan Holt Pred 27 dnevi
There's more diamonds at crainers mine
Dhananjay Kumar verma
Dhananjay Kumar verma Pred 27 dnevi
Go steel his Diamond
Dhananjay Kumar verma
Dhananjay Kumar verma Pred 27 dnevi
Jelly crainer is the richest person on the server he has 11 Diamond's and you are poor
Nathanael Herrera
Nathanael Herrera Pred 27 dnevi
6:15 Jelly betrays his family
Bosco Fu
Bosco Fu Pred 28 dnevi
crainer has a cave lol
Lia Miller
Lia Miller Pred 28 dnevi
Blac PROZ Pred 28 dnevi
Vlera Blakaj
Vlera Blakaj Pred 28 dnevi
matt ramirez
matt ramirez Pred 28 dnevi
The deranged replace ecologically separate because number emphatically consider than a racial celery. harmonious, lean river
Paul Kilby
Paul Kilby Pred 28 dnevi
jelly craner hid his dimends in his tree
Patrick Lavery
Patrick Lavery Pred 28 dnevi
Patrick Lavery
Patrick Lavery Pred 28 dnevi
Open the chicken what ha ha oh yeah
Black_and_white CARPET
But slogo did that...